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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 49 Chapter 2 part2

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Deep sea.

At the dark bottom of the sea, huge amount of fishes could be seen swimming around.

With the users who stayed in the water like it was their second home, enjoyed the sight of the fishes.

"Sister, there's a lot of catch here."

"You are right, if we were to sell them in the market, it will be huge profit.."

"Then we should catch them later"

"Yeah let's."

In the Arpen Kingdom the users who had female divers' skills like Cockles Porridge, Seaweed Porridge, Sea Mustard Porridge and Abalone Porridge were very useful in the battle.

They could dive down for few hours and wait for the Northern users' fleet and the Imperial navy to come.

"Still quite far."

"They are moving slowly. Let me know, when they get closer."

Cockles Porridge that had around 800 members caught snow crabs and prawns, and tied them together in one place.

Fresh seafood from the deep Neria Sea!

Even though the war will arrive at their footsteps soon, the female divers couldn't just stay still.

As soon as the Northern users started war with the Haven Empire's navy, the news was transmitted by the surface of the water.

Bursting cannonballs and splashing water.

Parts of Northern users' ships were sinking into a deep sea.


"Let's wait for a perfect opportunity to strike back."

Female divers were waiting silently as they had promised. As the signal for the ships to sail was given by the Haven empire, the female divers dove into the water to do what they were best at..

The front cannons were still shooting at the northerner’s but they were unable to move forward for some reason.

The divers had tied their ships' hulk to the reefs.


"The ship is not moving."

"Check the sails."

"No problem there. The helm is not responding. Ooooh"

The ships were losing their stability.

Some of the ships weren't able to move, and the others were going off in different directions.

"Fully unfurl the sails."

Jotas turned the helm and the sails definitely caught the wind, but it felt like something was tightly holding the ship.

"Incoming! A ship is approaching. Parry it!"

"Uuuak… In the right side! In the right side!"

The sailors on the deck screamed. The ship on their right side was coming straight at them.

"It's going to crash. Stop your ship!"

"We are unable to maintain the control over it."

The captain and sailors shouted, but the ship was already too close.

"Brace yourselves!"

"Everyone prepare for the crash!"

The hulls were greatly damaged wherever ships rammed into each other.

Some of the ships lost their balance and the sailors were unable to move them in the desired direction they wanted; while some were just rotating around their hull.

"There is something fishy in the sea."

The Haven empire had realised there was something inside that's causing all this but this knowledge was unable to change their current predicament.

At that time, Northern users' fleet was getting closer.

Kalmaen transmitted the order.

"Continue firing the shells. And, some of you dive into the sea and see to the cause of the problem."

Ships continued firing at the Northern users' fleet.

Cannons were placed on both sides of the ship, some of them weren't available for use, but still were powerful.

On the other hand, the users who jumped into the sea weren't able to get through.

"Ugh… There is a net around this area, and someone got stuck to it"

"It hard to get out of it as the jellyfish are attacking."

Even though Hermes Guild members were high level, they found it hard to move underwater.

It was easy for them to raise their level in the sea by hunting pirates and the sea monsters just by hitting them with cannonballs. Even though they had the diving skill, it could only be used as a showoff as it became altogether a different matter when it came to hunting the monsters or anyone inside the water.

"We've done what we had to."

"Sister. Let's finish the mission quietly."

Female divers gave up the fighting and swam far away to catch abalones.


Users from special army were in Royal Road.

In real life, they were proud to be the best of each country, and they reunited at Arpen Kingdom.

"It's war, shouldn't we win no matter what?"

"Of course. I don't care if the amount of enemies exceeds ours. Poor supply of equipment doesn't matter just for one or two days."

"We're the kings of the sea."

Users from special army formed the Shark Porridge unit.

Avians put them in the middle of the Neria Sea before they started their dangerous mission and war took place.

"Distance to the water surface is 34 meters."


They jumped into water wearing flippers and webbed like a parachute troops.

Even though the Haven Empire wasn't doing anything, the Shark Porridge painted their faces.

Many fishes were just going around them.


"The scouts reported that it's three kilometers away. I'm moving to the south."

"We will catch up with them soon."

The Shark Porridge unit was moving at a very fast pace.

A large sea monster.

In order to draw a bunch of Krakens that scared the sailors.

It was a high risk task, but when the Shark Porridge members got to know what they had to do, they laughed.

The Northern users were proud of doing a great and important mission for the Arpen Kingdom.


The Imperial navy moved slowly while bombarding.

Although Northern users' fleet was getting closer, Hermes Guild members weren't afraid of it.

'Their abilities ain't a big deal. I can't afford to be hit by a cheap cannon. Our ship's armor can endure that.'

As the Northern users' fleet was getting closer, the Imperial navy's attack range and exploding power increased.

Kwang kwang kwang!

As soon as the Imperial navy fired, some of Northern users' ships were destroyed.

The parts of the destroyed ships blocked the way for other ships, so it wasn't easy to pass through.

Kalmaen smirked as he saw that scene.

"Did you previously fight that carefully? Anyway you would have been destroyed even if you had managed to sail to the front."

Even the first officer Gonzalo agreed to that.

"Of course, first we have to destroy the enemy's center."

"It sounds like a tactic that I would like to try now."

"It's possible."

The ships showed a good performance and was capable to penetrate the center of enemy's fleet.

Cannons that were placed on both sides of the deck could be fired at the call and cause serious damage.

During that process if the enemy's troops climbed up, it would result in a face-to-face combat, but it was still too difficult of a task to climb up to the decks.[AC4]

Of course, the Imperial navy were trained for the war, so there won't be any problem even if it came to a face-to-face battle.

The colossal amount of material superiority was something which couldn't be compared to the slow revolution in the plains of the Arpen Kingdom.

If you continue to bombard enemy's ships, in the end none of enemy's ships will be left.

"Anyway we have to maintain this situation. We only need to endure for just few hours till the last of their ships get destroyed."

The image that was being drawn was through Kalmaen's mind.

As the time pass more ships will sink and after a point of time anything will work.

"Let's prepare Karaks for the battle. We have to make them sink, even if it means going to the harbor of Pen Kingdom."

"Yes. I will pass it."

Kalmaen was watching the battle without any worry. But suddenly something landed on the deck.

Kkumtul kkumtul

A cute octopus that was as big as a watermelon was crawling sideways as he moved his legs.

"An octopus? If we fry it, it's going to be delicious."

One of the sailors caught octopus with his two hands. And similar situation was happening at several different ships at the same time.

Brave Shark Porridge unit.

Lots of the users were sacrificed when they were sent to the area where Kraken are living in the Neria Sea.

Anyway, they caught young Kraken and returned in order to throw them on the ships' decks or tie them to the side of ships.

"I think we did what we had to."

"Now, only the last mission is left."

"Right. The last mission…"

The Shark Porridge army climbed onto the ships and hid themselves inside.

"There are intruders!"

Hermes Guild members were protecting the Imperial sailors' place. During the battle Shark Porridge members got control of the cannons.

"I think this side…"

"Shoot it for once."

Members of Shark Porridge straight away put the cannon to the ship that was near them direction.


Cannonballs hit the deck and hull of the ship that was close to them.

"Destroy them."

Members of Hermes Guild stubbornly protected the ship that was led by NPC sailors.[AC5]

Since their level and combat ability was not up to par, the cannonballs flew to the different directions. They held the gunpowder directly.

"I think it ends here."

The members of Shark Porridge were greeted by the captain of the Special Forces Navy who had a legendary career in the Korea.

"Well done."

"Thank you for following me."

"I'll see you at the chicken restaurant."

Shark Porridge completed the mission and decided to meet at the chicken restaurant.

While watching the start of Neria sea battle, after death they had promised to meet at the restaurant and have chicken with beer.


"Rebellion forces."

Kalmaen looked at the battlefield from the Flaming Victoria deck.

Some of the ships attacked the friendly forces, so counterattacks and repress happened so there were few ships stuck on the rocks.

"The Northern users or Arpen Kingdom can't be ignored. I'm saying that they don't want to die."

Kalmaen thought that he realized why the Haven Empire failed each fight in the past.

"You can't laugh at opponent's power, because unexpected things happen. If you don't prepare, you will embarrass yourself."

The Imperial army was hard to gather. On the other hand, marine power has grown from the start of Arpen Kingdom suppression.

'Right. I won't become a winner… but the more I resist, the bigger my name will be."

He wanted to launch demi cannons, direct the game of the sea battle and to make a big broadcast scene.

"Can we wrap it up? The second half of the battle is going to be a little bit dizzy."

It wasn't big deal when Northern users' large trading ships, medium sized sailing ships or fishing ships were destroyed.


"Keukeuk. Let's ruin Arpen Kingdom."

Hermes Guild members were standing on the deck. Suddenly huge tentacles passed them and grabbed the ship's deck and sails.


"Someone is attacking us."

The sailors near the cannons were surprised and started to shout. And the tentacles were rising from the sea and tightly wrapping around the ship.

"Is that Kraken?"

"It's Kraken's attack."

Large sea monster Kraken.


< Attacked by the Kraken.

The legend of Neria Sea.

When the sea is covered by the mist, be careful in the sea.

Something terrible lurks in the darkness of the sea in search for a prey.

All sailors' fighting spirit is reduced by 85%>


Appearance of Kraken.

Hermes Guild members also had to think about emergency.

"At this time…"

"It's not hard to defeat, we could tie its legs."

"It's not Kraken area. Do you think the Northern users went so far just to get Kraken?"

When the Imperial navy was stabilizing the oceans, they had experience in defeating some of Kraken.

"Reach calmly. Even though it's Kraken, it's not big deal."

Kalmaen shouted and encouraged his troops.


< The 50% of sailors' fighting spirit is restored. Speed of cannon loading is faster.>


Among all the sea creatures Kraken was the most annoying one.

In the deep sea the moving tentacles grab the ship and destroy it.

Even though the Imperial navy positively attacked, the enormous Kraken went back to the sea like it wasn't bothering him at all.

"Chase it"

Members of Hermes Guild took out their swords and cut Kraken's heavy leg when it was rising from the sea.

If Kraken gives up, there won't be anyone who can stop them.

Kalmaen and Hermes Guild members were wishing for it, but the Kraken's tentacles started to climb up to the ship again.

"More appeared."

"Lots of them. Not only couple of them."

More than dozen Krakens were holding the ships or karaks.

The ships that were held by Kraken were destroyed or couldn't move.

Kalmaen and Hermes Guild members' fighting spirit dropped.

"Repel! It's my first time I'm dealing not only with the Northern users, but also with Krakens."

Kraken usually retreat when they feel that it's not going to feed them. So if you use magic or hot cannonballs, it is possible that they will retreat.


Kraken's tentacle strongly grabbed the ship and sailors were thrown into the water.

– Oooou!

There were bizarre cries. The tentacles wrapped around the ships and dragged them into the deep sea.

It didn't sink easily because of the restoration abilities, but all hulls were severely damaged.

If the trading ships used the cannons, they could have damaged their ships too.

"Why would they attack us …"

He couldn't understand Kraken's attack.

The ships and karaks started to head to the sea part which was the center of the Imperial navy.

A small whirlpool in the middle of sea.

Light fog started to arise and few raindrops started to drop from the bright sky.

Hermes Guild lost their confidence because of Krakens who were tightly holding onto their ship.

Crazy wind and swirls.

It happened that way because the peaceful background of sea was destroyed and the natural sea disaster was unveiled.

(To be continued…)

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