The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 40 Chapter 9

9) Resurrection of a Hateful Subordinate

Weed arrived at the Earth Palace.

The hunting party was officially disbanded and each person would scatter. But the Earth Palace was filled with an unimaginable amount of people.

“Move a little out of the way.”

“Please get some of the people to work in my weapons store!”

“Inform the merchant union. All items are out of stock at the grocery stores. In the future, please use the merchants outside the palace.”

All the buildings on the road to the Earth Palace were busy due to the users.

“What is this?”

Python was confused.

The grounds of the Earth Palace were filled with people. It was like a swarm of ants covering the plains.

The island of Lavias was floating in the blue sky as hundreds of avians could be seen. Sparrows were toddling along on the stone walls and trees.

Having this many people gathered was unprecedented. The Island of Lavias in the Arpen Kingdom was moved and northern users came to the Earth Palace for the decisive battle.

Weed was also sincerely impressed.

“This world is rotten. The gathered crowd has showed me. To fight against the lies and hypocrisy!

It was an objective attitude to face reality.

“Where is the Haven Empire?”

“Approximately 3 hours away. Is that important now?”


“Grass porridge, grass porridge, grass porridge!”

“Hooray Grass Porridge Cult!”

Numerous users gathered at the Earth Palace weren’t scared of dying in the upcoming war. It was the same atmosphere as a frenzied festival.

Weed calmly nodded.

“Modern people receive severe stress so this is a scene of mass hysteria.”

He didn’t do anything specifically. It was evidence that people’s hearts were with the Arpen Kingdom.

“Selling bean porridge. Bean porridge with plenty of sugar! If you drink it then you will feel reassured when you die.”

“This torch is useful when hunting in dungeons. It is useful when serving roasted meat, a long burning torch that is only 4 copper.”

“I’d like to travel after the war. Risking my life to go to the frontier. I will  buy 3 cows.”

In this situation, the northern users were looking for colleagues. It was a troublesome situation but they enjoyed the atmosphere.


Sometimes while watching the scenery, users would be pushed off the cliffs by the crowd of users but they didn’t care. Those that fell off a cliff were rescued by avians or magicians with flying magic.

“Let us fly. Aaaack!”

Some users aimed for a disaster and jumped off a cliff together.

Weed was very concerned about the future of the Arpen Kingdom.

“Short and bold. The Arpen Kingdom doesn’t have a long history.”

The Haven Empire had invaded the relatively weak Arpen Kingdom that stretched across a huge amount of land.

Even though the Haven Empire occupied some territory, the Arpen Kingdom was still expanding their economy, adventuring spirit and culture into the area. The expansion inland was almost finished and the potential of the sea area was terrific.

After the collapse of the Niflheim Empire, many people had avoided the cold and monsters by escaping to sea. Every once in a while, adventures would find large islands and this increased the influence of the Arpen Kingdom.

Architects in the north would build infrastructure in a short amount of time that link them to the transportation network. Without the invasion of the Haven Empire, the north would look completely different in 1~2 years.

Many users cherished the Arpen Kingdom that Weed built.

Pale looked at the south with a troubled face.

“Weed-nim, I can see the Haven Empire.”

The archer’s excellent eyesight meant he could clearly see the Haven Empire’s army that was far away.

The Haven Empire was slowly advancing while dragging the siege weapons. The flags carried by the knights in the lead and the endless amount of infantry wearing armour was magnificent. The sight of the incoming elite troops was enough to make him lose his mind.

Weed could also dimly see them.

“They came all this way to eat but they are just going to step on dog poo.”

The users were chatting loudly while looking in the direction of the Haven Empire’s army. There was evidence that quite a few high level users were mixed in this place.

The extent that they would cooperate depended entirely on Weed. They came to the Earth Palace grounds to fight but the chances were good that they would lose the battle. If Weed led them then there was a chance of a miracle upset.

But the northern users who bravely stormed against the Haven Empire was smashed apart and fled.

“Weed-nim, what are you going to do?”

Pale asked but Weed didn’t have an apparent answer.

“Well, I’ll see.”

“Have you prepared some exceptional tactics?”

“Well, just fight bravely.”


“I’ll bet 1 gold.”


Weed willing to take out 1 gold meant he was telling the truth. The war would take place soon but he didn’t reveal himself to command the crowd. Too many users had concentrated in the Earth Palace.

The Haven Empire were being slowed by the siege weapons so he had time to relax and organize a chain of command.

If King Weed appeared then things were sure to become messier. In addition, he couldn’t use complex commands in a war.

Weed muttered to himself.

“Commanding people on a battlefield of this scale…the knights in present time. There is only one good guy…but I don’t want to see his face again. Then I’ll have to enter the palace.”

Python left first.

“I understand. I’m not going to fall in this place. I need to warm up my body before facing the army.”

“I will go too. I sense some prey here.”

The nameless man quietly disappeared into the darkness.

Pale pulled out his bow and said.

“I will grab a good spot for the fight after visiting the store. Then I will meet our other colleagues.”

“I understand. I’ll see you at the battle.”

After everyone left, Weed ignored the Haven Empire and entered the interior of the palace to make a sculpture.


-Where are you? Search teams respond.

-This is search team 1. Not found yet.

-This is search team 2. He hasn’t appeared at all.

-This is search team 3. He doesn’t appear.

The Hermes Guild had dispatched some assassins to the Earth Palace. They were 700 elites.

The final command from the leaders of the Hermes Guild hadn’t come down yet. The leaders were worried in many ways.

‘Can we really assassinate Weed at the start of the battle?’

‘No, the effect on the victory. Mobilize the army to fight properly. Experiencing a nasty defeat would be better.’

‘If we killed Weed then we can easily win the big battle…… Once the palace is destroyed, the entire kingdom will see us as serious villains.’

‘In many ways, running away is annoying. In order to subdue the north, we have to kill Weed. And this is the best opportunity.’

The leaders also had this opinion.

Weed the God of War was a key figure. If he was assassinated then they didn’t have to worry about being defeated in an all-out war.

-Wait. First we need to find out if Weed is at the Earth Palace.

-The chance is high that he just successfully finished a reckless adventure.

The assassinations squads decided to watch the situation after finding out information about Weed.

The assassins were placed in different areas of the Earth Palace while dressed as beginners or merchants. It was an impersonation as an ordinary person.

Once the war began, they would assassinate Weed and other important figures. It would be much easier to attack thanks to the assassination squads.



“Ah, I am……”

People collapsed in the street and changed into a grey light. The Earth Palace was bustling with users so they were quickly discovered.

“A person died!”

“What is happening?”

“There seems to be some assassins!”

The members panicked in the guild channel.

-What happened? The battle hasn’t started yet someone is already acting.

-People are being killed on the boundaries. Moreover, it seems to be a merchant that was killed……

The information scouts were reprimanding them when one of the assassins hastily said.

-We’re not doing anything. We are the ones being targeted…ugh!


The assassins of the Hermes Guild. They were all at least level 380 and went through various training to learn skills.

The nature of a level 380 assassins was to use disguises to approach with a poison dagger or crossbow. They would run lightly and surprise the target with an ambush.

Notorious assassins on the Versailles Continent were collapsing.

-What happened? The enemy’s location and identity?

-I don’t know. My colleagues were killed by someone stabbing them who then instantly disappeared into the shadows……

-Does that make sense?

-We are proud to be elite stealth assassins but this is the first time we’ve suffered from such a strong, fatal attack. The person’s strong attacks means instant death.

-The enemy seems to be aiming at us.

The assassination crew were disguised as ordinary beginners. They were dressed as beginners below level 50 or non-combat professions like painter, sculptor or merchant.

They were defenseless.

‘Hmm, is it that easy?’

An assassin attacking the Hermes Guild was the man who went hunting with Weed.

He had the skill ‘Eyes of Truth.’ It allowed his eyes to see any stealth or camouflage skills.

The assassins of the Hermes Guild had tremendous infamy so their names flashed red. But they covered it with camouflage and blended in as an ordinary person.

The man came out of the shadows and stabbed with his dagger. The assassin had a very fast processing speed after hunting with Weed.

‘Huhuhu, it is fun for an assassin to hunt other assassins.’

He gained quite a few experience and skill levels. Infamous assassins gave a different type of experience from normal monsters.

-We are still being attacked.

-Our colleague disguised as a merchant selling flowers is now being attacked.

-Pounce altogether. We have to quickly take care of it.

-The shadow disappeared between the pillars.

-Search that area thoroughly…keok!

-Buranos-nim has died.

The assassins of the Hermes Guild quickly changed their outfits. They firmly grasped poisoned daggers in their hands in order to fight the enemy. Some took out a portable crossbow.

It was a strange sight for the users on the grounds of the Earth Palace.

“What the, what is happening? Only those with a very high level can wear that equipment.”

“People are just dying out.”

“Are they fighting each other in the Earth Palace? Look. Fight outside.”

“Isn’t that the assassin equipment?”

The situation suddenly changed and the assassins of the Hermes Guild made the wrong decision.

Assassins were covert and adept in the darkness. They camouflaged their identities and freely acted in the enemy camp. But that advantage disappeared once they were exposed to the enemy.

Assassins hid like a ghost before suddenly attacking. The camouflage disappearing meant their identities were revealed!

The northern users were in an uproar.

“Who are they?”

“Well, they must be high level assassins who wore the costume of the north.”

“Then what, the Hermes Guild?”

“It must be them. Those sneaky bastards. They must have penetrated in order to cause damage.”

The northern users pulled out their weapons and prepared spells. Now it was the worst situation for the Hermes Guild assassins.

-I don’t know. Look around and attack all enemies!

-Kill all of them!

The assassins caused havoc in the Earth Palace.

However, the Hermes Guild assassins had to deal with all the users gathered at the Earth Palace. All types of dazzling attacks were poured towards the assassins.

In the end, they didn’t even last 5 minutes before being wiped out.

-The assassins have been wiped out.

-How did this…

The leaders of the Hermes Guild fell into a state of panic after receiving the report.

The assassination that had a high utility rate due to its uniqueness was completely destroyed. Their infamy was high due to murder, destruction and graffiti so the damage was huge.

-What do we do now about the Earth Palace?

-Terminate the search operation. Take note of the information and withdraw. Order the assassins to give the information. We can’t lose such precious information.

And shortly after, the residents started to tell a story.

“You, did you hear the story? The God of Death appeared at the Earth Palace.”

“Ah, the shadow of death?”

“That’s right, I heard he is called Seasoned Crab.”


“It really doesn’t make sense.”

Weed muttered while diligently moving his Sculpting Knife.

“These guys!”

“The Haven Empire’s army is coming!”

He could hear the sound of users shouting outside the palace.

“Well, it can’t be helped even if he is an ugly bastard. Life is filthy and you don’t always get what you want. I need to make it.”

Weed felt melancholy while making the sculpture.

Twelve bright chunks of natural stone were placed in front of him. They were stones specifically set aside for the king to sculpt a person.

The straight eyebrows, high nose, clear blue eyes and soft, upright mouth. Needless to say, it was a very handsome face with a body and legs that matched it.

A tall person that would have no choice but to stand out on the streets. Maybe wearing clothes would allow even designers to feel pride in their profession. The colourful hues and natural texture of the stone made it feel like jewels.

“Hmm, a human like this can’t actually exist. A ridiculous lie and cheat.”

Weed didn’t stop complaining as he moved onto the next part. Compared to the ordinary body proportions of Korean people, the sculpture had long legs, broad shoulders and a superior physical condition.

It felt like the world’s top model was standing in front of Weed. The perfect body and handsome face was just a nuisance to humanity.

He would rather not remember but his mind actually easily recalled many details.

“I thought I would meet him again someday. But to encounter him this early.”

Weed was working on a sculpture of Hestiger who gave an outstanding performance in the warring period. Fortunately, he was a subordinate but Hestiger almost pushed him to a bridesmaid role.

“If it wasn’t for those guys threatening my rice bowl then I wouldn’t have to do this. Hmm, I have to nag him properly.”

He received news about the Hermes Guild’s assassins outside but Weed didn’t care. If he wasn’t attacked directly then Weed was indifferent.

When it came to living in the complex modern society, a virtue like this was essential for mental health.


“Tweet tweet!”

Silver Bird and Golden Bird chattered next to Weed in the Earth Palace. Silver Bird and Golden Bird were also jealous.

A statue of Hestiger was completed.

“Well, it is perfect. I made it really well, huhuhu. It is purely because of my excellent sculpting skills. Isn’t it made well?”

He scanned the sculpture but couldn’t find any flaws. If there was even a small mistake then 200% of the skills couldn’t be demonstrated.

Weed watched Hestiger with jealousy and envy but that allowed him to painstakingly give birth to a perfect sculpture.

“My subordinate has been completed.”

-Please set the name of the new sculpture.

“Let’s say Hestiger. No, there is no meaning in the name of the sculpture after I give him life. If so…Cheeky Subordinate.”

-Cheeky Subordinate is correct?

“That’s right.”

Weed expressed some of his anger towards Hestiger.


-Masterpiece! Cheeky Subordinate has been completed.

In the long history of the Versailles Continent, many figures have disappeared.

However, the hero Hestiger in the warring period was a shining star who was never greedy or betrayed anyone.

He was a knight but respected and looked after the weak. A genius talent who overcame any limits with his scimitar. The wind and sun gods blessed him while the religion of the war god worshipped him.

A warrior who fought against the cruel oppression of the rulers on the immoral and disorderly continent. An individual with outstanding achievements who surpassed the limits of chivalry.

Now a human statue with the most perfect appearance is created.

Artistic Value: 7,985

Special Options: Cheeky Subordinate will increase health and mana regeneration will increase by 42% for a day.

Knights and warriors with the right mentality can learn skills.

The skills will help with the knight’s leadership abilities.

Honour +120.

The ability to study sword skills and magic skills will improve by 7% for a week.

All stats will increase by 41.

Hunting with subordinates will increase all abilities by 4%.

The morale of all soldiers in the vicinity of Cheeky Subordinate will be maintained at the maximum.

The effect doesn’t overlap with other sculptures.

Current number of Masterpieces created: 26

-The skill proficiency of Sculpting has improved.

-The skill proficiency of Handicraft has improved.

-Fame has increased by 1,320.

-Art has increased by 12.

-Fighting Spirit has increased by 3.

-Charm increased by 7.

-All stats will gain an additional 3 points for making a Masterpiece sculpture.

“This world that only cares about appearance! The materials are nice but this isn’t worthy of being a Masterpiece! Well, I’m in a bad mood but it is already finished.”

He felt a new emotion after creating the sculpture of Hestiger. He had felt jealousy during the warring period but that wasn’t the entire truth.

‘I was in a lot of danger.’

The final secret sculpting technique quest. It was disadvantageous because of the need to grow within a limited time in the desert.

He had encountered a few dangerous situations while exploring the dungeons. Weed and even his sculptural lifeforms were in danger until Hestiger exerted his skills. The loyalty meant he took care of monsters and boss monsters.

Hestiger might have intercepted Weed’s share but he also helped in creating the legend of the Great Emperor. Hestiger was a hero that made even Weed jealous!

“Come, you ugly subordinate. Sculpture Resurrection!”

-Sculpture Resurrection has been used.

The desert warrior Hestiger has been called back to this land through art.

45 Art stats have permanently disappeared.

Faith stat has been permanently reduced by 100.

Level has fallen by 3.

18,000 Health and Mana has been consumed.

The person revived by Sculpture Resurrection will retain their knowledge and ability.

It is only a fixed short time but they are thankful for being able to move in this world again.

-The skill proficiency of Sculpture Resurrection has improved.

The natural stone sculpture started to change. The statue’s hair turned into a noble blonde and the eyes became more blue. The strong muscles of the upper body started moving from gentle breathing and the legs firmly attached to the ground started moving.

It was only one person but the atmosphere changed dramatically.

A straight nose and masculine jaw line. A handsome appearance with overflowing charm. His appearance felt much more like a king than Weed’s and he looked around with curiousity.

‘Hestiger has survived.’

Weed tensely looked at him.

The muscles of Hestiger’s naked upper body was like a beautiful work of art. A mysterious force was exerted by those muscles that seemed enough to destroy the current Weed!

‘I can’t be too reckless.’

Hestiger had a firm resolve.

He was brought back with Sculpture Resurrection but there was no guarantee he would cooperate with Weed. In spite of the miracle of resurrection, the person would move according to their own will.

‘He might use this chance to get revenge. He has all types of accusations such as bullying……! He might be a more dangerous enemy than the Haven Empire.’

Weed belatedly realized his mistake and regretted it.

Hestiger looked around and politely said to Weed.

“Master is here……! I can’t believe it. Are you really him?”

“T-that’s right.”

Hestiger’s expression was briefly surprised until he gave a gentle smile that would melt the heart of women.

“You are alive. And you seem younger than you did in the past.”

The low voice was enough to make a woman’s mind fly to a distant galaxy. Hestiger’s one glance seemed to see Weed’s sin as his heart dropped in his chest…

However, Hestiger just politely kneeled down and extended his neck.

“I was worried about not seeing Master after you defeated the Embinyu Church. Since then, I’ve been wandering around the continent searching for news of Master. I didn’t find you so please punish me.”

“Ah, no. Rise.”

Weed asked cautiously.

“Right now I am weaker than you. Do you know?”

“Yes. I can see it.”

In accordance with their rules, the desert warriors had a habit of obeying the strong.

Weed swallowed his saliva.

“Yet your allegiance to me is still the same?”

“My life is yours. Even though I’ve risen again after losing my life, my heart beating and blood flowing is still the same.”

Despite the cool answer, Weed’s doubts didn’t disappear. He couldn’t help having nasty thoughts after all his sins.

“I have to be careful about being stabbed in the back. I’ll ask you again, can I really trust you?”

“I pledged my allegiance to you in the desert sands and despite a long time passing, nothing has changed. My pledge of allegiance made in the desert sands will last until the day I disappear.”

“As expected from my subordinate.”

Hestiger’s strong tone of speech made him seem like a hero from a weekend drama. Of course, there was no one that could match up with him.

“You were reliable in the past so I will believe you now.”

“You believed in me and entrusted me with important tasks. I thank you for giving me the chance to participate in a noble mission to save the world.”

“But why are you dead?”

Weed was curious about what happened.

After defeating the Embinyu Church, there didn’t seem to be anyone on the continent who could challenge him.

“I took the elves home and wandered the world searching for Master and seeing all types of places. Past the south and west, through the Desert of Tranquility and past some swamp lands before boarding a boat made of nails.”

“A boat made of nails? You really have ridden anything. Continue to speak.”

“After finding traces of the gods, I ended up fighting in the land of the giants……”

“Stop. I don’t want to know anymore.”

Weed thought it was sufficient.

The story of crossing the Desert of Tranquility was interesting but then he felt a cold feeling. He had an ominous feeling that he might encounter Hestiger’s adventure someday.

“The magicians are chanting some spells!”

“Slay the bastards from the Haven Empire!”

“Go out and fight, Grass Porridge warriors!”

Loud noises continued outside due to the war. The Haven Empire’s army was lining up on the plains. It was just before the war started.

Hestiger’s eyes flashed.

“What are these sounds? It seems like a battle will take place soon.”


Weed thought about what he should say.

Warrior-1, Warrior-2 and Warrior-3. The sculptural lifeforms were simple and didn’t need a reason to fight.

On the other hand, Hestiger would brandish his scimitar to protect the poor. Weed needed to say something that would make Hestiger willingly jump in the fire. Weed needed him to swing his sword for justice so that there wouldn’t be any chance of betrayal.

‘Good guys are difficult to handle. But I have to praise his loyal spirit.’

The calculations were over in an instant. Somehow Weed needed to actively convince him to fight the Haven Empire.

Hestiger needed justification to fight aggressively.

“They have come to crush my kingdom. You know that I wasn’t merciful when creating the Pallos Empire in the past. I destroyed the Embinyu Church while obtaining more land and cities for the sake of the desert tribes. Many people were suffering but it couldn’t be helped.”

Weed criticized himself.

In the warring period, he didn’t have any special responsibility as ruler of the desert so he just smashed things as he went along.

“The sins that I committed are still fresh in my mind. When I get up in the morning, I remember countless incidents in the warring period. I conquered them without putting down my sword and talking but I told myself that it was for the important purpose of defeating the Embinyu Church. I have to live with the guilt of that.”

“Master, at that time all the other kingdoms were more vicious than the Pallos Empire. We tried but things couldn’t be resolved with persuasion and compromise so the sword needed to be used. And thanks to Master, the desert tribes could find a new life. You can’t blame yourself for the lives that became uncomfortable under the reign of the empire.”

Hestiger was naive enough to snap up the rice cakes. It was like an elementary school student snatching a phone to play a game.

Weed bowed his head and used red pepper flakes to make his eyes moist with tears. Actually, his eyes could become like that quickly even without any red pepper flakes.

“The current time is different from the warring period. Everyone is happy as I pioneered the northern frontier to form the Arpen Kingdom where individual rights are maintained. It wasn’t easy but I worked hard to achieve my dream.”

“I see.”

“The Arpen Kingdom is like a flower that I carefully planted in the wilderness.”

Weed recalled the past. Having the territory of Morata slowly expand was like discovering wild ginseng on the mountain. Other people wouldn’t know the anger and frustration it could cause.

“The kingdom really fills me with pride and joy. All of this is the fruit of my sweat and effort. But the Haven Empire is invading it. In the past, I tried to settle it but their hearts are filled with hate and they are just trampling on the weak.


“It is fine if I lose the Arpen Kingdom. I will dedicate my life to try and keep the kingdom. It is the only honourable thing to do. However, the residents believe in me and this is a huge burden.”

Tears welled up in Hestiger’s eyes. They were tears that sympathized with the common people.

“I will stop them.”

“No. I will use all my strength until the end. There are two reasons why I called you. The first is to rally the loyal warriors who want to see you again and the second thing is to protect the women and young children of the kingdom.”


‘I got him.’

Hestiger would help if it involved women and young children.

He didn’t want to regret using Sculpture Resurrection.

“Master, I learned from you the pride of the desert warriors. There is no defeat. Obliterate all of them.”


At the moment, Weed felt a small amount of remorse. The King of the Arpen Kingdom and ruler of the desert.

‘It is a good life experience. I will continue to live while dreaming of becoming a vice-president.’




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