The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 49 Chapter 2 part3

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Weed was standing with the Three Mad Sharks of Becky Nim on the ship's deck.

Naval battle at Neria sea!

Few days ago he had received a missive from Fractal and decided to participate in it.

"Is that for real? Are you joining us?"


"Since mister Weed is quite busy, I'm really thankful that you spared some time."

"Hermes Guild is doing bad things, so I had to take back my promise."

"Of course they are bad people!"

Three Mad Sharks of Becky Nim highly respected him.

Not only did he appear on the pirates ship at the correct moment, but he also started to make a nature sculpture on the spot.

It didn't take him more than 30 minutes to finish making the nature sculpture.

Weed easily sculpted the air and the sea with his knife.

Each time his hands moved, holding the sculpting knife the shape of a nature changed with dripping water.

Thick fog and terrible deep whirlpool.

Among them, Kraken's shape was sculpted from the water.

Kraken ran into the whirlpool and the new scary natural disaster was created.

Actually, Kraken wasn't necessary to create a catastrophe, but it was a kind of decoration.

Board Mir. asked while swallowing his saliva.

"It's very important to cause a catastrophe as a part of the plan. But what will we do if the natural disaster fails?"


"Even monkey can fall off the tree. What are we going to do if Weed fails?"

Not only the Three Mad Sharks were interested in Weed's answer. Other pirates were eager to hear him too.

Sculpting art - is an art that sometimes gives you unexpected results you didn't anticipate. So that's why it's believed that it has to be something else apart from nature sculpture.

Weed's calm lips stayed as they were.

"It's the art. It can't fail."

"So you are confident…"

"Yes. Now is the time. When doing bad things, the inspiration to create comes."

The magnificent sculptural masterpiece had to deal with Hermes Guild.

The great natural disaster showed its destructive power by causing dozens of huge swirls in the sea.

It was possible to destroy the Empire's Navy held by the Krakens.

"Hold the sail."

"Waves are too high. Everyone grab something."

If you get caught into a whirlpool, even ships can't easily get out.

"Sail at full speed. Escape from this area."

Captain, sailors and helmsmen tried to avoid it.

They tried using the high speed provided by the whirlpool to get out of it, only to have their path blocked by the other ships.

"Avoid it. This stupid man. Why did you turn in this direction…"

"It doesn't respond."

"It's going to crash! Aaaaa!"

"Ooooo! It's a Kraken."

The Imperial navy scattered in all directions.

Swirls in a crazy wind.

The Imperial navy ships were going round and round to the center of the swirls.

Kwajijik gwadudeuk

Ships crashed inside the swirl and destroyed each other. The hulls could have survived few crashes, but they lost their durability as they hit other ships.

Of course, structures of the ships were destroyed, and sailors were swept by waves into the sea.


"Save me. I'm going offboard."

The swirl's area was full of sounds of gusts and screams.


The disaster covered an area around three kilometers in radius.

The Northern users' fleet was quite far. And they weren't thinking of coming closer to take a look.

"The power…"

"It's more than what I imagined. It's real…"

"What a piece of sculpting!"

The Imperial navy that was destroying Northern users was hit by chaos.

The Three Mad Sharks of Becky Nin wanted to hit them even harder.

"If we were closer…"

"It would have been death. Death."

"I would have made them lose all ships."

Weed honestly didn't know all about its power.

"Magnificent natural sculpting. All thanks to the sculpting master."

The catastrophe could not  distinguish enemy troops from the allies.

Kraken and female divers worked together in the sea and managed to tie them in order to bring its full power.

Weed's lips became thicker.

'It's good that they are from the bad country. If someone used such power on me… he would probably regret his decision.'

It's a good feeling to do bad things that others won't be able to do.

The catastrophe lasted for only 5 minutes, but from the Imperial navy's point of view it looked like it was longer than the battle.

Even though the catastrophe slowed down a little bit, but ships were still spinning around. More than dozen ships sank into deep sea, and more than that were destroyed.

Looked like the sails were torn by the wind for the continuous three years and everyone realized how hard was to find such a good ships.

Big and magnificent hulls were destroyed and sank into the water.

Weed made up his mind.

"Full power. Let's punish them with the power of justice."

Historically, the justice wins!

When you improve Necromancer skills, your undead magic also diversify.

This was not like raising zombies, ghouls and skeletons.

Weed had to put back together all the destroyed pieces and summon the ghost ships using enormous magic power.

The ships of the Imperial navy that had dominated the battlefield returned as ghost ships and started bursting with flames.

Manning the ships were skeletons and skeleton captains.

Some skeletons were hanging on the torn sails and were playing with the rope.

"Kikiki. Fire the cannon! Cannon!"

The cannonballs from the ghost ship attacked the Imperial navy.

In spite of the catastrophe Kraken got stuck between ships.

On the Versailles Continent only one person was able to summon a catastrophe and the undeads.

"God of War - Weed. Weed has appeared."

This name made Hermes Guild members nervous.

"Weed has showed up!"

"Cheer up everyone! Weed has appeared."



The excited Northern users sailed at full speed to the place where ghost ships were fighting with the Imperial navy.


Sea battle of Neria!

Kalmaen got the video that he wished with all his vigor.

Although Northern users' fleet was approaching, the imperial navy had retained its pride.

"Let's fight. We are the proud navy of Haven Empire."

"We won't suffer from these Northern peasants. Let's keep honor to the end!"

Even the sinking ships attacked the Northern users' ships by firing cannons.

Kalmaen's commands were really calm.

"Some of the ships needs to be abandoned. Explode all the cannonballs from these ships."

While firing cannons, ships have defeated Kraken that had lots of HP.

Ghost ships hanged around the battlefield.

"Kill, kill. Risk your lives! I will make you my comrades! Also if I have, I will give you money."

Somewhere awkward skeleton captains of the pirates.

Weed's Necromancer skills got lower, so the number of skeletons was reduced and their professionalism dropped down.

Skeletons lost their combat skill and had poor reprocessing skills.[AC1]

"I'll show a hot flavor. Load the cannons!"

"Hehet. Cannonballs are dropping down."

"Go inside and take a look."

"Yes, yes, understood, captain."

"Keuheut. Good. Launch."

Broken skeletons flew over the sea.

Ghost ships couldn't last long, but they gave perfect chance to the Northern users' fleet to get closer.

Ships of Northern users were endlessly approaching.

More than half of the Imperial navy's cannons had become wet from the swirls, so they became useless.

Kalmaen picked up his captain's sword that improved fleet's speed.

"I prepared even this… Of course, it's words of Weed. Let's fight till the end with the ships that can still move."

The Imperial navy's fleet broke through the Northern users ships straight to the middle.

The cannon that shoot fire from the both sides hit Northern users' ships, but only for a while.

People were climbing up to the ships of Northern users.

"We're Hermes Guild."

"Grass Porridge, Grass Porridge, Grass Porridge."

Hermes Guild can demonstrate overwhelming power and fight hand in hand.

The Imperial navy ships were already blocked by other ships and were unable to go any further.

Battle without a retreat!

Hermes Guild felt at disadvantage.

At one moment it was a battle that can't be won, but the number of users at the deck was increasing and the threat could be felt.

From the beginning of battle, ships of the Northern users had been sinking quite fast. But not all of the people in these ships were dead.

Users and sailors went into water just before their ships were about to sink.

They moved to other boats and saved their combat power.

"Let's go. We're now Poisonous Mushroom Porridge…"


"Kuk… We couldn't even introduce ourselves."

Northern users were dying, but at the same time new people were entering into the battle.

Kalmaen and the Imperial navy had enough people to win the battle.

Kalmaen didn't stop his ships to save his people's lives nor saw the reason to do it. On the other hand,  the Northern users had endless will and honor.

They had the belief that others will save them when their ship breaks down.

It was a driving force for the victory that was led by planned strategies and tactics.

Weed took Bahamorg and other sculptural lifeforms to the ship, but the Northern users were too busy moving around.

"We're professionals. This ship is being robbed by Three Mad Sharks of Becky."

"It's hard to operate a pirates' ship."

It was a chance for the pirates to take over other ships.

They tied the sails of the nearby ships and flew away.


The sea battle of Neria was won by Arpen Kingdom!

This battle attracted attention from almost all users who were playing Royal Road.

"Finally it starts. Northern users and… the Haven Empire. Even though many battles took place in Royal Road,this battle was the first large-scale sea battle."

"Which one is better?"

"I would favor the Haven Empire. However,  the Arpen Kingdom manages to create myths that are hard to believe."

"Everything is because of Weed and Grass Porridge Cult."

"Miracles tend to happen in Royal Road. Will another miracle happen in this sea battle? Definitely the winner of this sea battle is going to dominate the sea for some time in the future."

Broadcasting stations had to spend a whole night up since yesterday.

"Sea battle of Neria? What's that? This battle?"

"Northern users' ships are landing all at once in order to stop the Imperial navy? Why suddenly this situation… No. Anyway, let's prepare ourselves!"

"Already prepared. Need to clear the time slot."

"Not enough. Anchors, writers. Let's set up the studio like it's in the sea."

Broadcasting stations were all focused on the sea battle of Neria.

It was an important part to contact people who participated in the sea battle of Neria to get a live video.

All depended on how different people saw the battle.

"Northern users are more popular…"

"You should also ask about Hermes Guild."

"Of course. Talk to all the people who joined."

All broadcasting stations were broadcasting it, so all the viewers could watch all about the battle at any time.

There was a scene in which from the ship of Haven Empire cannon shoots the Northern users' ship.

On the other hand, there were differences how broadcasting stations set up the scenes such as when the ships were heading to the area with the fishing boats.

At the beginning of the battle Northern users couldn't see the fun part.

As soon as they got closer to the Haven Empire's ships, the cannonballs were flying to the ships and sinking them.

When allies saved the sinking ships, but still this battle was thought to be a normal sea battle.

– Arpen Kingdom's chance of winning is quite dark. There is a big gap between cannons and ships. It's impossible to overcome these numbers.

– Sinking! This time mid-sized sailboats were completely overwhelmed.

Also the audience rating was the best because almost everyone inRoyal Road was watching the broadcast.

Because of the seat battle of Neria, users who were in the Royal Road didn't go hunting and just sat in a local pub and watched the crystal ball.

Each broadcasting station fiercely talked about the battle, and when the Northern users' plan was revealed, everyone was impressed.

– Ties legs around the ship.

– Some doesn't have power.

– Reduce the range of power. But this changes how…

– Kraken! And… the unbelievable sea.

– It's a Disaster. The great natural disaster.

Until the expected savior Weed.

The performance of undead wasn't great, but still managed to annoy the Imperial navy.

Also, Northern users never lost hope from the beginning till the very end.

– Arpen Kingdom had restricted power.

– Sailors didn't know how to shoot cannonballs correctly.

– Northern users hanged ropes and used it to jump from ship to ship. Where did that courage come from?

– Look at the sea. Northern users are coming up from the sea. Reckless! It doesn't make any sense. Swimming between waves and ships, where the Imperial navy and Krakens are fighting.

In the end, the imperial navy's 250 carracks weren't sufficient enough to deal with the endless Northern user fleet.

The sunset shined through the horizon in the sea.

The sea of Neria was filled with the burning ships of the Northern users.

"Hurray! We won!"

"Grass Porridge Cult's victory."

"Grass Porridge, Grass Porridge, Grass Porridge."

"Hurray to Weed. Let's cook the crab porridge."

The Northern users who survived were loudly shouting.

The Northern users gathered in a big ship where they had a party.

Female divers and users were cooking the seafood they caught and brought some beer.

The night's sea was illuminated by burning ships at the background of the Northern users' party.

Even these scenes were broadcasted and received responses of the viewers.

– Once again they did the impossible..

– There is nothing impossible for the Grass Porridge Cult.

– Seems like miracles happen when ordinary people gather.

– I don't think that they are ordinary. It's not enough to participate in the battle.

– Have you seen the small fishing boat? If that goes into sea, it will just turn upside down.

– Haven Empire. Again one side is right.

– Keuu. This is delicious. This one. This.

– The strategy prepared by Haven Empire was quite dumb. Using the same starategy as the last time.There were so many posts on the viewers' bulletin board that it was difficult to check them all.

Royal Road's Hall of Fame exploded with videos of the users who participated in the battle.

Surprisingly even defeated Hermes Guild members uploaded their videos of the battle.

They ran through the Northern users ships, fighting with them and sinking ships with the cannons.

Hermes Guild members' views were also very high.

– Kya. The sea battle looks great.

– The romance of sea. Sometimes it's boring to go to the distant sea.

– Navy and sea battle. That's Royal Road's sea.

– Do not to forget the adventures.

– Even Hermes Guild members… Being a sea user seems cool. They fight quite nicely.

Chicken forum.

This place became popular because of Weed.

– Today is chicken. Which chicken is the most delicious?

– I prefer chicken leg.

– Everything is delicious. Very delicious. But you need to check about delivery.

– It's current chicken. From now on the reservation is until 5 o'clock. Chicken is fried by that time.

– I also have a chicken restaurant. I used all the chicken in the fridge and had to close down the place in order to rest. But there are still people waiting outside.

– You've just opened your restaurant. If Weed or Grass Porridge Cult comes, make sure to fill the fridge. You should be prepared to fry about 100 chicken in one hour.

– I want chicken. My son runs away as soon as he smells the chicken. And my daughter likes fried chicken.[AC2]

– Shouldn't Weed be awarded by the chicken forum?

– Everything is delicious. Very delicious. But you need to check about delivery.

– It's current chicken. From now on the reservation is until 5 o'clock. Chicken is fried by that time.

– I also have chicken restaurant. I used all the chicken in the fridge and closed down the door in order to rest. But there are people waiting outside.

– You've just opened your restaurant. If Weed or Grass Porridge Cult comes, make sure to fill the fridge. You should be prepared to fry about 100 chicken in one hour.

– I want chicken. My son runs away as soon as smells the chicken. And my daughter likes fried chicken.[AC3]

– Shouldn't Weed be awarded by the chicken forum?

– Of course. It would be great to get one chicken.

– Make 500 coupons.

(To be continued…)

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