The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 49 Chapter 2 part1

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Haven Empire navy!

They are gathering at Port Borask.

"We're the rulers of the sea. No one can fight against us."

The Imperial navy was very proud.

They thought that they're the best on the continent, due to extensive technological lead and significant armaments, since the performance of the ship is crucial at the sea.

The Imperial Navy gave a chance to Drinfelt and Hakim to have their revenge against the Arpen Kingdom, because of the difficult past that pierced deeply into their minds.

– Northern users departed from the Rezad port!

– Their destination is Lidum and Rhodium. Let's prepare to strike!

While preparing for the war, the Imperial navy's intelligence came in handy for gaining the advantage.

"We're also departing."

The navy's admiral Kalmaen decided to depart.

They got an official permission from the Hermes Guild administrative officers.

"Suppress with power. It's not true that we're weak. We have to show them what's going to happen if you fight against the Haven Empire."

Lafaye and his comrades couldn't afford to let Northern users to land at their ports.

The Northern user's military force wasn't strong enough to threaten the Empire.

Northern users were also a part of that frenzy war and it was different from Hurfan region that had lots of mountains and slow development.

Since both Rhodium and Lidum are very rich areas with big armies, Hermes Guild members never thought about them ever being conquered.

Still Northern users tried their best to not give a show which would demean the work, which was put up by those who trusted in them and fought for them.
Whereas Hemes guild understanding this tried to not make a scene of carnage and make themselves more of a villain as they already were, so they tried to kill them decently.

"Everything needs to be in the sea. They can't step on the Empire's land."

"Of course."

Kalmaen led 300 heavily armed battleships, including Galleon, Karak and others, to the East.


"I see them."

"Found the enemy fleet. Prepare for the full-on strike."

Haven Imperial navy discovered the multitude of huge fleets from afar.

Since lots of users uploaded videos and started broadcasting it on the internet. Information warfare didn't have much meaning within the Royal Road.

Also, Arpen Kingdom's  fleet was able to find a suitable location which was a strategically good position before the start of war.

"Let's not repeat Drinfelt's and Hakim's mistake. I'm different from other Hermes Guild members. I'm not that careless so as to ignore my enemies. I will demonstrate my perfect skills while defeating the opponents."

Kalmaen and other Hermes Guild users in the navy were spread according to the ocean currents and wind direction.


"Seeing it with my own eyes, it seems much grander than I thought."


< The discovery of enemy's fleet!

It's a large-scale fleet that overpowers allies. Sailors fighting spirit is reduced by 20%>


The sea was covered by boats like an endless plain or forest.

The Ships spread their sails for the south, but the exhilarating feeling in a huge battle caused them to feel fear.

Even though Kalmaen and navy users have been accustomed to naval warfare, it was their first time fighting such a large-scale battle. But they didn't have any negative thoughts.

"The sea differs greatly from the land. Ship's performance and wind greatly affects the state of a battle. These conditions are important factors, that determine the difference between victory and defeat."

The Imperial navy carefully crafted tactics.

"How about the cannons?"

"The loading is complete. We can shoot anytime."

"Going against the wind and hitting the enemy from behind. As long as we aren't falling, let's do it."

"Yes, admiral."

The Imperial navy lined up in a long line and greeted Northern users' fleet.

"Came to the crossroad."


The Empire's line of the ships opened fire and launched the cannons.

While producing a thundering noise flying cannonballs hit the Northern users' ships.

Kwang kwang kwang!

Some of the cannonballs fell into the sea and caused columns of high water.

"It's sinking!"

"Escape right now!"

Dozens of Northen users's ships sank. Some of them were destroyed and were sinking slowly into the deep sea.

"Let's shoot too. Fire!."

"We won't suffer from single hit! Shoot while loading!"

The Northern users' ships that were on the front line also shot.

The cannonballs were flying near the Imperial navy ships while leaving a white smoke.

"It will be an overwhelming victory. The number of enemies doesn't matter, what matters is the quality of weaponry."

Kalmaen sent a signal to the navy.

"We will continue bombarding. We have overpowered them by our fleet's performance, so we will shoot till the end till no one is left."

"Yes, admiral."

The Imperial navy continued the bombardment as they had promised to do so.

They shot without mercy, showering the Northern users' fleet with cannonballs.

Even though the adventurer's ships with high speed relocated themselves to the front, they actually became an easy target.

They couldn't endure and sank into the sea.


"Ah, this isn't easy."

Kalmaen was also tensed because he saw the scale of enemy's fleet.

In a sea battle, the ship's scale, performance and the range of cannons were very important.

The cannons that shot with the wind had a longer range.

Even using canons with similar specifications the Imperial navy was at a more advantageous position, so there being a major difference between shooting range was obvious..

The Imperial navy ships were bombing enemy's ships and moving gracefully ahead to the front.

The Northern users tried to set their sails high but they were unable to catch the Empire's fleet as the distance between them increased as the time passed.

The Three Mad Sharks of Becky Nim were helpless in their struggle to engage the Imperial navy.


"Let's go. Our ship can catch up with them. Their ship is too slow."

"We can't. Even if we were to go to the front we would destroyed."

The Three Mad Sharks from Becky Nim were in the center of Northern users' fleet.

If they were to lose, everything will be lost.

Even though the gigantic fleet of Northern users was gathered, the Imperial navy destroyed them easily.

When the users die on the land they lose experience, level and items, but they are still revived again.

On the contrary destroyed and sunken ships can't be restored.

It was a marine power that was brought from the Arpen Kingdom. Most of the ships were disappearing in the deep Neria sea.

The wide sea was filled with sunken ships, which was the cause of happiness for the members of Hermes Guild and Imperial navy.

"We won. We will sink them all without getting even a hair taken from us."

"This war will be written in the history annals of the naval warfare. They have already sailed too far, so they can't return to the Arpen Kingdom."

The Imperial navy was ready to chase the Northern users just in case they decide to turn back.

They were already prepared for the victory with good amount of cannonballs, water and food.

In the midst of Hermes Guild ships there was a trade ship called 'Ocean glory' which was ready with all the commodities they would require in the future..

"Grass Porridge, Grass Porridge, Grass Porridge."

Northern users sailed back to attack the Imperial army after unfolding their sails and attaining the maximum speed possible..

– Kkaaauuu!

At that time you could hear cries of avians at the sea.

The best avian users were from Chilling Wind.

The Chilling Wind tribe was the first tribe that got deployed.

– Start operation!

The avians started to fly from the Northern users' ship decks.

The scarlet headed avians led other birds to the high sky.

– Charge towards!

Avians, who were wearing crowns that increases the impact force, flew to the Imperial Navy.

It's a damage improvement item that is suitable only for a avians.

"Protect the ship."

The Imperial Navy's wizards were casting spells onto the incoming avians.

While numerous flames and lights were in the sky, some of the wizards were casting a protection magic.

– Break through!

– Cozy clothes![AC3]

While avoiding the magic attack, avians rushed to the ship.

There were a few avians that were killed in the air and turned into grey light.

Nevertheless the closest ones succeeded in reaching the front of the ship line.

– Kkueeeek!

Avians clashed on the ship's deck.


There was slight movement at the front, but the deck didn't break.

One member from Hermes Guild laughed out loud.

"Stupid guys. We won't fall from that. She's been reinforced with steel plating."

The ship was reinforced with heavy armor!

As soon as yatchi of joins heard these words, they announced that through the communication channel before their deaths.

– Yatchi: It's a steel reinforced ship. If you hit, it gives you a headache. Reckless attack has no meaning… Kchem.

Avians were already rushing.

Since they were hit by lots of magic attacks, so if they were to fly to the sky again, they would suffer a great damage.

– Cold Wind: Even if there is no hull damage, we will aim for the sails. We have to do as much as we can!

The eyes of avians were full of strength and the wind was pushing them forward.

– Cold Wind: We are the avians who rule the sky and ride the wind. Thank you!

Northern users, especially avians, were very brave.

The vitally was low, but all they had to do, was to spread wings to fly.

The free souls that weren't chained!

The avians heard about meeting Seoyoon, so they decided to risk their lives for her.

– Two Magpies: There is no running away. Let's commence the bombardment. We are doing what we need to.

– Targo: I wish that all the avians would at least survive 5 minutes.

The avians rushed to the ship front. There was no reason to hit the decks, so they hit sailors who were launching or preparing cannons.


"It can't be! These bloody birds!"

With surprising skills and speed joins destroyed the sails.

There were no other solution how to row.

Even though there are 3, 4 wide and big sails, but even if one is destroyed, there is big obstacle.

"Chut. As expected."

Kalmaen frowned while looking at the ripped and holes-ridden sails.

"I had prepared for that, but couldn't prevent it. Now it doesn't matter."

If avians are going to be defeated, everything will disappear.

"Attention. Vessels that have damaged sails have to get out of the battle, go to repair themselves and return."

While Imperial Navy took their time, half of the fleet left battlefield.

Since they were surrounded by the Northern users, in order to avoid attacks, they had to move slowly.

The fleet and battleships were making their way safely by shooting the cannons.

Sailors tried to lift the main big sail, and at that time cannons were being supplemented from the transport.

The Northern users were getting closer, but the Imperial navy continued to fire as they were retreating.

Northern users were hit by cannonballs, as if the were lighting bolts from the thunderstorm.

Hermes Guild members suddenly started to think that it was an easy battle, but it didn't last long.


It was a big sound of something being caught and the hulls started to shake.

"What's wrong?"

"She can't move!"

"It can't be…"

It was the first time for Hermes Guild members to be embarrassed.

The most frightening thing to happen at the sea is when the ship is unable to move. And of all the possible timings, it happened during battle!

Hermes Guild members were looking at sails that were filled with the wind and felt it was strange.

"Wind is normal. What's wrong then?"

"I think something is wrong within the water."

They didn't know at all that there were Northern users in the water.


Grass Porridge Cult emergency strategy room.

The elite of navy from all over the world gathered together.

"A naval battle is unreasonable with our power. The gap between our ships and weapons and theirs is just too great."

"But don't we have more people and ships with us."

"Northern users aren't even well armed. Most of the ships belong to merchants and adventurers, and they aren't equipped with cannons."

"There is difference in power."

Arpen Kingdom's shipwright technology wasn't as advanced as the Central Continent's.

Shipwrights were able to construct big ships very fast, but it was rare to order cannons for the ships.

It was normal to go to the city like Becky Nim where all the pirates are gathered and mount the cannons if needed.

Northern users usually removed the cannons in order to increase loading capacity for the trading, and to improve ship's maneuverability.

Also, it was common to have not well trained captains and sailors.

"Should we get help from the avians?"

"We wouldn't be able to control the Imperial Navy with only their power."

"Who's good at battle?"

"If the Imperial Navy isn't stupid, it will collapse from the outside. They won't fight seriously. As we know, they have plenty of cannons, ships and skilled sailors. We are very disadvantageous regarding the naval warfare."

"So what we are going to do? Should we stop landing operation?"

"While using all we have, we must make a good plan."

Naval elites researched about wars in the Neria Sea.

They believed that they have to prepare from the start of the war.

They were meeting day and night to make a decision.

"In order to win we have to fight them in the place we want. As close as we can."

"Is that possible?"

"Yes, possible."

"Marine tactics seem to be a little more difficult. It's hard to match wind and currents with time."

"Instead of letting Northern users to follow complicated tactics, let's leave it for the biggest ships to lead."

"Eum… that way."

"And to maximize the effect, it will be good if Weed shows up in the end."

"Also Weed?"

"It's for the plan to be successful and to completely defeat the Imperial Navy."

(To be continued…)

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