The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 24 Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Calling the Storm Sponsored by Ser4, TLC by Enlightened End

Weed gave himself to the blowing wind, shooting arrows as he slid 5, 10 meters. “This must be why archer class are so popular.” Weed mumbled while shooting arrows.

100% on target! Not only were the shots unbelievably precise, being a high elf bow it inflicted additional spiritual damage.

SCHWAAFF! Consecutively fired arrows pierced the skeletons manning the castle wall one by one. Fire spirit caused fiery explosions and water spirits created hail storms. Spirit of earth covered its surrounding in mud and wind spirit push the skeletons to fall toward the ground. A scorched earth tactic!

He thought he understand the fun the players had by choosing as an archer or ranger. But he did not know that the ranger or archer players who were watching through an actual television had their mouths gaping at the sheer absurdity.

“But still, an archery class doesn’t suit me.” Hitting a monster at a far range with an arrow had a great pleasant feeling. Some Undead vanished without even knowing why they were dead. But he realized as he was shooting the Undead far away, it only consumed arrows and he couldn’t even pick up any drops.

He had great regrets at the items he could not get even by stretching out his hands. Unless he was hunting independently in a secure place, he considered an archer to be the wrong class in a battlefield like this.

“Really, you need to use a sword.” Killing enemies directly insured certainty in picking up items. Weed was learning the importance of collecting his money. Meanwhile, Geomchis, Marey and the priest also went up to the roof. Skeletons standing on top the Vargo Fortress towers and roofs shot arrows towards them. The felt themselves trapped like on an isolated islands, with monsters surrounding them on the ground and skies!

“Alright, let’s get started.” Geomchi3 swung his sword and slashed a nearby gargoyle. The counter attack finally began on the gargoyles that covered the area like a dark cloud.

“Kill them all.” “Clear these guys first and then let’s get the Bone Dragons!” Geomchis caused countless number of reckless accidents, but the goal they were pursuing was to get stronger and nothing else. The method of their venerated strength was to break through their own limitations.

“Just start beating and they will die!” “Destroy them all!” Geomchis ran around slashing the gargoyles with their swords. With the enormous ruckus caused on the rooftops of Vargo Fortress, the Bone Dragons descended toward the ground from their flight.

“Humans are here.” A single Bone Dragon, with its height that dwarfed the tower, approached them flapping its flesh-less wings. From the head of the Bone Dragon, a black miasma streamed out.

 - You were falling into a state of fear, but you overcome it. Agility reduced by 4%. Wisdom decreased by 25%.
Bone Dragon could also infect them with its fear but its power was less than half compared to Balkan’s so they could withstand it.

The Bone Dragon opened its mouth wide and took in a deep breath. A pose for its infallible breath attack!The distance was really close and there wasn’t any good place for humans to hide.

Weed cried out a Lion’s Roar. “Fight me first! My purpose for coming here is to kill Balkan. If you can’t kill me, than its impossible to take on anyone else.” A macho display that even surprised the Geomchis!

If by any chance Weed dies, it will cause a huge problem. He could revive as an Undead by the ‘Power to Reject Death’, unable to disobey Balkan’s command. He might end up on Bone Dragons’ side and be coerced into fighting Geomchis but he still yelled in a loud voice.

“Without a doubt, I knew you were the most evil human here.” Weed, some distance away from the Geomchis, ran on top the roof with all his might. The scenes passes by frighteningly fast with every step he took!

“Even if you flee, its useless.” Choosing Weed as its precise target, the Bone Dragon opened its jaws wide. And then blew out its specialty, Acid Breath.

SCHWAAH! Acid Breath that pushed onward from the sky. Weed ran on the roof with amazing speed but it seemed impossible to run away from the breath.

“Sprinting Wind.”

 - You used a skill ‘Sprinting Wind.’ Health and mana consumption rate tripled.

Weed’s body accelerated as if his body was being flinged out. It was unbelievable speed fast enough to pass a horse with full speed in a split second. Soon, he disappeared as if he casted a teleportation spell.

He dropped into a hole on the roof he’s been keeping his eyes on ever since the Bone Dragon appeared. The Acid Breath swept the spot Weed was on and melted the outer wall of Vargo Fortress as well. As parts of the building got destroyed and melted, its shape became disfigured enough to see old carpets, furniture and painting inside the building. “Teehee. There is a cool breeze coming inside,” a young skeleton stuck its head with joy.

When Weed came back up to the roof the Bone Dragon was flying low, stomping the place where the Geomchis were gathered. “I ask you of your sins of invading Balkan-nim’s land.” The fortress shook as if was under an earthquake, destroying the fortress walls. Because Geomchis were bunched up, some couldn’t avoid it and got stomped by the Bone Dragon.

When the Bone Dragon were in the air, it was extremely difficult to catch it. If it shot it’s breath and used magic high in the air, the Goemchis had no chance at all. If the Geomchis tamed gryphons or wyverns, they could have been able to fight in the air but that wasn’t in the option either.

Due to the structure of towers and buildings in Vargo Fortress there were no place to cover but because of its wide area, Bone Dragon’s area of effect spells were less effective. But the Bone Dragon sat on the rooftop purposefully to prevent Geomchis from advancing forward.

The other two dragons didn’t leave the central tower. That means only one thing! “It’s certain now. Balkan’s Life Vessel is in the central tower.”

Every time the Bone Dragon moved, the fortress cracked and its surrounding were being destroyed. The ferocious Bone Dragon without compare, did not care about such happenings.

“Disperse.” “Beat it to death!” Geomchis hiding behind cover suddenly jumped out, surrounded the Bone Dragon and attacked. “Attack its wings first.” “Break its ankle!” Geomchis clung to the Bone Dragon, stabbed, slashed and hit it. “Its bone is really tough. The attacks are not hitting properly!” “It’s health is barely getting reduced.”

Getting hit by its front legs, health would go down perilously and if stomped on the chances of dying was high. There were chances of surviving through sheer luck, but it was just the result of the building collapsing first and blocking the attack.

Weed used ‘Sprinting Wind’ and swiftly ran behind Bone Dragon’s back. He stepped up its tail bones as if it was a stairway and stood on its neck.

“Heriam Fencing!” He used a an attack skill, targeting a single point that was small as a sesame seed. Geomchis, fighting against the Bone Dragon were also using single point attacks. But beacuse the Bone Dragon was moving violently, their attacks weren’t effective.

“Let’s hit it together.” “Attacking from here should be comfortable.” Geomchis hopped on the dragon’s body just like Weed. “Humans, kneel before the magnificence of Balkan-nim!”


As the dragon shook its body fiercely to get the humans off, Vargo fortress was severely destroyed. Some caused chain reactions and destroyed second and third floors as well. The Bone Dragon’s body, fore leg, snouts and tail attacks were a problem but the collapsing buildings were causing the Geomchis greater damager.

The dragon howled wildly after devouring one Geomchi. “ROOOOOAAAR!” Dragon Fear!

The Geomchis followed Weed’s example and scurried about the Bone Dragon’s back, wings and neck like ants, bringing down their swords without rest. Hitting the incomparable Bone Dragon’s body, the swords durability reduced rapidly.
 - The sword struck the bones of the Bone Dragon, durability of your sword decreased. Attack reduced by 3.

Gathering all their strength to strike the Bone Dragon harder, the durability of their sword decreased. It would be much better to use a heavy weapons like an axe or a mace to reduce the Bone Dragon’s health.

When durability of the weapon drops following suit the maximum attack drops as well but they did not have time to be hesitant about it. In no time Health of the Bone Dragon was less than 50%. The Geomchis on the rooftops evaded when they were about to be stomped on or eaten, and attacked from the sides.

“Sahyung, do not let your guard down. Bone Dragon has absurd health regeneration rate!” “We will keep hitting it until it’s completely shattered.”

Weed with one target in mind kept hitting the spot. “Moonlight Sculpting Blade. Heriam Fencing!”
 - Mastery of sword skills increased.

Bone Dragon was an ideal target for raising sword skills.

Skeleton archers and mages crawled up to the roof of the fortress. Fire arrows and ice magic fell on the Geomchis and Bone Dragon without distinction.

 - An arrow was dodged.

 - Acid arrow passed by causing a scratch.

Due to the effect of Weed’s high agility, the attacks could not hit him properly. Geomchis withstood the attack with resistance and perseverance. They were able to endure a little bit more due to their increased perseverance from swimming across ocean and continuous swings of their swords.

“With this much, it does not disrupt us from swinging our sword. Me dying first, or you dying first, let see who does!” Geomchis fought with no fear of death! They were attacked, shaken off from the Bone Dragon and trampled upon. Some could escape the situation if they were lucky enough to be healed by the priests, but those who died were revived as Undead and attack their comrades.

As Weed was situation on the neck he could see the variety of situations. Every time the Bone Dragon pulled up its head and roared, it felt like he was on the top of a high mountain and widen his field of view. Riding on the Bone Dragon on the rooftop of Vargo Fortress allowed him an unfettered view of the whole surrounding. He could even see the battle outside the fortress if he wanted to.

‘Sahyungs took too many casualties.’ Based on active Geomchis, it looked like at least 30 of them died. With so many of them injured and the fortress collapsing, many more could die instantly.

The dead Geomchis were revived as Undead by Dark Rule. With Undead like Doom Knights and Vandal Knights coming up to the rooftops and the tower, situation was spreading worse unchecked. Their primary objective was to protect Balkan but as they came closer to the central tower where the Life Vessel is, more Undead were deployed.

‘The problem is time.’ Not much of the health remained on the Bone DragonWeed was hitting. After a short while he could continue the hunting. But it had to be done faster with no casualties on the Geomchis.

“It’s regretful but I have no choice. Sahyung, please take my place.” Weed got off from the Bone Dragon’s neck which was the most ideal place to attack it. And in his place Geomchi4 came.

Weed started running towards the central tower and cried out a Lion’s Roar. “I am going to the central tower to destroy Balkan’s Life Vessel!” It was a loud, resonating voice that even Undead at the outer castle could hear.


The Bone Dragon attacking Geomchis reacted immediately and turned around to kill Weed. The Bone Dragon ran fiercely after Weed, destroying the building in its way. The other skeleton archers, mages and witches changed their target to Weed.

A countless number of arrows and magic attack! Weed dodged arrows and spells one by one. When he had no time to dodge, he let it just scratch him. Weed’s health recovered back to 87% thanks to the helps from the priests.

 - An arrow scratched passed your right shoulder.

 - A fire spell was dodged.

 - A Glacier Spike was dodged perfectly.

Arrows and spells could not attack with their full power because of Weed’s high agility and dodging skills. Even if his health reaches 0 by any chance, by receiving significant help from Seo Yoon, he could withstand for a little longer.

“Dodge. I can dodge it.” Weed looked straight forward and threw his body in a thread like space. While throwing his body he evaded the snout and the foreleg of the Bone Dragon, and barely dodged the unmeasurable number of magic attacks and arrows.

His incredulous movement looked as if was practise over a hundred time to pull it off. His graceful movements were framed by an explosions in the background caused by the collision of fire and ice magic, Weed was moving as if he was dancing!

“He really dodges well.” “When did our disciple’s capabilities reach that high….” Even Geomchis were momentarily in awe.

Recognizing one’s surroundings with his sense and dodging consecutive arrows and spells flying toward him, that kind of evasion skill was one step beyond the limits of what humans were capable of.

Of course most of it was Weed’s own abiliites but advanced level 8 ‘Avoiding Art’ skill helped. With certain low level attacks, moving in a flow he could avoid many of them naturally. Weed’s own actions and the skill mixed together.

In between so many attacks his movement was so elegant, no one could forget it in their life time. From the observer’s point of view they could just gape in amazement, just one twist would end in life or death.

“Well, let’s try everything while I can.” Weed activated a skill with his remaining mana. “Moonlight Sculpting!”

His whole body was covered with a dim light. The lights reacted on threatening magic, where it stretched out and intercepted the spell. These kind of skill consumed mana exponentially but to a person who did not know if he would die today did not need to worry about the cost of the card!

Weed shouted while running backwards in the direction of the central tower. “Bring it on! I’m not going to lose to some skinny, dried bony corpse of a lizard!” A taunt!

From the nose of Bone Dragon, a smoke came out. “I’ll kill you with complete certainty.” It wasn’t a breath attack. The Bone Dragon smashed with his frontal legs and tried to stomp with hind legs. Weed swiftly rolled his body and dodged the feet.

Because the size of Bone Dragon was too large, Weed had to focus solely on dodging. At the same time, he had to dodge attacks from Undead without missing a beat.


The snout of the Bone Dragon got stuck in the place Weed threw himself into to dodge. One part of the stone wall collapsed in its mouth. In the vicinity where Weed was, arrows hit in clusters and magic passed by destroying the place.

“ROOOAAAR!” The Bone Dragon hit by the stone wall, arrows and spells cried out in pain. But instead of trying to protect its own health, it attacked even more wildly to kill Weed.

But Weed only focused on dodging its attacks. It looked like he could die any moment if he tried to sloppily counter attack, so he was committed to dodge the attack and survive.

“Power of the holy spirit, grant salvation unto the one in suffering. Healing Hand!” The priests supplemented Weed’s health with healing spells. This was why combat related class always appreciate and were flustered by the priests in these situations.

While Weed was getting back dodging and defending, he got ready to move his body in a split second. This is a real battle. It was not a fight that was fought by being higher level and preparing better equipment than the monsters. It was a fight where he used all his abilities and where split second decision could result in life or death.

The Bone Dragon took a deep breath. Breath! It was preparing for a final strike that Weed, who could dodge disgustingly well, could not manage. But before that, the bones in its bodies were separating and collapsing. The Bone Dragon’s health has finally reached its end.

It was a fight to shoot a breath attack before it died! “If its like that then I won’t dodge.” Weed stepped on the foreleg of the Bone Dragon and jumped up high enough to reach its face.

“Heriam Fencing!” Weed stepped on the Bone Dragon’s nose, aimed its forehead and slashed his sword. Whether or not the durability of the sword dropped, he struck consecutively using his high agility.

A crack appeared on the Bone Dragon’s head. Every time Weed’s attacks struck, the gap got bigger. The breath gathering inside its mouth was getting bigger as well.

“Enchant Holy Weapon!” One of the priests casted a spell that embeds holy power into a weapon. Weed continued to strike the Bone Dragon with the sword blessed by holy power. The crack was spreading over its whole head!

CRAAAACK! The bones where Geomchis beated were starting to break down as well. When Weed’s sword fell again, the power that sustain the Bone Dragon’s body suddenly disappeared. And starting from the head, the bones in its bodies fragmented and fell toward the ground.

At the same time, a message window popped up on Weed.

 - Your level increased.

 - Your level increased.

 - Your level increased.

 - The Bone Dragon Dyark in Vargo Fortress has return to its eternal rest.

 - Through this great achievement, your fame rose by 915.

 - Charisma increased by 1.

 - Fighting Spirit increased by 4.

 - By playing an important role in hunting down the Bone Dragon affiliated with the Undead Legions, every stats increased by 2

The death of the Bone Dragon!

 - You have reached level 400.

Weed finally became level 400

 - You obtained a Glyph of Destroyer.

 - You obtained a secret of Necromancer, method of Bone Dragon creation.

 - You obtained bulks of rotten dragon bones.

 - You obtained an old book, an ancient history book of Versailles continent #19.

 - You obtained an ancient cloak.

It was very unfortunate that, unlike the drops from regular Undead, the drops Bone Dragon were shared equally based on the participation in the battle. As the body of the Bone Dragon got destroyed, Weed and Geomchis leap off from the roof.

“Kill the humans!” “We must protect the Balkan-nim from the humans.” Undead were in full swing to climb up to the roof. In terms of terrain, Weed and Geomchis had a small advantage but Undead were climbing up all sides.

“Now everyone advance to the central tower. Priests, please do your best to follow, if you think you are going to die please, as a last act use all your holy power on the Bone Dragon. It was unreasonable requests for the priests but Weed had no choice.

“We understand. Let’s go!” Seeing the bloody battle that Weed and Geomchis fought, the priests agreed and followed.

“Let’s go.” Running on the rooftops, Weed and Geomchis took care of any Undead blocking their path. From behind, priests’ holy power healed their health and vitality continuously.

“Our destination is right ahead of us.” Running on the rooftops, in no time there was only 60 meters to the tower that stood loftly in the center.

The two Bone Dragons were staring at the invaders. And then Breath as if they were waiting for the moment!

Two streams of Breaths fired with some intervals between them pierced through them powerfully. It melted parts of the castle wall and buildings and even eliminated Undead.

Weed and Geomchis dispersed everywhere and hid inside the fortress. Without even knowing how many died, they gathered again and ran toward the central tower. Several spells cast from the Bone Dragons flew and exploded.

“Use the buildings as our cover and keep moving.” Weed and Geomchis could only move forward.

Spreading its wings, the Bone Dragon flew up into the sky. It was obvious to see that one was using magic and the other was using the ground to fight.

“Humans. Kill the humans.” “They are heading to a dangerous place where they are not allowed.” “Fight to protect the Balkan-nim!”

Taking the Undead on the rooftop into consideration, if they delayed to block the Bone Dragon they would be surrounded in a moment and annihilated

Weed took out another sculpture. “In the end, I have to use this as well. I really did not want to use it...”

It was a sculpture made from Weed’s several different traumas.

Cold Storm: Durability 20/20

An extreme natural phenomenon that struck northern Versailles continent.  It expresses the glacial storm that brought ice and snow. A Fine sculpture with vivid expressions based on the event that the sculptor experienced. It expresses a beautiful yet adverse attributes of nature. With increased population in the north, the chance of another glacial storm is very low.  The sculpture’s historic value will rise as time goes.
Artistic value: 854.
Option:  Improves the effects of glacier spells by 3%. Life +200. Charm +13. 

“Great Disaster Nature Sculpting!”

 Great Disaster Nature Sculpting has been used.
Art stat disappeared by 20 permanently. 20,000 health and mana has been consumed. Every stat reduced by 15% for four days. Affinity to Nature decreased. Great Disaster Nature Sculpting can only be used once per day. When a dangerous disaster are called upon, depending on the damage fame or notoriety can increase. You can die in the middle of the disaster so be careful.



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