The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 49 Chapter 1 part3

Within 5 days, the Northern users occupied 27% of the Harpan region.

There was no movement from the Grass Porridge Cult units in Morata, Vargo Fortress or the Dawn City. Despite the so-called urgency, the units were standing in line.

After the Lwee Yali fortress was conquered, Haven Empire's lords started to lose the will to resist. They were at a disadvantage in the war against the Grass Porridge Cult.

Even if the Haven Empire's reinforcement troops arrived a few days later, the lords had no choice but to surrender because the city would be destroyed by then.

"I can't lose my city and the residents all at once."

"The Haven Empire won't leave us alone."

"Let's look for chances… when the Northern users show any weak spot, we should rebel."

"But if we do that, the public opinion of us won't be good."

"That's why we have to act after watching the situation. If needs be, we can just leave the city after taking everything there is."

After the Haven Empire's lords surrendered, they decided to act as the situations unfolded.

If the Haven Empire started to quickly regain its territory, they would stand next to them and fight against the Arpen Kingdom.

However, after the Northern users quickly settled into their cities, they lost the chance to go back to the Haven Empire..


"Grass Porridge, Grass Porridge, Grass Porridge!"

"Wow… the guild facilities in this city are quite good. The stores are big and there are lots of supplies."

"It's because it's in the Central Continent."

"It's my first time at the Central Continent. Overflowing money and technology. Wow… But of course, the Arpen Kingdom is better."

"Now this place is also a part of the Arpen Kingdom."

Northern users came through the widely opened gates and peacefully took over the city.

Even though they only used stores and facilities, the users completely changed the city.

If the ratio of the existing users before the Northern users took over was 2, then the new inflow of the Northern users would be 100. Or even more!

The lords opened their eyes widely at the sight of how the sales of weapon stores, armor stores, and general merchandise stores were growing at the trading post.

"Yesterday's sales were exceeded by 84 times. Especially the sales of pork and chicken… Ah. The Pork Porridge and the Chicken Porridge troops arrived a while ago."

"Looks like they are buying everything. Of course they didn't buy the expensive weapons… Is this the fun Arpen Kingdom's lords experience ? "

Haven Empire's lords received lots of disadvantage, being in a remote region.

There are lots of users who take long distance adventures, but it's very rare for new users to start in a city that is in the middle of nowhere.

Usually new users choose capitals of each region in the Haven Empire or the Arpen Kingdom, so these remote areas are widely neglected.

Even though lords were trying to develop the city, they had a limited consumption that remained at moderate level.

There were mines but instead of development, it was a small scale imports, and it was crowded by monsters and the hired mercenaries who were repressed by doing quests.

Since the Central Continent had a high standard, it was easy to hire mercenaries, but they had always left as soon as they got money.

"This is an opportunity. The opportunity the heavens gave in order to develop my city."

Haven Empire's lords from Hurfan region heard about Arpen Kingdom, so the news was of critical importance to them.

Even though they were worried about Arpen Kingdom's development and danger, but because of the changed flags they couldn't be happier.

"Welcome to everyone from Grass Porridge Cult."

"Nice to meet you. Welcome."

"Today we are hosting a free barbeque party at the square. For the participants, the priests are going to hold a blessing ceremony."

"Come to get coupon! Weapon exchange coupon for the level 200 or below. I will give that to the first 1000 people."

The people from broadcasting stations were embarrassed since they came to get news about the bloody battle.

“What’s going on ?”

"Why is there a festival suddenly? Did we come to the right place?"

"Here is a mistake. However, at the Belden city there was no war. It's said that the lord itself bit Haven Empire."

"You didn't know that? At the Belden gates he welcomed Grass Porridge Cult and hung the banner."

The viewers were interested in the broadcasting, so people from the broadcasting station decided to make a live broadcast.

They broadcasted Northern users' entrance and lively faces of the city's residents.

The users who were active in Haven Empire's region and who came from Northern part were greeted.

– Interesting. Of course, it's Grass Porridge Cult.

– That's human-wave strategy. That's precise Grass Porridge sea strategy.

– Let's have fun. Going to be interesting.


At the some parts of Hurfan region there was a fight between Imperial Army and Northern users.

The lords, who weren't able to choose to surrender because of their reputation, and those, who were closely related to the Haven Empire, had decided to fight.

Even though defenders were fighting till the end, but due to the big amount of the users the castle was taken over.

After this is a plunder!

"You can take all the property of lords and Hermes Guild."

"But don’t harm the citizens."

"Take everything!"

Grains, war supplies, trading goods that were gathered in the castle's storage.

The Northern users were able to get even the goods that had to be sent to the Southern part.

Actually even though Northern users won righteously, but they were acting ignorant.

Everyone takes everything, if you don't - you're idiot!

Even Grass Porridge Cult could take everything what belong to the lord.

They had to ask for a Seo-yoon's permission, but she could have judged wisely.

"It doesn't belong to Hermes Guild. Also, you have share with other people who helped Arpen Kingdom."

Weed understood that if he decides to stop it, he needs to go on a hunger strike!

Hermes Guild owned many of the main streets and the shopping centers, and these places were transferred to the Northern users.

"Cha. Many people are waiting. Everyone takes three each. And let's take only things that can be used."

"Keep the order. Let's take everything gracefully."

"While taking keep the morals. Everything is for us all."

At first in the several cities was a chaos because of the plunder.

Finally the houses of regular users and locals were robbed.

Even though it happened during the war, but the reputation and honor of the occupants had badly decreased.

– During the occupation the city was destroyed due to the fire and plunder.

Arpen Kingdom's reputation and kingdom's politics had a negative response in the nearby regions.

People from occupied areas started to dislike the kingdom.

They welcomed the occupants, but started to suffer from the extreme damage.

They had to throw away their expectations and hopes about Arpen Kingdom.

On the broadcast it was reported as 'indiscriminate robbery' and 'Hell of Confusion'.

The evaluation on the internet was also a difficult thing to understand.

In the past, when there was a war in the Central Continent, more things were happening.

At the side that was won the robbery happened, and the side that was lost was burnt because of the jealously.

But the Grass Porridge Cult's members are still generous.

– The way to promote robbery!

For the robbery the rules were made, but actually you only had to keep the order.

The broadcasting stations had influenced Northern users to steal in order the Haven Empire's property.

Since those images were broadcasted, the Haven Empire's lords from the Hurfan region lost their fighting spirit.

They surrendered to the Arpen Kingdom because they realized that if they resist they could lose everything.


Grass Porridge Cult's emergency strategy room.

They had a Versailles Continent map and held a meeting in the room.

"Haven Empire's army is strong. That's why it's unreasonable to conquer all the land of the Central Continent."

"Right. As current power…"

"Even though the Northern users always participate in a war, but they have limits. The Imperial Army will also meddle in the attack."

"Looks like Hermes Guild has a secret plot. Also it looks like they are more concerned about the region that has rebel forces instead of the region with slow development."

"It will be good to show a hostile power. They won't start a stubborn counterattack."

At the Grass Porridge Cult's emergency strategy room the best decision was made regarding all the gathered information.

Northern users' strength, joining continent's plan and circumstances.

Some of the users belonged to the Ministry of National Defense, but they supported the Grass Porridge Cult.

"We shouldn't be satisfied with Imperial land. For a while there is no profit."

"I agree. Since the Northern users were involved in a war, the production power and economy are shrinking."

"Versailles Continent is too wide. Even though only one region is taken, it can be said that Empire's power is partly reduced."

The strategists were worrying while putting down the map of Versailles continent.

The plans to use Arpen Kingdom's power and to destroy Haven Empire were put aside at the end of the discussion.

"My head hurts. Haven Empire is very strong. Northern users will already be weak when they arrive at the center of the Central Continent."

"If the Empire strengthens their tactics and use more maneuvers, protecting the territory will be a big problem to us."

"If it's like that the war…"

"The Goddess passed away. Don't you think that everything is going bad?"

At the Grass Porridge Cult's emergency strategy room Weed was angry again because of their words.

As the result, a surprisingly great plan was made.

"Tear apart. Of course, it wasn't a matter of abruptly conquering the continent."

"That's right. To tear apart piece by piece. Now I understand the meaning of these words."

The plan to make Arpen Kingdom stronger is to tear apart Haven Empire!

The beginning isn't in the land, but in the sea.

"We have to make a revenge."

"But the way…"

"All the users who don't belong to the Hermes Guild think of us as a hope. If we surrender, that's the end."

The Grass Porridge Cult and Northern users wanted to keep their pride. Even though they started Royal Road later, thus they didn't want to give in without a fight.

"That's what Weed said. To tear apart Haven Empire."


"At that time we thought too narrowly."


Hye, Fractal, Board Mir

The 3 mad sharks of Becky Nin.

The ones who went to trade to the far Southern part couldn't hide their joy.

"Came. Our life."

"God… Is that our battlefleet?"

"Let's not doubt. We are true pirate admirals."

A pirate!

A pirate that belongs to country and sink merchants' or enemies' ships.

The 3 mad  sharks of Becky Nin were appointed as Arpen Kingdom's pirates.

The users of Varna port and Rezard were having a conflict with Haven Empire, so they were pushed aback.

The Northern coast was filled with small and medium sailing ships, adventure ships, galley and trading ships.

There were amulet ships for the battle and simple fishing boats.

"Let's get some more pirates."

"Where you are going? Huk huk huk."

"I have a skeleton flag. How's it? Also, there is a bad tooth on the skull."

"Nosae, nosae, nosae. Because I'm young…"

"Old man, I'm fishing, stop singing!"

As the waves hit the seashore, more than 100 000 ships were standing.

If you compare the number of Northern users, it could look small amount, but actually it wasn't like that.

The 3 mad sharks of Becky Nin were taking a ship that can take up to 150 working people.

"Give us a ride."

"Is this ship going to Haven Empire?"

"Old man, can we go to the Lidum region with this ship?"

"I found ship that is going to the Rodium. It's the principal. I can help with a crew job."

Even the regular users boarded ships like a taxi!

Considering the weather and current, they got ready to depart during night.

Every ship was filled with supplies and trading goods.



About 100 000 fleets were shining brightly and departed to the Southern part.

The 3 mad sharks of Becky Nin were leading and other ships were following them.

Kyaak! Kyaaa! There were people who were annoyed by their flaps and squeezed to sit at the front of the ship.

(To be continued…)


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