The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 49 Chapter 1

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We continue the adventure of Weed, translated by Turtle until the volume 48 ending.  Thanks to DoubleYouExWhyandZ and Murphy James for their changes on this translation. I’m not fluent in english speaker but I can say it’s sooooo much better now 🙂

The Sculptural Lifeform wyvern Wy-3!

Weed's eyes were filled with tears while watching Wy-3's ripped wings falling down.

"I told you that you should watch out anywhere you go. You can't get hurt carelessly because you're a great mobile slave."

– Kkuukkuuu

Wy-3 only had 20% of its health when it was summoned by Weed. It was one of the wyverns, the first sculptures to be given life by Weed with his sculpting skill.  That's why it was developing for a long time. Although it was a medium level creature with 500 000 HP, it still got severely injured.

Death Knights, ghosts, and skeletons army were precisely standing in a line next to Weed.

As always, he was hunting, leading the undead as a necromancer as usual.

"But where did you get hurt?"

While Weed was saying these words, the suspicious atmosphere could be felt.

He sensed the yellow dust, fine dust, and food smells.

"Wy-3, there shouldn't be a lot of enemies that could hurt you.. Since you can fly in the sky and be careful, if you sensed a danger, you should have been able to quickly run away."

Other than the time fighting with the Immortal Legion, wyverns have never lost their lives pointlessly.

Even if Weed is leading to the fight, they had never gotten severely hurt.

"Seo-yoon asked me to summon you, so I had to use lots of mana in order to summon you. That means it was from a fairly distant place."

One by one, the pieces started to match into the puzzle.

Wy-3 was in a fallen position, but he tossed and turned the body in order to lie down.

"Central continent area? It shouldn't be a northern end. Also, there is no trace of ice on the body."

– Because I was hurt, I can't remember anything Master.

"If you don't remember, probably it means that you committed a sin. From your posture, looks like you're not afraid of anything."

– How can you perceive it like that?

"Criminals always say that. If they don't remember, they are guilty. So probably…"

Weed closed his eyes.

It was because the worst possible situation he didn't want to imagine came into his mind.

Weed heavily spat out the words.

"Is Seo-yoon… Is she in danger right now?"


Yoo-rin was listening to the people while drawing pictures on the Lordearon river.

"I heard that Hermes Guild killed the Goddess."


"Yes. It was broadcasted."

"No. No matter how soon… Have they sent assassins to the Earth Palace?"

The words about Earth Palace caught Yoo-rin's attention. Because that place had a deep connection with her brother.

"I heard that the Goddess appeared in the battle of Formos Castle. And she died because of magic attacks."

"Hermes Guild…"

"I don't think that we can leave those guys alone anymore."

Yoo-rin while listening to the people's words understood what had happened.

'She… died'

At Royal Road, death doesn't mean that the real life of a person is gone. However, her thoughts got complicated.

"What's going to happen in the future?"

Since Yoo-rin is a younger sister of Weed, she knew him better than anyone else. Anyone that was close to Weed knew that he put money first and had excellent sense of combat and military. .

But there was one secret that only his family knew.

'He will always paid back his grudges'

The power of memories will find its own way.

'But why did she die?'

On the other hand, strange thoughts reached Yoo-rin's head.

While she was ruling the kingdom of Arpen, she didn't show the wisest appearance.

Even though he was taking care of family affairs, Weed collected all the receipts and organized to make sure no money was leaking out.

The receipt of the 200 won more expensive salt is even attached to the kitchen door!  Due to his meticulous care, there weren't many times when he lost money.

Seo-yoon was smart enough to to make a simple-to-use computer program to help keep the essential living cost to a minimum. .

'It's true she is kind, but she is smart as well. If all this happened, the Arpen Kingdom and Haven Empire might even go to war against each other. Would she have acted without knowing that this would happen?'


Poohol waterpark!



After having finished hunting Demons, Palin and her colleagues were enjoying themselves.

"We worked hard, so let's enjoy ourselves for one month."

"The water is really clear and nice here."

"The bodies of men… hoo. Did only Warriors gather here? I like smooth, solid, and firm bodies. Hehe."

"If the swimming suit showed just a little bit more…"

They enjoyed warm sunshine and clear water.

Even though there were  lots of dangerous rides that threatened their life, they were  safe rides  for the strong users.

< Water slide created by Weed

Strongly recommended to the people who have fear of heights.

The feeling that you can't feel on the ground.

Till now 973 people have died

Excluding number of injured >

> Water labyrinth created by Weed!

In this place lives water droplets that like to prank.

They enjoy making mazes inside the water in order to scare people who enter.

Even though there is no safe route, you have to escape to the exit!

If you are trapped for a long time, you have to drink lots of water.

Till now the number of drowned people is 0.

That's excluding people who were trapped there for 2 hours >

They were comrades who explored the Celestial City, and hunted while riding on the wyverns or ghost horse, so they didn't pay attention to the rides that much.

At that time the men, who were playing in the water, passed by.

"It's the Geomchi group."

"Yes, you're right"

Geomchi disciples always gathered in Poohol waterpark. They had bodies that were full of muscles and while walking, they caught the eyes of beautiful women.

"Look at those abs every time they breathe.."

"Wow. That forearm…"

Finally Weed's elder brothers became popular!

There was no doubt that it was the time to start love affairs for the first time since Poohol Waterpark was established.


Then there was a sound of scream in the pool.

People turned their heads thinking that someone has fallen into the pool, but there was a man lying down and screaming out.

He was watching a broadcast of Royal Road!

"The goddess passed away!"

The man screamed loudly.

At that moment it seemed that everything in Poohol Waterpark stopped.

People who were walking, youths, who were playing in the pool, everyone just froze.

"Hey. No way…"

"Maybe you're still sleepy. That's nonsense."

"It's true. She passed away."

"What the… It's for real?"

"No. This can't have happened."

But it wasn't just that man, others who were watching the broadcast soon found out about Seo-yoon's death. The news about Seo-yoon's death were passed on by whispers, the channels, and networks. It was spread in the entire Northern part in just one or two minutes.


People, who were playing in the pool, were talking.

"Hermes Guild again?"

"How… How did it happen?"

The always lively Poohol waterpark looked like got hit by falling bombs.


The Mapan Trading Company in the North!

Big orders have been pouring to The Mapan Trading Company in Morata.

"150 000 arrows."

"The swordsmen from Varna harbor came for a 300 000 bags order."

"The order for 7 000 000 bags to the Earth Palace came again?"

"Yes. They asked to deliver as soon as we can."

It wasn't only The Mapan Trading Company that had order in a big amount, the same was happening to the merchant Gamong.

Local merchants usually operates their stores with a certain amount of inventory.

Even so, there was a big amount of request from the locals.

"I want the leftover weapons…"

"Now stocks are…"

"I will take anything."

Northern users were collecting weapons and armors. Users had to stand in line in order to buy something, and because of that, the stocks in the stores froze.

The Northern Mapan Trading Company and merchant Gamong stores were stockpiling large quantities of the starter supplies.

The blacksmiths were improving their abilities while making goods. It didn't matter even if it was for a beginner. As long as blacksmiths sold their made production, the skills were increasing.

Of course, in the Arpen Kingdom, there were lots of starters who were gathering and spending money, so there was no harm.

If you gather 10 silver or 20 silver, in the end it's going to be a big amount of money.

However, the amount of users' purchases increased so quickly that it is difficult to take out the quantity from the warehouse.

"Let's go hunting."

"Right. But first let's try to put on some equipment."

The users, in order to get some arrows or weapons, swept all the dungeons.


At the Hermes Guild the news about Seo-yoon's death broke out at the same time.

"So why?"

In their perspectives, Lafaye and the administration office were getting beaten up. He was asking why the famous Seo-yoon interfered in the battle of Formos castle.

Everyone knew in the Royal Road the truth about Weed and her relationship.

"Since the famous user died… the announcement is going to be big."

"Things won't stop here. The war with Arpen Kingdom can arise."

"Would they dare to go against us? They shouldn't be prepared for a war, right?"

"Well, we are like them. The army, that was preparing for a war, was sent to stop the rebels."

Hermes Guild sent a spy to the Arpen Kingdom in order to take a look at the situation. They didn't even see a sign to invade the Haven Empire.

Also, Arpen Kingdom doesn't have a strong army, so they couldn't even organize an army training for the war.

And Haven Empire, which doesn't even have share big borders with the North had problems with its emperor oppositions.

Lafaye's head was splitting with a headache.

"At the surface, the North has almost no movements. But at this moment, they heard that Seo-yoon went to the Central Continent and died…"

Even though he was curious about the intention, this situation was too great.

"What if we get ready for a war with Arpen Kingdom. Even though I don't know how much they want to fight us, but… the small-scale battles  will be the most annoying."

Lafaye felt that ruling the Haven Empire increased things to worry about. Central Continent was conquered and old existing guilds were ruined, and users' complaints were eased.

Even though it looked like Hermes Guild has weakened, it was the opposite inside.

Even though in the Central Continent, the economic power that is centered on tax collection isn't the same like it was in the past, there were exclusive hunting areas and quests.

Even if the hunting area is allowed for other users, since  prestigious guilds are all gone, the large scale monsters' huntings were always led by the Hermes Guild.

There were lots of complaints from the general users, but high level users were working together with the Hermes Guild and were becoming friendlier.

Among them there were useful users who were accepted by Hermes Guild. The residents who learned special skills through the quests, high ranking knights, soldiers, and magicians all had their uses.

Since the area, population, and economy were great at the Central Continent, Hermes Guild had almost doubled its members in a short period of time.

"If you set the public opinion at ease… then even if you make users to follow ad believe in Hermes Guild a little bit, everything will get solved."

Lafaye felt that he just tripped on the stones and was falling down.

If we follow history of Royal Road, it always happens the same - only strongest are going to be gathered.

"I don't want to use a sword yet. Even though I want to get rid of Arpen Kingdom, first I will make Haven Empire  perfect and then destroy it. If I had more time…"

While Lafaye was talking about his concerns, the users, who were in the administration office, were discussing about something else.

"Seo-yoon. Her popularity should be considered. Her dying scene will increase dislikes to our guild."

"How about broadcasting stations? Should we ask to delete the videos?"

"We shouldn't do that. Since it has high viewing ratings, other major broadcasting stations, who didn't get to broadcast the scene, are thinking about putting them up. "

"Some of the broadcasting stations are reporting it as a breaking news already."

"Since it had already gone to the internet, what's the point of talking about that?"

Hermes Guild wanted to show off its power while using a broadcasting station, but it showed the guild's worst image.

"I don't know if the video is fortunate or unfortunate, but rebel forces won't increase. Since most of the users had already come out."

"It's hard to make a plan. How about the battle of Formos Castle?"

"At this moment we are relaxingly taking care of it because the troops, which were deployed to that place, are powerful."

Lafaye, while listening to the talks of administrative officers, made a decision.

"We will take  the matter of Arpen Kingdom and Weed seriously. If they keep quiet, we will leave them for a while, but if they challenge us… Haven Empire will change back to its conquest war system."

Conquest war system.

It means that it will return to the system that was created during the unification of Central Continent.

The Hermes Guild users, who were in the room, were surprised and their eyes started to shine.

Giant knight Bohemod said while smiling.

"If there is no war, I thought it won't be returned?"

"That was true. I'm saying that after the empire was founded, you only needed to focus on internal strength and maintain its advantage."

In Royal Road, no one could stand against Haven Empire's strength.

The Northern military expedition had to return with a failure. Prestigious guild's rebels were active and had enough people, but didn't have strength.

Now it's more important to gain strength than at the time when the Empire was established.

"Little by little, Arpen Kingdom is getting more dangerous. I was trying to stabilize the base for the long term rule, but we're short on time."

"Then what should we do?"

"I will release one of the 5 secret Guardians."

Hermes Guild users' and especially the administration officers' eyes widely opened.

The five great powers that Lafaye had prepared since  the time of Haven Kingdom.

Smart rabbits don't dig only one hole while preparing for dangerous situations.

He tried to hide as long as possible and release it at the last minute, but he felt like it needs to be released earlier.

"Then which one first…?"

"The already finished combat golem. The golem will be enough."

"If you want to release it in secret, it will take around 10 days."

"Just let them laugh and smile till that day. We have to let them enjoy one last time."


Lee Hyun disconnected from Royal Road and came out of the capsule.


In the kitchen Seo-yoon was cooking a soy bean stew.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes, the taste is good."

"About your death…"

Lee Hyun wanted to at least  carefully comfort her.

Seo-yoon's, who had a high level in Royal Road, will receive so much damage.

'Level, skill proficiency, equipment!'

Even during his noob days, Lee Hyun felt the pain of somebody stealing and running away with his money whenever he died. Even though he had never lent money, but still felt that feeling!

"Try it."

"Eum… that's delicious."

"It's good, right? Since it's dinner, I will cook some meat in the garden."


"Grilled meat. I will set a fire plate, so let's eat soon."


Lee Hyun and Seo-yoon decided not to talk about the death in Royal Road.

'There's no reason to talk about the scar. Her heart must already be hurting so much. She is trying to eat meat and feel a little bit better."

Seo-yoon was satisfied while making dishes.

'Soy bean stew turned out well. I prepared some side dishes in the morning as well.'

At first it was a difficult dish to make, but later the taste from all the ingredients came out well.

Fish or meat cooking skills made a huge progress as well.

She was happiest when she made some tasty food, and ate it together with Lee Hyun while sharing a simple conversation with him.

(To be continued…)

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