The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 48 Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Gluttony Demon

Lafaye tapped on his desk as he called an emergency meeting.

“I heard that the hearts of the lords are trembling. I can't help but notice.”

“Will it be difficult?"

Lafaye shook his head at Bardray's question.

“It isn't worth worrying about yet. It would be foolish of them to leave our Hermes Guild. Although Darius' revelations…"

"The public opinion about us is seriously bad."

“They are driving us little by little into a dead end. At this moment, no visible damages exist. The lords will never leave the Hermes Guild. Compared to the guild's military power, the lords have no troops."

“If the lords don't leave us… Still, shouldn't we do a little bit of preparation?"

“If they leave, they have to be prepared to throw everything away. I've already posted troops to some areas as an example."

Bardray and Lafaye.

The two leaders thought this measure was enough to deal with the lords.

The Arpen Kingdom was actively encouraging the independence of the lords but it wouldn't go according to their will.

A big picture was drawn in Lafaye's head but he tried to ignore it.

‘The more loyal lords of the guild won't go. Although most of them are originally… And is the effort to take the lords part of some subsequent plan? Or is it just a wild stab?'

Then Bardray asked in a cold voice.


“He disposed of all his property and escaped. The hunting squad tried to track him down but he already entered the Arpen Kingdom."

“He has no more revelations left?"

“There are a few things but the most important ones have come out."

Bardray looked at the leaders' faces one by one.

They were the warriors who fought with him when they conquered the Central Continent. They demonstrated the combat power of the Hermes Guild and proved their absolute strength to the world.

Penatul muttered.

“Things are getting worse and worse. Where did it start to go wrong?"

Lafaye grinned lightly.

“We didn't do anything wrong."

“We didn't?"

“I’ve been looking back on the past but I've never felt a moment of regret. It is impossible for us to start from the middle in the Central Continent."


“We've done our best so far. We had to get a lot of times to train an army and win the war. We also had to take discriminatory measures for the Hermes Guild users."

The leaders sympathized with Lafaye.

The Hermes Guild might be called tyrants but they weren't much different from the other powers on the Central Continent.

Those who had the strength would run forward like a hungry wolf towards a big profit.

They would trample on the weak and conquer the enemy forces.

The Hermes Guild were stronger than them and didn't hide their methods.

They were able to accept being called wicked in the process of unifying the continent into one.

Through such a process, the Hermes Guild managed to acquire the Central Continent.

Lafaye bluntly said.

“We lost public sentiment due to the backlash from the conquest, but it would have been the same if any other force took control of the Central Continent. The empire is built on the foundation of hundreds of people's blood."

Weed opened his mouth.

"What about Weed and the Arpen Kingdom?"

“As a competitor, I can honestly evaluate him and say that is a great achievement."


"Yes. I have to admit that he is strong. How many of us would go to a frozen land and build a kingdom?"

The expressions of the leaders changed.

In the meantime, Weed had often been compared to Bardray and Lafaye.

Lafaye was the first to highly praise Weed.

"He completed an impossible quest and built a huge reputation by defeating the Embinyu Church. Was this also a part of the predictions?"

"We didn't think he could do it."

“If we hadn't encountered the variable that is Weed and the Arpen Kingdom then the results would be perfect. But even though our nation is now troubled, we are 10 times more powerful than the Arpen Kingdom. It is the same even if we take into consideration the users. They might be concentrating their efforts on the Central Continent but it won't be so easily conquered."

The stiff expressions of the leaders were gradually released.

If they did their best while walking here the wrong way then the results might be different.

Lafaye's eyes shone.

“History will only remember the winners. It is a little annoying now, but once we've fully unified the continent, Weed's story will disappear."


"At this point, we need to recognize Weed and the Arpen Kingdom. But we are the Haven Empire. It is an empire built on the strength of many powerhouses. Once the security of the Central Continent is stable, we can show our strength at any time.

And we will use setbacks to create opportunities."

Lafaye's remarks reversed the atmosphere of the leadership meeting.

They built plans from the earliest days of Royal Road and gained the best results!

If Bardray led the armed forces then Lafaye acted as his brain.

They were the two chariots of the Haven Empire that had never been defeated directly.

‘Go back to our original thoughts.'

'Yes. It is like this. There has to be some trial and error when unifying the continent.'

* * *

Lafaye presented some measures related to ruling the continent at the leadership meeting.

Events related to hunting, quests and festivals were hosting throughout the entire empire!

Food related productions and temporary trade incentives were also promoted.

The domestic government paid attention to little things and the movements of the giant empire produced results.

'We don't need any effects. The users just need to feel happy for a while.

We can make preparations during this time.'

After the meeting, Lafaye called Leard who was a construction worker aside.

"It shouldn't happen, but we need to be prepared in case the situation of the Haven Empire worsens significantly."

“Are you thinking about the collapse of the empire?"

Leard asked with a serious expression and Lafaye shook his head.

“I don't mean that the empire will collapse right away. We are strong. The attacks on the north just failed slightly. But to prepare for the distant future, we need to make a perfect fortress.

“Perfect fortress?"

“History shows that there is no permanent empire. So we can survive if some of the territory of the Haven Empire is taken away. Let's build some walls and fortress in the Haven Empire for the long dominance of the continent."

“A military fortress in the Haven Empire that will last for a long time."

"You have properly understood it. A fortress that will never fall. It will be our last resort in the Haven Empire and will help defend against other threats."

* * *

The gluttony demon Delam!

Weed and his colleagues watched as Delam grew bigger.

50 metres, 70 metres, 100 metres, 140 metres.

He grew exponentially as he ate allied knights, monsters and the demon clan.

As he grew larger, the amount of food he was eating increased.

“Fall on both knees and stretch out your heads. Come and receive the noble demon."

The demon clan provided food for Delam.

The monsters as well as members of the clan were fed to Delam.

The drakes flying in the sky that caused great damage to the allies had disappeared, but Delam's power was increasing.

Pale glanced at his quiver.

“These arrows will be like toothpicks to him."

Zephyr quietly picked up a fishing rod.

"That is a lot of fish. This fishing line won't last."

Their confidence increasingly faded away as they watched Delam grow more powerful.

They had fought valiantly against the giants. But at that time, their opponents were damaged and there was hope.

“Attack! Do not withdraw."

“Elites of the Mapon Kingdom. For His Majesty!"

The knights rushed and disappeared in Delam's mouth.

A shockwave emerged from Delam and crushed objects and living things around him.

The magicians used the strongest spells they knew but Delam just kept eating. Surka formed a fist.

"I really don't want to hit it. But is its health reducing?"

Weed glanced over Delam with sharp eyes.

“Right now it isn't reducing. When he is eating, he is highly resistant to all attacks. He had the ability to absorb health and mana while eating."

“Then if we attack when he is digesting…"

“There is no way around that. But once he finishes digesting, he will be bigger and stronger."

“In the original history, how did the alliance win against such a demon?"

Surka and the others turned their gazes towards Weed.

New hope!

In Royal Road, Weed's knowledge about hunting was close to an expert.

Even Maylon who had a wide range of knowledge from being a broadcaster, couldn't match him.

“The alliance lost."


“Their forces were nearly wiped out. There were a few who were lucky enough to escape by swimming and reported about what happened here.”

“Then how do we deal with the demon?"

“I know that he starved to death on this island. That process took more than 100 years."


The enthusiasm of Surka and the others decreased.

This wasn't a S class combat quest.

They thought that if the alliance somehow defeated the demon of gluttony then they could sneak up on it.

The results would be similar whether they chose the side of the alliance or the demon clan.

Delam would eat all friends and allies anyway.

They had to live in order to succeed in the quest.

'Don't get eaten.'

'Uwah… I had nightmares after seeing Squashy Wriggler on the broadcast. What if that thing eats me?'

Weed deliberately made his party act like this.

'There are two opportunities. After that, it is hard because the opponent will be too strong.'

If they couldn't defeat Delam then they would have no choice but to flee.

The penalties would be severe but that was something taken for granted on adventures!

‘A frontal fight. There is no other way.'

Delam didn't hesitate even in front of the fiercest attacks and kept growing bigger.

300 metres. 400 metres. 500 metres!

It wasn't just his height but his length.

He became much bigger than a giant and looked like a dragon or a small mountain. After a while, Delam's skin turned red and he opened his mouth towards the sky.


Dark grey smoke soared into the air.

"Wah. Creepy."

“He farted!"

The female users screamed.

-The demon of gluttony, Delam is digesting the creatures that he has swallowed.

After digestion, Delam will reach stage 1.

Every time he builds a new body, Delam will become stronger and eat more food.

Time remaining: 5 minutes.

Delam opened his mouth and spat out gas from his ass.

The oversized mass started shrinking rapidly.

The fearful voices of the priests on the allied side were heard.

“We have to defeat him now. If the evil demon digests those he ate and gains their strength then everyone will die."

“The fate of the continent is upon us. Attack."

A historical battle was taking place.

The allied knights stopped fighting monsters and flocked towards one spot.

The magicians, who were in a safe spot in the rear, appeared near Delam using Teleport and started using attack spells.

Due to the digestion, Delam's body was exposed and unprotected.

The magic attacks struck Delam and the allied knights wielded their weapons.

Rather than healing their allies, the priests used divine magic against Delam. Divine magic dealt ten times more damage to undead and demons.

Despite such attacks, Delam kept stubbornly digesting.

Weed spoke just before his colleagues were about to pop out.

“Wait and watch a little more."

Weed kept watching.

5 minutes. It was a short amount of time. 'Even if we participate, we might not be able to defeat Delam during that time.'

Despite being a historic battle, the recorded information was scarce.

'Even though the demon tribe summoned Delam, they didn't last long due to him. The problem is whether the allies can drive Delam to near death.'

Weed and his colleagues observed Delam.

Unfortunately, even the undead were useless against Delam.

Only the advanced undead like the death knights, dullahans and specters could play a role.

If the allies could avoid Delam's health to less than 10% then they could win. And history would change.

'Watch and make a decision. And if I do decide to fight, hang everything on it.'

The knights of the Bromba Kingdom held their swords high.

“Don't let the demon step on this land. Sword of Sacrifice!"

After burning their health and wrapping their bodies with sacred power, they assaulted Delam with the magic!

The knights of the Mapon and Keltun kingdoms also marched towards Delam after receiving the protection of the priest.

They moved through the resistance of the monsters and demon tribe without a hitch.

Delam's body was wide open so they kept attacking while he was digesting.

"Remaining health. Show me all of it. View Life Force!”

-Gluttony Demon Delam

Deep darkness that can't be penetrated.

An abandoned demon who grew up eating trash and insects.

After entering the world due to the demon worshipping tribes, he only has one goal. Eat everything.

Once he has enough meals, he can regain his full body and the strength he had in hell.

His massive body is 4 kilometres in radius and he feeds on mountains and lakes.

It is difficult to estimate how much the demon can eat.

He was a loser in hell due to the weakness of needing to eat to gain power.

If he doesn't eat food then he won't be able to withstand the extreme hunger and will weaken or die.

There are still seven stages left until he regains his default power from hell.

Health: 74%/100%

Mana: 88%/100%

The remaining time was 3 minutes 23 seconds.

Weed’s eyes shone.

“There isn't no chance of winning. Divine power… It is effective."

Delam's health was diminishing under the attacks from magicians and knights. Weed and his colleagues had been waiting for this moment.

“There seems to be a chance. The battle begins now."

“I’ll aim for just one side."

Romuna started to chant the most powerful fire magic that she knew.

Volcanic Eruption!

“Cleanse the earth with fire. Let the earth shake and burn, wake up from the deep earth and melt it."

Volcanic Eruption was one of the top-level fire magic.

It took an extremely long time to cast and the mana consumption and penalties were also severe.

The maximum value of mana was reduced for three days so it wasn't a magic that could be used often.

While Romuna prepared the spell, her other colleagues each got ready to strike with their strongest attack.

Pale and Maylon mingled with the knights of the Keltun Kingdom.

“A pleasure to meet you. Archer who knows justice."

“Can we fight together?"

“We would be honoured."

Their high honour and fame meant the knights welcomed them as they headed towards Delam.

“In the end, hitting it with my hands… It seems rough."

“He is too big for a fishing line."

“I don't think he will fall down 10 times."

Surka, Zephyr, Python and Seasoned Crab moved forward.

Irene joined the priests from the Bromba Kingdom in attacking.

The problem was Weed!

“Don’t come close. Necromancer!"

The alliance refused to let Weed join.

“This popularity sure is difficult. It is urgent… Don't you want to get rid of Delam for justice?"

“Shut up! A necromancer shouldn't be talking about justice. After we defeat the demon, you are next!"

Weed ignored the knights and rose a ghost horse.

“Mental Focus!”

-The Mental Focus skill has been used.

Maximum mana has increased by 24%.

Mana recovery speed is 41% faster.

The skill duration is 13 minutes.

An intermediate undead magic skill that he learnt!

Other than the death knights, dullahans and specters, he released the summoning of the low grade undead like zombies and ghouls in order to conserve mana.

Weed mounted the ghost horse and flew towards Delam.

Flash flash! Kwarurung!

The area near Delam was confusing due to the onslaught of magic and knights attacking.

The alliance was pouring a mighty firepower from the air.

A beginner with a level less than 200 would be instantly killed just by being here.

-There is a high density of divine power.

A necromancer's magic power is weakened by 31%.

The undead army melted on their way to attack Delam.

It was a place where the divine magic of the allied priests were stacked up.

The remaining time was 1 minute and 54 seconds.

Delam had 51% health left.

‘I don't know the odds but it is difficult. Necromancer… Now I am in a state where my damage is lacking. It is very different from other professions.'

This seemed to be a recreation of the history where Delam devoured everything.

'Is this not enough?'

Unlike history, Weed had intervened and quite a few of the allied forces remained alive.

Nevertheless, it seemed impossible to get rid of Delam during the remaining time.

Fortunately, most of the monsters from the demon tribe were defeated!

After the demon tribe were pushed back from the shore, they had hastily summoned Delam.

Delam had been eating as many monsters and demon tribe as alliance troops.

‘Follow the crowd.'

Weed moved behind the undead army.

In no time at all, the undead had been reduced by half.

“Take steps to control the demon."

“Understood. Master!"

Weed had Van Hawk and Torido take control of the undead near the demon.

The alliance needed to stay concentrated on attacking Delam!

The demon tribe were only concerned with protecting Delam from a major assault!

Weed wielded the Loa Sword at one of the demon tribe disciples.

The demon tribe who used curses and black magic to defend Delam was unable to overcome Weed's sword.

He used Sculptural Destruction and led the undead to wipe out the demon tribe.

-Your level has risen.

-The skill proficiency of Swordsmanship has improved.

-Experience has been acquired.

-You have achieved an amazing merit on this quest. Killing the remnants of the Gulden Demon Tribe!

The demon tribe targeting the Mapon, Keltun and Bromba kingdoms have disappeared from combat.

The three kingdoms will honour your great achievement.

-Fame has increased by 6,399 due to the combat achievements.

Infamy has reduced by 13,832.

Maximum health has increased by 500.

-Faith has increased by 20.

-Honour has increased by 15.

-The combat achievement has increased all stats by 2.

Killing the remnants of the Gulden Demon Tribe!

Meanwhile, rays were spreading from Delam's body as he finally finished digesting.

Delam's size was reduced to 50 metres but he became faster and harder.

There were 12 horns that symbolized his power as a demon and even a long tail. He even held tridents with his hands.


“My leg is caught. S-save me!"

Delam opened his mouth wide towards the allied knights nearby.

A powerful suction force was generated and the knights were sucked into Delam's mouth.

Without chewing, he swallowed hundreds of people and restored his health, before starting to grow again.

-The prey are busy!

Delam stared down at the humans with red eyes.

Kuwong kuoong!

The ground shook like there was an earthquake every time Delam walked.

"This can't be!"

Surka and the other colleagues quickly ran away.

A magic sword.

Some attacks couldn't deal damage to Delam now that he had finished digesting.

“Run now! The demon is even stronger!"

“Don’t give up. If we retreat then our families in the Mapon Kingdom will be eaten by him."

“Attack magic! Use your attack magic to stop him!”

The allied forces, who had been fighting well, fell into confusion due to Delam's strength.

Delam ignored the human resistance as he was too busy eating.


“Return home. We are defeated so let's evacuate."

Some of the allied forces tried to retreat to the ships.

Delam ran to them first, devoured the humans and swung his tridents to destroy the ships.

-You won't get away! All of you are my prey. Kuhehehehe.

The demon Delam!

Unlike other demons, he didn't have powerful magic.

He simply fed on the humans but that was enough to scare the primitive instincts in them.

“This death…"

"Kuk. I would rather keep my honour than be eaten alive."

Among the knights, there were those who chose suicide before they could be eaten.

Fortunately, Weed's colleagues were still unharmed.

It was thanks to the quick rush of the undead as they retreated.

"What do we do?

Maylon asked Weed but he didn't answer as he was busy staring at Delam.

Python, Seasoned Crab and the others had showed off their abilities.

They already thought there was no chance of winning.

"Hrmm. The opportunity was lost… It is difficult no matter how many humans remain. Seasoned Crab. What do you think?"

Python asked Seasoned Crab.

“We can attack when he is digesting. Divine magic multiples attack power by several times but it is difficult to cause serious damage.

“Is that enough?"

"I precisely stabbed in the back of his neck but it was difficult to reduce his health. It is also dangerous due to the magicians' indiscriminate attack…"

“If you are an assassin then shouldn't you be prepared to die when fighting?"

Seasoned Crab laughed at that.

“Even if you risk my life, it would be tough unless they are armed with a holy sword like a paladin. But it is crazy."

Delam's enormous defense and health made it impossible for a human to kill him.

The only opportunity when he had no defenses was when digesting and that had already failed.

The allied forces were decreasing and Delam was getting stronger.

Pale kept watching Delam and shook his head.

“I think that all the allied forces on Jackson Island will be eaten. History seems to be proceeding… Isn't it better to get away?"

The idea 'quest failed' had already passed through their heads.

Since the beginning of Royal Road, many users had started and failed quests.

Sometimes they could do the quest, but it took too long and they had to give up in the middle.

Although fame and credibility would decline a little, it wasn't more important than their survival.

The party's gaze headed towards Weed but they all knew it was impossible for the quest to succeed.

It wasn't a big mistake but Weed was the one who brought them to Jackson Island so he would make the final decision.

Weed was surprisingly calm as he watched Delam feeding on the allied forces.

"Wait a little longer."


“One more chance may come. The tricky thing about Delam is that we lack the power to damage him. He isn't in a perfect condition and can't fight back when he is digesting."

Python, who was wearing a huge greatsword on his back, tried to stealthily retreat back.

"There is a way? His resilience is high and we couldn't damage him properly. It was like knocking against a steel fortress."

“Yet… More allies need to die."


"Depending on the knights, a situation can be made. I can't predict the odds but we will try one more time before running away."

Weed's colleagues followed his decision.

There were still man allied soldiers and knights so they didn't have to worry about being eaten by Delam.

Delam occupied the coast and was busy eating nearby humans.

Whenever his mouth opened wide, the humans nearby were sucked in and eaten. There was a limit to the number of humans on Jackson Island and it was certain that the next opportunity would come.


"Demon. I will be killed by a demon!"

After the first digestion, the morale of the allies was truly the worst!

Soldiers abandoned their weapons and armour and jumped into the sea in order to escape from Jackson Island.

'Right now, they won't be able to exert their combat power properly.'

'Being eaten by the demon. This is too big. The instinctual fear…'

Weed's colleagues found it difficult to find a way to subdue Delam.

-Stomach. I'm full. Wait there. I’ll start feeding again soon… Kueeeok!

Delam boasted an incredible stomach, devouring over 10,000 humans before starting the digestion.

"A-an opportunity. Run away!”

“Get out of here. We can't die here!"

Unlike the first digestion, the allied forces ran for their lives instead of fighting.

Now that Delam was stronger, they lost hope and jumped into the sea in order to live.

The digestion time was 7 minutes. The remaining health is 94%.

Since Delam was stronger than the first digestion, the digestion time was slightly increased.


Weed flew into the sky aboard the ghost horse.

“Everybody listen carefully!"

-Skill: Lion’s Roar has been used.  The morale of all allies within the influence of Lion's Roar has increased by 200%.

All confused states are released.

Your Leadership will increase by 300% for 5 minutes.

Lion’s Roar was used!

Weed's voice rang in the ears of the fleeing alliance. Their morale had fallen to the bottom but the troops were still interested.

“That guy is a necromancer."

“He is the one who made undead from the bodies of our allies!"

Weed had very little influence with the allied forces.

Yet they still listened to him talk due to his stats such as faith, dignity, leadership and honour.

If an ordinary necromancer used Lion's Roar then they wouldn't have listened at all.

It was the fruit of his adventures and the training he did every day.

“Are you going to run away and leave the demon here? Fight. Peace will only come when the demon is slain!"

Weed's Lion's Roar rang through Jackson Island but none of the allied forces were willing to attack.

Lion’s Roar just had the effect of moving a large number of troops.

“R-run now! There is no use listening to those words."

"Yes. Staying here will just mean dying a dog's death."

The soldiers continued to plunge into the sea.

The demon Delam!

The mana of the priests had become depleted.

The general soldiers lost their determination and didn't want to fight against Delam.

They knew that if they failed again, they would never win.

The desperate troops rapidly fell apart. In the history records, Delam finished the first digestion and ate the allied forces who lost their motivation.

* * *

"What is he trying to do? It seems to already be going wrong."

Python said in a pessimistic tone as he watched the situation.

The allied forces were busy running away. Currently, the soldiers were jumping into the sea but the knights were the definition of honour and justice.

Even if the allied forces fought aggressively, it would be impossible to kill Delam so Weed's actions were useless.

However, Pale picked up an arrow from the ground and placed it in the quiver.

“Weed will have a way. He might seem really reckless but he isn't that reckless."

"What does that mean?"

“Even if there is a strong enemy, he wouldn't quit. He might seem reckless or hostile but he has a strategy."


“He seems reckless but he takes advantage of everything to get victory."

“I will regret it forever if I stand by."

“He will be the first to jump if he thinks it is impossible. Weed doesn't care about things like honour. So it means he has a solution for this present situation."

"Still… How is he going to solve the attack problem?"

Meanwhile, Weed continued using Lion's Roar.

“If you have loyalty then sacrifice your lives for the country! Is it meaningless to be eaten by the demon? This is an island and you already can't escape. Even if you try to escape, there will only be one in a hundred who can survive the demon. Have the courage to fight. I will take care of the rest."

He reached out towards Delam on the waterfront.

"Corpse Explosion!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The sand flew up as an explosion occurred on the whole island.

The bodies piled up near Delam! The bodies of the dead troops had exploded.

A necromancer's most powerful attack skill.

If there was a corpse then the undead magic could be used. Theoretically, if there were enough corpses then there could be more power than a magician.

Delam instantly lost 1% of his health.

It was thanks to the hundreds of corpses of knights that exploded.


“That is…"

It was such an incredible destructive power that the allied troops fleeing looked back at Delam.

Corpse Explosion!

The most powerful attack of a necromancer was terrific but it was impossible to use if there weren't any bodies.

There were no more corpses in the vicinity of Delam.

"I am a necromancer who is disliked by people. Although it is frustrating to make money… Kuheom. I will gladly do this for you family, the country and the Versailles Continent."

Weed moistened his lips with saliva.

Just like giving a kindergarten student a candy, flattered was required!

“If we can't hurt that demon then it will be your families that will enter his mouth. Knights of the Keltun Kingdom. There is no one who has more courage! Do you want to leave while the demon lives?"

Weed's Lion’s Roar moved the Keltun knights.

Apart from the possibility of victory, the knights decided not to run away.

In history, the knights had never given up on hunting Delam.

They were a difference between fighting moderately and risking death to actively attack.

Since his days as ruler of the desert, he realized that men were extremely simple in certain circumstances.

“The Keltun Central Knights are coming out."

The knights of the Keltun Kingdom pulled out their swords and started running towards Delam.

“Assault formation!”

The infantry followed the knights. The knights spread out their hoses and pushed their spears with all their strength. Then they cut their former colleagues.

"Goodbye. Pavult."

"Kuk. Let's hope our sacrifices are in vain, eh?"

“I don't know the result but we lived as knights and now we will die as knights."

The Keltun Knights clung to Delam and died on their own.

Weed used a spell again.

"Corpse Explosion!”

The bodies of the dead Keltun Knights exploded and dealt secondary damage to Delam.

At this point, fire starting blazing in the eyes of the knights.

"Kill Delam!"

“The valor of the Keltun Kingdom knights will survive even after death. I am proud to lead all of you. Full charge!"

The knights of the Keltun Kingdom were willing to offer their bodies to attack Delam.

Delam's health, that was thought to be impregnable, diminished due to the sacrifices of the knights.


“The honour of the Bromba Kingdom is brighter than any jewels."

The knights from the Bromba Kingdom and Mapon Kingdom followed.

Weed didn't need to persuade them any longer because the rival Keltun Kingdom was moving.

"Corpse Explosion!”

Weed only chanted one spell.

He released the undead army led by Van Hawk and Torido and used the gathered mana to explode the bodies.

The Paerot Ring that he obtained in his days as a sculptor was used to fill the lacking mana.

He was wearing equipment to increase his maximum mana, including Barkhan's Robe, and he had been watching since Delam finished his first digestion so his mana had recovered to the maximum.

-You have blown up the body of Knight Grey who fought against injustice.

Delam has received 165,482 damage.

-The skill proficiency of Corpse Explosion has improved.

-The deep enlightenment into death and destruction has permanently increased wisdom by 2.

An increase in the skill proficiency!

For necromancers, Corpse Explosion was an amazingly powerful and useful skill.

It had a tremendous power that could inflict up to 10 times the damage depending on the situation.

The current level of Corpse Explosion was intermediate level 3.

'There are hundreds of thousands of people here to increase my skill proficiency.'

As the knights came out, the commanders of the army also issued orders.

“Infantry of the Mapon Kingdom. This is your last command. Move towards Delam. Go closer and die."

"Keltun Kingdom's archers. Abandon your armour and arrows and move forward."

“The proud army of our Bromba Kingdom will also march."

Knights and soldiers rushed towards Delam and literally exploded.

"Uwack. Die!"

“This is better than being eaten by the demon. I will die for the sake of protecting my home and family!"

“Humans will never be defeated by demons."

The soldiers cried out against evil and sprang at Delam who was digesting.

The instinctual fear caused by enormous body and form of Delam was overcome.

Humans sprang into the battlefield, crying out words of affection and pride for their families.

The knights lost their lives without hesitation.

The soldiers moved as close as possible to Delam before dying in order to cause more damage.

“We can't lose. Magicians. Prepare your last magic."

“God willing. We will dedicate our lives."

Their magicians sacrificed their own flesh.

It was a forbidden method that would temporarily increase their power by 1 or 2 times, but they would be permanently in pain or would die.

The priests gave their health to the gods and gained divine power.

They blessed the allies on their last assault and prayed for good luck.

The blessing didn't make much sense, but the soldiers were willing to run forward with the comfort of the divine magic.

Delam's health fell from 80% to 64%, then to 41%.

Weed used Corpse Explosion on the corpses to deal huge blows.


Surka clenched her fists and screamed.

She hadn't been prepared for Weed to create such a great and noble battle.

The spirited allied forces rushing towards Delam with death in mind!

History was changing as they charged in with determination to kill the demon.


-Goddess Freya has blessed you.

Necromancers distort the cycle of life by rejecting death and have received the wrath of the gods.

The unpleasant odour and low health of the undead is due to Goddess Freya's curse.

Goddess Freya remembers the joy of the harvest and your achievements that expanded the beauty of art on the continent before you became a necromancer.

The Arpen Kingdom still worships the Freya Church and Goddess Freya is satisfied with this.

“Even though you chose the wrong path, you are the child who made my voice known to the world. The blessings will continue if you keep doing right and don't lose faith in me."

Maximum health has increased by 53%.

The body's recovery ability has increased by 250%.

The mind is stabilized and you are relieved from all curses. You will also temporarily be granted the Freya Church's divine magic.

Faith, justice, charm and luck have permanently increased by two.

Additional effects.

The curse of the undead is loosened and the appeared will improve.

The odour of skeletons and zombies will decrease.

There were currently no undead summoned but the skeletal bones had changed to look cleaner.

A skeleton warrior's body would be covered with grass and trees would grow between bones, improving health and defense.

Even a death knight's helmet would have flowers plugged in them.

-Hestia's blessing!

Goddess Hestia is a great artist and craftsman and she feels a deep closeness to you.

“I understand your passion for fire and don't doubt the path you are walking."

All attacks have an additional fire damage of 230%.

The mana consumption of fire attacks will temporarily decrease.

The effects of all weapons and equipment worn will increase by 74%.

-God Atrock's blessing!

Atrock loves war.

As he watches the battle of Jackson Island, he blessed all those fighting the demon Delam.

“Fight. That is the most wonderful thing."

The commanding ability of all knights have strengthened. The morale of everyone involved in the war is restored.

Their fighting spirit will no longer be crushed.

Physical abilities will increase by a minimum of 10% to a maximum of 35% depending on their will.

-Tirun's blessing!

Tirun believes in justice and law that governs the continent…

-Mi-ne's blessing!

The earth is tinged with blood.

Mi-ne's wrath has been called but the nobleness of life…

-Spiren's blessing!

Honor and glory!

Overcoming the fear and horror…

-Lugh's blessing!

The light of the sun is with you…

-Belchebelt's blessing!

This dangerous evil is favouring you…

-Matallost's blessing!

Leading the precious dead…

The blessings of various gods!

The blessings of the gods were difficult to receive yet Weed got so many at once.

His faith stat was still high despite being a necromancer and he was fighting a demon.

The gods hated the demon who tried to eat everything in the world more than necromancers.

Corpse Explosion was the crucial part of the battle so the gods' blessings weren't much help. Even so, a permanent stat boost was always positive.

'There is another benefit. It is just like stealing!'

Thanks to Weed's Corpse Explosion, Delam's health had been reduced to 14%.

The remaining time was 29 seconds!

He had ample mana to use Corpse Explosion due to the blessings of the gods.

Of course, mana could be absorbed from the bodies of the dead if he was lacking. There was a side effect.

"There is no time. This is the last opportunity. For the Mapon Kingdom!"

The allied forces continued to die next to Delam.

Weed's Corpse Explosion destroyed some people and even took their lives.

It was a spectacular sight.

The priests used divine magic and the mages poured out their mana and health.

They were weaker than the demon so everyone worked together.

And finally, Delam's health fell to 2%. The remaining time was 6 seconds.

He calculated that it was enough time to attack Delam.

"Waaaah. Amazing!”

“Hope can be seen."

Pale's party had wide open mouths.

It was like Weed had stuck their heads into a refrigerator.

'I need to focus now.'

The knights of the Mapon Kingdom rushed at Delam.

The archers and knights of the Bromba Kingdom were also involved in the explosion.

Delam's health fell to 1%.

The remaining time was 2 seconds.


The melee attacks and spell from the magicians rained down on Delam's great body.

'Just a little…'

His health was at 1%.

The damage was less than he thought.

Of course, although it was 1%, that number still wasn't low and could be recovered.

The remaining time was 1 second.

Knights cut with their swords and archers fired arrows.


Just as it reached 0.

Weed used a skill.

"Moment Sculpting!"

At that moment, Weed, Delam and all the attacks from the allied forces stopped.

* * *

It was a complete stillness in which even the sound of the wind disappeared. As soon as Moment Sculpting was used, time stopped and the huge battlefield containing thousands of soldiers disappeared like a lie.

The arrows fired from the bow and the magic in the air were frozen. The soldiers and knights didn't move at all.

The landscape where time had frozen was familiar to Weed.

'There is no second try. There is just one chance.'

The gluttony demon Delam was on the verge of finishing his digestion.

Weed moved to Delam's side and raised the Loa Sword up high.

‘I used Sculptural Destruction and placed all my art stats into strength for this moment.'

The battle on Jackson Island.

The battlefield where the demon Delam was summoned was dangerous and difficult.

In order to increase the success rate of the quest, it was common sense to put his art stat into wisdom not strength.

The undead would become much stronger and he could summon more troops.

It would be easier to get rid of the demon tribe and he might have prevented them from summoning Delam.

‘But it wouldn't be profitable if I did that.'

Joining the allied forces and dealing with the demon tribe.

That achievement alone was small and wasn't worth going back in time.

The gluttony demon Delam!

The truth was that Weed came to Jackson Island to hunt Delam.

Weed also intended to eat it up at the last moment.

'Delam is the best among all the demon bosses. The level of difficulty itself is high.'

Party hunting generally had the experience points divided. If your level was higher than the other party members or you dealt more damage to the monsters then a little more experience could be received. However, it was rare for the difference to be that large.

It was different on the battlefield.

Since tens of thousands of people were fighting each other, they achieved experience and achievements from how much they fought.

For large-scale raids like hunting Delam, the result of the last strike on the enemy was a tremendous achievement.

Special titles, stats, skills or loot were all likely to be earned.

'I used Sculptural Destruction and have been waiting for this.'

The final secret sculpting technique. Moment Sculpting!

He saved this sculpting skill in order to eat up Delam.

“Radiant Sword!”

A long light emerged from the Loa Sword and cut Delam.

The secret sculpting technique that he learnt from Zahab!

It had a light attribute so it was very powerful against monsters with the dark attribute.

‘There will be an effect on the demon. There must be.

-The cleansing light has struck the Gluttony Demon Delam.

41,238 damage has been dealt.

The light attribute will add three times the damage!

He had approximately 5,000 Energy of the Moment.

He gained a lot from general hunting but the energy was consumed faster on a large battlefield.

The demon with enormous health, Delam, was on the verge of death.

Weed's nature meant that he wouldn't give up just before harvesting something.


Weed continuously cut Delam with Radiant Sword.

it was hard to have a wide-open space due to the magic attacks or allied knights, but he wielded the sword of light.

The presence coming from the 12 horns on Delam's head was enormous.

'I have to look for possible weaknesses.'

The location selected by Weed was the stomach!

It wasn't a weak spot for normal monsters, but Delam's nature was gluttony.

It was more vulnerable than the back or sides since he had information that Delam had never been hunted there.

Weed focused on a single point.

A one-point attack to maximize the damage!

Since time was stopped due to Moment Sculpting, the attack power vastly increased.

‘His health before time stopped was approximately 0.3%? If so, this is the end.'

Weed stepped back and used another skill just to be sure.

“Sword-cloning skill!”

A secret sword technique.

50 clones of Weed were formed.

"This is the last time. Sword Kaiser!”

He used all his mana, leaving only the bare minimum remaining.

He didn't even think of one thing.

'If Delam survives despite this attack… No, I've won.'

Without giving the opportunity for escape, 50 clones assaulted Delam.

Sword Kaiser's hit!

Shortly after that, Moment Sculpting ended.


Delam's body split and red light gleamed from the cracks.

"Ah, the demon is awakening!"

"Unbelievable… The demon isn't dead."

The humans were frozen in place. At the time, thousands of cracks appeared on Delam's body.


Delam's red eyes headed towards Weed.

Weed was quietly standing three metres away from him.

At first glance, he seemed calm but he was actually afraid of death. If he died then he would lost the skill proficiencies and levels that he gained with much difficulty.

'It is like meeting the landlord when my rent is late…'

Nevertheless, his desire for the loot if Delam died was bigger.

It was enough to overcome Weed's fear of death!

Delam's mouth, that had swallowed the allied knights and soldiers, was cracking.

-I didn't eat properly. Just one more bite…

Delam opened his mouth wide towards Weed. But the cracks on his head and body were increasing.

-Hungry. One day… Someday again…

A huge fire occurred from inside his body and Delam disappeared!


-Great battle achievement!

-You have gained huge combat experience.

-Your level has risen.

-Your level has risen.

-Your level has risen.

-Your level has risen.

-The body of the Gluttony Demon Delam has been destroyed.

Fame has risen by 23,281 due to the great battle.

-You have experienced a battle that takes place in history.

All those involved in the battle to eliminate Delam will have their stats increased by nine. Courage, honour and fighting spirit will increase by an additional 10 points.

-You have defeated an intermediate demon.

-The title 'Demon Hunter' has been changed to 'Person who Knocked Down a Demon.'


Every kingdom and religion fears the demon, who has a mighty power that goes against the gods.

This is not the time for a demon to appear on this land and cause a big war.

Those who knock down a demon are respected by all residents.

Your name will become more honourable than a royal family with a precious bloodline and will be recorded in the history of the Versailles Continent.

Among the knights, the magic swordsman is considered to be the most intelligent.

When attacking a demon or related monsters, attack power will increase by 16%.

Experience will allow you to identity the weaknesses of demon soldiers.

Your influence in all kingdoms and religions has increased by 30%.

When you visit each religion, you can receive the best blessing free of charge.

It is a title that can be used to obtain a noble title beyond a barony in any kingdom.

-Goddess Freya's gratitude!

She was worried when Delam appeared on the continent.

As someone in charge of abundance and beauty, she wanted to turn her head away from the demon.

A heroic command power and charisma!

Goddess Freya has given a gift of gratitude to you who knocked down the demon with a miraculous victory, not giving up hope even in the last moment.

Maximum health and mana will permanently increase by 5,000.

Faith has increased by 50.

Your relationship with the Freya Church has become a 'dark alliance.'

Your land has been touched with the influence of abundance. Crop yields in the Arpen Kingdom are up and livestock breeding rates have increased.

Purification of beauty!

Any handiwork you touch is given a special beauty.

The beauty of the gods will make any handmade goods a 'specialty' on the continent.

There were messages telling him that he gained 4 levels and other achievements.

Goddess Freya's blessing was completely useful from a king's point of view.

'Large crop yields will affect birth rates and increase tax revenue. Orcs can be fed enough oxen.'

If there was a good harvest then security would increase considerably.

Weed's popularity was at its peak and the Arpen Kingdom was very stable. So far, there had been no problems regarding security.

The blessings granted to the entire kingdom would bring about a remarkable boost in productivity.

The total income of the northern users would increase.

‘But that isn't important.'

Weed roughly stretched his hands over the message windows.

-The Movement of Destruction has been acquired.

-The Recipe for Binge Eating has been acquired.

-26 types of 1st grade cooking ingredients have been acquired.

-Delam's Trident has been acquired.

The abundant items after defeating the demon!

“The taste of a battle!"

* * *

Weed completed the battle on Jackson Island and successfully returned to his original time zone.

"There will be contact from the stations. Let's share the broadcasting rights."

Irene's eyes started shining.


"Yes. It is natural."

“That isn't true when it comes to Weed-nim. Something feels weird…"

Pale mumbled to himself but quickly stopped.

The combat slaves!

‘Following Weed-nim is hard but we are rewarded… We should split the suffering.'

His mind was much more relaxed with his colleagues in Royal Road than following him around alone as a slave.

The multiple professions created synergistic effects and he had less work to do.

Weed become a necromancer also impacted them.

'Sharing the broadcasting rights means agreeing to a slave contract. But I shouldn't say that.'

He would allow his colleagues to savour their joy.

As expected by Pale, Weed had a reason for sharing the profits.

'It won't be long until I need them again.'

Weed thought it would be awkward if he was a boss who didn't pay his employees since they might quit.

‘If I give them 100 won then I can make 10,000 won.'

Distributing some profit so he could suck up all their bone marrow!

“Then let's have a meal the next time there is a broadcast."

"Yes. Call me at any time."

Weed promised his colleagues before splitting up.

"I have to take a look at the battlefield before eating. Where shall I go?'

He decided to save Travel Sculpting for the moment and hunt around the continent with the undead.

The black history of the Hermes Guild was revealed to the public due to Darius.

He also had a mole inside so he didn't have to worry about attacks.

“Let's go. Younger sister."


"The desert."

“Are we meeting those uncles?"

Yurin was referring to the Geomchis who she called uncles. They said they weren't but the eyes of a woman were accurate.

"No, I will do it alone. For the time being, I will focus on raising my level."

Picture Teleportation!

He crossed the continent thanks to Yurin.

He hunted in the desert with the undead and decided on the next place.

"Kuk… It is hot here. Let's go to the sea."

The hunting ground was decided through improvisation and he cleared it quickly with the undead.

Apart from the Hermes Guild members, general users belatedly gathered when rumours about Weed spread.

"Is it over?"

“He's gone."

“The Birul Dungeon has never been attacked yet. But he cleared it in three hours?"

"Yes. Everything was wiped out."

“He entered the dungeon at dawn. There should be some monsters remaining. I'm going to hunt in Birul Dungeon."

“Haven’t you heard? He swept them all away."

“There should be a few.

"None. He killed them all and grabbed the japtem.

Weed was gone and the area left behind was completely cleaned.

The users didn't get to see the dungeon that they normally couldn't enter because it was completely clean.

* * *

[Deep Shadow Dungeon]

[Swirling Maze]

[Underworld Canyon]

[Awry Crack]

[Basherin Castle]

He found famous dungeons in the Arpen Kingdom that hadn't been captured by northern users.

The information about the dungeons piled up every time there was an attempt.

The great library was packed with a vast amount of dungeon information and could be summarized when paying two gold to the Mapan Trading Company.

The capabilities of Weed's undead increased and the dungeon monsters became stronger.

He even used Moment Sculpting, Sculpture Transformation and other sculpting techniques when it fit.

“There are many advantages in using the undead in adventuring and dungeon exploration. Of course, that is only if the necromancer has good equipment."

Van Hawk and Torido followed behind him.

In a complex labyrinth, he summoned the wind and earth elementals to find the way.

'Continent of Magic comes to mind. I hunted and attacked dungeons every day. My mind didn't know anything else.'

Weed immersed himself in hunting dungeons.

He beat up strong monsters. He cleared dungeons that were difficult for others.

If he needed the help of general users then he would have to distribute the responsibility.

Time would also be wasted when discussing how to attack.

Talking and debating all night while hunting!


Weed boldly committed the undead.

An offensive based on volume!

-Leadership has increased by one due to the reckless command.

A necromancer wasn't a knight but there was an advantage of accumulating the leadership stat.

If he summoned doom knights and death knights then the basic perception of a necromancer would change completely.

The scary and fast-moving undead that controlled the battlefield!

Even the formidable existence that was a bone dragon could be summoned.

A necromancer with a weak body, who only depended on the undead, would find growing to be a problem!

Van Hawk's jawbone showed his satisfaction.

“Master. Now I can use some of these men."

“Try and hunt harder. Dream big as an undead. You must become an Abyss Knight again. Leading a unit of doom knights."

“I will fight until my bones are broken."

Van Hawk and Torido's growth!

After becoming a necromancer, Weed could use various skills related to the undead.

Torido was unable to drink blood and had a stagnant growth while Van Hawk's leadership abilities played an important role in battle.

Every time the Summon Undead skill increased, the death knights became more frightening.

Compared to other necromancers, the combination of his stats and equipment more than doubled his attack power!

Even if the monsters were too strong, he could shoot an arrow and explode the bodies.

"Hey. Go back.”

“Master. The pride of the death knights means that we can't show our backs to the enemy."

“I will leave anyway. Stay with the subordinates until I safely withdraw."

If he couldn't cope then he would withdraw, increase the undead and then return.

Difficult level 500 dungeons were dealt with by the undead army.

Level 600 dungeons weren't impossible but it wasn't very efficient when hunting.

The death knights were very powerful but they had their limits.

It would be different if he used Death Aura or Death Rule among Barkhan's 3 magics but that took too long.

Of course, if he could summon doom knights then level 600 dungeons were possible.

The benefits of the undead in the first place where their infinite survival and quantity of raw materials!

‘When thinking back to the sculptural lifeforms, hunting with the undead is definitely faster.'

His original hunting speed was already much faster than other users.

He didn't waste time with recovering his vitality or eating food.

He acquired all types of helpful skills and improved his overall power, not just combat strength.

It was stupid to share his experience with a party so he went hunting alone.

In order to overcome the limitations of a sculptor, he now boasted a comprehensive combat power!

Adding the undead meant he upgraded from squeezing towels to a super high performance washing machine.

"Torido. Go forward and search. Find a way to subdue the monsters."

“Understood. Master.”

He steadily led a massive number of undead around the dungeons.

In terms of pure hunting efficiency, he was already five times better than other users.

It was impossible to say just how fast since he swept through the dungeon!

‘Later, I will master Summon Undead. Then comes the real part.'

Weed had a big picture in mind.

A necromancer had large penalties.

He would grow steadily even if his current profession suffered with the stats and the next profession would be the real one.

'Sculptor and necromancer. Even if it isn't a perfect harmony, it is an advantage. Then what if I get a combat profession next?'

Desert warriors and martial artists were strong professions.

Weed had seen the end when he was ruler of the desert.

A mighty monster. The strength to knock down a fire salamander to its knees!

However, it was difficult for them to go on a mass hunt with no rest like a necromancer.

Their vitality and mana were rapidly consumed in fierce battles.

'Now my level is rising rapidly as a necromancer. I can make an army with entering battle. And after mastering this profession… A desert warrior. Or even professions like warrior or dragon knight would be okay.

If he trained as a warrior then he wouldn't be afraid when meeting any boss monster.

He could always summon the undead so becoming a warrior would make it much easier to challenge top dungeons alone.

Once he reached level 700 or 800 then he could summon doom knights and maybe even a few bone dragons.

There was no doubt that it would become a tremendous help in battle.

'When the time comes… I can become endlessly stronger.'

He thought of this big picture since mastering sculpting.

He would keep climbing after mastering a profession.

Other users were struggling to gain one level in Royal Road.

Weed would grow beyond Continent of Magic as he prepared to chew on Royal Road for his growth.


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