The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 49 Chapter 2

When Weed connected to Royal Road, his location was in Bayar Maze.

The maze was in a mountainous region behind Vargo Fortress, and was infamous for being endless  even if you wondered in it for over 10 days.

He heard rumors that there is a portal leading to an unknown area, but he still couldn't find it.


Weed sat down on the stone and was lost in thought. Skulls were all around him.

The battles on the trail while traveling with Skeletons and Death Knights were fierce.

Many legions of Undead were passing through and got involved in a fight with monsters.

The role of a Necromancer wasn't to kill by surrounding enemies with all the Undead at once.

It was to overwhelm the enemy by spreading the endlessly summoning Undead.

"Well, what to do now?"

Weed viewed some responses on the internet forum before connecting.

Seo-yoon's death received a huge response during broadcasting as well, but the responses in the forum revealed the honest opinions of the public.

– Destroy the Hermes Guild!

– We have to sweep them out of the continent completely. Let's erase them!!

– They are dangerous beings to the Versailles Continent. They dare to hurt even the  Goddess?!

– I'm making a list of all their evil deeds. Currently, 389 pages of A4 are completed. Download the whole file!

– I heard rumors that there are resistance movements forming in Gradian Kingdom. I want to join it.

– Let's bring freedom back to our land.

Users were rising like a clouds, holding banners against  the Haven Empire.

If Weed had asked anything about fighting with the Haven Empire few days ago, the Northern users would have been annoyed about it.

You never know when the conquest will finish, and you also have to consider the possibility to be defeated.

However, after Seo-yoon's death the Northern users voluntarily wanted to march to the Haven Empire and even made plans of conquest.

– Poisonous mushroom porridge. Kuhuheuk. Can there be such a death as sad as hers? For this bitterness I want to eat poisonous mushroom porridge, but I'm going to endure for today. I found something I certainly have to do, so I have to survive no matter what.

– Chicken rice porridge has about 1 500 000 people. Ready to fly.

– Bamboo shoots porridge. Troops of Earth Palace. Ready for a battle. Ready to march anytime.

– We are the steel porridge. Please, ask if you need any weapons or armor. The blacksmiths are making equipments without sleep. If you bring your own material, everything will be made for free.

– We are the fire porridge. We also have equipments. Combat materials and supplies. Producing endlessly.

– We are the pork porridge. We were pushed back by the beef porridge, so our popularity decreased a bit. But our courage is the best. We will bravely go to the front line!

The Grass Porridge Cult that stuck to the North.

They were voluntarily asking for the war.

It was to the point where ginseng porridge, acorn porridge, sesame porridge, chestnut porridge and bug porridge were organizing an army between themselves and were getting ready to march to the Haven Empire border.

In the Grass Porridge Cult there were many new users, and the North especially preferred adventure as its tradition. . No one thought seriously about someone dying.

However, Seo-yoon's dying face when she was killed by the Haven Empire and the Hermes Guild made them to want to fight.

– Let's go.

– We are going.

– We are following.

– No matter where!

– Go, go!

– We are the unbeatable Grass Porridge Cult!

They were all comrades with the same goal, and did not fear death..

The Grass Porridge Cult had the biggest number of Northern users, and they were still collecting more users.

If their minds are united, even their goal to sweep the Haven Empire can be achieved.

As long as Weed or Seo-yoon doesn't oppose the Grass Porridge Cult's movement.

"It's not like it can't be stopped."

Anyways, Northern users were aware of Weed.

Although Weed was fighting against the Haven Empire's evil jobs, if he decided to ask them not to fight, his words will have some effects.

The users of Grass Porridge Cult may be greatly disappointed, but he might even be able to stop the war.

"But I don't want to say that."

Weed was quick to notice things.

He had an ability to identify if a conspiracy was forming somewhere and instinctively knew if someone there was talk behind someone's back!

He was aware of how things were going by instinct.

'Seo-yoon… she wouldn't have died for no reason.'

She even rode Wy-3 to the battlefield and still lost her life.

'Even though Seo-yoon tends to be kind, she's not an idiot.'

If you looked at her ability to gather information during the Lord of the Desert quest or considered the way she governed the Arpen Kingdom temporarily, you would have to say she was incredibly smart.

Just like how Weed treasured and had the ability to break through a crisis, Seo-yoon didn't miss even the smallest of any details.

She was able to quickly understand the flow of a problem, and was able to unite the regions of the Arpen Kingdom that were going the wrong way while finding correct solutions.

Even though she obviously knew that she would die, she still went to the Haven Empire. Why did she do it then?

Seeing the responses of everyone, Weed understood the reason.

'For me. For Arpen Kingdom. To stop the growth of Haven Empire.'

At the moment, Weed hesitated to use the death of Seo-yoon.

Since she was like part of the family, he didn't want to use family's death for his success.

'Using her death for success is the worst thing to do. It would be better to have the Arpen Kingdom fall.

If Weed had known about this unimaginable plan, he would have done anything to stop her. However,  Seo-yoon already died.

He was worried whether it was right to stop the situation that was already caused by her death.

'Seo-yoon scarified herself for me. But is it right to make her death worthless?'

While thinking about that, Weed made a decision.

It wasn't his or Seo-yoon's fault. The matter needs to be solved first, and he would just make the Haven Empire or the Hermes Guild take the blame.

'It's alright. At times like this, you use the "bad guys."  The people who are always cursed gets cursed more, and the people who are praised gets praised more.'


Haven Empire's Northern part.

There was much tension in the city Ilsram which shared its border with the Arpen Kingdom..

"They are coming."

"The scouts?"

"They don't have such a thing."

"So how did you get to know about it?"

"Watching the broadcasts. In all of KMC media's channels, the entire North's users are marching."

Hermes Guild members gathered at the Lord Castle of Ilsram city. There were twelve members from the administrative office among them.

"Turn on the broadcast."

"Yes. I will turn on KMC media."


"Because it's my favorite."


The large crystal ball hanging on the Lord Castle's wall was lit.

You can watch the television on it by using a charged mana stone or by using a wizard's mana.

– Looks like there's no end to them.

– It's impossible to count the numbers.

– Surprisingly, those troops that are marching are only the first part.

– The first part?


Hermes Guild members, who were watching the crystal ball, felt a cold sweat run down their backs.

"At least over a 100 000."

"Ah… my head. It's the end. They are coming to our city."

– The Grass Porridge Cult's number of people is very impressive. When is the main force is coming?

– That's not even the leading group. It's only a part of the acorn porridge.

– It's my first time hearing about the acorn porridge.

– It's a small part of troops in the Grass Porridge Cult. I heard that the bugs porridge is marching to the nearby villages and conquering their major facilities at the moment.

– You said bugs porridge? Ha ha ha. What an interesting name.

– They can't be treated as a joke. Bugs porridge use pitch-black swords and armor.

– Is the uniform their special feature?

– Yes. They are the rulers of the night who regularly hunt in the dungeons. It can be said that they are the masters of assassination and battle.

– I heard that there are users who have different jobs as well.

– The bug trainers. They raise insects and can control them as subordinates… But there's no further information about them.

– How?

– For some reason, the people who saw the bug trainers don't say any word about them. Looks like we will be able to see them for the first time at the battle of Ilsram.


Lord Alto almost bit his tongue.

Even if they only welcomed the Grass Porridge Cult, the outcome of the battle can be imagined if they were to fight.

'The bugs porridge!'

Coldly speaking Ilsram fell short of the Central Continent's standards.

The rise of development, economy, and technology was low. As for population, most of the users all went to the Northern part, so it was empty.

But still, Alto made a grin and smiled.

'People should know how to stand in line.'

He became a lord in the Hermes Guild just because they offered money. And when the Grass Porridge Cult offered him a position, he accepted it without thinking twice.

It was a betrayal to the Hermes Guild, but he could just cross over to the Arpen Kingdom.

"There is nothing good left in the Haven Empire, so what?"

He provided secret base and transportation routes after accepting bribes.

'There's no reason for us to be robbed by the Grass Porridge Cult. My disaster will pass onto the other lords.'

Lord Alto finished his thoughts and quickly stood up.

"Let's prepare to welcome our guests."

"Yes, my lord."

"Clean the rooms in the inns… The Lord Castle won't be enough. Let's at least put a mattress in the hallway. Catch some bugs for our guests who train insects as well."


Northern users were flocking to the Hurfan area.

There were lots of banners of the Grass Porridge Cult, but there were some that  wanted revenge and crossed the border.

As soon as Seo-yoon died, the users gathered by themselves, and without preparation for the war, they started to march south.

"Let's sweep it all!"

"It's a conquest. A conquest."

It was a completely new experience for the users who started at the Arpen Kingdom and Morata, but to the users who were kicked out from the Central Continent, crossing the Forus River made them remember the past.

"We came back to the Central Continent's land from where we were kicked out of."

"At that time it was only us, but now lots of users gathered."

During the establishment of Morata, many users from the Central Continent crossed over to the North in order to avoid the Hermes Guild's persecution.

Now, the Northern users can't be ignored because of the increased number of their teammates.

Although their levels weren't high, they believed in each other while gathering strength, and made an area like a new continent.

As the Arpen Kingdom grew, the users who escaped from the Central Continent found a new hope.

It was the hope and dream of Royal Road being a happy world.

Since the real world was so difficult to live in, there would be more users who would fall for Royal Road.

However, power dominated everything even in this new world. Many users were afraid of this power, but Seo-yoon's death caused the anger that was held in by them to explode. .

Not because a beautiful woman, the Grass Porridge Clan's Goddess died, but because of her representation.

"Let's do what we can do. It's troublesome to stay in a place like this for a long time."

"Yes, since many users are gathering, we shouldn't take too long."

Users that escaped from the Central Continent were confident of their own combat strength.

Even when they moved to the North because the Hermes Guild chased them out, they weren't weal. But  to forget that sadness, everyone in the Arpen Kingdom were absorbed in hunting and completed quests.

They became much stronger than before, and wanted to show their skills in the Central Continent.

"If the village is small and there are no deployed army, let's invade by ourselves."

"Those with knight position  in the Arpen Kingdom are heading this way, so it will be easy to conquer."

"Yes. Sadly, put the people with high infamy in the back. If you spread the evil, Arpen Kingdom's reputation will drop."

"Between us there aren't many people with high infamy. Well, it was a bit different back when we were in the Central Continent."


< Conquest of the territory!

The knight Lwee Yali conquered the Bekan village.

The 876 people happily agreed to become residents of Arpen Kingdom.

From this moment this land will be known as a part of the Arpen Kingdom as long as it is not occupied by an enemy army or if there are no uprisings. >

Haven Empire's lords also submitted all the villages, mines, and farms and gave up on their defense.

The activities of the Bugs Porridge and high level users were transmitted through the Grass Porridge network.

Grass Porridge stability assurance conference. PSC.

While the marching soldiers collected information,, the leaders of the porridge units led the armies to conquer other major cities.

"Grass Porridge! Grass Porridge! Grass Porridge!"

"Blow the grass reed with all your strength."

"Ginseng Porridge. Before the battle takes places, let's enjoy the bowl of 13 years old ginseng porridge that the Elves cultivated."

There were more than millions of units of marching Northern users.

They were great people individually, but there were others who grabbed more attention.

Either the Arpen Kingdom users or the former Central Continent users.

The users who were on Royal Road and other related people were watching the march of the Northern users.

It was obvious that all broadcasting stations decided to air this scene live.

The first city was Ilsram!

Lord Alto opened the castle's gates and welcomed the Northern users.

"You did a great job at travelling such a long way. We welcome all guests who reached Ilsram."

At the castle gates and inside the castle, Northern users were passionately welcomed.

Lord Alto even invited bards to have a concert.

The Haven Empire lords who were in the Harfan region were shocked by that scene.

"He betrayed the Hermes Guild?"

"Well there wasn't much he could do. What are we going to do?"

The problem wasn't that the Arpen Kingdom easily earned Ilram city, but that the Northern user's attacks will be soon directed straight to them.

At that moment, the Hermes Guild was also troubled.

"I have to send an army to stop the Northern users. But it takes time to build up good soldiers."

Lafaye and the administration officers of the Hermes Guild did not have enough time to prepare a countermeasure.

He had to gather troops, provide supplies for the battle, and find ways to move to the North in order to attack.

It wasn't as simple  as walking around with swords like how the Northern users were doing.

"We can't afford to lose our dignity by having the Haven Empire's territory be invaded."

"Honor and spirit. We can't lose these things."

"Won't the lords endure somehow? Since there are many troops of the Imperial Army stationed near the Arpen Kingdom. "

"First, let's send reinforcements quickly."

In order to match the Northern users, they had to gather more troops.

Even before the Haven Empire army's arrival, Northern users were spreading around the Hurfan region.

"We are the Poisonous Mushroom Porridge!"

"The Barley Porridge arrived."

"Supporting troops of the Beans Porridge has arrived."

"The Sweet Potato Porridge, the Stone Porridge and the Crab Porridge are waiting."

Even though the Hurfan region was at the edge of the Central Continent, it still had good fortress and city walls.

Since the Northern users were hurrying to cross the city walls without having any weapons and gears, hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives pointlessly.

However, at the Haven Empire's side, more people were alive than dead.

"Everyone focus and work together The enemies are weak and don't have any grand magic or siege weapons. This place won't collapse!"

The Hermes Guild members who led the Imperial Army were confident.

As long as Royal Road's special mana and magic arrows existed, enemies of any sizes could be stopped

Usually, the defending troops of siege warfare should be attacked by troops three times their size to fall,, even troops hundreds of times bigger might not be able to make them fall depending on the situation.

Hermes Guild members were anticipating for the battle since they could achieve new records for warfare.

"Let's  use the Feather of Lightness."

Between the Northern users, there was a suggestion from the native air troops.

This item can be named as a special product from the city Lavia.

This item can make the body's weight as light as a feather and give the ability to fall from a high place to the ground without harm.

Although it can't be used during the battle, it was useful while taking over a fortress in a mountainous region.

"But the Feathers of Lightness aren't good to use in  a battle, right?"

One member asked a question.

"Right. Since you are flying slowly, you are an easy target."

"There's a big drawback."

"It will be alright if we use it during the night. There will be some sort of a response from them, but some of them will land if about a 100 000 people jump over the fortress wall. Let's occupy the fortress while they buy us time."

"Well, I don't know. Well, even  if this plan fails, we will find another way."

At first 100 000 people were used.

The Northern users decided to move as planned since they thought it was going to be amusing.

Operation in the middle of the night!

The Haven Empire responded with fire arrows and magic attacks.

It was inevitable that there wasn't enough firepower, and especially since they were nowhere close to the middle of the Central Continent. They only lasted till the following morning.

It was the victory of the Northern users.

(To be continued…)

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