The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 48 Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Siege of Fort Odin



There was a heavy silence near the gates of Fort Odin.

Numerous users stood on the side of the roads, on the walls and even on the trees and rocks in the mountains.

Pint looked at them as he arrived but he never thought they were waiting for him.

Sugun sugun.

"He really came?"

“That's right. He has courage. If I died at that level then I would cry."

“I would be happy to die like that."

“Pint is a good man… I knew he would come."

"Hu. Still, it is reckless. It will change nothing."

Pint saw quite a few familiar people at Fort Odin. They were users that he went hunting with, completed quests and shared meals with.

It was difficult for Pint to conceal his sadness as he saw them.

'They came to watch me die.'

Even so, he had bravely come here and didn't intend to turn back.

'Go forward and die.'

The gates of Fort Odin.

It was a strong war that was hard to penetrate with 300,000 elite troops during the time when war occurred every day in the Central Continent.

Pint walked towards the open gate and stood still. Although he came it, it was difficult to get through the gates.

"Pint has arrived."

Jaikeson, the captain of the east gate's guards, shouted loudly. The archers guarding the walls pointed their bows in unison.

3,000 magic archers!

They were one of the defense troops guarding Fort Odin and were strengthened during the time that the Haven Empire had high taxes.

The elite archers aimed at Pint with their magic bows.

But before attacking, Jaikeson talked to the Hermes Guild users near the gate.

“He is on the stab to death list?"

"Yes. The lord put him on the list as soon as he heard about it."

"Hu… I hunted together a lot with Pint. I have been helped many times."

“So have I. Many people here know him."

“But we have to kill him?"

“Well, it can't be helped. We can't spare him. There are no exceptions."

It happened when Jaikeson was about to order the archers to attack.

A user walked over to Pint who was standing alone.

"Pint-nim. I’ll join you."


"Haha. Look at the sky. It is good weather to die."

The sky was clear and sunny. The wind was cool so it would be nice to go somewhere to play instead of dying.

Ulluger was also an early level 500 user of Fort Odin. He had often hunted together with Pint.

“You don't have to do this because of me."

“The heart was moved. It was a comfortable decision. Besides, the Hermes Guild has already seen me."

“Then let's do it together."

Two level 500 users. It was a terrifying force that was impossible for novice users.

It wasn't a level that tankers of the Hermes Guild could easily beat if there was an encounter in the mountains or dungeons.

The viewers sighed.

“Wah… It really is a waste to die like this."

“If I was going to die like that then I would just fight."

“They are fighting."

“That is fighting?"

“They are resisting the force of the Hermes Guild. Fighting against fear. They aren't giving in."


The Hermes Guild that was centred on the power of oppression!

They were confronting a power that was impossible to resist due to the terrible disadvantage.

The broadcasters at the scene praised Pint and Ulluger's courage.

"It is amazing. There is one more user participating with Pint."

“Is the user called Ulluger?"

“His level is estimated to be over 500. He started at Fort Odin. There are many users who don't know because he is a hunter but in the early days of Royal Road, he was strong enough to be among the top 100."

“Is a level 500 hunter that great?"

“An early growth is definitely a favourable feature of a hunter. Still, it is great that he managed to reach level 500 while being free of a guild."

“There are two courageous people."

The local users of Fort Odin knew about the situation due to the broadcasts.

The Hermes Guild users at the gate appeared on the broadcast but they didn't stop frowning.

It was uncomfortable listening to the broadcast but it wasn't a big deal. Besides, even they knew that their actions weren't so good.

‘A bad thing. But won't this benefit us?'

'Who cares about other people's situations? Step on them first and become stronger. That is the law of the world.'

‘Die and kill. Royal Road is such a world. There is no respect for the weak.'

The Hermes Guild user’s faces were harder than usual.

It was a bit uncomfortable because they remembered that Pint's article about Royal Road had become a hot topic a few hours ago.

'If it wasn't for the lord then this wouldn't have happened.'

'Even if he wanted to press forward through force, couldn't he handle it more smoothly and quietly? Our lord really likes winning.'

'If things get bigger than there will likely be sanctions from the leaders.'

Jaikeson hesitated before reporting it in the guild channel.

-Jaikeson: Ulluger has stood beside Pint. Should we still attack?

The answer from Chesturo came within one or two seconds.

-Chesturo: Wipe out all the rebels!

-Jaikeson: The two people are famous. There are many people that follow them.

-Chesturo: We can't back off. And there are those who might go out because of heroism. We have to avoid further problems by killing them as an example. Thoroughly.

The Hermes Guild users in the field thought that the perfect word for their lord was 'stubborn.'

“It can't be helped. It is strange since it is being broadcasted. However, we can't spare them. It isn't my responsibility."

Jaikeson played the role of villain as he ordered the order while the spectators watched.

“I should do something good."

"Ah… I’m tired of being like this."

“I will be sick if I endure it any longer. Royal Road is fun but I felt frustrated when reading Pint's article."

"Kuhu… I didn't talk about it in advance because I thought it was ridiculous."

“I just quietly waited for you to come."

From Pint's friends to readers of his articles, the spectators gathered beside Pint. Pint had been standing alone in front of the gates but that soon swelled to 1,000 then 2,000 people.

“Let me show you what will happen if I'm stepped on."

“How long have I lived? I have to resist even when pushed by real power. Only then can I live."

The atmosphere was becoming strange. In a situation where they executed Pint first, there would be severe backlash against the Hermes Guild.

The spectators standing at a distance stared then plunged in.

“Pint came."

"Really? Hey. We should go!"

Inside Fort Odin, users heard the news and pushed towards the gates to stand with Pint.

"Eh… How did this happen?"

"Why are there so many all of a sudden?"

“Kill everyone?"

The Hermes Guild users on top of the gates panicked. There were only 4,000 troops deployed at the gates of Fort Odin.

"Shut the gates."

"Yes. Prevent more users from joining."

The huge gates were closed in order to prevent Pint's forces from increasing. However, people just lined up inside Fort Odin.

It was the backlash of the users to Pint's words and the rule of Fort Odin.

“Kill everyone who gathers!"

The Hermes Guild pulled out their weapons. And a large army was mobilized in Fort Odin.

* * *

The siege of Fort Odin!

The battle abruptly occurred, with more than 20,000 rebels forming from the general masses.

“Give us freedom!”

“Get away from the Hermes Guild!"

The merchants at the stalls and travellers picked up their swords.

It wasn't planned as the people just had their hearts moved.

Blacksmiths picked up their hammer or axe and went out to join the rebels.

“Take action so that the rebels don't spread further.

In Fort Odin, Chesturo, the Hermes Guild and the soldiers started to suppress the rebels.

The result was the annihilation of the rebels!

City buildings were destroyed and many users lost their lives.

Usually wars ended with a retreat or a lull in the fighting on both sides, but the rebels fought until the last one was gone.

“It is now cleaned up. The losses on our side?"

“There are 79 major buildings and 4,800 troops."

"Tsk. The damage is large because the battle occurred suddenly. You should have cleaned it up faster."

“I didn't know that it would become so big. The region was properly cleared so no one has challenged the power of the Hermes Guild in a long time."

“It isn't so bad to show off once in a while. Even if it is only for the sake of training the troops who have relaxed due to peace."

The Hermes Guild users at Fort Odin celebrated their victory.

They hunted famous users in the area and gained lots of loot and experience.

Looking ahead, the high-level users would now leave this area.

It wasn't a good thing for the economy and local development, but it still yielded big profits for the  moment.

‘If Fort Odin is bad then go to another area. The Central Continent is wide.'

‘Once Pint is revived, there will be a professional team hunting him. There is still a lot of profit, including loot, to be gained.'

The Hermes Guild users were satisfied.

Chesturo, the lord of Fort Odin, also protected his pride so he drank high-class sake from a cup worth more than 100 gold.

"I'm here to inform you. Troops are gathering on the outskirts of the gates!"

“Are there still some left?"

“I have been moving for a while and just want to take a break. However, I can't miss this chance."

"Aigoo. Quickly clean it up and come back."

The Hermes Guild were lazy but still tried to join the battle.

They had grown familiar with war and conquest.

"The scale of the troops gathered outside the gates… At least 50,000!"

"What? Isn't that more than what we fought before?"

“There are also rebels inside Fort Odin. The scale… At least 40,000."

Chesturo and the Hermes Guild started a second battle.

This time, there were more users and the overall level was better than the first time.

Fort Odin fought with their defense facilities but still lost more than 20,000 troops.

“The cost for repair is over one million gold. We will also have to train the army again."

“Can we charge the guild?"

The lord and aides of Fort Odin had a headache after the battle. But these battles were relayed all over the world.

In the early days of the first battle, it was just some small-scale stations. But as the ratings became above average, larger broadcasters joined in. The story was a dispute between the Hermes Guild and general users, so they tried to keep neutrality through guests. But a participant on the side of the Hermes Guild made an impromptu remark.

"I honestly don't understand. Is there a reason for the rebels?"

“I think there are enough reasons."

"No. The Hermes Guild killed more than 13 million people in Royal Road so far."

“It was that many? During the war?"

"Yes… They are figures from the wars. The Hermes Guild dominated the Central Continent… Those who become angry have the right to kill."

“The right?"

"Yes. That is the law of the Hermes Guild."

“I feel bad for the novice users at the hunting grounds who were slaughtered hundreds of times by the Hermes Guild. Yet the Hermes Guild members have the right to do that?"

“They are doing the right thing. It is interesting."

“What about the position of the side being killed?"

"If they think it is unjust then become stronger quickly. Who told them to be weak?"

It was a live broadcast so the writers crossed their arms or held up X signs. These comments would help the audience ratings. However, the bulletin board was becoming too heated.

The host laughed and tried to change the mood.

“The Hermes Guild seems to be changing their attitude these days as they are still lowering the tax rate."

“We can do it for a little bit. Although I will kill if I am in a bad mood."

“You keep representing the Hermes Guild as evil…"

“I don’t understand you. Why shouldn't I speak honestly? The Central Continent is dominated by the Hermes Guild and everything is done according to our will. Massacres? Who cares? Can you live if you are weak? If you get used to it then you won't be angry."

Since the broadcast, users who knew the story of Fort Odin posted on the Royal Road bulletins.

-I'm angry. Wake up.

-Be patient. If I lose my patience then I will lose my life.

-I have decided. I will pick up my sword to defend my self-esteem. Resistance is pointless? How can I live meaningfully when I've ignored it so far?

-I can't turn a blind eye. The pain will remain for the rest of my life.

Pint's article was spread all over the place.

In addition, the broadcast footage for the people's emotions heated up.

There was also a broadcast coverage of Chesturo after the victory.

“What do I think about the rebels? We did well. I am satisfied after picking up the sword. I don't know about my subjects."

A mere five hours after the second battle of Fort Odin ended.

“Give us freedom!”

"Level 31. Please let me fight together!"

"Anyone is welcome. Let's not live bowing down. We are sinners? We will show them what it means to be trampled on."

“Let us prove that there are people in the Central continent!”

More than 200,000 rebels gathered near Fort Odin.

The Hermes Guild users on the walls and in the defense towards were confused.

“Another battle… What on earth are they trying to do?"

“How did they gather so many people so quickly?"

“There are many users that I know. They are users who are generally around the vicinity of Fort Odin."

Despite Chesturo's pride, he was a bit worried.

“Did I talk too honestly? The combat materials are a bit scarce. In addition, Pint and the other users who have recovered will join."

"Lord-nim. Can you afford to think like that? We will get rid of them and ask the Hermes Guild for support."

"That's right. It is still possible to rectify this. The army is exhausted but they will last… Fort Odin is impregnable."

"The troops can win a few more times. It will be easy to get rid of the rabble.

Chesturo and the Hermes Guild users couldn't choose any way other than combat.

Although they thought they were villains, they couldn't open the gates to rebels and welcome them in.

The 3rd battle!

Although it was fierce assault, they proved the strength of Fort Odin's defenses.

The crowd had high level users but they used the terrain to endure with minimal damage.

As the battle continued, the defenses of Fort Odin were well utilized.

The joy of winning the 3rd battle only lasted a brief time as they started receiving reports through the channel for the Hermes Guild lords.

-Kallo: Users are flocking to Fort Odin from the Britten Alliance territory. There are quite a lot of them. At least 150,000 people.

-Morok:  This is the southwest part of the Great Plains. Users are gathered here to capture Fort Odin. The troops here… I can only count the ones I can see. There are over 500,000.

-Mimanja:  Why are there so many users?

-Morok:  Even the sly users are going. They are blending in with the crowd so it is impossible to measure specific combat strength. Novice users are also connecting…. It is impossible to understand the size and scale of this expedition.

-Klong: This is Bernerd Castle. A massive army is coming from the west towards Fort Odin. I don't know the number but I've started seeing them 20 minutes ago. Five branches have gathered but I can't see the end. Even users of this castle are joining them.

-Jebae:  This is Max Village on Ulgur Plains. Users are moving. They are heading east so their destination is Fort Odin!

Reports of users rushing towards Fort Odin flooded the channel of the Hermes Guild lords.

* * *

“I never imagined something like this."

"Yes. The size of the battlefield is growing beyond expectations."

“Anger seems to be stimulating the general users."

The station stopped their existing programs and continued to broadcast live from Fort Odin.

Even leisurely vacationers and book readers accessed Royal Road and headed to Fort Odin.

The Hermes Guild headquarters were surprised by the size of the crowd and commanded the lords of each area.

-Block the people heading to Fort Odin.

The lords of the area were also amazed as they called their troops and watched the situation develop.

The lords ignored the command from the guild leaders.

“If I try to stop them then there will be a battle on my land. Why should I touch them when I can let them leave?"

"Fort Odin will remove the cheap dung."

“I have a relationship with Chesturo but… I don't know about this one. You reap what you have sown."

If the lords tried to block the users then many facilities might be destroyed and public opinion of them would fall, giving them a bad reputation. They didn't want to suffer such damage.

The Hermes Guild leaders tried to stop it but they lacked enough time to dispatch troops from the centre.

Famous rankers debated on air but it didn't work as a live feed of Fort Odin was shown.

As a crowd gathered, the situation spread even further.


“Fix the wrongs."

“We are alive. You need to be human!"

The 4th battle at Fort Odin.

It was a battle that wasn't ordinary.

The forces of Fort Odin, led by Chesturo, were centred on the walls and thoroughly concentrated on defense.

An impregnable fortress that could endure 10, no 20 times the power!

The users of the Central Continent weren't as high levelled as the Hermes Guild.

Without any siege weapons, they climbed the walls with their hands while swordsmen attacked the gates.

The archers placed on the walls of Fort Odin fired their arrows and believed in their defense.

The users who participated in the battle later said in the broadcast.

"The fall of Fort Odin? I know that beyond level 400… Normally it is very tough. It isn't a fortress that can be conquered."

“I just wanted to fight. I picked up my sword and ran. Otherwise, I will regret it for the rest of my life. The death penalty or a lifetime of regret. Which one is better?"

“The fortress collapsed as I pushed. In the end, there is no fortress that never collapses."

“We aren't heroes. And we don't have any large ambitions. We just wanted to live properly."

“What will I do if the Hermes Guild retaliates in the future? No. Why even think about that? Right now, I am just doing what I want. If you have a lot of worries then you will just end up keeping your head down."

Chesturo and Fort Odin were unable to endure and were wiped out in the 4th battle.

The combat supplies piled up in the fortress were depleted after repeated battles and weapons such as swords and spears were broken.

The users climbed the defense towers, walls and buildings and raised their hands high.


“We are… alive!”

* * *

Victory at Fort Odin!

The leaders of the Hermes Guild dispatched the Imperial Army.

“Quickly, finish the work today."

The elite Red Knights, led by Boemong, ran to Fort Odin through the teleport gate.

“Siege weapons?”

“There are no siege weapons. The defense facilities of the fortress have been destroyed and the broken gates are removed."

The Red Knights contained elite users of the Hermes Guild who could be quickly dispatched.

But when they arrived at Fort Odin, all they saw was an empty ruin. The users gained treasures and hope from Fort Odin and left.

“Drive out the Hermes Guild!"

“Let us live like humans!"

The users scattered after conquering Fort Odin. They were looking at a larger goal.

* * *

After a war with numerous stations, Pint was invited to a KMC Media studio.

His name had become known and this was the first time he appeared on broadcast.

Pint introduced the army at Fort Odin and said firmly.

“I decided to fight… Yes. That didn't mean much."

Oh Joo-wan asked like he was curious.

“Was it meaningless? Pint-nim's writing has spread on the Internet. Maybe the battle at Fort Odin is due to Pint-nim."

“I'm not someone with that much influence… Besides, I never considered this. The cause existed and resulted were made. I believe that the incident could have happened at any time."

“So, you are saying that it depends on the circumstances."

"Yes. It is all because of the Hermes Guild. Or other guilds trying to rule. Is it right to keep living like this? Numerous users on the Central Continent have suffered damage."

"Now. I know what you mean. But the users are scattered and the Hermes Guild is strong. How will it turn out in the future?

“I don’t know. I have no interest in power. I won't think about future work. I am just one in millions of users that are filled with anger. That anger is enough reason to change the world."

“If you fail to change it?"

“Despair and… I will feel frustrated and think this is how the world is. I will have to live with that for the rest of my life."

* * *

-Versailles Continent paradise!

A day after the fall of Fort Odin, an army of rebel users struck dozens of places in the Haven Empire.

There were no exchanges in each region so the Hermes Guild doubted that it was a woven plan.

The users simply felt like acting after Pint's article and broadcast.

-We will go.

-Drive out the Hermes Guild.

-A new world!

Under the banners of the Haven Empire, the users started a revolution.

In each region, low and high level users were refusing the reign of the Haven Empire.

“Users are returning from the hunting grounds. They are likely to attack the castle."

“Prepare for battle. Prepare for a power battle."

The lords were astonished and immediately began war preparations.

The Haven Empire was based on military power so they were confident in their ability to win the war.

However, in the past, they had fought with the prestigious guilds. Now the general users in their territory had become rebels.

Even if they won, the damage was too big as the area was turned to ruins.

-There are at least 50,000 rebels on Saxony Plains!

-This is Averian Forest. It is seized by rebels.

-A battle at Giden Castle! The rebels' second attempt failed and the third is in progress.

-This is the Britten Alliance. The city is closed by rebels who appeared instantly!

The Hermes Guild and the stations couldn't follow the events that were happening in Royal Road.

“I will raise my sword towards the Hermes Guild. Anyone can join me!"

Hundreds and thousands of people joined when this was cried out in a city.

The leaders of the Hermes Guild issued an emergency command.

-The initial rebellion failed. Allow all Imperial troops to use unrestricted force in order to prevent further deterioration.

Of course, retake the areas occupied by rebels and decimate them as needed.

Lafaye, who ruled over the large land and population of the Central Continent, wanted to finish this quickly.

If they didn't show their strength then the rebellion could grow bigger. Therefore, they grew bold and gave commands for indiscriminate warfare.

"Show them the strength of the Hermes Guild."


The Hermes Guild's combat troops were dispatched everywhere to fight the rebelling users.

“If you don't surrender by midnight then everyone will be killed."

“Are the stations covering this?"

“Don't worry. The leaders have decided to show our strength."

In the Central Continent, the fire of war was burning as rebels won or were defeated in many areas.

After defeating the lords, the rebels took over half the villages near Averian Forest, the Great Plains and the Britten Alliance.

Even if they gained territory, it was impossible for the users to survive after the conquest due to the army. Still, it only took three or four days for some areas of the Haven Empire to lose their power.

* * *

The secret branch of the Grass Porridge Cult on the Central Continent! There was a meeting filled with people wearing animal masks.

A rabbit masked user opened their mouth.

“The incident at Fort Odin is becoming bigger and bigger. There are many members of the Grass Porridge Cult who joined the rebels."

A cat masked female user spoke up.

“We have three cities on our side. Of course, they won't be able to endure if the army of the Haven Empire flocks."

A pig masked user laughed like it was hilarious.

"Kulkul. It is good to see the Hermes Guild fall. The losses will be quite difficult for them to deal with."

A chicken masked user complained.

“This is a serious meeting so why are you making those sounds?"

"Hrmm… Sorry if you were offended."

“It isn't that much. Kokoko."


The Grass Porridge Cult branch in the Central Continent had increased explosively.

Aside from being the symbol of the Arpen Kingdom, the Grass Porridge Cult represented freedom, adventure, courage, luck, peace, love and challenges.

The Grass Porridge Cult was a good concept!

Millions of users on the Central Continent signed up for the Grass Porridge Cult but specific activities were difficult.

'If all the good people go north… We have to protect our home.'

'Grass Porridge, Grass Porridge, Grass Porridge. If we are caught in the Haven Empire then we will be hunted to death.'

The reason for wearing masks to the secret meetings was to keep their identities a secret.

A user wearing a horned deer mask raised his hand.

“Shouldn't we be working properly right now?"

“In what way?”

“Do you have a plan?"

Attention was given to the representatives of each area.

"It is serious right now. We have a lot of power so we can gather the members and start an all-out war. The general users can also help."

The hearts of the members moved as they heard the deer mask's words.

Moving the Grass Porridge Cult members on a large scale to gain their independence from the Haven Empire!

It was the ultimate goal that the Central Continent branch of the Grass Porridge Cult wanted.

"It isn't possible."

The cat masked user objected.

She represented the Grass Porridge Cult members of the Britten Alliance.


“What is the reason why we shouldn't move right now?"

A masked user asked unpleasantly.

The cat masked user was a famous name in the Britten Alliance.

She led the rebellion directly in the Britten Alliance so they didn't know why she objected.

“The Grass Porridge Cult is a pure and free organization. What if we go and free the Central Continent? The invasion of the north is enough to distort the meaning."


The users thought of dangerous predictions.

Right now, the users of the Central Continent were rising up against the Haven Empire's tyranny. But it wouldn't be good news if the Grass Porridge Cult came out.

-The Arpen Kingdom and Grass Porridge Cult is leading a revolt.

-The Grass Porridge Cult shakes the Haven Empire and damages the users of the Central Continent.

The brain of the Hermes Guild was Lafaye!

He could execute such scenarios.

“The Hermes Guild isn't shallow. Who here has experienced being conquered in a war by Lafaye?"

Dozens of players became quiet at the cat masked user's words.

As representatives of the regions of the Central Continent, there were many high-level users and some of them were members of the old prestigious guilds.

They had never defeated the troops commanded by Lafaye.

In hindsight, it was a war that they couldn't win.

The Hermes Guild was undeniably powerful, but he tore up the opponents and made it difficult for them to gather their power.

It was because the environment and strategies had already been planned for their defeat.

The cat masked user spoke in a crisp voice.

“If we form a group and show up then it is easier to defeat. If members of the Hermes Guild infiltrates… We will be wiped out."

The users could fully sympathize. Still, they felt regret.

“This is a golden opportunity so can we really just stay still? The rebels' firepower can't last forever. it is time for the rebels to rise up or collapse. If this flame goes out and the Central Continent becomes stabilized then won't we have to endure the tyranny of the Haven Empire forever?"

The representatives of the Grass Porridge Cult were desperate.

The Arpen Kingdom was still growing but it needed a long time to conquer the Central Continent.

It was also unknown if the Arpen Kingdom would even try to invade the Central Continent.

The cat masked user sighed.

“We don't have enough power yet. So, I will wait and believe in our greatest asset."

“What is it?"

“A pure heart. The desire to help those who are suffering and to fix unreasonable things. It is the most precious asset that the users of the Central Continent have to realize."


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