The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 28 Chapter 4

4) Approaching Danger

“Sunbae-nim, I really wanted to meet you. Can I ask you to sign my leather armour?”

“Me too. I wanted to see you. My dream is to be able to see and listen to Karichwi!”

Weed’s adventures were often shown on TV and as reruns. Alice and Dine were fans that watched the live broadcasts of all his adventures.

Records of Weed’s Adventures

They even joined the fan cafe that spread stories of Weed’s adventures. The girls liked Weed so much that they connected to it every day to write something. Of course, Weed had no interest in such popularity.

“Well, I’m busy now……”

“Kyaa! Sunbae-nim’s voice really lifts the atmosphere.”

“This is my opinion. I’m sorry. Later on… No, when it is a more comfortable time.”

Weed coolly accepted it despite his annoyance. His eyes changed the moment his true identity was known.

“Wah! Hyung, can you also sign something for me in the future? It’s such an honour to be friends with the God of War…..”

Hegel was also jumping with joy They were in danger because of the intruders in the Melbourne Mine. But even if he died, he thought it was more important that he met Weed. Weed didn’t agree of course.

“We killed them quickly this time but the remaining assassins will start to move.”

The assassins would come like a swarm of bees once communication was cut off with their colleagues. This trap worked well but he couldn’t hope that such luck would continue. Weed sighed.

“This is always my fate. Although I hesitated for a while……”

Van Hawk wiped the blood off his sword and said.

“Don’t worry Master. I’ll fight against them.”

Torido stepped forward as well.

“My throat is still dry. I’m going to soak my fangs in their blood.”

Weed felt it was worth training them as subordinates.

“I can throw them if I want to live…..”



The assassins who had gone searching for their colleagues were ambushed.

-How many are there?

-They seem strong so shouldn’t we be especially vigilant?

Usually a report would’ve come in by now. But this time there was no news. That could mean an early death in the battlefield.

“Were they careless?”

“It doesn’t seem like it. No. 21 is very prudent.”

“It seems like a formidable enemy is hiding.”

The assassins had all types of means to fight against their enemies. Stingers, poison spray, smoke and curse magic were the basic items! Relentless attacks and surprise skills that lowered stamina and health. The assassins’ weak point was that if they encountered someone with high defense then they wouldn’t last long. But the assassins’ critical hit probability and attack damage was much better than other classes and they were excellent at causing confusion and paralysis. The remaining 17 assassins tried to develop a methodical way of fighting.

“We don’t know how many there are.”

“We need to pull out our weapons in case the Black Lion Guild members arrive.”

The assassins equipped a crossbow on their arms. It took a longer time to reload than regular bows but the enchanted arrows were fired faster and dealt more damage. This was the combat equipment for assassins. The preparations for battle quickly finished. The assassins also prepared traps. Just before the 17 assassins were about to start moving, a message appeared over the guild chat.

The Hermes Guild chat was also filled with members not active in the Melbourne Mine.

  • Steer: Weed the God of War has been discovered in the Melbourne Mine.
  • Reikina: What?
  • Steer: I was told the news by a spy who sneaked into the Black Lion Guild. Weed seems to have killed the assassins on our side in the Melbourne Mine.

The assassins panicked. The damage to the Hermes Guild after they entered the mine was negligible. There had been no deaths on the 1st and 2nd floor. Given the circumstances, the assassins that disappeared must’ve been killed by Weed.

Steer was an assassin who specialized in overseeing information for the guild so there was no doubt he was correct. Hegel had expressed his delight at Weed’s appearance in the Black Lion’s guild chat.

  • Steer: I just received more news from my spy. Weed is on the 3rd underground floor while hiding his identity.
  • Teurok: Then this is a golden opportunity to kill Weed.
  • Credun: We need to use this chance to get rid of Weed who has been causing our guild headaches.

The chat window for the Hermes Guild was in an uproar. Bardray and the Royal Guards were already fighting in the Melbourne Mines and now new information had come up. They could finally kill Weed for the guild’s honour. The users in the Hermes Guild were all excited.


Members of the Black Lion Guild gathered one after another at the teleport gate.

“What is the power of the Beden Guild that attacked the castle?”

“More than 70,000.”

“They’ve collected a lot more than usual.”

“This time it seems to be life and death for them.”

Carlise, the head of the Black Lion Guild received the reports. He made the decision to fight the enemy.

“Siege weapons have been installed in Kurun Castle and the battle seems to be starting in the evening.”

“There is a little time. If we can’t stop them then the Beden Guild will be one step closer to occupying the Tullen Kingdom.”

That’s why the Black Lion Guild sent temporary reinforcements to Kurun Castle. The Beden Guild had insufficient troops compared to them. If they expanded their defense using the castle walls then the Black Lion Guild could hold out for one day. The time was limited but it was enough to defeat the party invading the mine then return to win the siege. That’s what the leaders of the Black Lion Guild thought.

“For Weed the God of War to appear in the Melbourne Mine… Why is he there?”

“Is he working with those guys?”

“There are no reports that Weed attacked us. They’re saying that he is fighting the assassins that attacked the mine.”

“Maybe he came because of his quest.”

“The Melbourne Mine possesses sapphires with the best clarity as well as good iron ore that might be required for a sculpting quest.”

If it was any other time than the Black Lion Guild would be sensitive about Weed entering their area. Weed had a huge reputation as the God of War so they would either react hostilely or cooperate when meeting him. Now an urgent problem has occurred in the place they controlled so that couldn’t care too deeply about it. A magician called Tefest suddenly pulled out a crystal ball.

“Guild Master! You should see this. KMC Media is currently broadcasting live about the Melbourne Mine.”

“It isn’t good that the surprise attack is being broadcasted.”

The Black Lion Guild didn’t find it pleasant that the attack on a major hunting ground would be known.

“That’s not the problem. Look at the broadcast.”


KMC Media was suddenly organizing a live broadcast. Oh Joo-wan was speaking some exciting news.

“A great event has just occurred in the Melbourne Mine. I told you about the attack on the Black Lion Guild and was going to organize some videos for the viewers about the siege.”

“Oh Joo-wan, are you saying that isn’t the case any longer?”

“Yes. First, we have determined the identity of the intruders. Surprisingly we discovered that Bardray is among them. As you can see from the video.”


The Woomba Belkain’s paw hit the ground. The earth moved like a wave and attacked the users. It was an attack that buried them in earth! The Woomba Belkain continuously waves its large paws and hit the users. It was a procession of death in front of the monster!

Bardray and his Royal Guards were also engaged in the battle against Belkain. It wasn’t a situation that could continue for a long time as monsters kept on gathering. Originally they wanted to get rid of all the users in the Melbourne Mine before starting a fight with Belkain. But the users had started the battle first and monsters were gathering in the lair.

“It will be difficult if we delay any longer. Let’s go!”

The Royal Guards and their combat group armed themselves and fought against Belkain and the wild dogs of hell. The undead summoned by Krobidyun rushed towards Belkain. They didn’t have that many expectations from the undead but it would be good if they blocked Belkain a little bit. Bardray showed off his battle skills.

“Sword Awakening, Strong Will, Power of Birth, Black Knight’s Strike, Summon Another Sword!”

Four reinforcement skills. And sword techniques! Bardray ran towards the Woomba Belkain despite the rippling land. The video was forwarded by a user hunting in the Melbourne Mine who entered Belkain’s lair. The user was associated with the KMC Media so the video was sent to the station. The broadcasting station had seen it while analyzing various videos. And the Head Director made a decision without taking the time to hold a separate meeting.

“Broadcast it now.”

The user from the Melbourne Mine had sent an approximately 7 minute long video before dying. The user’s job was a thief so they managed to avoid attacks until they were killed by the Royal Guards. The users belonging to the Black Lion Guild lacked experience in melee fights so they died quickly. Belkain and the various monsters caused a large scene of confusion.

“It’s really is amazing. Bardray and members of the Hermes Guild has appeared in the Melbourne Mine. Is the Black Lion Guild aware of this fact?”

“The possibility it high that they didn’t know until now.”

“It is difficult to think the Hermes Guild would attack a hunting ground belonging to a rival guild.”

“Presently we can only make guesses about their current state. I will let you know as more solid information comes in but based on the current situation, the probability is high that they are the suspects.”

Oh Joo-wan continued talking while looking at the footage. Bardray had taken members of the Hermes Guild to hunt a boss monster. Sweeping through an area until the Black Lion Guild’s influence was an event that would have a large impact. It was a short video but the sight of the Woomba Belkain slaughtering the users made it obvious that it wasn’t an ordinary monster.

“News has come in again and the monster in the video is the Woomba Belkain! It is the legendary devil like monster that swept through the Tullen Kingdom.”

“A tip came in. There is a user still alive. A video is being sent and I will connect the video as soon as it is ready.”

CTS Media and LK Game Broadcasting didn’t fall behind KMC Media and also broadcasted about the situation in the Melbourne Mine. The PDs were sent videos from users who died fighting against the Woomba Belkain or from users still alive. The Woomba Belkain’s lair was a hellish battle zone but users who stayed far away in a corner could survive. However the monsters and Hermes Guild were both enemies so there was no guarantee how long they could last.

Yoo Ah-ring suddenly screamed.


“Yoo Ah-ring ssi must be really surprised by Bardray’s force.”

“It’s not that… Another man is also in the Melbourne Mine.”

“Who is it that made you so surprised?”

“Weed! I received information from a reliable source that Weed the God of War is in the Melbourne Mine!”

The news made each broadcasting station even more frantic.


A painter in the Black Lion Guild was upset after watching the broadcast.

“Hermes Guild… They dare do this when they haven’t even disbanded the United Supremacy Alliance yet! They have violated the agreement.”

“We can’t forgive them for entering our area and slaughtering our members.”

It wasn’t just the Melbourne Mine. If the Hermes Guild was behind it then it explained everything that happened today. Carlise had a cold smile on his face.

“The attacks on the other places were just to disguise that they were coming to the Melbourne Mine.”

The Black Lion Guild had sustained considerable damage in various hunting grounds. But if they looked at the reported numbers than the invaders of the Melbourne Mine were absolutely overwhelming.

“An earthquake occurred in the Melbourne Mine the moment they entered and then we received reports that a dungeon entrance appeared.”

“What is the target they are trying to obtain in the Melbourne Mine?”

“It must be something really valuable if they dared to worsen their relationship with the Black Lion Guild.”

“Even Weed the God of War is inside there. He is with Allen’s younger brother but we also need to consider him.”

The opinions of the Black Lion Guild were divided. Carlise wanted to lead a giant guild that could step on the Versailles Continent. He fought and raised his military power before gradually expanding his territory. He had raised a successful guild so far. Now was the time to make a serious decision.

“All reinforcements sent to the other hunting grounds will be cancelled.”

“What about the Melbourne Mine?”

“I will take some warriors and go there directly.”

The Black Lion Guild suddenly moved away from what the Hermes Guild predicted.

Their original plan had been to take care of all the users in the Melbourne Mine first. But users had entered Belkain’s dungeon and the news about them was discovered too early.


Weed started wearing his armour.

-You have worn Talrock’s Armour.

Defense has increased by 102.

Faith has increased by 100 due to your pious heart.

Fame has increased by 300.

Strength has increased by 20.

Agility has increased by 30.

Charm has increased by 25.

Fighting Spirit against an enemy has increased by 40.

Maximum mana has increased by 15%.

Magic damage reduced by 10%.

You are immune to Confusion and Fear.

You can acquire favour from the Dwarves by wearing this armour.

It was the armour he received from the Freya Church. It was a valuable equipment that increased his combat ability and magic defense. Although it was a snow white armour, it changed into black armour thanks to mithril’s light absorbing properties.

‘I have to set the groundwork.’

Weed use his skills like Sword Grinding and Armour Polishing. He needed to create an optimal physical state in order to escape.

“That armour looks cool.”

“Where did you get such armour?”

Weed just walked forward instead of talking about pointless things. If the opponent didn’t move then finding hidden assassins was extremely difficult.

‘They could pop out anywhere.’

Weed grasped his sword lightly for a quick response. Van Hawk and Tori were to his left and right while Hegel, Alice and Dine were behind him. They wouldn’t be much help even if they participated in the battle.

‘There might be 1 person or 3 people hiding in the area.’

Weed didn’t slow his pace even when he came to a place with of rubble and stone scattered around. He suddenly stopped moving when he sensed that he was being watched. There was a large gap when walking through for several people so the assassins intended to attack there.

‘If I go past then I’ll be more nervous about a possible attack from behind.’

Now was a great chance to get the jump on them. He would rather fight the assassins head on with the element of surprise. He instantly came to a conclusion the moment he sensed it.

-Weed-nim, are you in the Melbourne Mine right now?

The whisper came from Pale. Weed had never told him that he was going to the Melbourne Mine. Pale and his other colleagues had gone hunting with Geomchi. Weed hesitated before sending a reply back through a whisper.

-I am in the Melbourne Mine.

-I’m watching the broadcast right now and they’re stating that Weed-nim is in the Melbourne Mine.

Weed thought that he needed to leave this place as soon as possible. He wasn’t interested in how it was discovered. Hegel might’ve said it through the Black Lion Guild Chat or Alice and Dine might’ve spread it. The dead assassins also might have recognized Tori and Van Hawk and mentioned it before they died.

-And the people indiscriminately killing everyone are the Hermes Guild.

Weed was still walking while on the lookout for assassins but he was finally able to understand.

‘As expected… It needs to be a large organization to do something like this to the mine controlled by the Black Lion Guild.’

Pale’s whisper continued.

-And it was mentioned that Bardray and elite troops from the Hermes Guild are in that place.

Weed stopped moving.

‘Even if my fate is to be entangled with that guy, this is just too twisted.’

It was to the extent that he wanted to yell at the developers! He hadn’t doubted that the assassins had a high level but he never thought they were with Bardray and the Hermes Guild.

‘It will be tough for me to survive.’

This had become a serious problem of survival. Weed knew it was inevitable and that he couldn’t avoid a large fight with them anymore. Judging by this situation, he would even have to destroy a Masterpiece sculpture.

“It is valuable but…..”

Weed didn’t carry Masterpiece sculptures with him so he pulled out the Fine piece, the Last Warrior. The sculpture showed the courage of a warrior standing up to the King Hydra.

“In the end it became like this. Sculptural Destruction! All of it will go to agility.”

The sculpture was crushed and scattered like sand. He gave priority to agility over strength because he was fighting assassins.

At that moment.

Weed’s body became lighter.

-You have used Sculptural Destruction.

The pain of destroying a Fine sculpture! The grief!

5 Art stats have permanently disappeared. Fame has decreased by 100.

The Art stat has been converted to Agility for one day.

Since your Art stat is too high and your Agility stat is too low, the conversion won’t be converted all at once.

980 Agility has been changed to the level 9 advanced skill ‘Wind Sprint.’ You can use mana to run with the wind.

This will be more useful when travelling long distances outdoors than indoors.

650 Agility has been changed to the level 8 advanced skill ‘Avoidance.’ The enemy won’t be able to attack accurately.

The efficiency of leather armour has also increased.

430 Agility has been changed to the level 5 advanced skill ‘Lucky Help.’

Enhances the probability of a critical hit to increase damage.

1,040 Agility has been changed to the level 2 advanced skill ‘Excellent Experience.’ Reduces the activation time required for an attack skill.

It is also possible to grasp the weak points of the skill that an opponent users.

760 Agility has been changed to the level 6 intermediate skill ‘Distance Reduction.’

Stamina and mana will be consumed to strike the enemy with extremely quick movements while ignoring distance.

-The proficiency of the Sculpting skill has increased.

Weed felt his lighter body become steady.

“This is the taste.”

He was so light it felt like he could fly freely. Both feet were on the ground but he felt pushed whenever the wind flowed. Of course it consumed mana. Weed walked quickly without paying attention to the assassins anymore. The situation had changed so there was no need to worry about the time anymore.

‘He is suddenly walking faster.’

‘An opportunity.’

The assassins made preparations to move from their ambush spot. One strike would mean the difference between life and death! They just needed one hit to paralyze him for a short period of time. If their surprise succeeded than an assassin could catch someone stronger than them. It was a great honour that their opponent was Weed the God of War.


4 assassins came running out of the shadows. Two of them came from the land while two jumped down from the ceiling of the dungeon.

“Die, Weed!”

“This is your end.”

The assassins had been through many fights but they had never been as thrilled as they were now. They aimed their crossbow at Weed the God of War. Torido and Van Hawk were there as well. But Weed was the only thing visible in their eyes.


Syu syu syu syuk!

The arrows loaded on the crossbow fired in a straight line. The arrows seemed to go straight through Weed’s body! At that moment, Weed popped in front of them at an unimaginable speed. Thanks to his high agility and evasion skills, the arrows only hit his shoulder, left hip and right leg.

-Poison! Poison! You have been poisoned.

Your health has decreased.

Your mind and body will be damaged unless you detoxify quickly.

-You have suffered injuries in battle.

Your vitality will drop quickly.

Your health has been reduced by 2,180.

-Damage has been decreased thanks to the faith given by Talrock’s Armour.

The arrow that hit his left hip did quite a bit of damage. But Weed was unconcerned about it and just rushed at the assassins with a terrible speed.


“So fast……”

The assassins quickly pulled out a dagger as he approached.

“Heriam Fencing!”

Weed struck the assassin.

-The 1st consecutive attack has succeeded.

Agility increased by 20%.

-The 2nd consecutive attack has succeeded.

Strength increased by 40%.

His accuracy and destructive power rose greatly thanks to the increase in Agility from Sculptural Destruction. Radiant Sword was a ranged attack skill and Sculpting Blade a moonlight sword skill that the assassins could avoid. It also consumed a lot of mana despite its strength.

Thus he approached so quickly that afterimages were created and used Heriam Fencing on a nearby assassin with low defense. Unfortunately even if the consecutive strikes succeeded, his Agility was already increased from Sculptural Destruction so there was only a basic rise in the stat.

-The assassin has received a crucial impact.

Health decreased by 31,760.

Maximum health will be decreased by 2,110 until a complete healing is accomplished.

Stun has been caused for 2 seconds.

Stealth techniques can’t be used.

The appearance of a blurry assassin became clearer.

-The 3rd consecutive attack has succeeded.

Agility increased by 40%.

-The 4th consecutive attack has succeeded.

Strength increased by 40%.

-You have killed an assassin on the Tullen Kingdom’s wanted list.

Fame has increased by 15!

If you go to the Tullen Kingdom then you can receive the reward.

-You have gained experience.

An assassin died due to the continuous attacks! Weed didn’t stop using Heriam Fencing and maintained the maximum power while hitting another opponent. He picked the vulnerable areas with low defense to deal more damage.

The sophistication of his destructive power was completely different from when he fought the Menchura. The benefit of Heriam Fencing was that attacks would increase exponentially when the consecutive attacks succeeded.

The first assassin couldn’t escape from it and died instantly. They were equipped with a dagger in one hand and a crossbow on the other. They didn’t have any shields and meagre armour so they were easily damaged.

-The 5th consecutive attack has succeeded.

The enemy has become confused.

The enemy’s Fighting Spirit has fallen.

Agility increased by 40%.

-The 6th consecutive attack has succeeded.

Strength increased by 50%.

The damage of the secondary shock wave has increased by 15%.

-The 7th consecutive attack has succeeded.

Agility has increased by an additional 30%.

Strength has increased by an additional 20%.

These attacks used 1,500 mana.

Weed took care of two more assassins. He acquired a cloak, dagger and crossbow as loot. The experience and items dropped was large because the murderers were wanted in a kingdom. Torido had also sucked the blood of one person.

“It really is worth drinking corrupted human blood.”

“Let’s go!”

Weed took out his bandages and did simple emergency aid before advancing openly. He wasn’t concerned about being seen by assassins.

Hegel continued to boast about Weed in the guild chat. Dine and Alice’s hearts were pounding excitedly. They didn’t know Weed’s inner thoughts at all!

‘If I’m going to be fighting then I should show the world a confident strut.’

It was like how those who took a minicar to a hotel would receive worse treatment than those riding large, foreign cars. He didn’t know if it was true but the outer appearance was necessary.

‘I need to make the assassins hesitate. They are moving systematically but they will be tense.’

In a battle, the side that cowered first would be more disadvantaged. Weed smiled like an office worker returning home with his favourite cake. He had polished his rotten acting skills while watching morning shows with his grandmother.


Something rolled under Weed’s feet as arrows fired from the left and right.


Weed stopped as he was about to take out the Ancient Shield. He had used it too much and there was only 31 durability left. He shouldn’t use it unless he was really desperate or there was an important purpose.

“Torido, Van Hawk! Unite!”

“Understood Master.”

All three of them tolerated the arrows with their bodies. Van Hawk had high health because he was a Death Knight. Torido also had a tenacious health because he was a Vampire Lord. Weed’s resilience didn’t need to be mentioned. He also had high agility and evasion so he could avoid flying arrows by shifting his body.

“I am loyal and will happily obey Master’s command.”

“I have to quickly catch one human and drink from them. Beautiful lady over there, I will prepare a bunch of flowers for you……”

Van Hawk and Torido had different ways to endure the pain. Weed just wrapped more bandages around his body. There was nothing like a bandage to restore health in combat. It was a bandage made with advanced Sewing and Herbalism so these trivial injuries were quickly treated.


“Hey, over here!”


“Is everybody okay?”

Weed, Torido and Van Hawk had been caught in a trap. But the situation wasn’t that dangerous. It was mostly due to Dine who was a shaman so she gave them healing potions that recovered health. However, it was impossible for the assassins to have left after installing the traps.

“We really managed to catch Weed?”

“We made perfect use of the timing.”

“It is difficult to deal with him ourselves. We should wait until reinforcements from the Night Blade or the battle company arrives.”

Weed had been caught by a trap and ambushed by assassins in the immediate vicinity.



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