The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 24 Chapter 8

8. Master of Vargo Fortress Sponsored by Ser4, TLC and Re-translated by Enlightened End, checked by bloodadept.

A glacial storm retaining strong reminiscence! Atmospheric temperature dropped sharply. The Undead did not realize this as they could not feel the cold, but Weed and Geomchis could feel the freezing wind seeping into their skin.

One or two snowflakes started drifting but soon thick shards of ice struck the ground heavily. Tens of thousands shards of ices that covered the whole of Vargo Fortress! Some ice shards big as icebergs could be seen. Whirlwinds and fierce winds blew, sweeping the fortress and heralding the start of the natural disaster.

Among the Undead, the Skeletons with the weak resistances were the first to frost and began to stiffen. The Bone Dragon winging in the air was completely swept away by the glacial storm. Struck by the ice pieces in the glacial storm, it could not control its huge body and spun around madly.


Thick layers of ice covered the Bone Dragon, seemingly trying to soar higher it suddenly crash into the fortress. It caused an incredible impact that felt like an earthquake! Some structures of the fortress that has been stressed, weakened and barely withstood till now collapsed.  

“Re, really freaking cold.”

Weed, seeing how fast Vargo Fortress was turned into a land of ice, he had a new mind about the destructive power of the natural disaster.

“It must feel extremely futile to freeze to death in a middle of a battle.”

Right after he activated the skill, Weed wore a coat over his armor. Geomchis and priests also wore thick cloth and evaded the ice shards by entering a building. They reacted quickly as Weed told them he might call a glacial storm.

Escaping the storm and looking out into the scene, the Undead, with feeble clothes and equipment that were lost while embroiled in the glacial storm, looked naked.  

“Everyone keep hiding. You must not go outside right now.” “If anyone’s health dropped suddenly and you are about to die, let me know. I have some extra blankets.”

Even in the middle of this ruckus, the Geomchis took care of priests. The duration of Great Disaster Nature Sculpting was pretty long. With the glacial storm still billowing, Weed got out of his hiding place on the roof.

“Th… this situation. Re, really…” Tak! “It can’t end like this. Huk, or I will suffer.. for the rest… of my life. ” The word did not even come out properly due to the cold.

Weed, avoiding the furious storm of ice shards, ran toward the central tower.

  • An ice shard slanted pass your forehead.

  • A spiked shaped ice tried to pierce your shoulder, but Avoiding Art has been applied.

  • An ice shard has embedded on your back.

  • A lump of ice grazed your knee. Movement speed decreased.

Even though with his high agility and Avoiding Art, it was impossible to completely avoid the rain of ice shards. For Weed running hard as possible while avoid getting flung by the wind was priority.  

Then a Whisper from Geomchi3 was transmitted.

  • You have any plan to eliminate the Bone Dragon?

Lowering his head and evading the storm, Weed answered. Just as he feared his body was hit by the cold winds and ice fragments, stiffening his body.

  • There is one way. But at this rate, I think I will fail.

Even if the glacial storm ended, it will be difficult to fight as his body became frozen. If this happened, he would not be able to go further and will have to hide again.

  • You are trying get to the tower right?
  • Yes. That was the original plan but it’s difficult now.
  • Let’s go.

Geomchis came out from their hiding place. Raising their wooden shield, they ran toward the central tower.

Weed could not move fast as he surveyed the situation and advanced as he felt that if he ran with all his might, he would be hit by the ice shards. But the Geomchis held their shield and ran with maximum speed. Even if they were wounded by fragments of ice and lumps they kept on running! They caught up to Weed and covered him with their shields.

“Lets, go, fa, faster!”

Geomchis held their shields and enclosed the surrounding from the glacial storm, through the coverage Weed received less damage. With this situation they ran toward the central tower. The Geomchis’s health was dropping; some had their bodies frozen and were left behind where they died but they held their cheap shield to the end.

It was like the allegory of four brothers piercing through a never to be seen glacial storm! Thanks to them, Weed was able to ride through the fortress wall and jump in successfully into the central tower.

Waiting for them in the central tower was the last Bone Dragon. The dragon was struggling against the glacial storm, hanging on the opposite side that it did not see Weed entering the tower.

Suddenly at that moment a message window popped up!

  • You became frozen.

Even with the Geomchis’ protection, Weed’s armor and body was layered thick with ice and the injuries he acquired was also severe. Though his health was supplemented by the priests’ holy magic, if the injuries were not completely healed it would still remain and affect him for a long time. It was due to Weed’s perseverance and resilience that he could survive for so long

Outside the fierce winds were winding down and the glacial storm’s influence was waning and disappearing. Soon the Undead would move again and the Bone Dragon buried in ice would rise up. Some of the Geomchis that perished would also become Undead and attack their comrades.

Marey, who came along priests while playing his instruments, saw all this and began thinking. “This time, the legend will end in failure.”

The sight of Weed and Geomchis advancing toward the central tower choked up his feelings. And they, battling after entering the Vargo Fortress was an amazing scene. Unless it was Weed and his comrades, no one else could have fought the Undead Legion and Balkan like this.

But Royal Road was a world where only the result mattered.

“This is really unfortunate. If they killed Balkan, it would have been something spectacular.” ______________________________________________________


The team in KMC media broadcasting who were broadcasting live were bemoaning the state.

“Will it end like this here?”

At different broadcasters, after the glacial storm appeared the anchors were tight lipped. No one could imagine they would fight so lamentably.

A lot of time has passed since humans have entered Vargo Fortress, but they were not aware of how much time has flown by. But Weed’s situation wasn’t as deplorable as they thought.

-In the left hand holding the ‘Torchlight left behind by Sculptors’ is transferring a warm aura. Frozen status has been alleviated. Mana is being recovered.

As the glacial storm was winding down, Weed received strength from the sculpture. And with the Geomchis effort in protecting him, he recovered enough that he could move after a short while.


The roar of a Bone Dragon! Dragon Fear could be heard from outside the central tower. The Geomchis must be throwing their lives in their fight against the Bone Dragon.

From Pale, he received the battle situation with Balkan.

  • It getting harder as we speak. I don’t believe Balkan’s mana is dropping at all. Even if we lower his health, a lot of it is recovered very soon… But we can still hold on.  

The side fighting Balkan was not in a good situation as well.

Even after piercing through the glacial storm, he did not have time to recover his health but he still dragged his non-moving leg up the stairs of the central tower.

“How could humans come here…” “I’ll take your life.”

Even here the Undead guards were defending the place. Usually Vandal Knights would be guarding the gateway but as they were all deployed into battle, the Doom Knights were standing guard!

Weed, swinging his sword, nimbly passed them by.  

  • You have inflicted an accurate strike.

  • You have inflicted a critical strike.

  • You have successfully pulled off a chain attack.

With incredible swinging speed of his sword that the Doom Knight could not defend against, he passed by them and entered the top.

The top floor of the central tower was a very wide area. Through the window, broken by the glacial storm, he could see the Bone Dragon attacking the Geomchis. Every time the Bone Dragon moved, the tower vibrated.

And in the corner of his eye, Weed could see a amethyst pot! It was the Life Vessel holding Lich Balkan’s health.

“I have finally manage to come here.”

It took only a moment, Weed entering the central tower and the Doom Knights crying out as they collapsed. And the Bone Dragon, fighting outside, pushed his front feet and flew toward the central tower in a hurry.  

“You thought I was going to die in a place like this?”

Weed swung his sword at the pot.

It was the moment that would be recorded in the history of Versailles continent, a moment that uncountable number of viewers were watching with astonishment.

Even his insignificant quotes would become engraved into legend.

“I can never die so long as I have to protect my rice bowl!”

His sword, heavy with his responsibility as leader, destroyed the pot. Then a dark aura came out wavering and disappeared into the surroundings.


Suddenly, Undead’ were sapped of their energy and their strength was weakened.

“I, I can’t disappear like this….”


Ghosts disappeared under the sunlight, Undead like skeletons and ghouls collapsed to the ground and disappeared in a flash of grey light. About half the Undead in Vargo Fortress returned to the ground and of the Undead Legion that was occupying the region, over 80% of them disappeared.

The aftermath of Balkan’s Life Vessel destruction was spreading all over.

“The corpses are not turning into Undead!” “I think the Undead became weaker. They die immediately under holy magic.”

Of Balkan’s Three Great Magic, the influence of Dark Rule and Death Aura disappeared. The extremely strong Undead turned back into average status. That in itself was formidable, but their capacity to resist holy power has plummeted.

“Where… Where should we go?” “I feel life energy over there.” “Let, let’s try going….”

Majority of the Undead that left to conquer Morata collapsed, the remaining few all but scattered. But the greatest changes was seen on Balkan and the Bone Dragons. Curse spells casted by Balkan dissolved automatically. And on top of that, when Romuna looked Balkan’s health suddenly decreased greatly.

“Balkan became weak!” “Let’s focus our holy power and attack.”

Player’s hope were once again burning high.

Balkan’s overflowing mana was dropping low. As a Lich he could drain health and mana but because his near limitless mana pool were becoming exhausted, Balkan was suffering.

Even the weakening of the Bone Dragon could be seen with the eyes. It’s wings and body movement were becoming slow and was having difficulty controlling itself.

“Let’s bury them!” “I will slice every one of your bones.”

Geomchis jumped on the Bone Dragon. And threw spears towards the other Bone Dragon stuck in the central tower. Their ability to use any kinds of weapons due to their Weaponry skills was a huge advantage in this situation.


The Bone Dragon roared but it’s Fear effect was too feeble. Because these dragons were created by Balkan long time ago, they consumed a lot of strength and mana to maintain their shape.

“Kill it!” “Destroy it!”

The Geomchis barely had any health left but they jumped in for the last attack.

Priests’ holy spells exploded off the Bone Dragon’s body as well. Now that they knew Balkan’s Life Vessel was destroyed, they used whatever mana they gathered and cast holy magic unsparingly.

There were still Undead left on the roof but their numbers decreased greatly and were weakened.

Weed exited the central tower and returned to the path he took. He was aiming for the Bone Dragon that was swept by the glacial storm and became buried in ice.

“This guy is stubborn.” “Just how large is his health.”

Already 20 Geomchis were there, hitting it with their swords. The Bone Dragon tried to break through the layers of ice but without the Death Aura and mana supply from Balkan, but it was impossible.

“Just die like that!”

Weed along side the Geomchis attacked the Bone Dragon. Every time it squirmed, the building and towers of Vargo Fortress got destroyed and the buildings collapsed with a thundering sound.

Some Undead could be spotted such as the Vandal Knights that lost considerable amount of power, but in Weed’s sight there was only the Bone Dragon.

“Let’s make some sizable profit.”

And then finally, the Bone Dragon turned into a grey light and disappeared.

  • The Bone Dragon Voturia in Vargo Fortress has returned to its eternal rest.

  • By playing a small role in hunting down the Bone Dragon affiliated with the Undead Legion, every stats increased by 1.

Weed didn’t get much experience and fame because most of the damages were done by Geomchis. Even so, he appreciated the stat increase. By winning in a difficult, large scale raid, the participants could receive great rewards.

“We got the Bone Dragon here!” “We won. We took out all Bone Dragons.” A shout came from the direction of the central tower.

More Geomchis went over there but they hunted a bit slower because the Bone Dragon moved to the base of the central tower.

“The Undead in Vargo Fortress are good as finished now.”

Many Undead were lying on the ground, unable to stand up and Bone Dragons have all been hunted. And even Weed did not know how many Vandal Knights were left...

“However, if the battle continued with the United Army under the elves the Undead would not be able to withstand anyway.”

It was safe to say that the Undead Legion gathered in Vargo Fortress has been taken care of now.

Weed ignored the limping Undead that were sapped of their strength and ran straight toward the basement. Thanks to his agility Weed was running at an incredible speed. Not knowing what he could acquire from Balkan, he ran as fast as he could.

Having lost their strength, tons of Undead clogged the basement entrance!

Few Undead spotted Weed. He just took their attacks with his body and continued to hurry as fast as he could toward the basement.

“Welcome!” An exhausted Hwaryeong greeted Weed.

“Balkan?” “Not yet, but he’s nearly dead!”

With his efforts it seemed like he wasn’t late after all. Weed entered the place where the battle against Balkan was taking place.

“Get him!” “Let’s attack all at once again.” “Priests, cleanse the Undead first! Leaving Balkan for last would make the hunting much faster!”

The hunt for Balkan was ongoing as Weed came. There were quite a few Undead Balkan summoned with the corpses of Geomchis and paladins so there was a never ending battle clearing them out.

“Return to your rest, Turn Undead!” Priests’ holy spells struck the Undead bodies.

The Advent of Seven Angel Weed had Mapan bring, nearby the sculpture the effect of holy spells increased and incredible brilliance could be seen. It boosted the humans’ strength  and recovered their vitality while damaging the Undead.  

“It cannot end like this. Humans needs to be trampled and this continent needs to be brought to ruin.” Eerie voice of Balkan echoed in the basement.


Teleporting in short ranges the paladins, priests and Geomchis health and mana was drained. But from the sacred sword pierced in Balkan’s body a black smoke poured out.

  • The basement’s mana density increased.

  • Mana regeneration rate has increased.

As his sealed life force was broken, Balkan’s health and mana poured out uncontrollably.

Balkan chanted a spell. “I… I will be back. Gate Open!” It was a spell that allowed one to teleport to another place.

They could not let Balkan escape from this place. As he was now a mortal enemy of Weed, Morata will be in danger if he escapes now. The priests focused on their holy magic and the teleportation spell failed.

  • The enemy’s teleportation spell was cancelled.

“Sprinting Wind!”

Weed advanced toward Balkan and closed the distance between them in an instant.

“Kaiser Sword!”

It was a skill he was saving. Weed used his sword to pierce Balkan’s body with all his might. The faster his speed, the damage would increase with it.

Geomchis and paladins arrived as well, slashing and stabbing Balkan. Already the Undead that Balkan summoned lost all their strength and were lost, he was the last remaining enemy.

It was an all out attack that could not be left out in a raid.

With loss of his health and mana and with no capability to chant a spell, Balkan started losing his strength. Weed, Geomchis, paladins and priests forgot about everything and only focused on their attacks.

And finally.

  • Ruler of the Undead Legion, Sorcerer of Darkness, the Necromancer Lich Balkan Demoph has returned to his eternal rest.

Weed and the survivors went up to the central tower, the highest tower in Vargo Fortress. They welcomed the breeze as it fluttered their capes. They were sharing in the complete sense of isolation and freedom.

It was a place where they could vividly see the trace of damage on the fortress during their unmatchable battle. 

The places that were completely destroyed by the Bone Dragon’s struggle. The fire still burning in the buildings and towers. The Undead defending the outer fortress were being annihilated by the United Army of elves, dwarves and barbarians.

“Hm.” “Huh.” “This… It’s this kind of feeling.”

This feeling right now, it was not joy or gratification but something that could not be expressed by words.

‘I’m still shivering to death.’ ‘I can’t believe the battle is really over.’ ‘Will there ever be a battle like this?’ ‘If I didn’t start Roya Road, I would have regretted for the rest of my life.’ ‘I am going to boast it to my friends, my parents, my colleagues at work.’ ‘I made it. I survived.’

Standing on the central tower, everyone enjoyed the best feeling they ever had. They shared the joy of surviving till the end of a large scale battle. The sight of Geomchis, paladins and priests adding each other to their friend list could be seen.

Weed was pleased about the victory as well. ‘I made a lot of profit.’

Usually in a raid with many participants, just by winning the battle the reward was enormous. After they defeated Balkan, depending on their contribution their overall stats increased at maximum 5 and a minimum of 2. Weed’s overall stats increased by 3 because he didn’t fight Balkan from the beginning.

As a matter of fact, it was Geomchi121 that took the last attack on Balkan. His level increased by 12 because of it. Just by participating at the last moment, Weed’s experience increased by 24%. That itself was considered a huge profit.

But to the participants who personally prepared all the works could have some regrets, so he decided to show generous magnanimity.

“This is all thanks to everyone here.”

After finishing the difficult battle, he worried about others first. “Sahyung, are you hurt a lot? Let me put some bandages on.”

He took care of Sahyungs and approached to other players unreservedly.

“Our comrade's sacrifices were huge… Fortunately we obtained treasures in the inner fortress so we will share it all together. I know this won’t make it up but… I’ll split some of my share as well.”

Players were happy just by achieving a victory.

“How could we? All this success, it was all thank to Weed-nim.”

“You can just give us our fixed shares. I noticed that if you hadn't destroyed the Life Vessel, we would have not been able to win.”

These players had a sense of shame!

Fame, stats and battle experiences. With their victory, their mastery of skills increased quite high. And now they would also received their rewards and Weed was willing to put up his share, their admiration for this commendable person came naturally.

‘I don’t usually trust others but… Weed-nim is truly an angel.’ ‘There is no difference to a saint that came out of an ethics book.’ ‘Exactly who was spreading bad rumors about Weed-nim being stingy and shallow? Really, the only way to know a person is by experience. There is going to be trouble to anyone who is spreading these groundless rumors. ’

A hypocrisy that completely deceived the players!

Regarding treasures, Weed did not regret yielding small portion of his share if he could give a favorable impression.

The items from Balkan had to be sold and distributed equally to the participants and Weed’s share, similar to the treasures, was 30%. In case of the sacred sword of Lugh’s church, they were able to receive rewards depending on their contributions if they return the sword.

And there was one other satisfying reward for Weed.

-You have conquered Vargo Fortress occupied by the Undead. Morata’s domain has expanded. The area around Vargo Fortress has been incorporated into your territory. Your influence and fame as lord increased.
Lands could not betray. The area is barren and full of monsters but there would be many relics buried under it. Many adventurers and hunting parties could flock toward it.

Vargo Fortress could be repaired and opened up, residents could come to farm and harvest food. With gradual development, beginners could start in Vargo Fortress.

In the near future, over the hill behind the place the Bone Dragon rampaged, a vivid scene of a shanty town was drawn right in front of him. _______________________________________________________

Message boards on the broadcast stations and internet exploded!

It was no different to a foreseen situation. Because they were up against Undead, anchor explained it from a human’s point of view and cheered him on.

It was not an easy hunt. Players were killed by Balkan, by the Bone Dragon and the casualty from the Undead were enormous. Anchor’s lips became dry and tensions rose as they explained the scene of the Undead coming in waves into Vargo Fortress,

Grasping beyond their ability, this unbelievable victory!

“We saw this clearly. When do you think we could see such battle again?”

“Rather than speaking a hundred words, I think just being content is enough. It’s really regretful I could not be there right now.”

“They are feeling the breeze in the place of the fierce battle. This will be a great gift for the Christmas tomorrow.”

Receiving passionate response from the viewers, the anchor continued their broadcast.

Watching the broadcast of Vargo Fortress battle, in no time at all, it was early morning in reality.

And it was Christmas Eve! And on the next day it was Christmas, with white snow falling outside the window.  


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