The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 48 Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Ripples atĀ Fort Odin

-Your level has risen.

Weed gained levels faster than when he was a sculptor as he swept away the monsters in the dungeon.

His Summon Undead skill was intermediate level 4 and he was over level 480!

He accept simple quests but refused to get involved in complex ones.

“I feel a deep darkness coming from you. A high degree of credibility is needed for this work."

It wasn't easy to get quests from mercenary guilds due to his profession.

Weed used his fame whenever it was possible.

“Look straight at me.”

"Don't tell me… Your Majesty?"

"Yes. Do you have any money? I hate to be bothered."

“Just say the word. I will prepare anything."

In the Arpen Kingdom, there were no obstacles to getting quests despite being a necromancer.

This was the sweetness of power!

“The goddess acknowledges you. I am wary of the power you handle, but it is necessary to do this work.”

After the demon Delam, Weed even received quests from religious orders. His fame, faith, justice and honour stats were still high.

It would be hard when the achievements from Delam gradually disappeared, but the trick was to produce it when necessary.

“I feel something disturbing the world's energy. I don't have much money but I will give it to someone who researches the incidents.

“Uh, no. I’m too busy."

-The quest has been refused.

“The essence of a fairy. No adventures have found it. Won't it be great to see a treasure that has never been discovered?"

"I'm not interested.

-The quest has been refused.

“There is a big monster that flies to the east. Not much is known about it. But since that day, people in this city have been afraid of a monster attack. Can you find it and kill it?"

"How annoying. Call me when it comes.

-The quest has been refused.

He passed by monsters that were difficult to hunt or ingredients that were hard to obtain!

He only received quests for monster hunting in the areas he wanted.

There were many dungeons that users failed to capture on the Versailles Continent.

Dungeons that required a large number of personnel or ones with difficult monsters or magic weren't easy to touch.

Weed used Barkhan's equipment due to the high magic resistance and defense for the undead, as well as a variety of sculpting skills in the dungeons.

-Your level has risen.

It felt like he completed a delayed homework every time the accumulated experience led to a level up.

“I don't have to worry too much about skill proficiency compared to my level."

Weed wielded a sword directly in order to save on mana consumption.

His swordsmanship was advanced level 1.

It wasn't as high as other combat professions but it didn't matter.

He had experienced master swordsmanship during his time as ruler of the desert, so he was confident that he could overcome the barrier of skill level in the future.

“It will quickly fill up when I kill a lot of strong enemies. I know many strong ones."

Whether it was fast or a little late, it was a skill that he would master anyway!

‘Let's just think about getting stronger. Raising my level is fun but attacking dungeons isn't bad.'

His endless goal!

He wanted to clear the dungeon in the shortest time.

As well as breaking the time record set by others, he challenged boss monsters that had never been caught before.

* * *

The continued suffering of the Hermes Guild!

As Weed hunted, the stations constantly exposed their corruption.

The people's minds, that were healed through lowered taxes, shook again.

“Too many incidents have been revealed. Users will never trust our guild in the future."

“This is a big setback to our mid and long term governance plan."

“If we lower the taxes now… Tsk. We will only reduce the profits."

"I agree. Some construction projects on the manor are underway but I had to stop them. That part wasn't considered by the leaders."

The lords quietly talked among themselves. The lords who squeezed and exploited the users of the Central Continent!

From their point of view, their profits were greatly reduced due to the lowered tax rate.

They were in a bad mood because the money they needed for a construction project or welfare plan were stopped. It was like having a delicious rick cake stolen from their hands.

The lords in powerful areas didn't think it was bad to have rebels.

They could rationalize their exploitation due to the rebels.

They didn't consider the situation of the entire Haven Empire.

“Until the unification of the continent, there is only one kingdom left. The conquest isn't finished neatly due to it.”

“Too much time has been given. I would have led an army to destroy the Arpen Kingdom sooner."

“Wouldn't the users have revolted?"

"A campaign is needed. If a panicked atmosphere was indiscriminately planted… It was difficult to subdue the rebels."

“The Hermes Guild isn't the same as before."

The lords talked while drinking expensive sake.

They didn't devote their loyalty to the Hermes Guild. However, not one of them thought about going to the Arpen Kingdom.

'They will eventually be eaten by the Haven Empire.'

'Tsk. I can't get enough money or equipment if I go to the Arpen Kingdom.'

'Although there are many pretty females in the north…'

The lords were drunk on money and power.

* * *

"Cough. We haven't received the verified results yet but…"

“We can guess which finished product is better."

“It doesn't matter if you don't win. As a natural process, I would like to celebrate as a craftsman."

“We will admit it even if it is a draw."

The divine metal Helium!

The two best blacksmiths on the Versailles Continent, Fabio and Herman, confidently waited for Weed.

'This is a game that I won.'

‘It was a long race. In the end, I will be the winner.'

It seemed like they had grown after becoming master blacksmiths but that wasn't the case.

As a blacksmith, they each made one sword.

This was a fight to compare the two swords in order to see who was the better blacksmith.

Weed provided the materials so it was decided that he would be the judge.

'It is totally my win.'

'Huhu. Will Fabio be able to deal with the experience and skills used to make this sword?'

The two elderly blacksmiths.

They pretended to be relaxed but were eagerly waiting for Weed like they were children.

The battle with pride became worse the older one got!

Then Weed appeared in front of the blacksmiths.

“Hmm. These swords are made with helium."

Fabio and Herman lived in a spacious mansion with a view of Morata and the Goddess of Freya Statue.

As they were wealthy blacksmiths, their mansion was decorated with a large garden planted by elves.

As if it opened to a banquet, the sunlight shining on the wide garden cast a gentle sheen over everything.

Fabio said proudly.

“Try squeezing your hand. The feeling is nothing to be ashamed about. Huhuhu."

The difference between thoughts and words were meant for moments like this.

Weed roughly examined the sword.

'I must make money. Hunting, hunting, hunting and hunting.'

The appearance of Fabio's black sword was enough.

The handle and sword wasn't decorated with precious jewels. It was just faithful to the sword.

Weed had made a star sculpture. He had received some enlightenment after watching the baby shaped star.

Helium was a source of mana and emitted divine power.

There was nothing lacking in the sword nor was there anything left to add.

Fabio continued speaking.

"This sword… It will follow its master. It will grow together with its master. It is living helium so I made full use of its features."

Just by listening to the description, it was easy to tell that a master craftsman made it!

“Look at this sword. I won't be ashamed by it."

Herman also pointed to his sword.

A craftsman who spent his whole life making swords!

He was a typical gloomy man common after the 20th century!

He was showing a surprising anticipation for the sword he made.

Cold and sharp.

The helium radiated the energy of infinite mana.

An ice sword!

The sword itself had excellent attack power and it also contained the attribute of ice.

“It can also cause a disaster."


“Don't you know better than anyone about that area? This sword can summon a black ice storm."

It had the power to freeze enemies so there were many benefits in combat.

Any monster or opponent would find it difficult to go against the two swords.

Weed liked both swords. A smile formed on his face.

'Now I am a necromancer. For the time being, it is difficult to use Helium equipment. Of course, I won't die from it.'

He could take advantage of it using Sculpture Transformation. However, he felt unfortunate that is stopped here.

'Can I exploit them properly? They are blacksmith masters. They will make satisfactory works.'

Weed lent them Helium to help them become blacksmith masters. Even without such help, Fabio and Herman would have mastered it. Maybe they would have found a way to master it more quickly.

Weed thought about what he could extract from the two blacksmith masters from now on.

‘The beginners in Royal Road are often exploited. They are weak and easy to handle. Then why shouldn't I exploit a master?'

A conversion of an idea!

Fabio and Herman had high pride as blacksmiths.

Weed pulled out the famous Loa Sword.

The Loa Sword.

The treasures of the elves and a sword that humans considered to be the best in the world.

A heritage left behind by Hestiger.

“In the meantime, I've had a lot of trouble due to this bad sword. Thank you for creating two swords."

The two blacksmiths cried out.

"Oh. What is that sword?"

“Amazing! A perfect and beautiful sword…"

Weed wielded the sword lightly. Indeed, a very light sword.

"It’s nothing. I just used it temporarily until you finished the swords."

Fabio came closer.

"Really? Can I see it for a while?"

“Of course."

A blacksmith could check the status of a weapon that wasn't theirs if the opponent showed it.

Fabio's mouth tightened as he looked at the famous Loa Sword.

'Oh my god, this sword…'

Herman was also curious.

“I will look as well.


Herman also examined the Loa Sword.

'Star sword. No, a god sword. He had such a sword?'

The two blacksmiths simultaneously had similar thoughts.

'Can I make this sword?'

'My sword…'

The swords they made weren't sweet anymore.

It was a sword that accomplished to become a blacksmith master and was a masterpiece among all the swords they had made so far.

Ordinary swordsmen would want to borrow it to go hunting.

However, it was inevitable that it would seem lacking in front of the best sword in Royal Road. One or two options weren't enough.

'If the material wasn't made of Helium then my sword would have been very sad.'

'Look at this sword now.'

They swords they made suddenly felt shabby.

In fact, it wasn’t that inferior but their pride had been broken.

The two blacksmiths made eye contact and nodded simultaneously.

Fabio started to talk first.

“This game… Forget it."

“Of course. We have both become masters with similar interests."

Herman also agreed.

“From the beginning, it was just a prank. Huhu."

"That's right. We aren't young kids."

I thought I created the best sword as a blacksmith master but there is still a long way to go.

‘A new goal. Becoming a blacksmith master was just a process. Make the best sword in Royal Road.'

‘An absolute sword. A sword that nobody can deny…'

The two blacksmiths started the competition again. Weed gave them advice.

“You have almost everything. The skills dealing with metals are limited so learn magic."


“Enchanting. In other words, give the sword the ultimate magic."


The two blacksmiths were troubled. But it was a temptation they couldn't avoid as they wanted to make the best sword.

* * *

Baum Dungeon attack!

Chesturo who ruled Odin Fortress in the Haven Empire, mobilized 700 troops.

300 of them were made of regular Hermes Guild users while the rest were regular users who paid for it.

“3,000 gold for participating in the dungeon attack… I had to sell most of my equipment to get the money. It is too much."

“But it is Baum Dungeon."

“As long as we pay the entrance fee, we can follow behind the Hermes Guild and gain a lot. Won't there be a lot of stations showing it?"

"Yes. It will be broadcasted from 12 different stations.

"KMC Media?"

“Yes. But it will only be covered and won't be broadcasted live."

"That is unfortunate."

“It isn't uncommon for major stations like KMC Media. This opportunity is hard for people like us."

The general users talked among themselves.

Baum Dungeon was closed to Fort Odin but it had never been successfully attacked before.

The monsters were strong and the average level was in the mid to late 600s.

All six attempts in the past had failed but it was likely that Fort Odin would succeed this time.

“This time we will be a little bit famous."

“Hopefully we can demonstrate our skills and enter the Hermes Guild."

“Kuooh. That dream is too high."

Users gathered at Odin Fortress from early dawn and waited anxiously.

The Hermes Guild members used that time to relax, while Chesturo was conscious of the broadcast and started a philosophical speech.

“Let's go!"

After a long speech, Chesturo raised his sword from his position on an elephant's back.

The users applauded and followed him to Baum Dungeon.

“The lord's age is in the mid-30s. Isn't he old enough to do this?"

“I don't know. Let's do this right. A good thing is good."

“This will be broadcasted. Broadcast. There should be a script."

The battle at Baum Dungeon!

The Hermes Guild users pierced the way while the general users got rid of the side monsters. Nevertheless, they thought it wasn't bad because they appeared on broadcast and got some loot.

The problem occurred in the middle of the dungeon.


Someone in the dungeon mistakenly stepped on a trap that caused stones to fall from the ceiling.


"Ah. Who? This is…"

“Either move forward or backwards."

The minimum to come along to this raid was level 400 so they were embarrassed about triggering the trap. However, monsters then emerged. To make matters worse, the boss monster Dugniel's ambush!

The boss monster assaulted the ones who fell into a trap.

'What should we do?'

'Can we win?'

The users noticed.

The terrain wasn't good so certain sacrifices were inevitable.

In this case, those who attacked the boss monster first would be in great danger.

The general users waited for the Hermes Guild users to come out.

Only a few seconds passed.

"Hey. Let's get out of here."

"Yes. This is wrong. We will just go to die."

Somebody ran away and others followed. Many of the ones who escaped didn't belong to the Hermes Guild.

The Hermes Guild and the remaining users were trapped by the boss monster Dugniel.

The result was a breathtaking defeat!

Not only did the Baum Dungeon capture fail, but 70% of the Hermes Guild's participants, which equaled 230 people, died.

It was hard to count the general users but more than half of them were victims.

The broadcasters were bitter due to the decline in audience ratings from the failure, but a big issue cropped up next.

Chesturo of Fort Odin was angry after losing his life in the dungeon and being resurrected.

“With our power, this attack should have been successful. All responsibility lies with the fugitives so we will start a live-scale hunt against them."

A massive hunt!

The Hermes Guild users who suffered damage in Baum Dungeon chased those who participated in the attack and took their lives.

“W-why us…”

“You fools. Did you think you could get away unharmed from the Hermes Guild after ruining our work?"

“It wasn't intentional. I ran because I wanted to live."

“You were wrong so you should die."

Not only did they suffer damage, they failed to capture the dungeon on a live broadcast and their self-esteem was hurt.

“I fought until the end. I ran away after you decided to retreat."

“You didn't fight properly."

"No. Didn't I fight with my life? The videos can help confirm it."

“Don't talk nonsense."

“I'll get the videos straight away."

“Don’t make excuses and shut up. You shouldn't have been so weak in the first place."

The Hermes Guild users killed the people who participated in the dungeon attack, regardless of the reason.

There were users who fought in the dungeon until the end but they didn't care due to their anger.

The lives of the general users were like flies in front of the Hermes Guild members.

The scale of the violence quickly grew in a short amount of time.

“Who are you?"

“W-we were in the same party. We're hunting together now."

“Is that going to stop them from killing?"

“That is a little… Ah. I am a friend."

“Just kill. There is no need for a conversation. Just wipe out everyone who was there."

"W-why? We didn't do anything wrong."

“I'll say it again. Done wrong? We've been silent lately so does the Hermes Guild look funny in your eyes?”

The Hermes Guild swept away the party members they were hunting with.

The users protested until the end.

“This is excessive. Didn't we pay the admission fee to go on the hunt and participate?"

“Indiscriminate killing. Does the lord of Fort Odin have that privilege? Is this the official policy of the Hermes Guild?"

There was a backlash to the Hermes Guild's tough stance.

The order was given by Chesturo so they were only doing what they were supposed to.

“Do you want to tell them that they are mistaken? You might be right. But the weak don't have any right to speak in this world. So in the end, aren't you guys wrong?"

Fort Odin was considered as one of the main bases in the Central Continent!

Chesturo was lord of a gigantic fortress so he was extremely humiliated by the broadcast. And he thought he had enough strength.

Trampling on the general users when they protested was a common occurrence in the Central Continent until recently.

“Those who protest are rebels. Remove all of them."

The Hermes Guild users wielded their swords.

It was an opportunity to officially gain experience, loot, combat skill proficiency and achievements.


“Sweep it up so that none of the users escape!"

The soldiers and knights of Fort Odin kill the hundreds of users protesting.

The incident was broadcasted live by reporters who came to cover the Baum Dungeon attack.

-The Hermes Guild subduing the rebels.

-Rebels? Didn't the revolt on the Central Continent calm down?

-This is believed to have stemmed from the Baum Dungeon attack.

The reporters explained what happened during the day.

-In fact, it is hard to call them rebels.

-Let us take a look. The people were living peacefully in Fort Odin until this morning.

-Yes. Users with homes or stores were executed because they protested.

The broadcasting stations confirmed the real-time ratings and responses.

As Royal Road became more popular worldwide, the number of related stations increased.

Every country had at least 10 broadcasting stations and Internet broadcasting stations related to Royal Road.

The audience ratings were more than the country's TV dramas.

The vast Versailles Continent.

There were major companies like KMC Media and there were many users who listened to the news for their desired area.

Some stations also informed about specific regions such as the Britten Alliance Broadcasting Station.

It happened at 8 a.m. in reality.

In the early hours of broadcasting, the audience ratings started at less than 1% but exceeded 3% in 20 minutes.

Even though it was low, it was difficult to raise the ratings during this time.

“Continue the coverage… Keep exporting the videos. Do you have a video of Baum Dungeon yesterday?"

“Accompany it with the onsite coverage."

The staff of the stations moved quickly.

“Once we get the main part out there… Check if there are any innocent dead users."

"Yes. I understand. Leave it to the analysis team."

“What about the videos of the Hermes Guild attacking users?"

“We don't have any videos from the beginning, but we should soon be able to get it from the killed users."

“Work on this all morning. Continue to broadcast until the regular broadcasts.”

The ratings competition between stations was similar to a war.

Recently, Darius' exposure and criticizing the Hermes Guild had been a major area for them.

Broadcasting the events of Odin Fortress was a great chance to tilt the balance.

Obviously, the big stations quickly smelt it.

From the early days of Royal Road, large stations like KMC Media and CTS Media had increased their size by hundreds of times.

They were equipped with unparalleled resources and manpower and could sell the coverage videos to the whole world, not just domestic areas.

CTS Media was considered dull because it was the affiliate of a large company, but there were changes after the issues were sharply scrutinized.

In particular, they would use any means and methods to increase viewership if there were events that would interest the viewers.

There was no hesitation in broadcasting something inflammatory.

The PD was nervous because the director of the station directly appeared at the live broadcasting studio.

“Isn't Odin Fortress famous?"

"Yes. Head Director-nim. It is the impregnable fortress between the Britten Alliance and the Aidern Kingdom. A siege of this fortress is a tragedy waiting to happen."

"Good. Dig properly into this case from beginning to end. Check for bad rumours and the Hermes Guild members who are normally active at Fort Odin.

“I will do so."

"We need to make sure that viewers, who are watching other stations, come to our station. Keep in mind that our ratings should be higher than KMC Media."

The interests of each broadcasting station was concentrated on Odin Fortress.

The leaders of the Hermes Guild finally learnt about the incident and issued an order to Chesturo to stop.

-Gigado: This is the guild's administration. Stop all attacks on the users who participated in the dungeon hunting.

Chesturo ignored the command.

The administration had slightly lower power in the guild and he couldn't stop here.

'Do they know how much damage there is from dying once? Plus capturing the dungeon also failed. I have to save face as the lord…'

Due to his anger, he had already swung the sword.

If he stopped the battle according to the command then the Hermes Guild users at Fort Odin would have no face.

'I only killed a few hundred. It became bigger than I thought due to the broadcasts but won't I look like a fool if I stop now?'

In order to become the lord of Fort Odin, power and political sense was needed.

He paid attention to the broadcast and saw that the criticism of him would grow after the situation finally ended.

Chesturo decided to push through with force.

'Let's continue to sweep the rebels Then I can diffuse the situation with the help of the friendly lords in the guild. I will sweep the users in this area once or twice. I will clean it up on my own.'

He wasn't worried about the Hermes Guild or his position as ruler of Fort Odin.

Until a few months ago, the ordinary users at Odin Fortress were prey.

Even though it was a little annoying, protests were rare.

Ruling through power!

He believed in the legitimacy of the Hermes Guild.

* * *

Chesturo, who ruled Odin Fortress, designated the protestors as rebels and massacred them.

The whole process was seen all over the world through the broadcasting stations.

“Is the Hermes Guild indiscriminately retaliating against those who don't follow their words?”

"The areas outside of Fort Odin are quiet. However, Fort Odin can be thought of as the executive branch of the Hermes Guild."

“Then it can be seen as the Hermes Guild's actions?"

"It is highly likely that the massacre is a pre-coordinated one."

CTS succeeded in their coverage of the innocent victims who had been killed despite fighting in Baum Dungeon until the end.

The victims were carefully interviewed and strongly criticized Chesturo and the Hermes Guild.

"I think that the Hermes Guild and Chesturo are all wrong."

“What are their intentions?"

“They believe that they are the best. It is hard to think of this as anything other than trying to keep the users docile."

“This isn't the right word since it is a broadcast, but the Hermes Guild shouldn't be so cocky. What is this?"

"I think I can see what they are doing."

Due to the provocative contents, CTS Media enjoyed the high ratings.

* * *

That evening, the Hermes Guild announced its official position.

-The case at Fort Odin is unrelated to the Hermes Guild.

It was an arbitrary decision by Chesturo and we will take appropriate action after further investigation.

Although the Hermes Guild took this position, the situation didn't look good for them.

Over a thousand victims!

Even though the tax rate was lowered to appease the public sentiment, there was a mood inside the guild that the massacre was a necessary evil.

'It is unlucky that it was aired but we should show such things occasionally. Show them who is strong and enduring.'

Recently, the Hermes Guild hadn't used a lot of force.

Many people thought that it would be beneficial for the government to show their oppressive force once in a while.

In fact, there had been many cases of massacres when the Central Continent was conquered.

Once massive massacred occurred, the users became compliant and easier to ruler.

Pandwel, Pago and Rundichi.

On that day, the three lords moved their army and killed the active users of the city.

-They didn't pay their taxes. Those who don't follow the rules of the Hermes Guild aren't needed.

The lords revealed the reason for the massacre.

'This is my land and my territory. How dare they criticize me while hunting and trading here?'

They wanted to reign like kings in their area! The massacres of the three lords were relayed through the broadcasts.

-Are we surprised? Nothing has changed. The Hermes Guild was originally like this.

-Tax cuts? We shouldn't trust it.

-They have no standards and just murder those they don't like!

-Until when will we keep being exploited? Dammit.

-Look at CTS Media's broadcast right now. They felt no guilt over killing a level 30 novice user.

-They are just crazy.

Posts blaming the Hermes Guild appeared on the Internet.

‘What a nuisance.'

Recently, Lafaye had been concentrating on strengthening the empire.

He selected the best high-level users and recently increased the number of members to 750,000. In addition, over 300,000 Imperial troops were trained.

In order to strengthen the empire, he placed them in dungeons and hunting grounds.

By lowering the tax rate to stabilize the Central Continent, it increased the military power and laid the groundwork for long-term domination.

He didn't worry about minor incidents because he was trying to get results with a lower budget.

They often committed massacres and there was rarely a day when the Hermes Guild wasn't criticized on the bulletin boards.

“At the imperial level, there will be slight damage to the ruling party."

“Give official warnings to the lords of those regions. If it happens again then they will be deprived of their positions as lords."

“Will that be serious enough? There are thousands of lords on the Central Continent. We will have a hard time if they complain."

“Ensure that there is a new loyalty pledge in the guild. We will tell them that it is only for the broadcasts. The warnings aren't permanent so the lords should be fine."

“So we don't need to be more careful. We are the ones who appointed the lords and we can take it away."

The leaders of the Hermes Guild didn't think much about the crushing of the users.

There might be many users heading towards the Arpen Kingdom in the north but they didn't anticipate any major changes. They thought that users were already familiar with the Hermes Guild's oppressive reign.

“It isn't something that only we did, but other guilds as well. People move according to their own interests or for economic gain. The tax rate is lowered in the Haven Empire and it is advantageous to stay here so they won't leave for the Arpen Kingdom."

Lafaye had developed the economic and technological power of the Haven Empire and there was a lot of information about adventures and hunting compared to the Arpen Kingdom, so their struggles were limited.

“This is also my opinion."

"It is easy to buy them off by lowering taxes. People will consider it but for those who are still dissatisfied, we will push with force."

* * *

The people were angry at the Hermes Guild's slaughter, but they were accustomed and accepted it.

They were angry for a while but it seemed like it would fade over time.

The homepage of Royal Road contained a variety of miscellaneous stories, including articles condemning the Hermes Guild.

And a local user of Fort Odin posted on the bulletin board.

I am a user of the Central Continent called 'Pint.'

I will first reveal that I am level 514.

Of course, I don't intend to brag about my level but to tell you how I lived.

As soon as I entered the world of Royal Road, I started in the Kallamore Kingdom and became a knight.

I remember reaching level 200 and receiving a knight's sword from the king.

Numerous people praised and encouraged me so I had a little beer party.

Those were very happy days.

The early days of Royal Road.

If you are an old user like me then you will know the beauty and romance of these days in Royal Road.

Stepping out of the gates with trembling hearts to go on adventures and confronting that fear with my friends.

We combined our strength, met strong monsters and camped in the middle of the night where we heard the howls of wolves.

I didn't have the cooking skill at the time so I enjoyed the tasteless boiled potato soup.

The map of the world wasn't revealed so I had to take careful steps.

We enjoyed the pleasures of gaining achievements and expanding the area that we can explore.

The preface is too long.

I wanted to tell you a little bit about it because they are beautiful memories to me.

And now… I am now past level 500.

Many of you must be envious.

However, my abilities are nothing to boast about in front of the Hermes Guild.

Every time I went to a hunting ground, I had to bow my heads to them and paid the admission fee.

I wanted to do some quests with the Hermes Guild and was rejected.

I have to be careful to avoid any conflicts with the Hermes Guild on the streets.

Even if they are weaker than me… Due to the halo of the guild, an individual like me can easily be trampled.

I am stronger but I have to be scared of those who are weaker.

It wasn't just death that I tried to avoid.

As you know, if you go against the Hermes Guild or protest… You would be kicked out of your hometown.

It won't be safe to go anywhere in the Haven Empire.

They were forced to leave their hometowns, persecuted and forced to sell gifts.

At some point, I only had forced laughter and smiles when playing the game.

Royal Road is so good that I can't give up this wonderful world and was forced to bow my head.

And now I will be honest.

I'm ashamed.

I haven't forgotten the humiliation I endured.

The memories of the Hermes Guild's nonsensical claims and tyranny harass me every night.

Such a thing… When I look at the damage, I get a lump in my chest.

I’m an embarrassing loser.

I am ashamed and troubled after remembering all the memories.

I want to ask.

Why are we in Royal Road?

Why do we live?

Isn't it lying to ourselves?

Can we really be happy if we sell out our pride?

I realized the precious truth too late.

From now on, I want to move based on happiness. I don't want to leave myself with painful memories anymore.

The friends and colleagues who I shared beautiful memories with died at the hands of the Hermes Guild.

I'm tired of turning a blind eye to the truth.

I will stand before the gates of Fort Odin.

I closed my eyes because it wasn't my job. I don't want to go back to when I thought it was harmless to keep my mouth shut.

The scars of cowardice will be carved into my skin forever.


I’m going to die at Fort Odin.

* * *

Pint's article on the bulletin board about Fort Odin was a hot topic as the number of views increased.

It was moved to each site related to Royal Road.

-A must see article.

-The life story of a high level user.

-Be sure to read this. There will be many people who can sympathize.

-I thought those were my thoughts. I’m only level 300 but I feel the same.

-Is the Hermes Guild a nightmare that I dreamt up?

After being transferred to hundreds of sites, the translated versions spread around the world.

It was a total hit with tens of millions of views.

The comments fiercely condemned the conduct of the Hermes Guild.

It wasn't a story but the truth.

The users who suffered on the Hermes Guild also sympathized so Pint's writing spread further.

Meanwhile, the broadcasting stations also discovered it.

“I didn't think that more attention would be brought to Fort Odin. Is it possible to get a video of the scene?"

"Yes. There are agents to cover it."

“It seems like it would be a good video."

“Won't it just be a few attacks? Despite being a level 500 user… It is too much to deal with alone. There won't be any accidents like there is with Weed."

“Isn't it in the eyes of the beholder? Viewers don't want an incident but a story. A story!"

The stations focused on Fort Odin. Some small-scale stations boldly decided to broadcast the scene.

* * *

When Pint accessed Royal Road, the whispers and communication channels, that were normally ringing loudly, were quiet.

"Hu… In the end, I was abandoned by my close friends."

He had been prepared when he wrote on the bulletin boards about Fort Odin

“I will probably be hunted."

He was expecting things to happen.

He wanted to go even if he lose his life and his colleagues forever.

“I might not be able to meet with people again but… I won't regret my life."

He exited the hunting ground where he connect and headed to Fort Odin.

Although his steps were heavy, he hurried to keep his promise.

Normally there would be many people coming and going from Fort Odin, but the battle today made people hesitate.

“Nobody will look at the post on the bulletin board. The Hermes Guild might laugh at me but… I will still keep the appointment. Then I will go to the north."

Once his work at Fort Odin was finished, he wanted to go north to the Arpen Kingdom.

He already had many friends who were active in the Arpen Kingdom.

He stayed due to his fond memories of his hometown and friends but he would live a new life with his death.

He was prepared even if he had to experience dozens of deaths before crossing the border to the Arpen Kingdom.

“Let's go. Fort Odin."

He felt complicated emotions but ultimately he felt good.

Pint left the mountain range and walked steadily towards Fort Odin.


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