The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 22

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 22

They were finally hitting the high seas to return back to Morata after their adventures in the Jigolaths!

Dolphins, symbolizing good luck, as well as thousands of birds and a group of Mermaids were following the ship Weed was riding. Bellot was playing a soothing tune, and 

Hwaryeong was dancing sexily to the tune. She was certainly doing a good job to attract gazes from the Mermaids. The marine animals were gathered behind the ship because of that.

“Wow, how pretty.”

“I can see straight through the sea water. Oh my god, look at the turtle swimming down there.”

Romuna and Surka exclaimed, when they saw the beautiful sparkling sea that they were sailing through, made one want to dive right in.

Small and pretty schools of fish roamed below, and they could see crayfish, shrimps and other crustacean organisms crawling through the water.

An indescribable, colorful beauty lay below them, consisting of seaweed growing on the boulders, clams, and hundreds of other organisms!

The party members were all clinging to the edge of the deck, and were busy marveling at the sea.

“Look at it jump. Wow!”

As if showing off, the dolphins jumped into the air, and the Mermaids were swimming with fluid motions.

Weed smacked his lips.

“They look so delicious!”

Every time he looked at the marine animals, he was constantly reminded of endless seafood dishes.

Isn’t a hot pot with every single ingredient down there broiled altogether the greatest seafood dish ever!

But Weed wanted to believe that he had some decency.

Mermaids were an oceanic race that was similar to Humans. They possessed high intelligence and communication was possible thanks to their linguistic skills.

But most importantly, they all had the appearance of beautiful women.

A pure and peaceful race.

“And how could they slaughter these Mermaids ruthlessly? That’s just simply unacceptable.”

So Weed decided to do some business.

“Now, now! A day like today won’t come again. Take your pick, everyone. Window shopping’s free! There are many new and beautiful clothes here.”

The Mermaids were suspicious of the Humans and were on high alert around them.

“Something smells dirty.”

“A foul smell. Just like an Undead.”

It was indeed true that Weed gave off a strange smell after playing as a Lich.

However, Weed was able to lessen the Mermaids’ suspicions, as his Fame stat, which he gained through countless sculptures and requests, was very high.

The Mermaids boarded the ship, being unable to trust any other Human apart from Weed!

Weed displayed the clothes that were made from the leather of Tairbeths and Bollards in the Jigolaths.

He also displayed bags, shell earrings and sea-stone rings, that he started selling to the Mermaids.

“Mermaids are still women. And clothes can definitely be sold to women.”

When he bought some sleepwear for his grandmother while she was hospitalized, she complimented him for bringing a pink one with floral patterns, rather than a dull gray one.

“These bags are even useful at sea! You might fall out of times compared to others if you don’t own at least one or two bags. Having a good bag will make your trips more enjoyable.”

Meanwhile, Mapan was blaming himself for his short-sighted thinking.

“Ah, as expected!”

One could say that Mermaids were a race that lived in the sea. They could definitely be customers.

It was Weed’s ideology to split people into either prey or guests in a monochrome fashion!

“I still have so much to work on to catch up with Weed’s business skills.”

The Mermaids’ hair swayed like damp seaweed, while they browsed Weed selection.

- I like this one.

The Mermaids’ voices had a serene ring to them that echoed in his head.

The voices were as vibrant and clear as a chime of bells.

Hearing the voices was like a sign of them warming up towards him, and Weed quickly crunched the figures in his head like a top of the line computer.

“That will be 1520 Gold. But since it suits you so well, I’ll give you two pieces of clothing for the price of one. Why don’t you try on this hat as well? It would be a great pity if you don’t try it on, when it suits you so much. Believe me, I’m not trying to rip off such a beautiful Mermaid like yourself, but I just want to help bring out the best in you.”

A great selling technique of praise, inflation and quantity!

The Mermaid tilted her head left and right, as if she couldn’t comprehend what he just said.

-Gold? Is such a thing necessary to have these clothes?

Mermaids were an innocent race that didn’t often ask questions. They held great interest in the human world, but they were not well-informed because of their reserved nature.

“Gold is necessary to trade between humans.”

Producing an old Niflheim Empire’s gold coin from his chest pocket, Weed showed it to her.

“Do you have any gold currency like these? If not, I’m more than happy to barter with jewelry, antiques or any other equipments.”

If the Mermaids had no money, then establishing a deal would be impossible.

However, Weed was not bothered at all when he couldn’t sell objects due to the race barrier.

There should be at least one or two legends floating around out in the sea.

There must have been numerous shipwrecks in this area after a fierce storm, and these 

Mermaids should have witnessed those ships many times.

Even picture books tell of such things!

The story of a Mermaid who needlessly saved a prince from a sinking ship.

-Please wait for a moment.

Mermaids who had already decided on their choices jumped into the sea, and after a long time, they resurfaced carrying bags of gold.

Some Mermaids came back with very old antiques.

There were specially made potteries, gold, weapons and armors, old maps and even magical pendants!

“Hmm, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to re-sell these because of the rusting. I’ll be actually making a loss by bartering with these… but since those clothes suit you all so well, I’ll agree to it.”

-Thank you.

Weed was able to rip them off by a satisfactory amount.

These Mermaids in the far sea certainly were not creatures of low intelligence.

Not only did they have control over the marine animals, all shipwrecks were theirs for taking.

There were no other better customers than them.

-I don’t think this one fits me.

Some of the Mermaids shook their heads, and placed the clothes back down after trying them on.

This type of occurrence was quite common, where the texture or the shape of the clothes didn’t suit the buyers, as the clothes in Weed’s possession were made for humans.

Every time something like this happened, he wore a concerned expression and took the clothes back.

“These clothes now have the lingering traces of your beauty rubbed off on them… so it would be great if you purchase them anyway.“

His flattering words flew out like he was reciting times tables!

And so, Weed was able to sell the clothes from Jigolaths without a hitch.

There was always the option of taking them back to Morata and selling them there, but selling armor-type items was unprofitable because of the set standards there. So he was able to reap greater profit by selling to the Mermaids.

of course, There were some poor Mermaids too.

“Don’t you have any money?”

-No, we have nothing.

The young Mermaids, who appeared to be no more than little girls, were pacing up and down in regret.

Weed liked these young Mermaids, they were great customers.

A good merchant must be able to sell while understanding their customers’ urgency.

The last thing Weed wanted to do while selling these items was to force the weak to buy anything from him.

The soft spot that he had for these customers made him want to give them discounts or special deals.

You already bought this item!

This is the unique item that was specially made just for you in this entire continent!

Forget about your life until now. You will be reborn as soon as you hold this bag.

Let’s see how well you’ll be off without buying this bag!

This motivation that will drive my sweet talk!

Weed’s thoughts were reflected by his actions and words, so the Mermaids had no choice but to grab the bags.

Addressing the young Mermaids, he spoke as sweetly as he could.

“Hey, you girls can cry, right?”

-Well, we don’t cry often, but only sometimes.

“Collect some of your tears for me. Then I’ll let you have the bags.”

-We understand.

Mermaid’s Tears was a rare item.

Letting them Crystallize will transform them into pearls and after craftsmanship, there won’t be anything that could be compared with it.

They were truly the treasures of the sea that would yield high Fame and Trade stats when sold on the mainland!

He even told the young Mermaids some tales, like a friendly uncle.


Once upon a time, there lived a prince in a kingdom called Nephyllos.

Tall, handsome and good-mannered as he was, all the women in that kingdom couldn’t help but fall in love with him.

Those ladies were satisfied by simply watching the prince whenever he walked around the towns.

Because they could literally see their prince shining thanks to the smart clothes he wore.

A lady who sold apples at the market, Helen, also loved the prince.

She was an innocent lady, whose smiles were quite cute.

However, she wasn’t able to let those feelings come out.

Because it was her job to do everything, from making a living to housework under her foster mother, as her mother had recently passed away from a disease.

She would often wake up to pluck apples at early dawn, and she wasn’t able to return home until late at night that too only after she finished selling all the apples.

While snacking on disfigured and unripe apples that couldn’t be sold, she had to sell the good apples.

“Fresh apples. Selling ripe apples.”

The apples that Helen sold were as sweet as honey, as they reflected her heart.

Even the spirits of the forest blessed the apples she picked.

And when Helen’s apples became popular and more people wanted to buy them, she had to wake up even earlier to pluck the apples.

Even the prince who was walking by at that time, visited the apple store.

“Young miss, you have to pay your taxes regul…. no, I came here after hearing great praise about the delicious apples that you sell.”

So Helen wiped a well ripe red apple with a tea-towel, and gave it to the prince.

After eating the apple in a satisfied manner, he said this.

“I will be holding… a ball, this Saturday. However, as I have not yet decided on my partner, may I invite you to join me?”

The prince tried to pick her up… no, he asked her for a date.

Helen didn’t know what to do, so she replied.

“I’m sorry, but I have some things to do, so I don’t have any time.”

Because the girl had stepsisters and a foster mother who despised her.

The prince spoke again.

“But you won’t have to work on that day. Everyone will be resting as it is His Majesty, the 

King’s birthday. Who is making you work so hard?”

Not only was the prince handsome, he was wise as well. Helen’s background was quite famous throughout the kingdom, so the prince was well aware of her situation.

“No one should be able to order you to work, Since they can’t ignore me as I am the Prince.”

Her foster mother and the stepsisters became as pale as ghosts. They wouldn’t dare to keep 

Helen at bay and ignore the prince’s warning.

Eventually, Helen was allowed to attend the ball, and the promised date of 

Saturday came.

The prince liked this gentle lady, and Helen was sure she could live happily with the prince.

But unfortunately, Helen wasn’t able to attend the ball.

Just because she didn’t have a good bag to bring to the ball.


A third-rate story that he made up on the spot!

The young Mermaids that reached the peak of their emotions started to weep.



Weed diligently gathered the tears that fell onto the deck in a bottle.

In exchange for the tears, Weed’s clothes, bags and accessories sold like pancakes.

Excluding the things he could sell normally, he was able to rip off a profit of at least over 35000 Gold!

The antiques received from the Mermaids could only be truly valued on the mainland.

The rusty swords that couldn’t even be drawn were worthless, but they could be melted down to create other weapons.

Mermaids’ handiwork or their accessories could fetch a high price on the mainland.

The 35000 Gold was the lowest estimated profit, so his profit for the day was an astronomical one.

-Thank you. I’ll use it well.

“Come back whenever you want.”

-I’ll be back tomorrow.

“I’ll have a lot of new products waiting for you then.”

Dressed in leather clothes, hats and holding bags, they jumped into the sea.

Players often envied rich Mermaids, but were unable to attack them.

According to the legends on the Versailles Continent, Mermaids were the children of the God of the Sea, and friends of Sea Dragons. So hunting them would bring divine retribution on the hunters. Also, as they had authority over marine animals, angering them would bring headaches.

But on the contrary, Weed received their thanks.

This was because Weed stayed true to his principles of ripping off the customers while satisfying them at the same time.

“Mermaids are also women, so they should like shoes, but what a shame. I could have sold new heels for a really expensive price…. I know, I’ll make some webbed feet and sell that!”

Weed was busy trying to corrupt these innocent Mermaids.

Whether on land or at sea, people were victimized wherever Weed passed by!


Navigating back to the Northern part of the continent, where Morata was placed, was faster than the trip to the Jigolaths, with the help from the winds and the sea current.

The mysterious sunrise and sunset of the sea, and a distant singing voice that could be heard.

A sea journey is great for creating those special memories and romance.

Hwaryeong and the other members were enjoying the rare ship cruise by sunbathing or looking at the view.

Yellowy was also resting on the warm deck, lying down on its stomach.


They were taking a break while eating some hot octopus chowder.

The bull normally wasn’t able to eat such delicacy, but all of that would be deducted from his pay!

Yellowy closed his eyes and rested comfortably.

He had worked hard in Jigolaths, so it was now time for him to rest.

On their trip back to Morata, Weed’s party and the Living Sculptures had boarded on three different ships.

But then, there was a large island-like fish that was continuously following behind them.

It was a palm-sized Living Sculpture when they left the Jigolaths, but after diving into the sea, it suddenly grew in size as it consumed coral reefs and other fish.

Its scales sparkled along with the sunlight and the seawater.

Judging by appearance alone, it seemed to possess gigantic strength!

Due to the Wyverns’ weight, they were perched on top of the Living Sculpture and followed behind them.

The Wyvern with stretched out eyes, Wy-Seven, slipped off the scales and fell into the sea with a splash. It then resurfaced.

Even Surka, who loved water, jumped on top of the fish to enjoy the sea, despite being acrophobic.

“What’s your name?”

The fish sank slightly below the surface, then resurfaced saying this.


“Your name is Turtle? But you don’t have a shell and you don’t look like a turtle.”

“Turtle, Turtle.”

The turtle Living Sculpture named itself to be Turtle.

This was one of the few existing masterpieces in the Jigolaths by Latcherry, who had only sculptured extinct creatures all his life.

This creature’s original name was Maleins Airnoto Turtle!

It was a Gigantic turtle that lived in the deep sea, and when matured, a shell would form in areas apart from its head and tail.

There were a lot of extinct and rare lifeforms that were given life in the Jigolaths, as well as handsome and artistic-looking ones.


 Weed was sewing buttons on the clothes of the dolls. He was attaching doll eyes and this job was a very sensitive task to do!

He was sick and tired of doing it, but he couldn’t make a single mistake when sewing buttons or eyes onto the doll.

“I should grind down shells for the buttons. The product value should rise if I sew different colored shells on it. There obviously won’t be any material fee, and they’ll sell well as they’ll have some uniqueness to them.”

Weed believed business was all about cutting down the production fee and ripping off customers!

He also checked some old maps that he received from the Mermaids.


“A treasure map, huh?”

There was a good chance of it leading to the hidden treasures of Pirates’ or a shipwreck.

Or, it might contain information about a valuable marine animal.

It was a pity that the map had bits and pieces of it rubbed out from aging.

“I reckon Yurin should be able to restore this.”

Map Restore was a skill that only Adventurers or Painters possessed. Weed obviously did not possess it.

His Painting skill was low, and he was only capable of mixing paint with his skills.

That was because he needed the paint to dye the clothes that were created, unlike armors, which could be colored by mixing different colored metals.

“A normal D ranked map wouldn’t bring enough profit to even cover the effort that’s needed to complete it.”

Weed knew that there were numerous variety of adventures out at the sea.

There was a pile of maps that he collected from the Mermaids.

There were maps that pointed to locations with marine animals, whirlpools and underwater caves!

There were a lot of things to be done out in the sea, just as there were on land.

However, adventuring out in the sea with Weed’s current level of navigation would take far too long.

Getting his head wrapped around the information regarding the sea, underwater landscape and rocks, as well as the sea winds, would take at least 1~2 years.

He did travel to Jigolaths because he ended up receiving the map and the request, but sea adventures were a whole different story.

“I should just use these maps to make clothes instead.”

Clothes that motivated people to long for adventures. He was making clothes that actually pointed towards real treasures.

Using the leather and cloths of the old maps, Weed fashioned some clothes and bags.

“Some lucky people should find them somehow.”

Weed was going to sell the clothes with a tag line of ‘Leading Towards Treasures’, so he wasn’t making a loss.

There wasn’t much to do on the ride, so he made all of the oceanic maps into clothes.

Zephyr immersed himself in some proper sea fishing, while Pale and Maylon hid themselves away from everyone else’s sight, and sheepishly fed each other some raw fish (hoe).

Hwaryeong and Bellot were sunbathing first along with Surka and Romuna, but were now performing in front of the marine animals.

Seo Yoon had been standing on the deck, watching Weed work, but was now gazing at the sea while seated on the mast.

Her face wasn’t seen during the fights because of the Warrior’s Helm of Courage that she was wearing, but the current sight of her hair swaying in the wind was like something out of a painting.

She couldn’t talk to anyone apart from Weed, and didn’t even let anyone hear her voice.

She was still uncomfortable and had a lot of awkwardness remaining.

Weed couldn’t approach and talk to her, even though he could see her being alone.

“I’m really indebted to her for what happened in Jigolaths…. I was able to do the request and fight the Hermes Guild thanks to her as well.”

He was obviously very grateful to her, but he couldn’t treat Seo Yoon like before, because he was constantly reminded of her father each time he looked at her.

The only form of communication between them was the occasional glances when he passed some food to her.

“I should just make a sculpture or something.”

Weed gathered some sea water and floated some clouds up into the clear sky.

White clouds and dark clouds.

The sea was the optimum place to familiarize himself with Cloud Sculpting.

It was such a beautiful and mystifying sight, so it would become quite a hot topic when they return back to the Versailles Continent.

Seo Yoon was looking up at the sky.

Weed was sculpting a sculpture very seriously, with the aim of increasing his 

Artistic skills, but he ended up creating a surprising sculpture.

He ended up sculpting the scene when they ate some grilled meat at the instructor’s log house.

Considering it was a cloud sculpture, it had to be sculpted fast to include the details, but 

Weed’s Handiwork skill was good enough to sculpt something where people were recognizable.

But of course, it was worthless as a sculpture!

Seo Yoon was wearing a mask, so it was hard to tell what kind of an expression she wore, but Weed thought that she was happy, looking at the cloud sculpture.

“The clouds are really floating across the sea well. And the sea products in this area should fetch a high price. I wonder how much I’ll make if I catch loads of giant crabs and sell them on the mainland. If I fish up some fresh red sea-breams and dig up some cockle on the beach…”

The sea was a storehouse for natural resources. Catching and selling off sea products would all be turned into money.

“If only I could speculate at sea like I would on land.”

So, they cut across the sea like that and headed to the Northern part of the continent.


In Morata were some users, feebly dressed in leather armor, were busily walking around.

“Mr Blacksmith, when will the longsword that I ordered be ready?”

“Could you tell me your name?”

“It’s Anchovy Stew.”

“You’re 23rd on the list. I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for around 2 days.”

“Aww, can’t it come out any sooner?”

“Look at all those people who’re waiting.”

The line of customers who were lining up to make a request to the Blacksmith!

This wasn’t the only place. Blacksmiths and Craftsmen were almost crying at the overflowing number of requests.

“Selling Purple Arrows. They’re arrows made with the poisonous plants from the hill near 

 Morata. You better hurry, because there are only 2000 of these.”

“I’m a skilled Magician and I’m looking for a party to join. Please invite me if you’re willing to hunt seriously for around two days. I can grant some magic as well, guaranteed to last for three days.”

“We’re 3 Warriors that will run straight at monsters upon seeing them. If there is anyone who wants to heal us, we can head to the dungeons right away.”

“Selling 80 Swords of Flios. I’ll be selling them at a fixed, clean price of 150 Gold. 

Users who want to hunt together are welcomed as well.”

“Need a guide to lead you to the dungeons?”

The vibrancy that was present all over Morata!

People weren’t hesitant in advertising themselves for finding trips, adventures and hunts, or showing their happiness.

After buying and selling some items from the plaza, users formed parties and departed for dungeon crawling or hunting.

“This way.”


A unique trait around this place would be that it was common to see users dragging along at least 1 calf, even if they were not merchants.

Riding a cow had a greater movement speed than walking, and there was also the convenience of being able to have it carry the luggage.

There were a lot of cases where families played Royal Road together.

“I need to buy my brother a longsword… I suppose I should sell a cow.”

As cows could be sold to secure equipment, it was a necessary commodity for new users.

Some users even posted a thread in forums, titled “How to Grow in Morata”.


Title: Oh, you newbie users of Morata!

My name is DeIlbell, a user who started off from the Central Continent, and finally settled here after gaining a shack.

I’m writing this to inform the newbies of Morata about a few things.

1. Appreciate the Sculptures

There are sculptures in various places that are created by the lord of Morata, who happens to be a great Sculptor.

Depending on your profession, seeing the sculptures will be of a great help to you.

A great fortune that can’t even be found in the Central Continent, really.

There are fairies that roam around the Tower of Light at the dead of night, and faithful clerics can be found near the Statue of Goddess Freya.

2. Gather Enough Money and Enter the Art Hall

The Art Hall of Morata that can be only found here, in the entire continent, is a place you must visit. There is nothing else like it.

The stats that you’ll receive in this Art Hall during your newbie days is a huge help.

How good is it, that this Art Hall is placed right at your doorstep, when users from across the Versailles Continent have to travel all the way here?

The entrance fee of 3 Gold is quite a large sum to pay for newbies, but you won’t regret it.

When you see the artworks, you’ll really start to respect Sculptor or Painter class users and you’ll treat them nicely.

Don’t forget, the more great works there are in the Art Hall, the more beneficial it is for us.

3. Don’t Go Too Far Away

Morata is an ever-evolving city that is growing daily.

There probably isn’t another city in the entire Versailles Continent that is similar to this one.

But on the down side, there are many undiscovered areas in the Northern Continent despite the continuous parties of Explorers.

So your chance of survival is slim if you try to wander off too far away from the city without being properly prepared.

This might be quite a basic fact, but I’ve only written this down because there were so many users who died in hidden places.

4. Stick Close To Your Party Members

There are many users who are of a similar level to you, here in Morata. Try going on adventures with them while growing.

you can make many friends and later on, it can be very helpful.

5. Choose Your Profession Freely

The profession that’s under the spotlight recently is, without a doubt, Elementalist.

The joy of hunting with obedient Fiery Pebbles and Dirtmen!

Elementalists’ appearances are attractive and flamboyant.

But a pooling of professions in Morata is boring.

The lord of Morata is a Sculptor, is he not?

Trying out a non-combat oriented profession such as artistic ones or production ones should also be popular.

Priests of Freya can be said to be the best by everyone.

Isn’t roaming around the Versailles Continent, with the profession that you really want, what you really desire?

6. Own Your Own House

It is easy to own a house in Morata.

Having even a shack would draw your heart closer to this city.

Houses can be used for resting or storing items, and trees can be planted in the garden.

Try gathering some Holy Water from the Temple of Freya after completing an adventure and growing a tree. Trees can grow really fast and bear a lot of fruit.

Not only can those fruits be sold at the marketplace for money, but they carry the blessings from the Goddess Freya, so you can benefit Luck and other effects from them.

7. Gather Some Items That The Civilians Need

Gathering leather from beasts and monsters from areas around Morata can raise the Friendship Points with your neighbors.

You might even receive some good items in the process, so it’s a good way to sell them and buy some newbie equipment.

8. Use The Public Order Forces

- The passage is dragging on.

But this is the most important part of Morata, as well as what I want to inform you about the most.

I’ve been to many castles and cities in the Central Continent, but this is what really sets Morata apart from any other, along with its artistic advancements.

I would assume that the lord of Morata has a high Fame stat, thanks to the many challenging quests that he had succeeded in.

And this city is surrounded by yet-to-be mapped out dungeons and hunting grounds.

Armed forces of Morata have been continuously cooperating with the Priests of the Church of Freya to maintain order in the surrounding areas through subjugation.

If you join the expedition team and hunt diligently, your Friendship and Contribution points will rise. Not to mention, it’s an advantageous way of raising stats and experience points.

Everyone should know that the lord of Morata, Weed, is very friendly with the soldiers and the civilians.

Coincidences are not that common in the world.

People who have raised their stats by appreciating the sculptures should know how helpful these built up stat points are.

We can become like Weed.

9. Let’s Embark On Quests

A lot of the scattered civilians of the North are gathered in Morata.

And amongst them are those who have historical antiques or particular stories.

If you follow their quests, it might lead to different linked quests.

Let us continue till the end instead of giving up at the start.

We should enjoy every bit of this Versailles Continent.

I tried to keep it simple, but I got far too worked up while writing it, and it became so long.

If you happen to spot Dellbell, wielding a spear in Morata, please do say hello.


It was a post made by a high-leveled ranker who was living inside Morata.

Tens of users who were ranked in the highest percentage of Royal Road were adventuring in Morata.

Dellbell was one of them, and his post had attracted over 7000 comments.

Iche and Eira were Priestess of Morata.

They were part of the Church of Freya, yet they also went on adventures.

Although difficult, even Priests could go on Party Huntings. It was the best profession to be when fighting alongside Holy Knights.

The old Priestess of the Church spoke.

“They say that the Sculptor Weed is a trustworthy person. Word has it that no request is impossible for him.”

The Public Order Forces voiced their opinion.

“The Church of Freya will never cease to thank Weed. He was the one who recovered the lost Holy Treasures of the Church of Freya.”

“You should know that the Sculptor Weed completed another respectful adventure. I’d like to take part in an adventure like that. Or even hearing about his adventure would be nice.”

Civilians who gossiped about Weed were quite common in Morata.

That was because he was the lord, and the requests he completed had a great impact on Morata.

“How special must this Weed be?”

“A fearless, smart man who will never back down.”

The passion for Weed was shared not only by Iche and Eira, but by all female users of Morata.

Chapter 2 – The Great Construction

Weed’s ships were approaching the northern continent by the sea.

Having already sold most of the japtem that the mermaids were interested in, Weed was currently concentrating on his cloud sculpting, raising it’s proficiency.

“The clouds are quite tricky. It’s very hard to define the sculptural theme that I am trying to create and even portraying expressions are not easy...”

Normally he would use large quantities of stone and wood when sculpting to cover up the lacking parts in art, but it didn’t apply to Cloud Sculpting.

Using water he made thousands of cloud sculptures on the ship as they were sailing the High Seas. Weed didn't take any notice of apparent mistakes that obviously stood out because every time the wind blew, the sculptures dispersed and scattered away.

It was a type of sculptural art that could only be used for a brief moment and was a very difficult subject to understand, let alone master.

“I should create some fish. Perhaps I could also create some basic flounder, rockfish, shrimp, crab or even a whale.”

True artwork does not compromise!

He began making random things, raising his cloud sculpting proficiency through grinding.

After he made hundreds of clouds, a mysterious natural phenomena occurred.

The ship had veered towards the bad weather, where white and dark clouds clashed.

It was Weed’s cloud sculptures that moved in the direction of the blowing wind as they mixed with the oncoming storm and the clouds enveloped the sky.

It wasn’t bad weather, however a misty and light rain started to drizzle down on the sea.


"This has to be the most beautiful sight in the world."

The rest of the group that had been lazing around rushed to their feet and headed towards the commotion at the bow of the ship.

Though the dark sky, a heavenly light broke through from in between the clouds. 


The light rays that fell down upon the sea looked absolutely majestic.

It was still difficult to produce any cloud sculptures as it required a great amount imagination and focus.

However wonderful light and cloud sculptures are not easy to create.

Mother Nature’s Marvel gave a substantial increase in stats based on the user’s profession.

In Weed’s case this phenomenon increased all of his stats, especially artwork, by a modest amount.

While his friends, that had been watching in awe, realised that they had gained various stat increases.Irene’s Priest class had her Faith increase by a lot, in Romuna’s case being a mage her Wisdom stats increased by 5. For Hwaryeong it was her Charm that increased due to her dancer class. Everyone acquired different stats as they enjoyed the nature sculpture.

"Wow, this is so epic!."

His friends were unable to conceal their surprise.

Weeds face drew a big rotten smile.

“All this from just the beginner level of cloud sculpting.”

When all is said and done all that matters are the results! Yellowy stumbled backwards from astonishment into the living sculpture Griffin.

The ruckus lead the other living sculptures that Weed brought to life at Jigolaths to come out onto the deck of the small ship and see the light that shone brilliantly through the clouds.


Even the living sculptures that were created with art were affected just like any other species. 


They were approaching land. Their long voyage was finally coming to an end.

The living sculptures quickly got ready while Weed and his friends prepared to disembark.

The fishing rods and cooking tools that were left out were put away with the other luggage and they grabbed their full backpacks.

However the living sculptures that were made after rare and extinct creatures had their own distinct instinct to survive.

They continued to disobey Weed and kept saying that they wanted to leave to breed with their species.

“I want to look for females. I want to bear children. If I go to a far away places I would be able to meet my fellow species.”

“If you were to give us freedom, we want to live and create a family in this large world.”

Strong demands from the Living Sculptures!

They were worried that they were slowly going to die, living their whole pitiful existence alone, without a mate.

These were not just the demands of one or two, nearly a third of the living sculptures that were created in Jigolaths brought up these demands.


Weed was in a sticky situation.

Originally, from the moment the living sculptures were born, he had to earn their respect and he must be held in high esteem at all times.

But this time, he gave life for too many sculptures at the same time, so it was not easy to rule them by force as he normally does.

They were staring at Weed with sparkling eyes.

They believed that Weed was a benevolent and kind person that will give them permission!

But in Weed’s mind his thoughts were totally different.

“I should have beaten them all.”

If he were to force and hold them up like slaves they might start a rebellion, or they might even escape because of the loneliness.

Managing Living Sculptures was not an easy task.

Because of Weed's high leadership status, Wyverns and Bingryong couldn’t just walk away from him.Yet living sculptures were bound to keep pursuing a free-spirited life due to their strong personalities.

Just as it was in the beginning, when he tried to control an army for the first time it was very difficult as he had to win their trust through doing many chores/jobs for them.

This was the time for sacrifice.

Weed had a difficult time actually dismissing the sculptures that had strong personalities.

"In this broad continent..."

Why are they trying to leave me! There were still a lot of things I needed them to do.

"What you guys desire..."

In life, It isn't possible to live in the world doing things that you want to do, while hoping everything turns out right.


Weeds struggle was to the point to where he wanted to put a nose ring on them, just like on a cow, drag them and make them work.

A sculpture would not expect to gain anything from working for Weed, Furthermore they would need to take a lot of time to find their counterpart and raise a family, so he could not expect them to stay.

“You may go and live your life...”

Tears welled up around Weed’s eyes as those last words escaped his lips.

The Living Sculpture’s sincere heartfelt regret was shown on their faces.

From another owner it would be tears of love, but since it’s from Weed it was evident that it was tears of loss.

"We will be leaving now."

Rare creatures of life left by riding on the giant sea turtle and headed back out to sea.

Even though Weed anxiously watched them leave until they completely disappeared, they did not even leave any gold or compensation behind!

“If we continue at this rate we should arrive in Morata within a day or two.”

Heint got up and he slightly bowed his head muttering under his breath as they neared the shore.

At long last the trip up and down to Jigolaths was finally over.

Even though they did not properly tour Jigolaths, atleast they pioneered new routes.

They had passed through the northern oceans while discovering various hunting grounds, they were able to find safe passages and even though Weed took all the profits that were earned there.

Finally, it was time to depart ways from the devil Weed.

"Heheh. I owe you a lot. Thanks for the fun adventures.”

"In the future, I will be really nice to others players and try to not get into trouble with anyone.”

“Weed, we hope that you do well. We will continue to watch over your adventures.”

"I would live my life like I were to be reborn anew. If you go out to the sea again please call for us.”

Even though the crew started out contracted in a bad way, looking back they visited many places and the overall outcome wasn’t such a bad adventure.

As the 3 mad sharks of Becky Nin politely said their farewells to them, they also replied their goodbyes.

Of course, they did not have the slightest bit of feeling of wanting to come back to Weed when he called.


Weed made an exaggerated sigh.

As he received their farewells on land, he felt a bit disdain towards them and he did not know where to start giving them advice.

Weed asked with a scowl.

"Are you sure that you’re not going to harm others and be considerate to others in the future?"

"Of course we will. We will help newbie players and live a fair and honest life.”

Heint slyly rolled his eyes and replied.

He honestly didn't know what was going to happen later on. But right now his feelings were sincere.

Weed had repelled Haven’s entire 2nd royal fleet, Heint would never forget the memories of fighting with pirates and the naval army.

They did not know that they were aired and became enormously popular.

During the events between the Haven Kingdom’s warriors and the pirates, it was as if a key had unlocked something inside themselves and they felt exhilarated.

They got fed up with minor thieving.

They wanted to travel through the seas with their own strength. As they returned from the far seas in Jigolath, their grand aspirations rose.

Weed thought it was silly as he shook his head.

"You don’t need to live a kind and stuffy life.”


"Its a total waste. Receiving praise from being good has no benefits. Being vicious, mean, cowardly and shameless will make you grow faster than others.”

"Ooooh, that’s true!"

This is the absolute truth of the God of War Weed!

"Always try. Don't lose any of your things and make sure to take dibs first on your enemy’s things. Don’t state that its not yours from the beginning. If you get a bit greedy a chance might appear. And always try to settle affairs.”

Weed and the 3 mad sharks of Becky nin were in fact the same type of people.

"This asshole."

"He is a normal asshole that we have real admiration and respect for.”

"If I tried hard would I be as successful as this asshole?"

This was not profanity but he was an asshole who had their respect.

To the people with villainous dreams, he is an existence that people have admiration towards.

"Well, it’s time for us to go."

"Take care now. Make sure to pick up money off the ground.”

Becky Nin's three crazy sharks once again bid farewell to Weed’s party.

"So this is how we part ways.”

When Bellot said her farewells, Heint got sad.

Even though he got entangled with them through meeting Bellot at the bar, he had lived through tough times in the rough seas, as he looked at her, a rush of courage rose swept over him. He forgot the resentment he had towards her in his heart, The thought of never seeing her again drove him forward.

Heint nervously gulped as he asked.

"Bellot, If you don't mind I would like to register you as a friend?"

It was an spontaneous friend request.

Bellot hesitated for awhile and nodded her head.

"Yeah, it's okay."

"I will contact you later on."

Heint was delighted beyond measures and he exchanged his farewells with the others.

As Fractal and Bodomir watched the scene gawking, they had the same thought, they couldn’t leave without talking to Hwaryeong.

"I fell in love with your beauty at first sight, Hwaryeong. I just couldn’t tell you how crazy I was about you, but if you would give me the opportunity, I'd like to show you a manlier side of myself. Please register me as a friend."

"Please register me as a friend too Hwaryeong. You are the most beautiful person I ever seen in all my life."

Pale, Irene, Surka and Romuna looked at the two sympathetically.

They didn’t know the fact that Hwaryeong liked Weed!

"They will probably get dumped pathetically.”

"I’m Sorry. Hwaryeong get’s pretty picky if she doesn’t like the person.”

But Hwaryeong readily nods her head.

"I'm honored to travel with wonderful people. I’ll register you as a friend.”

Fractal and Bodomir silently cheered and this was how the party separated with the Becky nin’s 3 mad sharks.

They decided to take and leave with the three ships that they rode in since Jigolaths. They didn’t have any money so they bought it with small amount of their valuable good equipments.

If Weed wanted to trade the ships, he needed to take it to the port, making him spend great amount of time and he needed to dispose of them quickly.

If the 3 mad sharks returned back to Becky nin and sold it, they could salvage something out of it.

The ship they were riding disappeared into the fog.

Bellot asked Hwaryeong about what had transpired.

"Why did you accept their friend request?”

"Its awkward and embarrassing to reject in front of everyone. After I accept them I just delete it later."

"I do that too.”

The two are quite popular so they get a lot of friend request. They usually tell them their numbers and later change their numbers or blocked their calls.

"We are almost there now."

Weed rode on Yellowy while the rest rode on other living sculptures and Morata was just beyond the next hill.

The streets were busy with Merchants traveling back and forth, and groups of shabby clothed newbies were energetically walking together.

They were finally back in Weed’s city.

"Since childhood I raised a puppy in my house so i’ve always liked dogs. Cerberus, I will give you a bath in the stream later.”

Surka thought it was a cute dog and patted its head while riding on the three headed dog.

Living sculpture Cerberus, ‘The Gatekeeper of Hell’ felt like a dog to her!

It wasn’t as bad as Weed, they traveled to many places hunting monsters and they were not frightened by them. On the way back riding the boat, horribly looking frogman holding a spear attacked them and they were not even intimidated.

"Monsters are food, items and experience!"

Thanks to Weed facing such monsters, they were natural to this party now.

Cerberus wagged his tail and acted charmingly. Its tongue even licked Surka’s hand.

It was a spitting image of a large dog, if a battle broke out, no one knew how its temperament might change.

As they traveled to Morata, after a long time they wanted to eat meat so at times they played hunting games.

As Cerberus sniffed the ground, it jumped into the bushes and in under two minutes it came back with a wild boar in its jaws. At that moment Weed gave it a name.

“You are going to be named Hunting Dog.”

He just gave a name that randomly came to mind! But his friends couldn’t stand by for such atrocities in naming.

"What the hell is that? You’re giving it such an ambiguous name.”

"It resembles a Cerberus. Name it Cerberus."

Bellot and Romuna protested, but Weed did not listen.

"No, I don’t want too.”

"Why? What is the reason you don’t want to give it the name Cerberus?"

"Because it’s annoying to call it that."

To him, dogs were just dog meat and when summer arrived, their loyalty could decrease.

Because it’s an hunting dog it was perfect to just call it Hunting Dog!

Nevertheless his friends called it by the name, and it wagged its tail hard stating that it liked it. Eventually it was named Cerberus.

Weed gave the other Living Sculptures their names during the middle of the night.

"Let’s call you Countryside Snake."

The elegant snake with dozens of patterns was given a name called Countryside.

"Let’s call you Worm."

Death Worm. When it digs into the ground, its body can become a colossal monster that can grow up to 200 meters.

When it was given life in Jigolath its size was only about 1 meter.

As it consumed food, it grew up to 8 meters. While fishing, Zephyr wanted to use it for bait, but now it was so big that it could even swallow a whale.

So far, Death Worm was a monster that has never been caught before.

"Should I call you Dolsoe?”

He was about to give the knight the name Dolsoe but he asked for its opinion.

“Knights are detached and have a strong sense of pride, if I give just any name, the knight will ask for his freedom and might possibly leave.”

The knight directly gave his own name.

"I would like my name to be Silver BlackSun."

"And the reason?"

“This is for the remembrance of the creator who created me.”

Loyalty is strong, it was a name that he would not be indebted to the sculptor.

"Alright. Silver. I look forward to working with you."

For the sculptures that were tagging along, he gave them any names.

From the time the living sculptures landed, they hunted together in the forest with the Wyverns separately. The Fire Giant who left Jigolath first riding on the Phoenix and Bingryong arrived before them and were hunting together at the large forest.

"As the living sculptures become stronger, I can make them do a lot of things and make a lot of money!"

Weed had arrived back to Morata.

The Tower of Light on the eastern mountain, a wide lake with the Statue of Goddess of Freya, and the Grand Art Center in city.

Players were crowding the streets everywhere.

In the past, in front of the giant black castle was where the vampires once lived. There once were collapsed buildings of a humble village. But now there are brick roads, sidewalks and residential areas are built.

"Let’s quickly go. If we are late there’s going to be too many people.”

"We will be returning in the evening right?"

"Yeah. The Tower of Light light show will begin.”

The finalized parties for hunting and adventuring rode on cows as they headed towards the nearby dungeons.

The people who passed by the hills on the road saw the formation of the tightly formed shantytowns.

As Weed looked at the shantytown, he felt like he returned home.

"There are quite a bit of increase in people and homes.”

In the 5 squares, the people were doing business and selling japtems.

The increase of the number of players since Weed left could be easily seen.

He knew that Royal Road’s bulletin board and various broadcasts from KMC and other stations helped Morata grew. To him, it felt like the increase of players was only a matter of time.

It even became difficult to remember the humble village that it once was and the stores grew larger about four to five times their original size.

Mapan explained it from his side.

"Because of the war in the Central continent, the city got a huge influx of newbie players. In Royal Road, a survey for newbie players about their most wanted place to start in showed that Morata is the favorite one.”

From the newbie’s point of view, the war over the Central Continent was shrouded in chaos, So they choose Morata over the other Kingdoms from the Central Continent.

Weed walked with his group to the gates, the newbies that were hunting foxes and rabbit stopped what they were doing. Their eyes became enlarged as they saw the group enter.

"That guy... No way, isn’t that bull Yellowy?"

Rather than knowing the major level players, they instantly recognised the famous muscular cow Yellowy!

Weed was not in Lich or Orc appearance but in his casual appearance even so he was caught out by the gate guards.

"It’s the Lord! Morata's lord is back!"

Newbie players gathered around and rumors spread throughout the squares. Merchants put away their business, dancers, bards and the architects that helped build Morata gathered, sculptor and painters converged around Weed too! Ten percent of the people that were gathered there were players that have been staying in Morata, and Weed did not have enough room to step around.

Players gathered around him just like when they would welcome back a hero.

"Weed, we want to hear your thoughts on what happened in Jigolath!"

"Tells us the story about the feud with the Hermes Guild!”

Weed's popularity far exceed that of a cult leader, even though they watched it in a broadcast they all wanted to hear directly from the source.

"Everyone is waiting for me to speak."

Weed thought for a quick second and used his Lion's Roar.

"I went! I fought! I earned!"

It was like the time when the Embinyu Church was beaten and an artificial form of alliance was created!

Among Morata players, Weed’s phrases were very famous.

Players shouted their congrats, as their hype died a little, he shouted with the Lion's Roar once again.

"I went! I fought! I earned so much money!


It was the peak of the frenzy and jubilation.

There were thousands of players congratulating his victory and the success of his quest success.

They wanted to become friendly with Weed. It was because they wanted to join in on his exciting adventures.

Weed withdrew himself into the lord’s residential office and begun his most important tasks. 

Counting money!

“If I add up the money made from Jigolaths, trade with the Mermaids and the selling of the quest I have 249,720 gold, 35 silver and 14 copper.”

Even though his income was savory, it was poor in the comparison with the the effort he had to make when he went around as a necromancer for a few months in Jigolaths. It was difficult because he was hunting and mining to obtain minerals to make equipments to sell.

 He wouldn't sell the Moon rocks and Malachite that he possessed because using valuable materials increases the quality of the sculptures and sculpting experience so while the minerals were processed, It was an excellent choice to stock up on medicine that he had used.

In Weed’s case using his sculpting skill he can make something simple and etch intricate details on it to make it worth more.

Perhaps a bowl or a ceramic would suffice, because of his high handicraft skill there would be some decent ones that came out.

If there was any Moon rock material leftover, he could make accessories to sell, making a savory profit margin.

"I wonder how much Morata has changed. Regional Status Window!"



A satisfied grin formed on Weed’s face.

During the time he was away at Jigolaths, tax income had increased significantly due to the increase in population!

In addition to the northern migrants that were roving around, there is an exponential increase in newbies.

“I really am a good judge of what inherent qualities something possesses.”

A good lord that knows how to gather large amount of population!

While the lord was away, houses and commercial buildings were built.

This is why setting up zones was very important. If it was left alone to do whatever they wanted, complex roads would have to be built, making movement for carriages difficult. But Weed, in advance, made several plazas and expanded the following areas around the main roads, keeping the side effects to a minimal.

In the city, Weed lived in a nice neighborhood. It was not in a city where he lived in an apartment that looked over Han River with a lake and a park. The city was spread out like a checkerboard and one can see off into the distance mountains.

In short, it was like living in his town!

In the early evening, the fire lights turned on brightly, he could see the night view of the city.

In the morning, as he ran through a long alleyways set with fog, as he delivered newspapers.

In the middle of winter, it was very difficult and dangerous to travel on the hilly streets.

Based on the experience he had gained through living in the hilly area, it was easier for him to grow and plan his city to make it better.

The placement of commercial area in the center with parks, plaza and residential areas surrounding it.

Later on private residential areas were made near the river.

Of course right now it was filled with the shantytown, but it wasn’t a big problem.

Weed was not aiming for the high level nor medium level but a lord that thought about the newbies.

“Newbies need to buy houses. So I can tax them later!”

In the beginning the newbie players will be satisfied with the shacks, as they level up more and have more money they will be interested in luxury houses. They will fall in love with their house in Morata and they will pay more taxes.

Weed did not think that the shantytown looked hideous.

The shantytown buildings next to the great sculpture looked charming.

“This is all for tax!”


If there is an increase in the amount of the tribes that can trade, they can trade for the development and technology. Commercial goods will also increase.

There is a definite possibility that job specific Quests can have variety of benefits.

In the future, cultural jobs will eventually be the best job to have.

Weed decided to begin the jobs that he had earlier decided to put off.

“Later, I should be able to raise taxes by three gold.”

He looked forward to raising taxes even more than hearing about the increase of newbie players.

As he waited patiently, enduring the short term tax break so that later, he could truly enjoy reaping the greater benefits by exploitation!

As thing stand, the Art Center fee, tax, trade tariffs and the property tax for houses is miserably low when compared to the Central Continent kingdoms.

“Lord’s Mode”

Function available to the Lord who rules over Morata.

‘Internal affairs mode’ Was designed to handle small scale things within a village, for example if residents needed infrastructure or goods such as pubs or cows he can build them and even establish necessary guilds.

In the early stages, the development the village needs to be watched over by the lord, now that Morata has become a big city. Architects are designing and building places that Weed would have otherwise had to build himself, the size of the city is increasing exponentially.

It’s difficult to make larger profit margins on buildings such as bars, restaurants, inns and grocery stores because of the competition in keeping prices down between players.

Up until now, Buildings could be built and make money as they would give a good return on investment, Presently the city of Morata the trade hub of the north and had a huge number of newbie merchants gathered there. Right now, rather than operating inns and bars, it was time to expanding mines and increase taxes in trading.

“But still, there are a lot of things that needs to be developed first.”

Weed was going to invest all his money into Morata.

The Art hall fee’s had generated a huge 210 thousand gold. Including his 1.7 million gold, Weed had accumulated a huge sum of money!

Weed first used his money on minor things.

“It seems that I need to plants some trees on the side of the road.”

Weed was being environmental friendly!

It didn’t seem to be a bad idea to plant trees as he was learning more about Nature Sculpting. 

If there were players with a Landscape Architecture profession in Morata, they could nurture the trees on the side of the road and gain experience that way, although such professions were very rare.

He invested 1,298 gold to plant trees!

“Trees need to grow diligently.”

He sprinkled cheap seeds on the side of the streets.

Apple trees, pear trees, grape vines and peach trees, he only picked trees that bear fruit!

Because the seeds were blessed by the Freya Order, the moment the scattered seeds hit the soil, it began to take roots and quickly grew.

Weed quickly made some orchards along the streets!

“I feel proud doing good deeds!”

Weed was satisfied on his contribution to the environment.

Since he became the lord, he aggressively invested in the agricultural area to make sure no one went hungry, as a result, Morata had a vast amount of food.

Together, Morata’s farmers and the Freya Order began to clearing the land, planting, growing and harvesting a variety of food such as strawberries, tomato, rice, wheat and sweet potatoes.

It was too far away and expensive to import food from the Central Continent in the other parts of the northern areas, due to monsters ambushing remote towns it was difficult to farm.

The farmers that gathered in Morata, celebrated a harvest festival with their crops.

The northern warriors also gathered to celebrate the festival.

Chefs would cook all kinds of delicacies that could be enjoyed, also the farmers competed against one another for the best crops.

If a harvest festival occurs, the city and surrounding villages will have an exponential increase in birth rate. Food production in Versailles Continent has a close connection to the birth rate, in turn it brings public trust and brings intimate connection between people.

Because it is rich in food production, Morata’s economy grew in size, and to some extent the security was able to safeguard it. Any crop failure due to drought or flood would produce a failure of crops and shortage of food, more people would slip into poverty and become homeless resulting in a decline in Morata’s public security.

“I should start making buildings now.”

Weed no longer bothered with minor buildings.

“Finally, I can start construction a great architecture…”

Creating a magnificent and striking architecture!

At the lord’s request, all the residents and the players will work together to build it.

It was bigger and grander than regular buildings, in fact many people with the architect profession have to come together to build it.

If you looked around in reality there are Parthenon, Chartres Cathedral, Notre Dame and the Lighthouse of Alexandria!

A huge structure can be built at the Lord’s command.

Construction funds were even directed to the astronomical construction, the construction period of a grand scale project is at least a couple of months, and because of that the Central Continent lords did not attempt to make them.

“Let’s decide what to start constructing.”

Even though Weed is a newbie in creating buildings, he could now create great buildings and he didn’t waste any time since he had enough funds to start.

“Even if its ambitious I'm going to see this through till the end.”

As he built and destroyed all the ice sculptures, he had many disappointments!

If someone waited for the perfect time for preparation one would not be able to do anything.

For some reason, if someones mind is concerned with failure then they could change their mind.

If he wanted to make it, it was better to do it sooner rather than later. Even if it’s rough and unrefined, it is best to make it now.

It would not make sense if the promise was to do it later!

“I need to put more effort into this now.”

There was little that Weed could do during the process of making monumental structures, so he had no choice but to leave it to the players.

To experience failures through trial and errors it can potentially become a great success.

“It’s not gonna be a failure anyway.”

As the lord, he had confidence in the players and the residents.

“If they fail, I am going to just raise the taxes.”

Weed had a strong desire to raise taxes!

He picked out two buildings that he wanted to make first.

Freya’s Cathedral!

And a vast Library for Morata!

Once the Freya’s Cathedral is completed, Freya Order of Paladins and Priests could formally take the 2nd tier job advancement.

They would not need travel far away to the Central Continent in order to do that.

“I can not send them away. They could even get a contract and be assigned there.”

There is a saying that if you let someone step outside, They may come back with a change of mind.

In addition the cathedral also had the added effect of enhancing the abilities of the Priest and Paladin classes.

The order can use the cathedral to keep cherished and sacred holy items. Also the building has other benefits as well.

The Freya’s Cathedral in the Central Continent empowered the people’s faith and prosperity.

Farmers can pray at the cathedral to bless  the surrounding area to ensure good crops and a better harvest, The cathedral could also be a powerful deterrent for the invasion of monsters by using the stationed paladins of the order.

Even towns or castles sometimes held one or two libraries. The development of knowledge is quintessential for any city, It could even help in the development of magical classes. 

When a request(quest) is in progress one would need to go to the Versailles Continent to research, even though it was even possible to find private monster’s stories out in the field.

But Weed was going to build a vast library!

In an hunting adventures, when get the Quest, there may be a clue on a phrase or a piece of paper, books, vases and other pebbles and a map and find most of time. 

These important items that involved them compared to their true value were quite precious, and majority of these items could be found cheaply in the general stores.

It was for building a vast library for the Versailles Continent books, the books could be displayed and can give clues about different hunts.

As people got a lead on their quests, the experience is shared equally with the original owner of the book. The region, the year and the different rank level of difficulty could be easily categorized.

There can be up to ten clues in five different case needs to be combined!

In the Northern Continent, many different unexplored areas were still has a lot of different monsters lurking around the frontiers hidden. In all other unexplored areas the areas surrounding could be safely explored. Building the vast library would unlock various quests on finding artifacts, and a great boom of hunting and adventures would happen.

In the Central Continents kingdoms, there were only a few cities that have a vast library.

“This should also raise the housing prices.”

A tax increase is his ultimate goal!

“Construction of Freya’s Cathedral and the Morata vast library!”

In Internal Affairs Mode, he built it next to the the Light square and the Bingryong square.

Instead in the plaza he built it on a vast land.



This was the first huge investment in nearly two months for Morata. 

It didn’t matter about the decision of the lord, if the resident and the players did not go through with the plan, the architecture would take a long time to complete or it would not be built at all.

The lord needs to have a foundation of confidence and support!

In Central Continent there are no trust between the residents and the players, because the lords only built things to help themselves and for their own image.

“Hurry up and just build it.”

Depending on the amount of players that will participate, the precise results would not be known in just one day.

Weed built simple buildings with the rest of his money.

There were five guard post on duty.

If they patrolled around a bit they could catch thieves. Security was required to build these buildings. If there was a sharp decline in security, the loyalty of the residents would drop and thieves would steal bit by bit the merchant’s items. If the security deteriorated, traders would wind up, avoiding the city.

Weed deployed plenty of security posts around the plaza and the shantytowns.

He also established a simple soup kitchen.

Every month, the operating cost for ingredients was formidable.

Money was needed for social service business!


Weed bit his lips to the point where his health dropped.

For high level players, they did not agonize over what they were going to eat.

The joy of traveling as they went around all over Versailles Continent to look for all sorts of tasty restaurants!

However during the time of being a newbie they are struggling to keep up with their equipment, so they often did not eat properly. Weed even ate barks and raspberries, but this did not always managed to maintain his sense of fullness.

He even became friendly with the training hall instructor by flattery just to get something to eat.

“During difficult times, I should help so that it stays in their memory forever.”

Just having the soup kitchen presence alone increased a lot the loyalty of the people. In Morata he wanted to at least prepare a minimal welfare system.

“All I need to give is food! Then they might work harder to give me back through taxes.”

The players needed to eat and grow well so that later he would be able to tax them regularly.

Welfare was also essential for economic growth.

- By the lord’s command, the great architecture Freya’s Cathedral is being built.

Participating residents will get a daily wage and city public service points will be granted.

- By the Lord’s command, a job for building a great library for Morata has been launched.

Participating residents will get a daily wage and public service points will be granted.

Merchants doing business in the squares whispered to one another.

“What is this Cathedral of Freya?”

“What is the lord building this time?”

While the merchants were talking they exchanged information.

Mapan was also conducting business in the square. He purchased vast amounts of weapons from the players and the residents and sold it to other northern towns.

Mapan explained the information from the bulletin to the people around it.

“The great architectural constructions need skill, art, culture and requires certain conditions to be built. It is quite a formidable large project.”

As a trader that was over level 300, he had traded in many places for goods and knew about a lot of things.

“The great architecture cost a lot of money and needs tens of thousands of manpower to do the work. It is something that can not be easily done.”

When Mapan explained, the merchants who came from the Central Continent nodded their heads from understanding.

“Ah. So that was it. I heard about it but isn’t it still premature to build it in Morata?”

“For Morata to be the center of trade for the North that brings a lot of money, I think it’s still to early for it.”

The merchants, for their trades, had traveled to many different kingdoms and villages.

As they traveled to many places they had never seen any amazing piece of architecture done by the lord’s instructions except here.

Doing the construction takes a few months and a lot of money was needed.

“The Cathedral and the Vast Library. Just doing one is very difficult but to build both, the lord is very greedy.”

“Just because he’s a lord, he needs to understand that everything will not just go his way. It is completely different than just hunting high level monster, getting quests, or getting a piece of land.”

“That’s exactly what I mean.”

Central Continent’s merchants were mocking at him this time.

The players in the Bingryong Square that were looking for parties to go hunting suddenly stopped shouting. They all came to an agreement.

“Let’s go do the hunting next time.”

“If there is time to do the quest let’s do it later.”

“Alright guys thanks.”

The players all ran towards the site of the construction of the Cathedral and the Vast Library.

“Come on, let’s Go!

“Let’s get to work. Work.”

“It’s the construction project.”

“I’m going to do it first.”

The enlisted men looked at the guide and started digging, they also went to the Lord’s warehouse to get supplies. The players were moving like an mobilized army.

“Let’s go cut some trees.”


The merchants experienced something that doesn’t happen often.

Axes and many other items ended up selling out in a flash.

Players flocked through the merchants stalls buying up axes.

Hand axes and anything that was appropriate to cut down trees were sold quickly.

Players who purchased axes sprinted towards the nearby woods.

“Let’s go gather a lot of trees!”

Going deep into the forests in the mountains, they could find good trees that could be used for building materials.

They removed the branches and hauled it back whole.

There were six people hauling one tree back to Morata.

Merchants that were selling nails, hammers, saw and any necessary things were quickly without merchandise.

Pavo heard the news and quickly came running over.

Since the construction of the Art Center, his name was well known as the best architect in the north and he was overseeing many construction sites.

He built villas, roads and bridges that connected to another town!

As he heard the news from his friend in Morata, he quickly ran over.

“Is this the workplace?”

Pavo and the 35 other architectures that worked together with him checked around the scene. 

An estimate of more than 500 people were digging holes with spades.

The ground was flat, so digging was done in an instant.

“The foundation is pretty good!”

“Upon completion, it will overlook the surrounding area. Let’s start working right away.”

The architects got together and immediately started the design work.

For them, building a Cathedral and a Vast Library was a golden opportunity!

Architects order’s were the law in the construction site.

The general players were not the only ones that committed to the construction site.

“This is our lord’s command.”

“Let’s go build the library!”

Even Morata’s resident’s came out of their homes and started to carry dirts and stones.

“Gather together and build the Cathedral using art!”

Many Sculptors who were sitting down on the ground and painters who were painting on the walls all ran towards them.

After the Morata Art hall was constructed, they made a considerable amount of money.

In the Cathedral or the Vast Library, they would need a lot of artwork.

By default there would be decorations of artwork praising the Goddess Freya!

Walls, ceiling, floor sculptures and painting that are ranging with different art of their own desires!

In Morata different kind of art were mobilized.

“It is Weed’s large request.”

“Come and attend. You will be able to eat grass porridge.”

Morata is well known for the Largest group called Grass porridge.

Vast majority was made of newbies, but they all have an extraordinary bond.

It was created by the girl named Lemon, who carried stones to build the Rosenheim Kingdoms Pyramid, and the many players in Morata that worked together with Weed. 

They even help to move stones to create the lake of the Statue of Goddess Freya.

They were able to get a lot of public value with the villagers giving them closer intimacy, this allowed them to get a lot of quests, which made life more enjoyable at Morata.

Morata’s performance will be different compared to other towns when this is done.

Even though the city was poor and insufficient, with the players and the residents working together hand in hand, it was possible to quickly drew up a plan and to build it.

A large construction project that has been mobilized and the players with warrior classes waited impatiently for Weed to make it!

Even after the clamouring ended, just in case, the players hanged around excitedly, waiting for Weed to start cooking.

“We have a job!”

“Let’s go to work.”

When the construction began, in the distance, the players hurriedly ran towards the construction site yelling in excitement.

“Weed set up a soup kitchen!”



The day Weed arrived back at Morata it became a big festival.

After a long time, he came back from his travels, they voluntarily brought things to the lord, because the people’s level of loyalty and intimacy were high.

“I brought fruit for the Lord.”

- The fruit merchant brought actual apples, pears and pomegranate.

“I would like to give you this Sword to you, Lord. If a monster invades please use it to protect Morata.”

- 35 points were gained with the weapon store owner who gave him a long sword.

As the migrants wandered aimlessly around the north, they had finally settled down and delivered their thanks to the Lord.

Weed held on to their warm hands.

“You don’t have to do this...I am just a person who live in Morata. But I shall make Morata an even better place and be the first to do it. Thank you. I will not forget this.”

He did not refuse the items.

He shook his hand because it encourages the man to work even harder in the future.

He had learnt this method on TV by watching the politicians shake their hands with the warriors!

"If there's anything you need, please tell me at any time. You can tell me now, we are like a family.”

“There are a lot of people here who need weapons but I am in short supply of iron.”

The blacksmith that was wearing two piece of armor that requires level 150 asked him.


Occurrence of a quest!

As Weed came back to Morata, he went to the River of Despair through a mobile portal.

It was a quest that was related to the Matallost Order, and he had one spare quest space, so he took on the Blacksmith Request.

“But my Lord, you are very busy and famous, and it is not something you should worry about.”

As his fame was high, it was a quest that did not have any penalties.

If there were such quests stories, there were always an exception.

“What are you talking about? If there is such a job, the Lord will definitely help you out.”

- You have accepted the quest.

Weed from his knapsack took out iron ore and gave it to him.

“Here you go.”

“Thank you very much Lord. With this I am able to get through the orders.”

“I had made preparation on iron ore in case of something like this happened, and it's a relief that I have some.”

“I know this isn’t much but I’ll go home and bring you an armor that I have made.”

The farmers also came and told him about their problems.

“My Lord, I know this is a difficult request, I heard stories that you have came back from Jigolaths. I heard there is something like a Sol Reaper flower there. I would like to try planting some of it, would it be possible for me to acquire some? Later, when it grows, I will pay you back.”

“I have it, so I’ll give it to you.”

Weed kept analyzing through the bullet board for information on Morata’s quests. Even though it was a common quest, he was able to receive good intimacy and fame in compensation.

For someone like Weed, who has high fame, it was a rare sight to see him do small quests. If he wanted to receive more loyalty from his people, he needed to do these kind of quests.

Even though he was a lord, the additional compensation in loyalty was small, but it was still a savory quest.

Items from other residents, japtems gotten in Jigolaths, and fishing while sailing, permitted him to acquire foreign goods. Due to these items, he was able to complete quests on the spot..

While he went on adventure through the unknown land, the quest so far that has not been completed in Morata were quickly resolved by him.

If there was a chain quest, even if Weed did not go further with the quest, other players were able to finish it.

“I am trying to turn a barren land fertile but I am in need some money. Would you be able to invest in me?”

He even proceeded with the quests where the crop could be shared with the Lord.

He immediately achieved the quest by giving them money, only during harvest the result could be seen for the crops.

“I need you to do your best so that the people of Morata will be able to have food to eat.”

Weed even welcomed those quests.

The farming was very likely to succeed because Freya’s Order resided in Morata.

There wasn’t any monsters that came and devastated the area, thanks to the player increase, the damaged has receded.

“Thank you very much. I will never forget your kindness, belief you gave me, and the money you have invested in me Lord.”

- The resident’s in Morata has increased in loyalty to the lord.

Weed who acquires quests through people trust!

For a long time the Lord has not taken his position, there were a lot of quests related to the Lord.

“I feel uneasy during the night because of no security. Would you be able to invest in a little bit of security?”

“At night we will catch the thieves, and I will increase the number of soldiers.”

Weed stationed lookouts and guards around the buildings, this was also a part of a quest.

As he broke apart from the party, he did his quests that were back up and it soon became night.

As it became night, the Lord’s castle venue that looked over the city was brightly lit with fire.

When Weed came back, a festival stated, stating that the lord was back, enormous amount of players came to town.

The players that were scattered through the nearby hunting grounds also came back to enjoy the festival.

A large scale performance began, he could hear the amused audience laughing.

“It’s not such a bad thing seeing people happy.”

Protecting the residents, city construction, economic, quests and a lord that has absolute authority in military.

After he came back to Morata, he really felt like he was ruling the land.

“This is all mine.”

Chapter 3 - Teuresec’s Horn that signals Victory 

The festival took place near the statues, the squares, and the Tower of Light.

Newbie elemental shamans were running around dragging their contracted Dirt men, Fiery Pebbles, Wind spirits, and Water spirits.

“The water spirits are performing right now. Anybody who wants to be doused with refreshing water please come and join us.”

“Musicians who can only be found in Morata are performing! They will start in 10 minutes.” 

The streets were filled with musicians and dancers performing together.

The Merchants’ businesses were thriving, and even the players that came back from their hunt opened stalls and were selling their Japtem.

Hwaryeong and Bellot chewed on sweet grass as they toured the festival.

They could have become very popular if they performed together as a dancer and a bard, but they did not.

They wanted to play and relax instead, after working for a long time.

“This is really beautiful.”

“Eunnee, It looks really good on you.”

( Eunnee- Its a formal way when a female calls another older female sister. Regardless of blood relation.)

They were fired up about shopping.

It wasn’t just Hwaryeong and Bellot but other players too, as they traveled around the market square they were fired up buying things.

“Those are some cute furry shoes!”

“Weed makes a lot of cute shoes. Why didn’t you buy it from him earlier?”

“I didn’t want to be seen as a shopping addict.”


Hwaryeong’s house is 120 square meters. Her master bedroom was extremely large and gathered in it were a lot of shoes.

“Eunnee, If Weed told you not to buy shoes will you stop buying it?”

Hwaryeong’s face turned white.

She wouldn’t be happy if she was to only wear sandals and sneakers for the rest of her life.

“I’ll….do what Weed wants.”


“Yes. Instead I can buy purses!”



“The night view is quite pretty isn’t it?”

“Try eating this for me. I just bought this.”

“You eat it first. I’ll feed it to you.”

Pale and Maylon were sitting on a rock near the Tower of Light. 

They were doing lovey-dovey stuff while enjoying Morata’s night view!

There were crowds of other couples sitting together around them as well.

In Morata this area has the best atmosphere, and a good view so it is visited by many couples.

It was an area where singles could not possibly enter.

There were a few hundred pairs of couples sitting on the rocks under the moonlight.

A sculptor, who clearly did not have a girlfriend, was among them. Sculpting a large chicken from memory.

“The wind is making me cold.”

There were couples that could have went back to the city, but they were the type of couples that would still bare the cold.

Then the man will ask.

“Would you like to share my cloak?”

The couples shared their cloaks and the cozy atmosphere together. 

There were many cases where couples would go hunting and adventuring together.

“Old man, by doing this don’t you feel like we’ve gotten younger?”

“Ahem! Well, It’s okay.”

It wasn’t an unusual sight to see old couples being intimate as well.

In Royal Road, people were able to feel as if they were young again and fully enjoyed the experience.


“We sell anything. We are willing to trade. Come over and check out our specialities from the sea. You may even find some items leading to quest or items needed for your quest. Looking is free! There are many precious things and by browsing through it for long periods of time you might even get to earn some money. Mapan’s store is now open and ready for business!”

Mapan traded with the mermaids and received special products from the sea such as corals, seaweeds, pearls, and glimmering fish scales that he was selling now.

Since Mapan has been selling in Morata from the beginning he had a lot of regular customers.

“Excuse me, Is it possible for you to cut the price a little?”

Female players who wanted the pretty sparkling pearls tried to get deals.

However Mapan shook his head and did not give them any chance to lower the price.

“No, I can not. It is because of the low supply.”

Even then he slily glanced at them and said, “I’ll lower it down by two gold.”

“Kyaaaah. Thank you!”

The female players who bought the items asked, “when will you be selling again?”

“Right now I’m not so sure. But please stop by, we handle anything from protective equipments to weapons.”

“Can I register you as a friend?”

“Of course.”

Mapan thought these were the best moments for him. This was the time to build friendship with other players.

From beginners to high level players, extensively meeting with others. Even as the Merchant profession, it was rare to meet so many people.

The money that Mapan earned was continually invested into his trade and shops.


“Hey, do you have a party?”

Zephyr was constantly asked this by women.

He was in a square where a lot of lonely women sat and gathered together. 

Zephyr told them sadly.

“I… have a party.”

“If you have time later. My name is Elaine…” 

“I am sorry. I have someone waiting for me.”

Still, Zephyr was having a good time at the festival of Morata. The streets were full, it was bustling due to the festival! But Yurin, who he liked, was not there with him.

She had cold-heartedly refused to visit and was traveling around the world using Picture Teleportation.

At the cost of his pride, Zephyr pulled up the whisper window and contacted her first.

- When will you be back?

- There’s still a lot of sightseeing to do.

- Do you have time tomorrow?

- I’m hanging out with two of my friends tomorrow.

- How about the day after?

- Sorry, I will be busy drawing. 

- Will I be able to see you this week?

- I can’t promise you as I’m busy...when I have the time I’ll tell you.

After that he didn’t hear anything from her.

Obviously, Yurin used her Picture Teleportation to travel the Northern towns, but also after that she went to Rosenheim Kingdom, Brent Kingdom, Central Continent's biggest cities and towns, and drew in Tiananmen Square’s making friends doing easy requests. If Zephyr saw the requests he would have scoffed at it.

The quests involved getting Kobold’s toy figures or getting poisonous serpent teeth.

But with a level difference of 20, she gave the requests to other people. 

Even if he was to do something great, they couldn’t share with each other what mattered the most.

“Ahhh, without Yurin here the festival feels boring.”

Zephyr watched as the crowd dissolved into the festival.

Having given his heart away to Yurin, his feelings had grown so large that he easily became embarrassed and it made him tremble.


“Huck huck(sobbing), will she not be coming back?”

There was one more person who fell head over heels over her.

The artist who hung many paintings, Petrov!

Reflection of an elf in the creek(stream or river).

Evil spirits scouring the land.

The view of the stars in the night.

A Young crazy orc.

Petrov expressed these magnificent and mysterious landscapes by using warm colors.

They were all either Masterpieces or Magnum Opus works!

He made his paintings with colorful expression which clearly showed an unique story that would make other painters jealous.

When Petrov showed his drawings to Yurin.

“How did you draw the elf in the stream?”

“When I was invited to go to the elf village, there was an elf girl who asked me to draw a picture of her.”

Yurin admired the painting of the elves that were running around freely between the trees.

Petrov was very familiar with the Elf and Fairy tribes. When he visited villages, he painted and gave some away, and the others he kept for himself as his own collection. 

“The night view with the stars is very pretty. I have never thought to draw something like this before.

“As a child while I looked at the stars, I dreamt about moving them into the canvas. It would be very hard to just think about moving it, but when I painted it I had a really fun time.”

There are a total of 10 paintings in the Stellar Night Views series, they were pieces of art that express the exotic night.

The stars high up in the sky even had expressions. As the stars grouped together into constellation they even expressed themselves as monsters.

There were many different star images like the boy who looks at the stars, the women, the priest, and the magician. 

An young boy looking up while working at the rice field, a young boy who climbed a tree on a hill that look down towards the ground and a young man who was fixing something in the stable looked up towards the sky for a brief moment. The girl who woke up early at dawn to make rice for her family looked out the window, and the swordsman who was training in the castle was tired and laid on the ground looking up towards the sky.

When expressing a thief, he was sitting on a person’s home wall and looking up towards the sky!

Petrov’s small work of art were not negligent, it had composition, volume, and it also stood out.

Until this point Yurin’s atmosphere was bright and cheerful.

“I have drawn a lot so please take your time looking at them.”

“Do you have more?”

“That’s correct. I haven’t even showed you one third of my work.”

Petrov couldn’t stop himself from talking every time Yurin admired his work.

Everytime he heard her voice praising him, he felt like he was flying away into the clouds!

He even talked about the art that has not even been released, but he did not think it was a waste.

-Art stat has increased by 21 for appreciating a Magnum Opus painting.

-Your art skill and proficiency has risen.

-Wisdom and Knowledge status has risen by 2.

Whenever Yurin listened to him talking about different things a lot of her art stats increased.

For Petrov it wasn’t just the drawings he drew, he also obtained them through requests and had a large amount of art collected, his illustration skill level was to the point of being over two level higher.

“This picture has quite a good feeling to it. Did you make it with purchased paint, or did you make it yourself?”

“I have things that I made, and I also have things that I have purchased at the art store. I have also made homemade paint that are still kept fresh, and the color is still maintained for a longer period of time. But because you need to do it a lot I don’t recommend it for you miss.”

As Yurin looked at the pictures, she started to want to go to the land of high Seas.

“You have quite a skill in art, it’s pretty good.”

“These are my drawings. There are a lot of things that I drew like the elves, spirits, and the people and You are the first one to see them.”

“How were you able to get to their place?”

“There are pictures drawn about spirits. I used picture teleportation to travel there. At first, they avoided me because I was human, but now whenever they see me, they ask to be drawn.”

Using the picture teleportation by traveling through dimension, he was able to do quests and act as intermediaries.

He tried to keep as much secrets as possible, but Petrov told Yurin without any restriction.

“I thought only sculptures were able to get it so I didn’t know that painting could also get Magnum Opus. This is my first time ever knowing about this.”

“In art, painters and sculptors are often compared to each other. Even though there are a special connection to one another when sculpting, but in drawing you can capture everything. In this piece it includes a majestic sunrise, an aesthetic of odd colors, and you will be able to draw nature pictures of magnificent beauty. Nothing is impossible in art.“

Yurin was curious and asked him a question.

“You have done many great works but Petrov, I have not ever heard your name at the painter guild.”

In Weed’s case it wasn’t just in the Sculptor guild, but if you were a player in Royal Road you knew about them.

But no one had heard of Petrov’s name before. 

Even if he did not do many quests, if one had excellent command over painting normally majority of their work will become famous.

“When I was offered quests, I did not like the rowdiness so I did not give my name. When I finished the quest as an anonymous my picture’s fame will become relatively low, if I normally gave my name Petrov, it would be known throughout the Versailles Continent.”

Petrov was hiding in Jeongnyeong and he was the most outstanding painter.

[T/N: Jeongnyeong: Spirit world(Castle inside a painting)]

His extraordinary work was only known by the nymphs, and his works were equally outstanding.

“The painting is such a waste, are you going to continue painting under a different name?”

Petrov laughed and was embarrassed.

“There are a couple plain ones that are left.”

“Which one is it?”

“Well… the paintings become the best in the world. It’s a burden to become famous. My goal right now is to show the strength of an artist at this time.” 

“Then what do you think of the Sculptor Weed of the High Seas? Sculptor Weed is already making sculpting famous right now.”

Petrov did not know that Yurin was Weed’s little sister and he truthfully replied.

“I have never seen Weed as a competitor. Drawing is so much better than sculpting. He seems to think that he is getting all the respect right now, but if I were to make my presence known right now to the world, he would be humiliated.” 

After that Petrov was not able to meet Yurin again.

On one side of St. George's Castle’s wall Yurin left a graffiti. 

Petrov is an idiot. A dog.


Even during the festival in Morata Weed did not play around.

“During the festival it’s a must to do food business.”

Foods made for special occasion sold well and it was also a good way to increase the skill proficiency.

It won’t matter even if he overcharges them!

Cooking skill is intermediate level 8! He had about 4.3% left for it become level 9.

“I need to quickly raise my cooking skill to advanced.”

Even when hunting, people made and ate three meals a day diligently.

Cooking is regularly utilized and is very useful, not only will his skill proficiency increases, but his food will taste good and it also increased stats.

Sewing, forging, fishing, sculpting, fencing(sword skill), herbal medicine, bandages.

There were many areas he had encompassed.

If one were to acquire advanced cooking skill, the intimacy with soldiers and the local people(NPC) would be easier to obtain.

What’s amazing was he would be able to make a tasty soup from two anchovies and three pieces of seafood.

When Weed was returning from Jigolaths, he caught squids and anchovies and made it into fish sauce, thanks to the food that he had fermented, he was able to complete various dishes.

Sooner or later he had to raise to advanced in cooking skill. 

“Fresh seafood house. If there is anyone who wants a taste of the sea, please come this way.”

Weed only cooked the fish and other seafood because it was easily perishable. 

There aren’t really that many Morata player that go fishing to the remote seaside, this allowed him to properly sell different variety of seafood.

“Please get in line for whale, tuna, and sharks because it will be gone soon. If all three of these fishes is gone, please do not worry. There are other menu like the giant squid slice that are ready.”

Weed was able to make spectacular moves with his sword and slice the flesh of the whale.

The ability to focus on cooking, and the talent to concentrate on cutting them with the sword into sashimi. 

“I should make it thin. That way, it would look like there is a lot....and I can make more money!”

Even when Weed was boiling spicy stew pot, there was a difference in Weed’s cooking compared with others.

If other cooks were cooking in the same pot, they would make about eight servings, while Weed can make ten servings!

Once again, he used plenty of inexpensive vegetable and accurately distributing bones, head, and tails 

He did not waste anything even dishing out the last cold serving, made him popular. 

Since the hunting trip at the Lair of Litvart where he cooked food for the soldiers, set him apart, by dishing out 20 servings by the time it takes other cooks to do 10 servings. 

“This looks amazing. Will you cook and make shark sashimi?”

“What does it taste like? Will it rise our stats by a lot?”

The mere rumors of Weed, who appeared several times on TV, made customers gather around him like clouds! 

“If both of us eat it together it’ll taste amazing.”

“Shhh, I am cutting up large squid tentacles right now.”

All of Weed’s cooking at the High Seas were posted on the internet through video, and pictures were edited for the players to stimulate their appetites. It made people want to try eating them.

Weed was able to exploit them more easily.

“How will I be able to cook something this good?”

When young newbie cooks asked questions, Weed gathered them around and answered while cooking spicy fish soup. 

“Use fresh ingredients and clean water, and be conscious of your seasoning that you make yourself.”

The people who ate sashimi loved the taste so they ate it quickly, and since there were a lot of people that wanted more, scorched rice and stew broth were offered as extra service!

If they drink just the soup, their mouth became scalded, then they would drink fruit liquor, with no other choice, they would order sashimi.

This was the 2nd and 3rd time where Weed slily outdone them!

“As you usually drink crab soup, it includes baby clam soup! For your information there are less toxin in this puffer fish. There is a chance that if you eat it you could die, it’s only being sold to people who have resistance to poison and high health, we are not responsible for your actions.” 

When Weed’s intermediate cooking skill is level 8. He was able to sell high quality cooking. A vast amount of menu of seafood cooking!

It’s not because of the guest, it was because of his return from Jigolaths in catching fish. 


“Finally, I reached level 9.”

Weed's cooking tent was always full with no available seats. The festival restaurants were always busy and crowded.

While simmering the soup, he also made sculptures in the brief moments he had in between.

If you have something interesting to watch while you're having your meal, there is a feeling that it will taste even better!

While cooking, he collected the leftover shells and used them to make a large crab sculpture.

“I would like three servings please!”

“Would they be mixing the food for us as well?”

Making menus relevant to the sculptures became popular! 

Crab soup with crab chowder, with some gratings from its shell, together with fried rice, made the perfect one course meal.

Spreading around that irresistible aroma that made everyone wait in the long line.

“There quite a bit of Adventurers now.”

Players of Royal Road all saw the advertisements on the bulletin board, and widely known Adventurers have joined in as well.

Many Adventurers came to explore the Northern continent. These players had deep pockets and would spend so much money eating and enjoying the cooking of the famous player.

"There are still many dungeons that the players didn't know about in the northern continent. We are many parties gathered together and have collected considerable amount of information."


Adventurer’s offered themselves up to Weed.

"Do you want to go together and explore Pareubek Valley? I like hunting and my top priority at the moment is to use the weapons from the warriors in the high seas."

"From your time in the High Seas, have you heard about Count Valdez's tomb? Right now only formidable warriors can face the equally formidable monsters coming out from that den. The emerging monsters' levels average is 400. We know that Weed-nim's strength can handle this, but when combined with ours, it will raise our success chance even more."

Weed's video of his legendary expeditions were broadcasted in the Internet and were seen by millions viewers.

The broadcasts became famous and gave plentiful proceeds every time, there were so many skillful Adventurers that he would decline the proposal without hesitation, he saw the potential harm it would cause.

Even for Weed, there weren’t many bad offers from joining others. There were other players that had the ability to come to the Northern continents adventures and those with the experiences too. It was also a good place to make parties, there were plenty of hunting and exploration. 

They tried to seduce Weed by proposing to give him warrior gear.

“Adventuring can be dangerous so I don’t trust it.”

There were also reputable parties asking him. They said that the hunting will become pretty fast with Weed and even he wanted to join with them. 

However right now Weed’s situation was not that good.

It was because of the quest associated to the Immortal legion.

Adventurers and warriors were sniffing around with outstretched hand due to temptation of the food.

There were two people who heard that Weed came back and quickly rushed towards him.

Mandal and his wife.

He gave the 1 copper request, to whom Weed made the dolls as a remembrance of the life of the young girl and many interested parties arrived from everywhere to look to at them.

“Weed you are back.”

Mandal grabbed Weed’s hand.

Weed saw the furry gloved hand grabbing him and saw a bright smiling face.

He enthusiastically smiled back.

Of course, this is because he had already noticed Mandal the warrior running over wearing sparkling mithril boots.

“You haven’t forgotten."

Not only were mithril boots hard to come by, in order to improve agility enough to make it, the blacksmith must be really skillful. Making weapons would have been simpler, as not even a general would have found it easy to get his hands on mithril boots.

It was an expensive and rare item.

Weed carefully asked him.

“What did you think of my work.”

Weed had put all his efforts into fulfilling Mandal’s request to make the dolls. For other quests, it would have been okay if he failed and just tried again, but this time he could not do that, so he put all his attention into making it.

Mandal gave him a thumbs up.

“It was the best. It exceeded my expectations even though it was only a 1 copper request. I really did not know you would put this much effort into it. My wife also....really liked it as well.” 

His wife Delphina slightly bowed her head in greeting.


“Those people requested the sculpture.”

The customers that had lined up waiting for the art center door to open already knew about the story.

The Lord of Morata made the sculptures for the sake of a couple!

People were doubtful whether this was a scam or not, but parties came forward themselves.

“If it were someone else, they would have been crazy for money, but you only asked 1 copper and made a Magnum Opus art piece?”

“But I am not handing over ownership of it.” (Weed)

“Regardless….If it was me I wouldn’t be able to do it.”

“If you think about it our city is really nice. It even cares about the newbies.”

“If you look at the shacks and all the other things, this really seems like a good place.”

Weed did not personally get the ball rolling.

“I tried really hard, but despite my efforts I was not skilled enough so I apologize.”

“That is not true, we are really thankful”

“Still I apologize for making you come all the way here.”

Truthfully, Weed did that with other things in mind.

Normally once the sculpture job is done he just need to send it to them!

But since Versailles Continent is huge, you never know when you can meet someone again.

In addition to making the surroundings of the artwork perfect, in order to receive the request fee, he needed to make them come.

Delphi brightly smiled and talked. She is a very kind and gracious woman.

“Since we came to Morata a lot of good things have happened. Take a look at this.”

Delphi handed him a small quail looking egg.

Weed received it and checked it out.


Since the mysterious fairy fountain was installed at the castle, fairies flew around every night.

Mandal and Delphina had become friendly with them by giving gifts and food and received the egg in turn.

Weed gave the egg back carefully.

“It’s a very difficult thing to get, congratulations.”

The number of players that had obtained fairy’s eggs were even below 20. 

Weed couldn’t just ask them to give this item to him for their request.

To the Mandal and Delphina couple, the fairy will of course not feel like their real child. However, as they take care of the fairy, if their wounds could heal even a little bit, it would be good.

They will be able to decide the problem at hands Amongst themselves, in reality even if they are not its birth parent, they can adopt it and raise it as their own.

Mandal took out money from his pocket.

“Here is the 1 Copper as per the commission.”

For a split second Weed’s face turned blue to the point of wanting to beat up Torido.

“Thank you. I have received your request fee.”

Weed hand trembled as he accepted the 1 copper.

A rule to watch as he received the money. The promised amount of money that he asked for and he could not ask for more money because there were too many watching eyes.

However, for Mandal this was not the only reward.

“Weed I’ve got an item you could use. This is really worth two small castles, please accept it.”

A legendary horn that announces victory, The Teuresec’s Horn.

Weed gulped.

It was an item that knights and nobles were searching for with eyes ablaze.

It was so rare that on the item trading website, people even tried selling fakes--that famous item!

To call to attention, to educate the soldiers to a higher standard, it was to the point where people feigned hearing someone calling out their.

“What do you see me as….I didn’t come and seek for such a reward.”

Mandal said with his earnest tone, if he didn’t give him something in return it would have been as if he didn’t have any manners. It seemed evident to him that he might have seen Mandal having a bit of doubt so he slightly refused.

“I couldn’t think of anyone else but Weed to have this. Please accept this.”

“Huh, oh dear me. I couldn’t just refuse them…”

Weed gave him an awkward frowning face as he stretched out his hand towards him.

Mandal understood what it meant, so he gave the horn to him with palms up. 


Weed’s mouth smiled widely as he talked.

“When the fairy is born...I shall make her some clothes.”

He received a precious treasured horn, so he wanted to make her clothes, it doesn’t cost much to make a pair of baby clothes.

It’s a necessity to be more friendly and close with players like Mandal!

“It’s seems like you are a generous thief with loose ends. It’s true what people say that you should not judge a person just by their looks….! Not only did he have a rough face, he was vicious to the core.”

Having emotionally received the reward, more than anything, he couldn’t help but be proud.

He was as happy as a warrior who had trained his swordsmanship skill and killed the monster he couldn’t before.

When they looked up,  Pale who was eating the food at the restaurant, with Maylon, Hwaryeong, and other party members, saw a new side to Weed.

The stares that the others gave him made Weed’s facial expression contort with satisfaction.


Hermes Guild headquarters. 

“The application for the Agolta region is over.”

“After applying for the occupation at Anaborasmaul we are checking the damage on the buildings.”

Hermes Guild recent performance of taking over by force the Haven Kingdom.

Everyone knew that they were strong, Hermes Guild was extremely strong beyond imagination. If one were to compare their level throughout the Versailles Continent, Hermes Guild will be at the top among the rare few who are up there.

New powerhouses above level 400 appeared one after, another leading trained knights and soldiers into magic battles, defeating the armies of other lords and nobles and then putting their flags on the conquered territories.

Hermes Guild’s sphere of influence was increasing daily, as their symbolic yellow flags went across the other kingdoms conquering them.

“I’d like to apply to join Hermes Guild, are there any requirements?”

“Would we as the whole guild be able to switch the whole thing around??”

Thousands of really strong players with levels of at least 200 were attracted to Hermes Guild and knocked on their door every day.

In Haven kingdom, at the branches in the castles and cities there were long lines of players who wanted to apply for membership from early in the morning. Well armored mercenaries, anti-magicians, and other medium sized guilds were the only things that could keep the anti-Hermes guild coalition away.

The Hermes Guild and the anti-Hermes guild coalition were the two major forces in the Haven Kingdoms and through war, both of their forces became stronger.

The thousands of scattered guilds reorganized and split their strength into either side but whenever the Anti-Hermes guild coalition would send out their armies their warriors would have a series of victories!

Due to the repeated defeats despite the late deployment of more troops and high level players, at this moment the state of Hermes Guild’s honour had a major collapse.

Now the final divisions were taking place before them.

“We do not have long until we annex the Haven Kingdom.”

Raphael and the governing body of the guild had a constant meeting.

The warriors would check the situation every hour and respond immediately. Though Bard Ray was the real leader of Hermes Guild, he did not want others to know yet. He could have at least served as a warrior but he was bent on hunting.

“What about Frieg province? The player called Gusweneb who shows us a lot of hate on the high seas is its lord, right?”

“They refused to surrender. They said they would not recognise the jurisdiction of the Hermes Guild.”

“And the nearest troops are?”

“A group of journalist and 2 legions a day away from Teperon.”

“Wipe them out. Show them the meaning of fear, tell the Warriors that we will not accept surrender.”

If a lord surrendered to the Hermes Guild they would be undamaged, if they did not surrender they would be completely trampled. They would destroy everything on their land and the revived players in the Haven Kingdom would be kicked out.

They would show by example on why they should surrender by swinging a weapon called fear. Players were trapped by the strength of the Hermes Guild.

“Now only the capital needs to be captured.”

The king, his royal family and the elite were all in the capital.

Hermes Guild’s warriors needs to crush Haven Kingdoms by their own hands. But they did not have to worry about the cost of the life and death struggle. 

It was something the warriors prepared long in advance, and the balance of strength was tipped towards Hermes Guild.

In Haven Kingdom, Hermes Guilds warriors had demonstrated their force.

This time it was not due to the warrior in United Supremacy that made it happen, but it was all planned out from the beginning.

When the Hermes guild rose as the biggest force in the Haven Kingdom, Raphael felt nervous.

Inside the Kingdom, there were many forces that did not acknowledge the power of Hermes Guild.

In Central Continent, compared to Hermes, there were other prestigious guild no less in size furiously guarded.

Also the fund for the base dropped to the ground and inside the guilds, the core players were also exhausted. Hermes Guild who were not properly put together needed to give duties to their members.

Of the guilds that manipulated and held them together from the darkness, half of them were Hermes Guild included in the founding of the Union.

The two competing forces were endlessly racing with each other to create a foundation in Haven Kingdom by recruiting players.

They had to give up some territories when the Anti-Hermes Coalition was founded, but it did not cause any visible damage.

In the darkness they joined the guilds and the players, those who had hostility towards the internal affairs of the Hermes guilds were gathered up and divided. 

Currently, the fights took place in the Haven’s Kingdom were according to Hermes Guild's plan 

"As you can see… Once we have full control of Haven Kingdom, we will have to do the coronation ceremony. How are the preparations for that?"

"Everything is going smoothly. We will occupy the city in three days."

Raphael was thinking Haven Kingdom was already his.

Half of Hermes guild already decided on the union.

The guilds who knew about the plot were absorbed into submission, and they accepted those who had a special agreement in secret.

To take control of the capital, the union of the guild would fight one large scale battle and destroy them.

If Hermes Guild showed their difference of strength then the Union would surely be torn down.

As Hermes Guild nurture and follow this scenario, they had enormous power and influence.

They have secured vast amount of territory that other prestigious guilds could not follow, they even made warrior troops.

“But Weed is in the High Seas...are we going to leave him standing?”

One of the governing member suggested this.

The current Hermes guild strength and influence was the greatest. In every part of Royal Road they were scared or envious of Hermes guild.

Every time they had their own story to talk about.

-Weed broke away?

-That’s pretty useful. But it might not be good for Weed.

Even when Hermes Guild had not barred their teeth at Weed, comparatively it was not an objective to considered now. Right now their level was not worth mentioning.

Still the Hermes Guild’s honor has been damaged, and the parties had taken great offense to it.

“We can not leave Weed like this. He could get really big and it’s best to stamp him out.”

“As Hermes, we need to show the people that we can easily kill Weed.”

Everyone who were in the top brass had something to say.

Drinpelt and his fleet were originally from the sea.

There were less players who went to sea, even when they were on land they had a lot of disadvantage on land and when fighting they took a lot of damages.

The powerful Hermes Guild sent ground troops for revenge against Weed to capture him. But at that time they went off shore.

They couldn’t show off their strength properly and lost in which it shook up Hermes Guild’s pride.

“We need to catch Weed.”

“We need to show everyone in Versailles Continent that he is not an hero or the God of War with undeniable proof.”

The core leaders group decided to accept Raphael’s decision.

Bard Ray didn’t tell the others about his personal grudge against Weed.

Bard Ray had sent Drinpelt and Griffith to kill Weed, the fact that he hated Weed was apparent!

Raphael walked around the conference room.

“Then who should we send?”

After occupying Haven Kingdom with other Kingdom’s elite guild’s warriors they need to continue, but now, only a fixed amount of warriors remained.

Unlike in Jigolaths, they could send more than enough troops as they needed to catch Weed.

“How about Polon?”

Compared to the knights, Drinpelt were not as strong. Also the private knights were there as well. The Knight of Crema.

Polon was a knight, this time he was a significant contribution in combat power as a warrior. 

“I guess Polon and his band of knights should be good.”

“That’s a good idea. Currently the area they are occupying is inside our sphere of influence so there should not be any more life and death struggles.”

“It will happen between sieges when we hit the capital, even if they escape the knights will move heaven and earth to catch them so problems will not arise.”

Nevertheless, the core group still wanted more reinforcements.

“This time if we make any mistake we will be in trouble.”

“We might be able to create an opponent equal to Weed.”

“If there was the battlemages wouldn’t Polon be able to do it safely?”

“Then they would be strong enough to even smash the castle and catch Weed.”

Polon and his division thought it was definite, but they had reinforcement ready just in case he escaped.

This was because he left a memorable impression from the extreme battle in Jigolaths.

“Polon and his knights plus seven battlemages….”

He ordered 200 knights and seven battlemages with 130 deputy magicians.

For these warriors, catching Weed was easy.

In addition to Polon’s division that he commanded, he could also take one thousand rangers with him. 

“It seems a bit overkill….but it would be best to rather handle it perfectly. It is to show the power of Hermes.”

Raphael ordered Polon and the battle mages to take care of Weed.

“According to the information, Weed will be going to do the quest of the Immortal legion. It’s best not to let him be successful on his quest and become the buzz again.”

After Raphael ordered Polon to handle this situation.

“Is it alright if I kill him?”

“The goal is to completely destroy him. If he had any colleagues destroy them, do anything you can to disturb him.”

Polon had also thought about fighting against Weed before.

They were waiting for such orders as they were biding their times for an opportunity to strongly pursue.

“Sure. I’ll take care of it cleanly.”

Polon got his knight’s and rangers ready, and as soon as the battle mages joined, they left.

They arrived late to Jigolaths and its terrain was a huge disadvantage. And no one thought that the geographical location would be used against them both in the land and sea. 

So right now they went undercover first to collect information on Weed’s arrival while hunting.


Morata’s night festival was not yet over.

Lights were kept on in the brisk night and the market was still open.

Weed made specialty seafood soup using leftovers for his party.

“You guys eat a lot. Also this is liquor was made from Jigolaths.”

In general, he took out liquors that they could not tell the difference in prices.

Plenty of those ribs used came out for Bollard and Terbet.

Even if they didn’t eat for two days, their stats would still temporarily increase by 20 and his cooking this amazingly brought up 30 more.

However, above all the flavor they had made to be able to gulp it down.

Surka naively asked.

“You really are not selling this? I can really eat this?”

“Yea. I purposely just cooked it so eat a lot.”

The words that Weed said made him look like an elder brother!

He did not predict to get the horn, if it was now and if he read it last year he would still be extremely happy.

“Thank you, I shall eat well.”

It initially started with Surka then Pale, Mapan, Zephyr, Hwaryeong, Irene, Romuna, and finished on the air with Maylon tearing through the ribs.

Seo Yoon also ate ribs on the corner of the table with forks and knife.

If they were the Geomchi’s they probably couldn’t keep their imagine of dignity.

They would break apart three ribs for each to eat and still wait for more to eat.

Weed had a firm belief that he would not give any free ribs!

“He should be soon talking about it….”

“Would he say to pay for the ribs? But if the taste and nutrition is this, there should be a lot of guest that would want to eat it?”

There were no need to create more troublesome work.

But for Weed, he just continued to grill the Korean Barbeque.

“This is for the colleagues that stayed with me to this point.”

He didn’t even imagine that they would come to the High Seas in Jigolaths. It was for all the faith and caring they given him at the High Seas, so this was what he was doing in return. So back in Morata he purchased seasoning to give better spice for the ribs.

“What kind of difficult favor is he gonna ask…”

“What do you think is happening right now?”

They knew that there was no way Weed would give away free food, so it made them more uneasy when he kept on cooking the Korean Barbeque.


Geomchi’s were practising by the seashore. They swung their swords towards the waves, and ran up and down the beach through the waves with heavy rocks on their back.

“Hey! Look at those muscles.”

Females players yelled as they passed by.

In Royal Road, the people who knew the name of Geomchi that were at the resort, listened to them on training their own body shape. 

“Our fame is not so bad.”

“Today is the last day to exercise, at night lets go to the bar and order ten times the amount of fruit juice to drink.”


Trainees were spurred on to start training for their Vitality.

Even when doing hunting, it was to the point of them being ignorant enough to it.

However during the former struggle at the sea, it was much more difficult to fight the sea monsters.


Whenever the Geomchi’s saw monsters, without even caring about the level they fought, they repeatedly won or lost. Their hidden growth was associated to martial arts. 

“With my physical fitness...there a chance to be strong. From today on there is gonna be special training.”

Since that day Geomchi’s plunged into training.

Even similarly fighting the sea monsters, the trainee and the instructors nearly did identical quest.

The Geomchi ordered his trainee.

“You need to eat the barely in two days. Provided that you don’t die.”

Even the full training was extravagant.

“When the sun rises do a light two laps dragging logs on the beach, and wear a weights to do 400 sword swings.”

“Do you think that should be enough for the morning? For the master Geomchi’s it might look a bit too lazy. so adding breaking the rocks with the bare hands 500 times would be good as well.” 

“How about we climb that wall with only our left hand and right foot? If we fall from the wall and hit the floor Resilience will probably also improve.”

A stream of innovative ideas were created!

No matter how fast morning training went, it was already noon by the time it was finished, and afterwards more training continued.

“Let’s also fight off hunger. I’ll use Willpower to overcome this damn hunger”

The instructors and practitioners carried two swords in each hand and when a big wave came, used all their Strength to swing their swords.

It was like the waves shattered into many pieces and splashing fresh cold water upside down!

The training that seemed to have no end, used up a lot of strength but it gave a cool sense of accomplishment.

Their task was not over until they collapsed at night one by one when their vitality fell from being exhausted.

“The body is like gum. The more you chew it, the stronger it gets. We’ve been too weak.”

Geomchi3 gathered the practitioners and scolded them. He also wore heavy armor and even carried a rock on his back and ran across the sand.

Training for 200 days like this regardless of day and night, it was unthinkable training!

They felt like they were going to die from their hearts bursting.

‘Run. I am running. I can do it.’

Making the body run made it difficult for the body.


It was not a physical fight, but an internal one.

Since the quest appeared, they have been doing extreme practice it has made their body sensitive. It was to the point where they could feel their muscles screaming in distress.

I can give up now.

You’re good. That’s pretty cool. We can take a rest now.

Take a sweet rest.

Actually a voice could be heard ringing out every time they underwent the training.

They understood it was temptation, but it was to the point where everything became difficult and painful, and now they would rather worry about it actually being the case.

However the Geomchi’s ignored these thoughts and kept running.

“I cannot stop here. Sa-hyungs are running. There are priests to cure us, so I cannot quit running first.”

The man’s pride would not let him quit, so he had to keep running.

In reality there were many things to consider.

Bone and muscles, nerve damage and breaking of the nerves! Reckless exercise implied that it was impossible.

Even if you sleep one night it doesn’t mean the broken bones will heal.

Even if the amount of training increases, the body cannot handle it and a permanent loss of function in the body can occur.

But in Royal Road it was possible.

Just suck up on the pain and keep taking another step.

They kept believing as if the society is white in this world and they kept running forward. 

Sometimes there were unimportant messages window that showed up. 

It was not just the flesh, but also to train the mind. Every time they saw it, they felt happy.

“Training and dying are fun experience. Guys, lets roll!”

Geomichi’s not only did physical training but mental training was also conducted.

Training intensity gradually became harsher each day.

There were times when they were overworked and died, but they did not decrease the amount of training. 

Geomchi’s were training at sunny Ipia Island and other different islands! 

Today finally, their training was complete.

Mud were plastered on Geomchi’s face as they gathered around. 

“For today’s death penalty what would we be doing?”

Their bodybuilding training has increased their strength, vitality, and agility.

Their minimum sword skill level was at Advanced level three, there were also some that were level 5.

But to master the fencing skills, they did basic training and worked hard to gain it.

Geomchi asked as he wildly swung his sword.

“I’m fed up with looking at the sea. Since we have achieved everything here so why not leave.”

“Should we go back to the continent?”

“That should be good too.”

After completing the training the Geomchi took four days as they went on a vacation.

On the beach they showed off their muscles, enjoyed sunbathing, and drank orange juice. In the bar they drank fruit drinks and relaxed.

In some case there were some that were close to women.

“By any chance do you have any parties?”

Geomchi’s gave off a mooney look when asked this.

If anyone were to hear what they were saying in such situation!

At a time like this they have learned from Zephyr.

They could never tell them that there were 500 more of them.

“No. The three guys are here now.”

“It seems we match well with each other would you like to go with me to go to the beach?” 

“It would be an honor...if you would go.”

It was really good for them to rest, and they had the chance to talk to girls.

Even though the recreation was short, when they were registered as friends there were times when they were able to meet again.

In the sea they were able to hang out with professional female divers. 

“I heard that Ipia’s is pretty famous.” 

“Hahaha, is that so?” 

“Would you like to eat it with Seaweed soup?”

Women divers at the High Seas has exceptional skills in cooking seafood. However tourist enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere, but for born fighters it did not match with them. They went around island of Ipia and finally decided to return back to the continent.

“Let’s go back to the continent.”

Not just masters but the trainees too, they wanted to explore areas where there were a lot of monsters. They went around Ipia’s island and they finally wanted to return to the continent. 

“Should we go catch a kraken for the final?”

Players who supposedly hunt monsters usually first ask and answer. 

Level, major attacks, habits, warriors product, and was able to get many things smartly.

However for the Geomchi’s they didn’t have much to say.

“Will it taste good?”

“Well, It’s just for commemoration.”

Large sea monsters.

The whole group decided to fight, catch it, and eat the Kraken.

Without the support of magician and priestess they went after the kraken.

“If we cook it would it taste good?”

“Brothers, I even brought some spices from the island.”

Chapter 4 - Visit to the Main Office

[Ahhhhhhh. So tired...writing this by myself...I think I’m going crazy…] (TN: These are most likely Author's notes.)

The story of the Versailles Continent can be considered as KMC media’s headlining program.

Dungeon and hunting ground discovery, merchants that specialized in retailers trade, rumors about a hidden races and legends, and they even informed about the famous Players or like the Quest that become successful even in the High Seas.

Recently, the Central Continent battle news about the war had become the all-time high.

“The area around the Tibot hills was seized by the Xenia magician’s forces. The Maple guild looked for mercenaries to block it but the difference in power was too big, and in the end their defense failed.

“Miss Shin Hye Min, I heard that you acquired/obtained the video of the battle?”

“Yes. Currently, we are here to convey the urgent news about the battle on the hill that took place two hours ago, and in a sec we'll give you a brief view. There was a fierce battle front put up by the warriors and how they were swept aside by their enemies.”

“People who like magicians might also be interested in it.”

The war was actively going on and there are large-scale fights that’s happening very often as the mercenaries or the soldiers were marching.

This age was the time for the rise and fall of guilds, and also determined the awakening of sleeping heroes.

“Hermes Guild became the full owner of Haven Kingdom. Oh Ju-Wan, but I heard that half of the members of the Hermes Guild surrendered to the Union?”

“The Knights of the Iron Blood, enemy Magicians, and a lone mercenary, that made up half of Hermes Guild were defeated in battle, unable to afford withdrawal, the players declared unconditional surrender.”

Hermes Guild has taken over 147 among 169 parts of the present Haven Kingdoms.”

“What about the remaining 22 parts?”

“Hermes Guild formed an alliance of guilds in guild cities. The difference between the forces is so large that they would barely do any harm. Major plans are underway for the complete occupation of Haven Kingdom.”

“For the first time, there is an event for the coronation of the Kingdom. It seems there are many people who are wondering about it.”

“The Fame of a Castle is just as an important as the Fame of a Kingdom, it is very important to have diplomacy and foreign affairs to act in different areas of intervention. A Kingdom’s Fame is very important on its food production.”

“The Hermes Guild has made all the necessary preparations.”

“Just like you mentioned. Banners were posted inviting everyone to come to the Central Continent. Arendelle Castle in the capital will be open where we are holding a party for a week.”

“What about the eligibility?”

“Hermes Guild still did not reveal the name of their new kingdom, Saerong, to the press. Only current Haven Kingdoms Players can attend.”

“I think it would become an exciting place.”

All the guilds and individual players of the Kingdom were able to participate.

Competition between players and guilds had a massive parade. The Hermes Guild showed off how they were beyond others capabilities.

Including KMC, as well as all the media broadcasters which covered Royal Road, decided to televise all the related to the coronation ceremony of the Hermes Guild.

“Do you know who is being coronated as the king of the kingdom during the ceremony?”

“According to the news obtained, it’s Bard Ray.”

Bard Ray had the best Fame, Strength and Force.

He recently became the king of one nation.

“I suppose this shows that the Hermes Guild has more wings.”

Gaining control to Haven Kingdom, his name has ascended to the top, whether it was in real world or virtual world.

“How did the Hermes Guild make more than half of them do an unconditional surrender?”

“They abandoned their hostile attitude, and became a part of the Hermes Guild while the other guilds prepared to move to other kingdoms.”

“We overheard that this was just a front to recover from the honor that they lost in Jigolaths.”

“Yes those high-leveled players were a part of the guild, but that doesn’t mean that they represent their guild.”

“Isn’t that the same situation as Haven Kingdom’s subjugation? How is it different from a guild member fighting in a distant land?”

“Well, that still ended in a deadlock.”

In the other kingdoms besides the Haven Kingdom, there were still on-going wars. Millideon and other lesser guilds have expanded their reach and entered the Union. High level players one after another have discarded the charm of the prestigious guilds.


After the Festival ended, the Advent of the Seven Angels was placed into the House of Art and Sculptures.

Sculpting Master Daycram made Dori a great sculpture treasure of the Versailles Continent. It can be evenly compared as on the same level of a Holy Item.


Players in Morata have flocked to the Art Center to see the miraculous art

“Was this work fetched from Jigolaths? I can't really believe this mithril carving’s intricacy”

“Will I reach Weed’s capability of this degree?”

“No one among sculptors has reached the master level.”

The Arts Hall’s daily visitors have increased by threefolds, and it was obvious that they were there to visit Daycram’s work, due to its favorable comments spreading widely.

Weed increased the official admission fee of the Art Hall to 5 gold. But to the newbie players, he only increased the charge by 1 gold.

By merely exhibiting the Seven Angels that descended from the sky, The Art Hall which is in Morata has increased its work by a lot day by day. Players Challenge the new sculptures and get admission to come in. Sculptors and Painters compete with each other which made their works improve gradually

Nevertheless, there were still many protesting players.

Booo! This is the Lord’s tyranny

“Before going on the hunt every day, I used to come to the Art Hall, but now I must pay 15 gold to receive its effects.

Morata Art Hall, is a important in every hunt, which is why they ought to lower the price!”

“This insane price increase did not take into consideration the residents’ side at all!”

Some Players protested fiercely in a loud voice from the entrance of the Art Center.

The residents taking advantage of any form of protest against the daily increase of the entrance fee of the building is never an unwelcome action.

Weed therefore announced 3 lengthy statements.

The increase to the admission fee has been minimized, but we still need this increase due to the rise of prices of raw materials, and not to mention the maintenance of the art and the building itself…..

It was the same shameless logic that the government used when they increased the costs for electricity, water and the subway!

There were many protests, but the Newbies were quiet because 4 gold was not that expensive.

On the other hand, there were those who actually looked down upon the complainers. The Tower of Light and the Statue of the Goddess Freya were free to watch, and there still were those with thoughts of sympathy towards those with professions in Art.

Before Weed emerged, the mood of the Sculptor profession was darker than ever. They received insults from everywhere, and they were only able to eat the cheapest food or beg for scraps on the streets.

Even if they strive to do their best with their artwork, there was even no marketplace which would compensate them fairly.

Having a battle based Profession was in fact what was expected of most players, but they had to accept that the right admission fee felt wrong in mind. The more good works that fills the Art Center, the bigger help it will be to the non-combatant players who are only able to work in these field.

By increasing the entry fee using these stereotypes was a trademark exploitation of the firmly packed Weed!

“One should definitely raise prices by a ton. After all, you can’t make a fortune by simply raising 1 gold at a time.”

Morata’s player level was gradually increasing. Players from the Central Continent will soon be hunting in its grounds. It won’t be long until the number of players exceeding level 100 increase.

Not raising the taxes at all, and then raising it abruptly would just make him eat more insults.

By the time you do have to adapt, you will have forgotten the given increase.


University of South Korea in the second semester.

Early on campus, chilly winds came. At first glance it was unusual that the Royal Road Ltd. Unicorn would schedule a tour for the Virtual Reality Department.

They scheduled a visit to the Institute that would last two nights and three days to be stuck in school.

All college students had their own companies in mind.

However, most of them wanted to be in the world’s largest revenue and creative company from its first three years of establishment. Students from the Virtual Reality Department of Korea University and other universities were invited.

“I can’t wait to see it. We have to stay for two nights and three days?”

“I wonder if the company is really as great as they say it is.”

In order to secure the degree of media coverage, the students were thoroughly screened and their anticipation rose.

Of course, Unicorn’s field trips came at a cost, and made the Royal Road Players drop their responsibilities in the game. Lee Hyun thought that all of this was futile.

“Yes, and if you write within the circle of the exam form then you’re eligible to get a job!”

The entrance exam that students take for Mills elementary school was harder. It was not clear if being hired in this company was something to be proud of.

It didn’t make sense. The Unicorn Company could afford the best doctoral talent, and was only hiring mediocre applicants.

The Virtual Reality Department itself was not established when he graduated from High School and got various jobs.

Since the place was crawling with personnel from the tour, the news about the job opportunity quickly traveled through word of mouth.

Lee Hyun’s spirit fell because of the tour schedule.

Being away from Royal Road for 2 nights and 3 days was a great financial loss.

However, this was not as greatly felt in the North when compared with the Versailles Continent group that was covered in catastrophe.

There were many things that needed the attention of Morata’s Lord. There were plenty of things that needed to be caught up on.

“By the way, students, these three-day and two-night tour is important in our academic calendar!”

“This is slavery.”

Lee Hyun raised his hand abruptly as soon as the lecture was over.

“Student Lee Hyun, Do you have any questions?”

Because Lee Hyun had never asked questions in his class, Professor Ju Jong Hoon asked in wonder.

“I have a really busy schedule at home, so can I skip the scheduled tour?”

He couldn’t stand to lose any money, Lee Hyun quickly pulled out various reasons such as Society’s demands over class and other schedules that he has to meet.

Exceptions are only exceptions when they're once or twice, but now it felt like he was a wanted suspect!

The Professor replied sharply.

“You may not skip the tour.”

“It’s really important, I have personal reasons that I must attend to...”

“Tours are also classes. If you’re not going to attend them you would need to take supplemental learning during the vacation period.”

Eventually, the reluctant Lee Hyun became involved in the tour.

The students from the University of Korea rode the bus, and stopped in front of the high-rise building, Unicorn headquarters.

There were students from other University who had arrived earlier.

The Unicorn Company authorized a total of 230 students to attend the tour.

Lee Hyun looked up at the building of the headquarters as he got off the bus.

"It’s been a long time."

The last time he was here was when his character climbed the top of the Hall of Honor.

He came straight for the money that was made from all the promotions and advertisements.

Unicorn was already aware of how good Lee Hyun was.

“As sharp as a razor, an honest company violating a payment date has never been seen.”

Money was always well spent by the best of companies.

The public relations staff met the students, and they looked back and saw several departments in the head office.

Their workers were either having a pleasant meeting or a conversation about their wonderful view of the world.

In addition, there were special facilities for the staff!

A Music Hall, a fitness center, a swimming pool, a cinema, and of course the capsule rooms were a given.

The female Public Relations employee who guided them to the restaurant said.

“You can make a saga about meals here with the fresh ingredients prepared by our professional chefs.”

The cafeteria was on par with that of a five star hotel.

“Do the employees have maternity leave?”

A female student had raised her concern. Maybe having a family and raising children were a problem for the company.

"Only once for a year, but as a rule, the holiday is a nominal fee. When you give birth you will receive a paid leave for one year."

The one year maternity leave was very generous. They also gave the child a college tuition fund of 40’ days worth of salary.

The difference in the working conditions to Weed’s sculpture Yellowy from Royal Road was like Heaven and Earth. Here they had proper food and were well pampered.

Sang Jun Choi asked the female Public Relations officer about other useful employee information.

“How… how much is the salary of a new Unicorn employee?”

All the students’ attention were fixed on the Public Relations officer.

“It depends on the department. As company policy, the specific salary cannot be disclosed to outsiders. However, the bonuses and profit allocation is in the excess of…”

In the end, the most important information, the annual salary was not told.

But the students knew from the news organizations that the new employees of Unicorn receive a ton of salary.

Even after all the welfare the company gives to its employees it still receives astronomical profits from its different businesses. As long as you qualify they will give you a lot of money.

Lee Hyun had to have more tangible evidence.

Since the contract in the Hall of Fame, the unicorn company had sent him four ribs and a fruit set every time it was the holidays. Packaged individually in times, and department store receipts were still stuck showing how much the Unicorn's wealth was spent on the gift package.

"If this is about money... How much money did the company spend on the many toilets with the embossed toilet paper?"

A world-class company which was truly differentiated, can be said that they cared about its staff.

The last time he was there he met with Yoon Soo Jang, Lee Hyun wasn’t able to meet him now because he was dedicated to a long-term project within the Project Relations Department.

There was no employee there who recognized Lee Hyun.

That was the end of their first day at Unicorn Headquarters!

The next day, they were scheduled to visit the factories and laboratories.

The University of Korea students were placed in a resort like hotel with dinner and other accommodations.

The next day, also in accordance with a fixed schedule as if it was a school trip on the employee's description and move with it.

“This is the factory that creates the core system of the capsule.”

Eight robots are assembled and tested simultaneously. It can walk, perform basic commands, and can move the equipment.

The robot which has been inputted by various processes was directly produced by a subsidiary company of Unicorn, Node.

The company had a wide array of products. Be it robots intended to guide blind people, robots designed for cleaning, or an industrial robot that sliced meat for a fish company

The size of the company was indeed colossal

The net profit of this company is so huge that it can't be rivaled by two or three companies combined revenue

Lee Hyun is hostile to these business firms.

“It is my most formidable rival”

When you work in a construction site, you will see how robots are heavily involved. They are substituted for the purpose of carrying heavy materials, cleaning the windows of tall buildings, or any dangerous field of work.

Even though they are just subsidiary company of Unicorn, they still reap huge monthly cash earnings. In fact, 9 years ago before the Royal Road capsule was released, the production cost of the capsule was astronomical and with that, they didn’t reap a profit. But Unicorn’s advanced control technology was developed further. Now, Unicorn has firm grasp of various sectors like electronics, machineries, chemicals, banking, and retail.

With a perfect virtual reality and aggressive maneuvers of company expansion, everything was taken over by the Empire. Lee Hyun can only just sigh.

"In the end, the company is trying to brag about its name. In this way, the past, two nights and three days grudgingly flew away all for the company’s sake.”

Following the guided tour he couldn’t play at all, and it wasn’t working for him.

The Unicorn's Guide of the public relations staff worked hard detailing each department, but just not visible outside her pride.

The factory and the research center were attached to their close proximity

The institute researchers had a villa overlooking the sea which was just a walking distance from their head office which also served as a laboratory. Even though the office was quite small, the various utilities were quite good.


“I wish to work at a place as good as this”

Having glimpsed the luxury cars in the parking lot, you could roughly estimate the social status of the researchers.

“Unfortunately, the institute does not disclose what is going on inside”

Even the staff of the research institute could not go within the facilities as it is being shutted down when the schedule is over

“You’re all welcome to stay at the hotel Unicorn had gotten you while you’re in town. After dinner, you’re free to relax. Enjoy your free time.”

As I went there, the atmosphere was thrilling similar to school trip

“A generation of well bodied men have gathered here, 12 for 12!”

“All the girls from the other schools made dates with the boys from our school. So, I’m all that’s left.”

The students of Korea University were out together with the representatives from the other schools and were still out on their dates.

Lee Hyun was tired so he left early to sleep at the hotel.

Early in the morning the next day,

Lee Hyun got up early for his habit of morning exercise.

"The air is not bad."

The many trees that made the air refreshing.

It could be seen that the researchers and staff unwind in the morning by using the exercise facilities. There were also many scientists from overseas around.

Lee Hyun noticed an elderly man during his light jog around the hotel, sitting alone on a bench.

Lee Hyun approached the man.

"What are you doing?"

"Move along now."

"You seem bored old man. Who are you waiting for so early in the morning?"

"I don't have anything to say, so go away."

Lee Hyun was experienced enough to see that the old man was suffering. And that due to his pride as a man, the old man remained stubborn and refused to speak to others.

"I was going for my morning exercise but should I play with you for a moment?"

"Don't give me that crap, begone."

"Did anything bad happen to you or something?"

"Don't sit down."

Lee Hyun sat beside him on the bench.

There was a poisonous feeling coming from the old man, but after a brief moment, it became the loneliness of longing to talk with someone.

They both fell silent for a while.

"Have any children? You look lonely old man."

“What do I have to do in order for you to disappear?”

The two were sitting in thought.

The old man adjusted his position on the bench. For a long time he avoided Lee Hyun.

Only a few more leaves were remaining on the trees, however the leaves were still gradually falling. They watched their surroundings for a long time.

The old man's identity was the scientist who lived in a castle of his own genius while ridiculing the world of men. He was Yu Byeong-jun!

He recognized the face of Lee Hyun through the goddess of the Versailles.

He was aware of this fact before he sat down next to him.

He only pretended not to know.

Yu Byeong-jun saw him as only one of many players he could recall having observed.

Only Yu Byeong-jun knew about the true end objective of his own plan.

Finally, Yu Byeong-jun was the first one to speak.

"What is life?"

Yu Byeong-jun was dressed in plain clothes that resembled what the paid workers at the institute wore.

It was a costume.

There were only a handful of people at Unicorn who knew his true identity which was generally limited to executives and a few scientists.

Lee Hyun would never be able to imagine the true identity of Yu Byeong-jun.

He thought it would be a good opportunity to ask questions.

Lee Hyun was trying to think of some profound answer to say to the old man.

Yu Byeong-jun realized this fact and said,

"Relax, just tell me what comes to your mind immediately."

Lee Hyun replied quite simply

"I don't know. I just live. To eat, live, and make money."

Lee Hyun gave an answer that Yu Byeong-jun expected.

It was a simple answer with unmatched clarity.

"Emotions are like the falling leaves in autumn. Have you felt the cold winter come to empty the leaves from the trees?

"Fall and winter are just cold. So I make sure to wear thick clothes. And also good underwear."

"Young guys aren't supposed to wear underwear because fashion dictates you shouldn't wear any."

"It's best to live warm."

"What do you think is the most important thing needed to live?"

Lee Hyun didn't need to think twice.


"For money?"

"Are honor, friends, and family not important?"

"Is Honor which is splashed on me by what others think is important? You need money to even maintain a friendship. You've got to take care of your family. There are too many times where if you don't have money, then you won't be able to take care of your family. Money is needed to keep order so that you have something to fall back on."

Yu Byeong-jun slowly nodded his head.

"I don't know that many people who only think of money.”

There was no longer anything left to say but Hyun continued to remain sitting on the bench.

Little by little there was an increase in the number of people starting to walk past them.

No story could keep Lee Hyun from skipping breakfast so he stood up from the bench.

"It's cold here old man, so you should leave here soon as well."

"My nerves will tell me whether or not to go."

As Lee Hyun took a few steps toward the direction of the hotel, he looked back.

"Here help yourself to some hot cocoa."

He then took out 200 won and placed it in the hands of Yu Byeong-jun.

Yu Byeong-jun remained silent because it had been the first time he had received such treatment.

He did not know that there was a field trip scheduled for the students from Korea University, and that Lee Hyun would be mixed in this group as well.

If he hadn't gotten up for his early morning jog, they would not have met each other.

The Unicorn corporation had been alive and behind the scenes for decades.

But underneath Yu Byeong-jun's skeletal physique, there seemly flowed sympathy.

"Ha Ha. Unbelievable."

The coldness he felt could never be felt by other people.

The scientists that knew about him as the director of Unicorn were afraid to look him in the face.

But Lee Hyun gave him a coin and treated him like a poor old man.

'The last time I drank something from a vending machine was over 20 years ago.'

Yu Byeong had a sudden desire to drink the cocoa.

He saw the vending machine and looked into it to see the price of cocoa was 300 won.


After the 3 day and 2 night tour, Lee Hyun returned home!

"Finally it's the weekend."

A fresh smile was painted on his mouth.

He cleaned the laundry and dishes then turned on the computer.

Calling ahead in their last march of greed, the guild advanced forward as they got caught up by the whirlpool of war that drove them to Central Continent

Legends in Royal Road were created from its never ending conflicts and various special programs that broadcasted those legends live on air.

“There seems to be a massive war going on in the Central Continent.”

Instead of videos about hunting or quests in the Hall of Honor, there were only videos about the war.

Lee Hyun watched a couple of videos, each for a short amount of time.

A massive army charged toward the fort like a wave, and rolling their wheels, the siege weapons approached as well. At this, the defenders resisted fiercely by firing arrows and casting spells.

Although some managed to heroically defend and stop the invaders, most fell to the invading guilds.

It was because they did not fight unless they were sure of their victory. The fact that they prepared for a long time helped as well.

“Where do we have to go in order to escape the war?”

“Merchants from the Moldroon region please be careful. The armies that have lost their supply lines have begun to raid the trade routes.

“Due to the strengthening of control over the dungeons, the cost to enter dungeons in the Central Continent is continuing to rise.”

“Did you not know? The price has already doubled.”

The notice board was in uproar with information about the war.

There were many recruitment notices as well.

“Those who wish for battles and victory, join the Bane Guild! We promise that we will provide you treatment fitting for your level.

“We deal with players who aren’t in any guilds. When high level players join, we will provide fitting equipment for you.”

The price of weapons and armour in the Central Continent jumped up to twice its original price, and the cost for other war related equipment had shot through the ceiling.

For the Merchants who dealt with weapons, a golden market had opened. It was heaven for Blacksmiths and Tailors as well.

On the other hand, there were many cases where the merchants were raided by other guilds and couldn’t transport the materials.

Lee Hyun logged onto the Dark Gamers Union.

The request board was filled with requests for mercenaries to help in combat.

On the information bulletin, you could find combat situations of each region and the power of each guild.

In the Central Continent, there were many castles, towns and fortresses that were occupied by guilds.

Although the prestigious guilds were powerful, the so-called grass root guilds had superior numbers.

Each guild would had a minimum of 1~2 high level players, and there were small guilds filled with only high level players.

Those without guilds banded together to form Guilds and resist the scale of the great war which was growing out of control.

Title : The end of the war in the Central Continent?

Title : The relationships between all the guilds?

Title: Top Secret Information. The war with Haven is not over.

Although there were many worthwhile stories to read, Lee Hyun did not think that any were relevant right now.

“Item price is going up, you have to jump at this opportunity to earn money.”

There were many people looking for mercenaries but there weren’t many applicants.

Dark gamers used items to explore unknown dungeons and to hunt in the heat.

This made it impractical to enter the war, it was futile to die only to be thrown away and betrayed by the guild. However, level, skills, and equipment can be relied on as it is your property.

Many people wanted to hire Lee Hyun as a mercenary, but he wasn’t interested since they only wanted to take advantage of him.

“I shall go into Mt. Debkart right now."

Chapter 5 - Nature Sculpting

 The grey mountains were dangerous as many monsters were breeding at this time.

Without a skilled ranger in your party to safely navigate through the mountains, it was close to suicide.

Because of the steep slopes, monsters could surprise attack you at any time.

Weed was riding one of his Wyverns in large circles.

“It really is a huge mountain range.”

When he fought with the Orcs and Dark Elves in the Yuroki mountains, he thought that was already considered a huge mountain range.

“The sculpting master should be somewhere at the foot of the mountain!”

He was expecting to find a wooden house.

“Though, a nature lover might be opposed to building a wooden house.”

Sculptors excel at handling stone and minerals, however finding such a house seemed unlikely

“A poor hermit would obviously live in the mountains!”

Weed was convinced that such a poor man would be living in the mountain wilderness.

He opened the quest information window to check the quests remaining time.

“Quest information window!”

Bar Khan’s summons

The undead’s Bar Khan has called for a demonstration.

Many undead will surely follow his orders.

Days remaining “84 days”:

Quest difficulty: C

Compensation: Chain quest start, meet with Bar Khan

You are now an undead and may not cancel the quest..

Anyhow this quest which would normally only be granted to the Lich Shire, was obtained because of shape-shifter sculpture.

There was no need to rush the situation as he would much rather take his time and come up with a favorable solution.

Instead of hunting, he would take his time and learn about natural catastrophe sculpting.

“Which direction should I go?”

Weed had to follow his instincts. The bottom of the mountain just didn’t seem right.

“That area just doesn’t look right!”

He wanted to go at least halfway up the mountainside!

“He’s looking for an ideal high class view.”

If you wanted a home you would look for somewhere with an unobstructed view.

“A place where the valley water was nearby.”

Weed on the Wyvern, flew in close proximity to the mountains.

The mountain was huge and lush with trees.

Long tailed monkeys, and other monsters were shouting and waving their clubs but they were not able to reach them.

Diving through the long arms of the branches and vines. Picking up various kinds of fruits such as bananas and chestnuts along the way.

Sometimes unusual metal items could be worn on the body depending on the circumstance and when he was extremely low, he could grab strong monsters off the ground.

“There is nothing here for me. From the perspective of a sculptor, this place is filled with loud and annoying monsters. If I was to work here I would constantly be disturbed, we need to find a quiet place.”

Weed was very close to the monsters in the area, except he couldn't see how people could live in the tough rocky area as he passed by.

Dekarte was an enormously huge mountain by any standard, the possibility of finding DayCram in such a place was small.

You even had to look through the leaves of the forest, trying to scour the woods looking for some obscure target could take quite some time.

So Weed made a decision!

“Golden Bird, Silver Bird, and Wyverns.”

Kkiya Aaaah!

Weed followed Golden Bird and Silver Bird on his Wyvern. They gave out a long cry.

“From now on, you search!”

To supervise troublesome work like this, he had to distribute the workload.

"Keep looking until you find him, even if your search leaves you wondering all night long, find him."

At this point he didn’t mind pushing his minions to obtain the results he wanted.

The Wyverns, Golden Bird, and Silver Bird were dispersed throughout the Great Mountain Dekarte. The Golden Bird brought back results within 30 minutes.

He worked a lot more effectively now that he had been beaten.

“The human lives near the big tree.”

“DayCram, right?”

“There are many sculptures in the area. The sculptures are all amazing.”

“That’s right. Let’s go!”

Weed reassembled the Wyverns, and headed towards civilization.

Both hunters and rangers carefully stayed away from Tebkart as it was a very dangerous place.

Due to a lot of monsters and dangerous terrain, the isolated grey mountain range was considered a bad place by users too.

“It’s that house!”

Looking down from the sky, through some trees, he could see the house where DayCram lived.

The house was made from weaving branches together.

The roof was made of dry grass, held together with vines and covered with wide leaves.

It didn’t seem like a house from a fairy tale, but it looked like a thatched cottage.

Weed got down from where the Wyvern had landed and headed for the house.

“Is he still alive? If he’s already dead, then the helium would be mine……”

Hopes for meeting a Sculpture Master!

Since a large amount of time had flowed by on the Versailles Continent, DayCram could be dead.

Like the seven angels he made from mithril, could he not have made a sculpture and passed away.

‘Since there are a lot of monsters on this mountain, it would not be suspicious if he had died.’

Weed went to the house full of hope.

Near the white bearded man’s house, there were sculptures of deer antlers.

As if they were alive, they stood there patiently.

Just by looking at the carving of the elaborate horns, he could feel that they were made with great skills.

The moment he saw DayCram, he knew why he was called that. From the clothes he wore, he looked awfully poor.

‘If I sell the clothes I am wearing, it would certainly help. Even though he would not be able to wear them while was cooking.’

He was wearing such dirty clothes that it would have had an adverse effect on the cooking he did.

DayCram didn’t even look at Weed and started speaking.

“Are you the sculptor that has come to find me?”

Weed politely replied back.

“Even though I am insufficient in a lot of areas, I am a junior engraver walking down the path of a sculptor.

I saw some writings that were left by a senior in Jigolath, and made my way here.

Even though it was a long journey, to see you alive, I am thrilled.”

“I see, I was waiting in this mountain for an engraver to come and learn my skills.

What do you think engraving is all about?”

“Engraving is about……”

He could think of a lot of flattery words about engraving, but had to take his time to rearrange his thoughts.

“It is to show the natural beauty of something.

In fact, there is nothing as beautiful as natural beauty.”

DayCram nodded his head.

“Engraving is a skill to bring out the beauty in the earth, water and wind.

Nature sometimes becomes violent. Even when doing such violent things there is still beauty in it.”

“Of course, I even love those violent behaviors.”

Weed could empathize with those words, had he not been affected by snow storms, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes! If only he wasn’t affected by it, it would have been very beautiful.

“My skills would be able to show the ruthlessness of nature. Even so, do you still want to learn my techniques?”

“Of course, in order to become a better sculptor, I believe your techniques would be required.”

Now He can learn the catastrophic expectations of nature!

A massive attack skill.

But I have to use it first to know how much I can use it!

After leveling the skill a bit, the problem was whether it was to be used on a monster or landscape.

“However, you have yet to see the beauty of nature with your own eyes.”

“Am I still lacking in skill?”

“When you are enlightened of your true strength, only then will you be able to learn my techniques.”

“How am I able to get enlightenment? Please tell me the way.”

“You would have to make a lot of nature sculptures. Would you like to learn my teachings?”


Only an idiot would refuse this quest!

Of the four engraving skills passed on, the last one would have to be the best.

Furthermore, while learning shape-shifter sculpture, he learned many other things working next to a master.

“I want to accept the teachings of great master DayCram.”

-You have accepted the quest.

“Let’s start immediately.”

Creating a sculpture of nature was not a tremendously ambitious idea, anything could be used, falling leaves or petals in the wind, anything could be used.

Nature’s own byproducts could be used for the job!

Because nature sculptures can bring the overflowing vitality out, the petals do not dry or rot.

Bees and butterflies flew to the sculpture that Weed and DayCram made.

-Affinity with creating nature sculptures has increased by 2.

It was his first successful attempt.

Far away from the water and on dry land, birds collecting branches to make their nests

-Affinity with creating nature sculptures has increased by 4.

DayCram was really familiar with beasts, He lived together with nature and was very friendly with the wildlife, it was as if the deer came along to eat and play. Weed soon became friendly with the deer as well.

“That looks nice. I think I’ll start with the horns.”

‘It looks delicious. If I sell the horn, I’ll be able to get hundreds of gold!, If only DayCram wasn’t here, then I would have cut off its horns because it would be able to buy meat for the family! If you light a fire, cook it whole with a clear drop of oil and a bit of salt…’

DayCram didn’t eat meat, he lived off fruits that dropped from trees, grass, or tree bark.

“He likes people who don’t hurt nature.”

Even though he didn’t achieve high level cooking skills, like a rabbit, he lived eating grass, and by doing this when he sculptured he was able to be in more affinity with nature.


Winter was closing in, and the end of the semester of Korea University was coming to an end.

“Fleeting Tuition, … Like this I’m totally letting you go.”

The students had many reports that they had to turn in as the professors got more and more enthusiastic.

It’s more about the theories of virtual reality in first year, but they have the chance to experience with the virtual reality equipment after they start their second year

‘The more difficult the lectures get, the more time I have to spend in school’

Lee Hyun was unable to achieve his goal to collect money due to his studies interfering ..


Lee Hyun sighed and stretched, Seoyoon who was seated beside him was in deep thought.

‘Winter vacation will start in about two weeks...’

She would not be able to meet Lee Hyun every weekday like now.

Even in Royal Road, they remained apart as Weed went to Great mountain Dekartel

Though Seoyoon had spent a lot of time without words, she wanted to spend more time with Lee Hyun.

She plucked up her courage, and wrote something on a piece of paper.

Would you like to go to the beach with me?

Seoyoon displayed real courage in suggesting that they travel together considering her situation

If it was another man, they would have made done a happy little dance, and doubted whether it was a dream or not, but Lee Hyun was apathetic

He didn't understand going to the beach in the middle of summer, so there was no way he would understand going in winter

“It's cold so wouldn't staying in home be more comfortable than going to the beach? There’s no need to worry about catching a cold and there’s no need to worry about health insurance”


The attitude of a man who has no comprehension of romance!

“Traveling takes a lot of money, do you have any idea how harsh it is to go to an overpriced place”

Money. Money. Money. Money.

Traveling will cause him to spend more money

Going to the beach in the summer or not, it still costs money.

However, the idea of Seoyoon traveling by herself was not allowed by her father.

Seoyoon wrote another message

“I’ll pay for the travel costs.”

Lee Hyun shook his head.

“Did you earn the money yourself?”

Seoyoon was a student, and as far as he knew she never had to work in her life.


"Money in this world is something terrifying. The costs of movie tickets for the theater rise every year, and public transportation is even scarier."


"If you have never earned money yourself, then you have no idea what it is worth. Do not carelessly offer money."

Lee Hyun had never voiced it, but he was jealous of them.

Rich college kids!

They were families which he envied.

Lee Hyun spent his childhood delivering newspapers, he worked hard at his part time jobs delivering milk, something rich kids would never experience.

-Mom, please give me some pocket money, last month you only gave me 50 million won.

-I'm putting together a trip to go overseas soon.

-Mom have you forgotten, I want to go to France. Tell your secretary to make it 100 million won. We don’t want to eat only packed dinners after all.

That’s how the conversations worked for the rich in Lee Hyun’s head.

Either the successor of a rich company or the inheritance from a rich family and they never knew the hard work that was involved.

Like that a heroes' personality was that of an ordinary scum, complicated relationships with women, and being poor as well.

Of course, they too were human and must have suffered once or twice.

With bad parental relationships or a couple of wishes that had not come true, different degrees of anguish occur.

But without that anguish, few people would survive in the world

Like a sudden twist in a good daytime drama, the show is then well received by the public.

Eventually the sons and daughters of rich families can never be hated

If you anger the public and swear at them, all you have to do is show them money, and their forgiveness will show.

Until the end of the lecture, Seoyoon was in deep thoughts.

‘Looks like I really don’t know about the value of money’

While Lee Hyun lived diligently, she never seriously thought about it.

Just as Lee Hyun imagined, she had lots of real estates, trust funds, funds, stocks, and many others, therefore she was never inhibited when it came to money.

Seoyoon wrote her thoughts on the piece of paper while reflecting on her actions.

-I will work and earn the money, will you travel together with me then?

Lee Hyun didn’t expect this reaction.

‘It’s winter vacation soon’

Less than three weeks were left till the end of the semester.

“How much will you be able to earn?”

I never tried it so I still.... How much do you think I need to gather?

Seoyoon’s eyes were sparkling as she was expecting him to answer.

She did not understand society and being unfamiliar with the world she would receive the bitter taste of the world

Lee Hyun, emphasized on an ordinary travel, and replied

“If we’re talking about the sea it will definitely be in the South or Jeju island. In that case transportation will take at least ?450000 while food should be about ?800000. Are we gonna stay there?”

Even if they ate sashimi every meal, it was highly unlikely it would cost ?800000, regardless Seoyoon nodded. Since they couldn’t just spend their time just traveling there and back. She wanted to spend the night talking while drinking wine.

“The hotel room would probably cost us ?50000000, we’d have to grab two rooms. Also, if we were to eat Cider(Sprite) and eggs on the train as well as get some souvenirs, we would need at least ?5000000 or ?6000000.

Lee Hyun suggested an amount that was absolutely unmanageable.

‘A part time job over the winter break will not be enough to collect that amount’

Even though the said amount was ridiculous, Seoyoon nodded anyways.

Lee Hyun had said, in order to make a promise. “You have to earn the money by yourself through hard labor, otherwise it doesn’t count.”



Weed spent the last 20 days making nature sculptures in the mountains of Dekarte.

“I’ve spent a long time just focused on sculpting.”

The quest didn’t let him hunt, he could only create sculptures, now he was running short on time.

Alone in this environment he could create many great sculptures, however he couldn’t create classic or masterpiece sculptures without taking his time and working at a relaxed pace.

“A sculpture made of Dew!”

Weed made sculptures early in the morning.

He collected the basic materials needed for the sculpture.

While squatting down he ripped up the grass to collect the dew off of them.

With his ever growing nature affinity, he could make a much wider selection of nature based sculptures.

Weed made a water elemental, this was his first masterpiece made from nature sculpting.

Masterpiece! A water elemental made with Dew

Creation and nature was a means to improve the level of sculptures, so he only collected clear dew.

In the trees and on the ground, mixed with the scent of flowers, he was actively playing with the different methods of creating the water elemental. It was a lively expression and deserved high praise.

Of the sculptures within the Versailles Continent, very few depict nature!

However, because he was an undead sculptor his work suffered and he was going crazy.

Artistic value: 898

Special options: People who see the water elemental made of dew will have their health and mana regeneration increased by 12% for one day.

-Reduces mana needed to summon water elementals.

-Will satisfy your thirst for a long time.

Does not overlap with other sculptures.

Number of Completed Masterpieces: 89

-Sculpting proficiency has increased

-Dexterity proficiency has increased.

-Nature Sculpting proficiency has increased

-Reputation has increased by 263.

-Stamina has increased by 1.

-Intelligence has increased by 1.

-Art has risen by 8.

-Creating a masterpiece has increased your nature affinity by 9. Increasing nature affinity will improve the scope of nature sculptures you can carve.

Due to creating a pure sculpture, the power of undead is purified and reduced by 6.

Weed was committed to working on his sculptures.

He gained proficiency with animals and plants, particularly with the plants.

While in his undead form, he worked hard. As a side effect of being an undead he could work without rest.

However, as good as that was, nature sculptures had purification properties.

“Divine power reduces the power of the undead.”

One good thing was that he didn’t have to give as much money to the Freya Religion’s Pope Candidate Alveron.

“Unfortunately, this sculpture is a masterpiece.”

He had collected Dew to make a water elemental sculpture.

Owing to the natural heat granted by the reflected sunlight, it would soon be ruined and disappear.

But it was too wasteful to leave the Sculpture in its place at Daesan in Tebkart.

There was no raw material cost, but it had been very difficult, collecting the dew had taken a lot of time

”Creating a natural masterpiece for the first time, I’m not able to leave the sculpture.”

Free sculpture!

Weed decided to write on the water elemental sculpture.

By releasing the water elemental, it could be summoned by writing, there will also be an increase in the degree of affinity with nature.

Elementals also help with growth, though currently useless, after a while, by managing a few, one or two could be formed on the ground as food to eat.

Weed uses his skill on the sculpture.

“Create Elemental!”


The cute looking water elemental growled loudly

“You are the sculptor who made me! How dare you make me look this weird, are you prepared to die?”

It was the most spoiled sculpture ever created by Weed.

He acted like a little kid, a jigging kindergarten.


Name has not been given yet

Water Elemental.

He was born as a nature sculpture.

Created with a bad attitude. The water elemental has no patience.

Looking at him from top to bottom he didn’t understand.

Can exert 71% of its power from the elemental plane.

It is possible for it to become a greater elemental.

Through the Elemental Shaman’s summons and earthly life activities, summons more elementals as well as increase the force exerted.

Specialties: Water shield, providing purified water, has extraordinary intellect.

Creating the elemental itself was successful. He didn’t feel that the personality was a big issue.

New born elementals have to learn a lot of things when they first come to life, simply talking with it a little should win it over.

“I suppose we should talk a little”

The elemental was completely ignoring him!

Weed gently pulled out his Saint Staff.


Painful, fast, and efficient.

Hitting and smacking it over and over again, he lacked any sympathy and continued hitting the same sore spot.

“You’re supposed to say thank you to the person who made you.”

Puck peok peok!

“Apologize for a minute ago......”

Puck peok peok!


There was a sudden change in the water elemental's attitude.

Weed put the Saint’s Staff away in his backpack.

“I will become your teacher so you will have good education.”

His personal thoughts were that he was a fine educator!

The water elemental was the unlucky student of Weed’s Elementary School.

“Your name is Droplets.”

He named the elemental Droplets because it was an elemental made of dew

“Thank you for my name, my honorable master.”

A slim and cute water elemental was summoned and tempered by Weed like a blacksmith using a furnace

“I’ll need to grant life once more to the Geumini.”

He was not confident he would be able to grant him life.

Be that as it may, to keep putting it off was only delaying it. Someday he would have to try.

The sculptures were created at Tebkart in Daisan. In his current situation where his sense of sculpting remained high with water, he decided.

“Let’s go and try now.”

DayCram was going someplace to create nature sculptures.

Weed collected fallen branches to light a fire in the furnace for heat.

The Masterpiece Sculpture Geumini was created from melted gold.

“To make and form...”

The mold of Geumini’s body was simple as it was formed by putting together soil

Art found in the city of Rhodium were detailed memories that remained, but as for Geumini, it was a memory that would last for a long time.

Pouring the gold onto the mold, waiting until it was sufficiently cooled, Weed was impatient to make other sculptures!

Worries often emerged thinking about the operating design of Geumini.

“Geumini does not listen well to words and he is also not that pleasant. Having so much work, how am I going to manage...”

Waiting for gold to pour into the mold took a while.

“It’s done.”

Removing the mold by breaking it out from its place, Geumini’s appearance was formed once again.

Weed’s memory was extremely accurate. Comparing it to the original, he felt that it was a waste that the new Geumini was cracked and a little short, but otherwise it was still the same.

‘It’s fortunate Geumini was created using gold. Granting life to wood or stone, the physical materials would have to be gathered, the hold on the original body would also be very weak.’

Weed’s eyes, nose and mouth were meticulous after the repair skill was cast.

“Grant life to sculpture!”

Stats have been reduced, 2 levels have been lost, and 6 art points have been consumed.

-The Sculpture with life has obtained the use of its body. Due to the water attributes possessed and found in life, new life will be gained.

Memories of Sculpture skill is invoked.

Sculptures will regain memories of their life, but will be confused.

Again, at that point in time, the increase in Art stat and sculpture effects did not apply. The Sculpture before, would have had a 5% level decrease.

Sculptures that are granted life slowly awaken, but unlike them, Geumini instantly opened its eyes.

When Weed was looking at him, Geumini shook his head and started talking.

Please give me my name.”

A dry and rigid tone!

“In the end you didn’t recover your memories.”

The friendship they had cultivated was over, this was Geumini’s eternal goodbye.

“Rover will grieve a lot. So will Seoyoon.”

Rover treated Geumini like family. Seoyoon would be sad and shed many tears.

Hwaryeong and his other friends will be saddened as well by Geumini’s death.

“Your name is Geumini”

“Yes, master.”

“Sleep comfortably”


Once again Weed began making nature sculptures.

In the trees far above, Wah-il, Wah-thul and Wah-sam were sitting.

Geumini was diligently trying to shake hands with all of them. They all burst out laughing.


Weed inquired.

“You are Geumini right?”

Geumini shook hands and bowed respectfully.

“A little while ago I was given that name, master”

“That’s a bit weird.”

Weed was feeling awkward near Geumini.

Chapter 6 - A Sculptor who wanders the Continent

 - Everything's alright now... and Seo Yoon's speech problem is already gone as well...

Seo Yoon decided to get a part time job to save up money.

‘Getting a job isn’t easy...What kind of work can I do?’

Because of her school schedule, the easiest part time job she could get was probably going to be a cashier.

The only problem was that her lonely life made the idea of socializing very difficult.

‘I guess it’s true that people change and work harder because of money’

After the lecture, she wrote her resume and headed towards a restaurant that was hiring part timers.

It was paying 5,300 won with a bonus depending on how much they sold

Seo Yoon held out her resume for the manager.

Name: Seo Yoon Jung

Age: 21

Occupation: Korea University Sophomore

Skills: English, Chinese, Japanese, International Law, Accounting, Business Administration, Psychology.

Never had someone applied to a restaurant with such an impressive resume!

The store manager laughed while asking, “Have you ever worked in the restaurant industry before?”

“I have not. Does this mean I can not work here?”

The manager felt almost 50 years younger as he listened to Seo Yoon’s voice.

‘This world is really nice, isn’t it?’

A pretty female college student with a voice like an angel.

Just her voice could make anyone smile.

“How long do you plan to work here?”

He wanted her to work the entire winter break.

“I have a lot of things to do...but I would like to work evenings during the week?”

Because of the job’s focus on service, a lot of people applied to restaurants which made getting a job very difficult.

But every now and then there was an exception.

“Can you start work today?”

Immediate pass!

Starting immediately Seo Yoon’s job was to greet the guests at the entrance of the restaurant.


“Is there a long wait here? Heuk!”

Seo Yoon stepped out of her comfort zone and into a new world.

For a long time, she had closed herself to both curiosity and romance.

“Rib eye steak and sirloin steak please.”

“Would you like anything to drink?”

“Orange juice and soda please.”

The guests dining inside kept glancing at Seo Yoon..

They didn’t even notice the taste of their expensive food.

‘Pretty. Pretty. Pretty. Pretty. Pretty.’

‘Oh, if only she would look over here once...’


"Blazing flames will instantly vanish but the afterglow of the flame will remain. Try making a sculpture of fire"

Following Daycram’s instruction, Weed made fire and smoke appear in the air

"Nature Sculpting!"

The flames danced as he moved his hand.

He was so close to the fire that he was sweating and everytime he got too close his health would fall sharply.

Sculpting the fire with his bare hands was both showy and difficult.

“Still, Nature Sculpting is very versatile.”

Each time he touched the fire, his Nature Sculpting skill rose considerably.

Trusting his Resilience and Perseverance, he made both a fire dragon and a flaming boar.

The effects of fire manipulation varied based on one’s level in Nature Affinity, so to raise the affinity even more, he made a Spirit of Wind as well.

Woosh Woosh!

The Spirit of Wind was cheap to make and had a bright and wandering personality.

Weed kept creating pieces in order to rebuild his lost ‘Art’ stats and raise his skill expertise.

Undead Power has dropped to 190!

“Quest Information Window!”

Although there wasn’t a lot of time left, Weed decided to continue focusing on making sculptures out of nature.

Just making a lot of sculptures out of nature wasn’t enough to make the skill ‘Nature Sculpture’ improve though.

Weed was at Debkart mountain which had a lot of trees, birds and blue skies.

In the distance there were also lakes and rivers.

If you go in towards the gray mountain range you can witness the magnitude of the mountain, it was heaven’s natural environment.

"Sculptures made from nature......"

Weed thought back on all the hardships he had endured during his adventure so far.

He had suffered from the cold in the north, ran free as an Orc in the Yurkina Mountains in the east, and had never stayed long in one place.

He didn’t hunt in one place for a long period of time.

Having experienced so many sides of nature helped in creating sculptures.

Water, wind, earth, clouds, ice, fire, grass and flowers.

Grasping at all those memories, he made them each into sculptures.

Plants growing up the side of a boulder could become a nature sculpture.

A strong flow of water through a ravine could also become a sculpture.

While he was mass producing sculptures using the power of nature in the Debkart mountains,  Daycram gave a word of advice, “It is not enough to just sculpt the materials, you must carve nature as it is.”

The materials used are not the only thing that matters in a piece of art.

As he made more, he began to see more.

Sculpting was his way of thinking.

Gathering fallen leaves to make a tree, planting trees that were burnt by wildfires.

The more he sculpted nature, the faster his proficiency grew.

Then one day, Daycram motioned to speak with him.

“It seems I have taught you enough of the basics of Nature Sculpting. Sculpting is a way to get in touch with yourself, I can teach you nothing more.”


He accepted an apprentice thinking that he was a exceptional sculptor and taught him everything he could, but he was disappointed.

“The continent’s sculpting is indeed dark. Many talents in sculpting are lost.”

-You have not properly accepted the teachings of Daycram, Fame decreases by 580.

Daycram said a few words during the early stages, but eventually he only watched from the sidelines and didn’t interfere at all.

Allowing students to use their imagination was an important part of teaching!

Weed was familiar enough with cramming education that he could be considered a mentor in the field.

While he was growing closer to nature now, it had never really been a part of his life before.

‘I may still be new to this, but in the future as the skill grows I’ll be able to control the forces of nature!’

Nature Sculpting is currently Intermediate level 2!

For once, Weed respectfully bowed his head.

“I’ve learned many things from my teacher”

Daycram spoke.

"Wherever you go, don't say you learned this from me. It would be shameful."

“I see. So, you'll teach me Disaster Sculpting now?”

"Have you realized nature's true power?"

"I don’t understand it yet. But given more time and I will be able to grasp it."

"This is for you then. Once you have learned nature's true appearance you will be able to learn my techniques."

-You have acquired Daycram's wooden carving.

Having Daycram's wooden carving allows the owner to naturally raise their skill level faster.

"You're a great teacher. I'll remember this forever."

‘I have to be careful with my words so I don’t promise to actually give a reward’

“Will you be traveling around the continent?”

"I must. Since I must walk the path of an artist and save those suffering from the wicked!”

Weed continued hunting and making money as he traveled the Versaille continent.

He thought to himself. Even if in the North, there are a lot of places I haven't been to. I must find dungeons and earn items.

He remembered his last conversation with Daycram.

“While you’re traveling to different places, always remember to advance your Sculpting skills.”

“Of course. I will continue to work hard on Sculpting for the rest of my life. ”

“As you should.”

While Daycram stared blankly at the sky, Weed activated his skill.


It’s always important to check even the items people give you in case they aren’t what they seem..

Just as Weed was putting the product away Daycram gave him another gift.

“You should also take this.”

Daycram took out a shining sky-blue mysterious substance.

“As you probably know, this item can only be found in Jigolaths. But, since you need a vast amount of heat and I’m against cutting down trees I’ve never been able to use it.”


“How can you give me such a precious item? Daycram-nim could surely make an amazing sculpture with this.”

Weed’s actions contradicted to what he said though, as his hand shot out faster than it did during battle.

-Helium was acquired.

Mana source.

Even talking about Helium is expensive, and I was able to obtain it.

“Be sure to create a good sculpture.”

“I’ll do my best.”

“Then have a safe trip.”


“Here's 340,000 Won. For your week of hard work’.”

While obtaining the normal wage, Seo Yoon was able to get a little more money.

Seo Yoon got a sizable bonus because while she was working during the evening the place was packed, but even though the manager hoped it would encourage her to stay for longer than one week she still quit.

“This is the first time I’ve earned my own money.”

Seo Yoon took out her money from the envelop, and counted each won one at a time.

While brightly welcoming customers, seating them to their table, and telling others to wait for their turn she had learned that you could make money by making people happy.

While working she had seen families, friends, and lovers having loving conversations which lightened her heart.

“Working can be really fun.”

She would even sneak food whenever the staff wasn’t watching.

At first, she had a hard time interacting with other people, but as she kept on working she felt herself change.

“With this money, I can buy all the ingredients.”

Hyun Lee had told her that it takes a long time to get any real money from a part time job so she had decided to try selling packed lunches.

Seo Yoon woke up early in the morning and went to the market..

“Pretty lady, what can I get you?”

The Ahjussi vendors always gave her plenty of extra meat and vegetables when she bought from them. (T/N: Ahjussi is some older men)

Then she made rice and side dishes.  She carefully stuffed the plastic lunchboxes with kong-na-mul guk(T/N: beansprout with dashi soup) inside a thermos.

“Now I have to go earn money.”

Seo Yoon carried the heavy bags with both hands, she traveled by bus and went to a street near many offices.

She was already tired from being up so early, but her thoughts were focused on selling the lunchboxes.

Seo Yoon set up next to a skyrise, she took out the lunchboxes from and stacked them neatly in a pile.

Office Workers drinking their coffee were rushing to work, but stopped once they saw her.


'Ah, such an angel.  Why is such a beautiful lady here...'

‘Today’s a lucky day. Even if I get reprimanded by my team leader, I’m sure I can take it. ’

That was only possible reaction after seeing Seo Yoon!

Seo Yoon used to be shy and stiff, she avoided making eye contact.

Subconsciously, she started avoiding people, but her frozen expression had changed after she met Hyun Lee.

The inexplicable feeling that the men felt after seeing her pure facial expression was enough to drive them mad!

The office workers saw the lunchboxes and approached her.

“Are you selling this?”


Seo Yoon’s short answer mesmerized the 30 year old office worker!

“How much is it?”


She didn’t know what to say since she hadn’t thought about what price would be enough to make her money.

“I haven’t decided on the price yet.”

“Really? Then, how about 6,000 won?”

Said the man who opened the lunch box. Given how cheap the boxes were to make that price would yield a lot of profit.

“I, I am okay with that.”

“Here, we'll take three.”

The office worker paid 20,000 won and received his 2000 won change.

Other office workers formed a line and bought Seo Yoon's lunchboxes.

The taste of the food was not important. They would have bought them even if the lunchboxes only had soy sauce or red chili paste!

That said, the lunch boxes came with carefully designed side dishes and tasted good too, which made the office workers smile.

“Did you make this all by yourself?”


“It must be hard making so many lunch boxes...”

Seo Yoon was every man’s dream girl.

Beautiful, kind, has a great cooking skill, and is able to manage her life.

There was nothing more that  they could ask for in a woman.

All of them were in awe that they met her this morning.

“This is really tasty. Will you be here tomorrow?”


The office workers stood around as they ate, even after they finished they didn’t leave.

They didn’t care if they would be late, they just wanted to see a little more of her, which is why they lingered so long.

“I’d like two more boxes please.”

Even office workers who were full from breakfast ordered two more lunch boxes.

‘I’ll eat this for lunch and dinner.’

Even if he didn’t eat his hunger faded after seeing Seo Yoon’s face.

‘I don’t care if I have to pay it for it, as long as I can see her beauty.’

They didn’t care what kind of reprimand they would get when they get to their offices.

They thought that if they had a girlfriend like Seo Yoon, they could handle any kind of harassment at work.

The office workers were reprimanded for an entire week and they still felt happy.

Except there was one small problem that she didn’t know about.

Because the place was a business area with a lot of offices, police officers would pass by too.

“There are a lot of people lining up, someone must be selling something. Come on, let’s drive them out.” (T/N: The police generally just drive out “swindlers” or people who block the flow, so they probably went to drive her out because she was blocking the flow.)

The officers rushed over, but left after eating one lunchbox each.

Another morning Seo Yoon had run out of coins to give as change.

The new customer was in a hurry and started yelling.

"Jeez, how can you be selling here and not have change?  I have to eat fast and go back to the office! You aren’t prepared at all. If you really need money go work at a bar instead."

Seo Yoon was surprised by the angry outburst and froze, but the problem was fixed in less than 2 seconds.

In less than two seconds the situation was about to be resolved.

“What’s up with that guy?!”

“Get him out!”

“Can we kill him?”

Before the male customers could rush in, a voice called out.

“Lee Chun, Jin shi”


The Director and General Manager of the company were both standing in the line.


“Wah-il, let’s go!”

Weed left Debkart mountain on his Wyvern.


“I guess I’ll use the furnace back at Morata.” Weed said to himself, since it required both a large furnace and careful tempering. (PR/N: Tempering - is a process of heat treating, which is used to increase the toughness of iron-based alloys making it less brittle.)

It needed to be placed in a large furnace with constant high heat, but Helium has similar properties to gold and needs careful tempering.

“I’ll just have to hold onto this for a while.”

Although he had been aiming to get the Helium for a while, his current Sculpting skill was still at Advance level 7.

So he made fire sculptures continuously to raise his Sculpting proficiency.

Soon his Advance Sculpting skill would reach level 8.

Even if the improvement was slow he still decided to wait until he was able to make use of the rare material with his raised skill level.

“Hurry up sculpting skills, I need to learn Disaster Sculpting.”

Weed ignored hunting and exploring and only focused on sculpting.

Nature Sculpting required a long time to learn and it only got more difficult as the levels increased.

‘I can’t delay learning the 5th Sculpting skill any longer.’

“Let’s go to the depths of the Grey Mountains.”

‘Isn't there a saying that even a village dog can learn new tricks after 3 years?’(T/N: Another one of Weed’s sayings.)

This means how important it is to be in a conducive environment.

Weed entered the mountains near the valley to work on his sculpture.

He trained his skill using water and dirt to make sculptures. Nature Sculpting became Intermediate Level 3.

At night, he could hear the monsters’ loud noises as they were fighting outside.

There was even harsh winds and it often rained.

When the mountain becomes silent that’s when the monsters come out.

“I’m still making sculptures.”

He had 43 days left until Barkan’s Quest.

Yurin whispered to him while he was sculpting.

- Oppa, What are you doing?

Weed was making a mermaid out of rocks and water.

He had found that making sculptures of things with a high affinity to nature like elves, fairies and mermaids would result in a better sculpture. 

Human, Dwarves, and Barbarians races didn’t make good subjects when making nature sculptures. Even if it was made, the end result was not desirable.

-I’m making sculptures. Where are you?

-I’m at Bardem’s mountain

-How did you get there?

-I heard the scenery was good so I came out to paint.

She had been using the Picture Teleportation skill to travel freely across the Versailles Continent.

An idea struck Weed’s head.

'There are plenty of large mountain and lakes in the Versailles Continent.  If you could make art in those locations the experience would be way higher.'

Nature Sculpting greatly depended on the environment so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to wander around while sculpting.

Ma-Sen Kingdom's Bardem Mountain.

Overlooking the scenic capital city they could see Novice Castle and wide plains, it was a beautiful place.

With Yurin's help he was able to get there quickly.  After Weed arrived he saw many users that came to play.

‘Its bourgeois'

The most active place were still mainly in Rosenheim Kingdom, when compared with Morata’s Players their higher levels were unparalleled.

A third of the players were over Level 200!

There were also many people wearing Level 300 equipment.

“The war never ends.”

“I think they’re trying to end it this time.”

“30,000 soldiers died, there were really that many casualties?”

"They got slaughtered while trapped inside their castle.  Their spirit must have been broken.  Still a lot of the army is left."

The news of the Central Continent’s war even reached the Bardem mountain.

"Get your portraits drawn.  Couples should make fond memories."

Yurin was making money while sketching.

Like the fairy tales drawn in warm and cute colors, she was popular among the Players.

Weed sat down on the ground and made preparations to sculpt.  He wore old clothes on purpose so he wouldn’t draw much attention from other users.

‘I’m going to try and make the Novice Castle.’

The mixed water and the dirt became dough in his hands.

He stacked the mud in the form of a mountain and used the dirt to make the large open field.

Novice Castle was made carefully with his hands.

It took four hours but the king's garden, road, market, carriage, and the people were captured with exquisitely accurate detail.

The users who were waiting to be drawn by Yurin and even the tourist started to take interest in Weed's sculpture.

The sculpture’s size was about the size of a queen mattress and it was an exact replica of the Novice Castle's surrounding.

Even the park where they were currently in was included.  It even had replicas of Yurin drawing and Weed sculpting.

“Look at that. It’s incredibly well made.”

“I think he’s a Sculptor.”

Sometimes he would grab the shaped mud and use his knife to cut it.

The Players were impressed and surprised at the swift speed.

While watching the mud sculpture on the stone slab, Weed was slightly satisfied.

Unlike sculpting trees he didn't need skills to shave the corner, it was even easier than sculpting with water.

"I think its made pretty similarly. Nature Sculpturing!”

After lightly starting the skill the mountain he had made with stacked mud hardened and even grew small tiny trees on it.

In the plain region wheat fields began to spread.It’s gathering Nature’s power and magically transforming the sculpture!

 - Choose a name for your sculpture.

“Bardem Mountains where my sister and I used to play.”

Is “Barden Mountains where my sister and I used to play” correct?



Weed’s Sculpting Skill was still 17% away from level 8, and his Undead power had dropped to 186.


“A Fine piece like that has never been heard of.  What Sculptor can make such a work?”

“It causes plants to grow like magic! That’s great!” Players around the area began saying in surprise.

Weed then made a magical backpack to carry around the larger sculptures he created.

“Come on, let’s go to the next place.”

Yurin painted herself and Weed on the picture.

“Picture Teleportation!”

The skill made Weed and Yurin slowly disappear from the area like a mirage.

Snake Ravine of the Harpan Kingdom.

Peter Castle of Haven Kingdom.

Loin Plaza of Britten Kingdom.

The Street of Fully Blossomed Flowers of Aidern Kingdom.

Artian Fountain and the surrounding area of Bacuba Kingdom.

The Vanetta region and Spring Palace of the Ritten Kingdom.

The Pyramid of Rosenheim Kingdom.

The Mirror Lake of Brent Kingdom.

Weed put his all into the trip with Yurin and made sculptures everywhere that other players saw.

“What, what is that sculptor doing?”

“I think he just finished his work.”

But as people flocked to Weed and Yurin they would disappear using Picture teleportation.

So people searched on the forums instead.

Title: Today there have been a few appearances of a Sculptor.

I was hunting at the Snake's ravine when I saw one sculptor. He looked like he was playing around with dirt but he was making a sculpture.

Since he was wearing beginner's cloth and making a sculpture, I didn't see it as a big deal and ignored it.  However the dirt that was piled up was made into a realistic representation the Snake's ravine.

I think these are really amazing.

But how the hell did he get the water to flow like that? It’s not like any of other fountains.

 - Eh, thats nonsense.

 - Think you were just dreaming. Wake up now. And go to sleep at night.

Title : I saw sculpting at Snake Ravine as well.

I’m not sure if it was magic, but water was flowing from a mud sculpture.

And the finished piece was a Fine sculpture.

I wanted to have a conversation with him, but he left really quickly…...

- Did water really flow from the sculpture? Who is this Sculptor?

-Does Harpan Kingdoms have a player with intermediate level Sculpting?

-Is it the magic of a Sculptor?

- Is that a sculpture that can only be seen when it rains? There is no one who can replicate that, but...

It was a user that had a rare amount of experience that couldn't be found even if you searched the Harpen Kingdom.

Then the info started connecting!

Title : I saw a certain Sculptor at the Bardem mountains in Masen Kingdoms.

I saw him making a sculpture on the spot for the first time, and it was the best.

Trees were growing all over the place.

 - If trees were growing, does that mean he used spiritual magic?

 - I don’t really know. But the trees were growing so fast that you could see them grow.

 - It’s almost as unbelievable as that story of water flowing.

Title : Is there anyone that could describe the outer appearance of the Sculptor?

I am a player from Bacuba Kingdom.

Did the person that all of you saw have a rather normal face with clothes smeared with grime?

And the Painter that was with him had a large green hat and was really pretty.

 - Thats true. I saw them at Snake ravine.

 - The Sculptor that came to Masen Kingdom was the same.

 - That makes no sense. Harpan Kingdom, Masen Kingdom, Bacuba Kingdom. The distance between all of them are immense.

 - Even when using a magicians teleport or gate to it’s full potential, it would still be difficult.

The Sculptor that makes miracles!

Someone posted a video of Weed making a sculpture in the Masen Kingdom with that nickname.

The players from multiple Kingdoms in the Central Continent replied that they saw as well.

Title : The identity of that sculptor is Weed.

I’m a player currently active in the Rosenheim Kingdom.

Everyone should know that Weed came from our Kingdom. And yesterday I saw Weed making a sculpture on top of the pyramid.

I recognized him because I worked on the pyramid as well.

I was really lucky to have returned to Serabourg castle after partying up with dark elves and orcs in the Yurokina Mountains.

Since I’m not a Newbie anymore I am heading to Morata.

Towards the second home, Morata!

 - So it was Weed.

 - It’s self explanatory since it’s Weed.

 - How high is his mastery in Sculpting right now?

 - Did he master that skill?

 - How could he master the skill when he was adventuring so busily? If he did get the Sculpting mastery he would be the first person to master a Profession Skill.

 - Combat skills are difficult to raise, Sculpting would be even harder.

 - If he did master the skill it would have been a huge issue and the villagers would have spread it. That really is a huge issue you know?


The fact that he made a sculpture on top of Peter castle reached the Hermes guild too late.

“Weed must have a death wish. He dared to come to Peter Castle?”

Peter Castle was an old castle built on a mountaintop. It was a strategic stronghold, but it was also a beautiful place that was the pride of the Haven Kingdom.

“If we knew earlier, we would have wiped him out with our elite squads!”

The top leaders of the Hermes Guild were upset at this and grinding their teeth.

Their pride took a mighty blow when Drinpelt’s fleet was obliterated near the Jigolaths, and now it took another hit with this.

The Haven Kingdom had been completely conquered and Bard Ray with his considerable strength was promoted to king.

During this time when other users and guilds were on their knees and bowing their heads while all the high level players were getting in, Weed, the enemy of Hermes guild, had made a sculpture at Peter castle and left.

The players couldn't help but stick out their tongue at such a grand action.

Chapter 7 - The Grand Cathedral of Freya 

 (Authors Note: Whew, now…. only two parts left.)

 Weed did not just make Nature Sculptures while traveling around the Central Continent.

"Sculptor Weed right? Your works are superb."

"It seems my reputation precedes me. Your Majesty, I've travelled across the High Seas to come meet you."

He energetically visited the residences of the nobles.

Weed was wearing Talrok’s armor, his best equipment to raise his Charm and Dignity.

The King of Ritten sat on his throne and asked.

"Lord of the northern lands, famous adventurer, what is the reason for your visit?"

Weed spoke words of flattery respectably while in his best armor.

"As I was travelling around your kingdom, I was deeply impressed by your rule. Your majesty, I had to come visit you to pay my respects."

"Seeing you, I seem to remember all the things I've forgotten till now."

“I’d like to listen to what’s going on?”

Weed's reputation and dignity stat were really high, making it very easy to meet nobles of a kingdom and even the king.

It was even high enough to be able to receive a King's Quest!

However, when meeting nobility or royalty, he still had to adhere to proper etiquette.

"When I was young, I had a really attractive appearance. Princesses and noble ladies from all around would line up for a chance to dance with me."

However, the reality was that the King of Ritten's looks would now only appeal to female Orcs.

But in the ways of the world, silence is sometimes better than the truth.

And Weed was a person who took pride in living realistically.

"Indeed. Your Majesty has probably stolen the hearts of many young maidens. Now, the noble young ladies of the Kingdom of Ritten must be very unhappy because of you.”

"Adventurer, what do you mean they are unhappy because of me?"

Currently, there was not even one young person of nobility. There were only knights with heavy lips as well as the King and Weed himself.

"Yearning for Your Majesty, they would not be able to sleep soundly at night."


The King of Ritten Kingdom laughed out loud. His cheeks jiggled around obscenely.

Weed did not miss a beat and said.

"As expected, your smiling face would charm the people's hearts!" (TN: originally I wrote ‘As expected, your smiling face is very charming!’ but that sounds like Weed is coming on to him)

It was like praising a snake that it had beautiful skin, or telling a frog that it's legs were stunning.

He had the insight and skills to become a superb treacherous servant.

"I'd like you to erect a statue of me in my youth! I'll provide you with anything you need to create this statue."


Thanks to flattery, a sculpture was commissioned.

Weed bowed at the waist at once.

"It would be my honor to carve the likeness of Your Majesty. I hope my work will be able to satisfy." (TN: not sure about the second sentence)

-Quest Accepted.

In the royal palace, top grade carving stone, snow white in color, was prepared!.

Weed took out Zahab's Sculpting Knife. It would make his work a lot easier.

"The sculpture shouldn't really portray the likeness of the king in his youth."

Looking at the portraits of when he was younger, the King of Ritten Kingdom definitely looked like a baby Orc.

"It is better if I make it handsome instead."

He increased the height slightly, and raised his nose.

To hide the defects he transformed the morbidly obese figure into a sturdy figure.

To harmonize the sculpture he had it wear only a piece of armour and carry a sword.

It had similar characteristics to the King of Ritten, but in truth it was a completely different person!

The difference in the sculpture was even more pronounced than pictures of celebrities. (I think its talking about touched up photos)

Although only 3-4 hours were invested into the sculpture, the result was very good.

Weed increased his sculpting skill and also his nature sculpting skill.

The gathered Nature energy clothed the sculpture. The shiny statue splendidly spun around as it was showered with the energy.

And to top it off, there was the flattery.

"My skill is insufficient, Your Majesty's glory and generous spirit I failed to fully capture. I deserve death!"

Finding defect where there was none, it captivated the heart of the King of Ritten.

"It's fine. In my mind, there is no need for self-reproach. It takes a lot of effort to make something so precious."

The sculpture was made in such haste that it was a waste of materials. In fact, the original form (of the king probably) wasn't good, so even with Weed's skills and extra time, it would have been difficult to have gotten a better result.

“Even Zahab or Daycram would have a hard time with this one.”

The artistic level of the result was not always proportional to the success of the quest.

"The road of an artist is really difficult."

So the quest was completed, but he did not come here simply for the commission.

He came to see the royal art collection on display in the castle.

Long story short, it was a house visit!

Looking at artwork was a fast way to recover Art stats.

Weed and Yurin toured around the castle shamelessly taking advantage of the art.

"Oh, what a wonderful sculpture! To think you have so many great works of art, Your Majesty. This truly symbolizes your power, strength and dignity. By the way, are there any leftovers?"

While looking at the works he also had a meal and chatted with the knights and the aristocracy.

Users who can meet nobles or the King were few and far between.

It was thus impossible to find information about the king of a kingdom on the Royal Road Information Bulletin or the  Dark Gamers' site.

They could learn a lot here about art trends(TN: maybe art styles).

The huge collection of artworks definitely displays the greatness and absolute power of a King.

Weed's reaction when seeing the vast collection of gorgeous and sensual works of art was jaw-dropping amazement.

“You have such a luxury with all this money.”

Intimacy had increased with the king.

The Kingdom had many dynamic and unpretentious Art that were all lined in a row.

“Wrong. It’s Poor!”

He travelled around many kingdoms while sponging off them and viewing their artworks. His art stat was restored to 2089.

If you visited the manors, palaces and religious churches in all the kingdoms on Versailles continent, then you would be able to raise the art stat massively.

However if your familiarity was low then the kings or lords would not let you see the more prominent pieces of artwork in their collection, even if your fame was high.

You might be able to glance at the artwork hanging on the corridors or placed in spacious gardens.

If those lords and nobles do not hold sculpting in high regard then even high fame is useless.

Weed’s fame was raised primarily through sculpting and adventuring, if the nobles did not care for either, they refused his request for a meeting.

"I'm afraid I have never heard your name in fashionable society."

"You've made a lot of sculptures? I prefer the sword. If you are not a master swordsman then a meeting is impossible.”

"This free city was able to grow greatly thanks to trade. Your prowess as a merchant is sorely lacking."

Unless one was well-known among aristocracy, was a good trader, an expert in the sword, had magical prowess or possessed ability in various other fields, they would not meet the requirements to visit many kings and nobles.

Players were increasing their favors to the feudal lords who were natives to the Haven Kingdom. Of course, this did not matter if you had the same Fame as Weed.

The Castle dominated the Art supplies. Even if you went to visit a warehouse it would all be in vain because the would be sold out.

Only the Kings of Ritten Kingdom, Aidern Kingdom, Rosenheim Kingdom, and Britten Kingdom enjoyed Weed and took out their private art pieces without reserve.

Visiting the Orders of the Continent was even harder, only the Order of Freya, the Order of Lu and 3 other Orders that respected Weed's fight with the Embinyu Church allowed him to visit.

He traveled around the Versailles Continent and experienced scorn towards sculpting from the nobilities.

“Can you make a massive army of monsters retreat with sculpting? Sculpting is only for those who are carefree and bored.”

"You say that you can find beauty from sculptures? Ho ho, there's nothing more beautiful than magic that comes from those who have improved their knowledge and understanding of mana."

In the continent the status of a Sculptor was very low, given that there was no one as proficient,  exceptional or famous as Weed. Thus, people’s awareness of sculpting was low and was often ignored.

With the exception of swordsmen and magicians, the recognition of professions changed with the actions of the players.

A baron arrogantly pointed towards a ship and spoke.

"A sculptor? That's nice but I prefer listening to stories of adventure. I have heard rumours that you have had a great adventure in the lands to the north called, Jigolaths! I would really like to listen to the story of what happened there. If you were a fraud-like painter with paint all over your clothes I would have never met with you!"

Painters were treated as rivals, the only consolation was that both professions were in a similar situation.

"Even so, it's still bearable. Since both Painters and Sculptors are looked down upon equally!"

After creating Nature Sculptures and visiting castles, there were only 24 more hours until the start of Barkan's Quest.

But Weed was able to raise his skill mastery in Nature Sculpting to 89% of Intermediate Level 5.

A little more and he would be able to learn Disaster Sculpting!

Yurin asked.

"Oppa, where are we going now?"

"For now, lets go back to Morata."

Yurin started to paint the Tower of Light.

It was Morata at night time. After painting the tower, she added brilliantly radiating light and then put herself and Weed in the scene.

"Picture Teleportation!"

Both of them disappeared from the surroundings.


"I'm here to register as a worker."

"Can I just start today?"

Morata's construction site was crowded with people wanting to join in the construction.

500 people, 2,000 people, 7,000 people, 8,000 people, and then 20,000 people.

As time passed more people gathered with interest in the construction like ants gathering around a piece of cake.

"Those who will gather stones get in line!"

"Looking to recruit party members to mine iron ore! Mining skill is an absolute plus."

The building materials piled like a mountain as well.

They mobilized for the quest from the Lord!

To create great buildings Morata's users joined en masse.

Building materials were gathered from nearby mines, mountains and rivers, by fleets of users.

Users swarmed like ants around the Cathedral and Library, while piling up bricks on a pillar.

"At the center of the Cathedral make the chapel, as well as 12 towers."

"Add the building where the school will be."

"Don't forget the accommodation for the Church's Paladins and Priests."

“Shouldn't the chapel be at least 150m high? We also need to place a dome at the top."

"The height should be at least 230m. It makes sense that it's bigger than the Statue of Freya."

The architects in charge of the design were at the construction site debating amongst themselves.

A staggeringly magnificent Cathedral was being planned to be built in Morata.

The line of people who had gathered building materials from nearby mines and rivers stretched further.



The beginners carried stone and lumber with wobbly legs!

So far all of the works Weed was involved in has succeeded. The Great Pyramid and Statue of Freya were visible evidence.

This was a golden opportunity to gain contribution points in Morata, as well as the Church of Freya, that could not be missed.

Raising contribution to a city by aiding in its development can be very useful. You can reduce your taxes, borrow soldiers for expeditions or get a house. You could also get equipment from the Lord's arsenal.

For those beginners who started in Morata, who would stay in the Northern region for a long time, this was an absolutely unmissable opportunity!

Mapan, Irene, and Pale were discussing this topic while watching the scenery of the mountains.

"Indeed it is as we thought."

"Users who started in Morata are going to grow really fast."

"I can't let my guard down."

Surprisingly, Weed did not have to do anything to get users to join. The users joined voluntarily to be exploited by Weed.

Holding on to grand dreams, there were a lot of beginners in Morata.

Even though it was difficult moving the building materials for the beginners, it was done without hesitation.

As society dictated doing well on your first job was of prime importance.

Weed did not force this Quest on them.

After working hard to create great buildings in Morata and helping evolve the city with their own hands, it will be harder to emigrate to other areas.

Weed ?? ??? ?? ?!

Given the great undertaking, Weed should expect to reap great monetary returns!

"In the whole world, is there as good a man as our lord?"

"Taxes are low, necessary buildings are available, there is good security, and road planning and urban development is going well."

Although no official facts have been released, exaggerated rumours hit the online boards.

"The money that has been invested in Morata exceeds 2 million gold? A substantial amount was from his own pocket, and not from public funds."

"Morata was a completely ruined village. He rescued the residents, and grew it to this degree. Even now he is building great architecture."

There was high praise for Weed among users and residents. He might be the most popular lord on the continent.

They were brainwashed to the degree of praising Weed, even if Weed were to drag monsters and slaughter them.

"We've rested enough, time to go back."

"Come on, come on! Let's go."

Mapan and Pale, Irene pushed the wagon packed with decorative stone. The remaining colleagues were running up and down the stairs carrying stone to work on the library.


Weed and Yurin arrived at the Tower of Light.

Observing from a high place, Weed realized that there were way more people than when he left for the Debkart mountains. With the news that there was a grand architecture being constructed, there was a massive influx of both Newbies and wanderers from the Central Continent.

"Hmm. Need a change of clothes."

When he sold his work, he deliberately wore the shabby clothes of Newbies.

It was not because there were no special options required to make a sculpture.

“Cause it looks cool!”

Art means hunger.

Some parties from the Central Continent wearing unwashed Newbie clothing had that meaning behind it.

Weed opened his guild chatting window as well as his 'whisper' after changing clothes.

He occasionally opened the chat window in order to obtain information so that he could create sculptures in Morata.

However, it seems that something was up if they did not hear at any gossip at all.

Members of the Wilderness Traveler Guild had socially rich oriented Professions and their Levels were high. The Guild often spoke worthwhile information. There was a lot of talk about the grounds of the Square.

That was also why many Merchants knew about it.

The Merchant Guild contained rumors, market information, and necessary goods needed for adventurers.

"Well, see you later."

Weed separated from Yurin and walked the streets of Morata.

Looking around the square there were players of various levels.

Many of them were looking for members to make hunting parties.

From this sight one could see the future was bright for Morata!

A satisfied smile was beginning to form on Weed's face.

"Get meals free of charge. Our Lord is providing the food. Those who are hungry, come and get it!"

There were hundreds of people standing in line for Morata's Soup Kitchen!

Free meals that people could eat without restriction. A teenage girl was talking to someone who was about to receive food.

"Our lord truly is the greatest."

"Indeed. No where else would anyone give out free meals."

"Also the beef soup being served is so tasty."

"How can there be such delicious food in a soup kitchen? The menu changes daily, even people with levels higher than 300 come to eat here."

Weed's tongue quivered in anger. (TN: I'm not sure how a tongue quivers in anger, I might have translated wrong, or it might be a Korean saying)

He held back a million curses from spewing out of his throat!

As a result of the free meals players would be able to work hard in hunting, which would increase taxes paid.

However, in Weed's mind all of it was at his own expense.

Female Players devour their Mana without regard for budget usage, thereby the hoped to increase their limit by having more side dishes.

"I would like three servings, please!"

"I have to go hunting, so two more bowls please."

“Is this enough?”

Five female users greedily devoured the food without restraint.

Their job was that of a warrior which was physically demanding! The combatant professions must move their body a lot and thus had to eat a lot as well.

Weed felt as if his own flesh being torn every time he saw food disappear into the women's mouth.

"This must be what it feels like when a girl orders steak, drinks and salad on a blind date?”

Just imagining that hell, he felt like suffocating!

The popularity of the soup kitchen was great and people constantly came to dine before heading elsewhere.

Newbie’s were brandishing flimsy swords, not decent against a fight, wore wide brimmed hat with no options, accounted for the vast majority.

When their levels rose, even though some would still return for the soup kitchen, but most of them would have more money and then search for better food.

“Shouldn’t be so stingy over food. How much food is being eaten by people? Soup Kitchen Information Window!"

In a single month an astronomical sum of more than 80,000 gold was being consumed due to the soup kitchen.


Weed could not help but to weep.

When he was still a kid and his parents were still alive, he remembered when the elder kids would bully him and take his candies!

His unusual behaviour attracted the attention from many players who passed by him on the street.

"He must be really moved by the soup kitchen."

"Did that guy come here from another region? When he sees other parts of Morata he will really be pleased. It's a fun and interesting city."

"Doesn't his face resemble the Lord of Morata?"

"It's not at all alike. There’s no way a poor looking man like that would look the same as the god of war Weed."

Weed was seriously considering closing down the soup kitchen.

To be honest, he would rather turned it into a restaurant instead.

However, thinking long term, although the soup kitchen costs a lot in maintenance the benefits are huge.

Morata was becoming a big city. Public security and birth rate will increase as well as promote economic development. The most important advantage is that Weed's reputation as lord will greatly increase.

"In order to reap large profits, now is the time to cultivate."

The residents and the players need to increase a lot.

The technology of the Orc village had no degree of development whatsoever, which was why they partnered with other villages and produced one thousand helpers.

In the shops, limitations to sell stuff were too difficult. Nevertheless, the money of the Orc mountains began to fluctuate. The amount of an object changed at a fearsome pace.

Orc Traders were mostly saying.

"We don't try to sell a 100 gold item. Since we can sell 1,000 1 gold items instead. We'll exchange the ones that were made wrongly, which we think will be about 300."

The Orcs showed no regret in quantity before quality!

Through Weed’s researched information and based on his experience when he changed to Orc Karichwi. In order to foster the economic power that the people could feel most effectively.

"No way would I eat a meal at a soup kitchen for an entire year, around festivals and attractions that you yourself don’t want to attend! "

Morata’s reputation in the Arts was very high, but listening to the Bard and Dancer performing for an entire year was a horrible thing to imagine.

Of course, it wasn’t unusual for some Players to get sick and tired of the act altogether.

Weed went to visit the theater. In order to learn more about Morata, he went to watch a play.

"Culture is valuable. Let's see how mature the level of the performance is."

Weed was interested in work related to instruments such as the harp.

At the place Weed went to watch there were 38 other people watching; the bards played and dancers danced. It was a musical that combined song and dance!

It was a popular play in Morata called 'Oath of the Wizards'.

The audience filled the seats and watched.

Weed sat watching, focusing on the performance. But then his eyelids started to droop.


The play ended after 20 minutes.

The vast majority of the audience were Wizards, Summoners and Elementalists.

After the performance the actors came out onto the stage to greet the audience and were met with thunderous applause.

Then, each made their own way to the exit.

"Now, where are you going to hunt?"

"A dungeon next to the river. And you?"

"Its pretty far from Morata. Its called the Tomb of Mainz... Monsters level is quite high. Although it's difficult, the party is quite capable. Its a worthwhile hunt."

After watching the show, the people returned to their parties as they had predetermined beforehand.

Warriors and Knights also viewed plays associated with their professions.

'The boy who challenged the tower of Warriors.'

'The dragon's assault'.

The first attempt at creating a performance by a bard or dancer will not be perfect.

Countless performances were being attempted based on empty conjectures, creating many terrible works.

However, despite the challenges, gems were being unearthed in the process of creation.

Out of all the attempts 99% resulted in failure, and only 1% resulted in success.

Jjakjjakjjak! (TN: sound of clapping I think)

Weed also applauded.

"It was a really great show." (TN: LoL, even though he fell asleep)

He came out of the theater, and as he roamed around Morata he could see people performing.

Bards were playing musical instruments and onlookers paid money in coins.

Although the sum of money was not large, their levels increased and they were happy to perform on the street, and so continued playing.

Everywhere in Morata this sight could be seen.

"What a great profession!"

Weed thought that the job had good points.

The only cost of materials was the instrument which was a rare expenditure, and there were no disputes caused by haggling with customers.

Above all, the greatest advantage was that the money received was classified as donations and thus were not taxable.

Now, even in the dungeons with the party members they continue to play and raised their skills proficiency, there was no better Professions for those who have a cheerful personality.

Hwaryeong’s role always created a lively atmosphere when it came to a hunting party.

Bathed with the Dancer’s Charm, the hunting Knights sometimes gains indomitable Strength when they exert their attacks. When Weed was going on a hunt, his other party members were not directly combat-based Professions, such as women like Surka but Hwaryeong had experience.

Immersed in music or dance, but it was still in a dangerous situation. Surrounded by monsters, anything could occur. The Bard played songs that were pleasant and even made these moments of such annihilation enjoyable.

"There are many sculptures and paintings as well..."

You could see a lot of sculptures in every store.

If you can't afford a house in the suburbs, you worked to make decorations or gifts, Sculptors and Painters had increased their source of revenue. Morata’s cultural investment cost

was related to the amount being spent and increased their salary and levels brought about by the  many side Quests created.

In fact, Art in the city of Rhodium had always been the representative of the Versailles Continent.

For people dreaming to become artists, Rhodium was the first place to go, and due to that it became completely filled with only artists. Eventually the ratio was ruined and the opportunity for jobs decreased.

However the amount of opportunities for artists in Morata were wider.

Artists of Morata preferred to grow their skills in Morata, before leaving to travel the Versailles continent to grow their skills further, as Weed did.

Even if it was dangerous, artists must travel in order to learn more about the world.

Weed had thought about this as well.

"One to two amazing works would be nice. Even when it is very steady progress a

Magnum Opus would be worthwhile, albeit made with continued support. "

There were many things about Royal Road that were not disclosed, part of that was the Culture stat. A place where the Lord was a Sculptor, Bard's with high Art were entertaining boldy increasing Morata’s Culture, making his investment worthwhile before he went to the High Seas.

He had thought it was just a waste of money, but in the last war residents and soldiers from other regions had forsaken their villages for Morata, so culture had a great impact on local politics.

It even helped in public security and economic development, either directly or indirectly.

If culture was not developed, burglaries would increase and risk of rebellion would go up.

"Construction work is also steadily progressing well."

The Cathedral and the Great Library that were being built in the Tower of Light Square and Bingryong Square, had the basic framework laid down.


"Bring more bricks, as soon as possible."

The sounds of thousand of people diligently at work in construction could be heard.

The construction was done in accordance with the form of three-storey house built in the size of the model.

Merchants were leading ox-pulled carts filled with materials necessary for the construction.

Morata's sculptors and painters also mobilized.

Working on the cathedral meant honouring the prestigious gods, which can increase fame and faith.

Working on the cathedral was a great challenge for the artists.

"There are no decorations here."

"The walls? And the ceiling? What colour should go where?"

"The ceiling should have a painting, or a sculpture? A painting should be better, right? For the ceiling, at least 3 skilled painters should be assigned in order to create the best work.

In the construction of the cathedral more than 100 outstanding sculptors and painters were working on both the internal and external parts of the building.

From the columns to the floor, working everywhere, the task of decorating progressed really quickly.

For the construction of the cathedral the cost of materials and labour had already exceeded the already reasonable budget.

Clerics and Paladins paid money into the project and were doing further fund raising.

"If the cathedral is completed Morata is really going to be a great place to live. Nowhere in the central continent does the lord invest selflessly like this."

"Whenever someone gets a good quest, would they want to live by making offerings to the ruling guild? The lord lets us participate in the development plan."

Cases where the loyalty to the lord was so high that they would actively cooperate in the development plan was really rare.

Broadcasters came to report on the development of the cathedral that was being built by users.

"The settlement started only 6 months ago in real time. At first there was a lack of a lot of buildings and things weren't easy. However now things are different, many of the necessary buildings are available. Also the ones that are not available are quickly being built."

"When I started playing Royal Road, I chose Morata. Then listening to the stories about how the other cities were thriving, I was envious. But now I do not regret it one bit."

"Morata’s Players will improve more. In each hunting area in Central Continent there is a lot of competition, but here there’s exploration and competitive Quests. Although, hunting is a lot more dangerous. The danger is real. But I prefer to live a risky life with my fellow residents. "

"Why stay here and not go somewhere else? Because Morata is a lot of fun."

Morata established itself at a fearsome pace as a center of trade within the northern continent.

Users attributed this accomplishment to the leadership of the lord.

Being the Ruler of Morata, Players had the upmost respect for Weed.

Weed did not use city funds for personal reasons or try to create a slush fund to accumulate wealth.

"Every profession can realize their potential; technology, commerce, and art and culture has blossomed because the people's taxes has been correctly invested."

Users were growing in full swing, buildings were being built, and economic power had increased, thus tax income was also going up. In conclusion, this was the dream of the vicious lord!

However, there were also other Players who pointed their fingers and cited out the leadership problems of the Lord.

The cathedral was the culmination of the efforts of the Architects, Sculptors and Painters.

The chapel’s ceilings and walls had huge windows. It was difficult to find the mysterious and solemn atmosphere with the dark coated glass, which was why they asked to install stained glass.

As Painter’s painted the stained glass turning into the downward the passage of light which symbolized the divine power, the Charm of the picture displayed the combination of Architecture and Art.

Inside, the stairs were decorated with absolutely wonderful carvings and artwork.

Although the ability of the Sculptors, Painters, and Architects involved were not the best, everyone was going to give their best effort.

Chapter 08: Rejecting Destiny

The Geomchi had no choice but to give up on the hunt. The Kraken swam the wide open sea so, lest for a designated time, it was difficult to find.

Only if you had excellent sailing skills you could pursue and catch marine organisms like the Kraken, but trying to catch a Kraken with a boat would take too much time. (T/N: Sea of Life - Name of their ship.)

"Let's just go to Morata."

The Geomchi, holding in their hunger, went to the harbour of Bellona Island, looking for a ship that was heading for Morata.

All of the sailors he met shook their heads.

"I will not go as far as Morata."

"I'll pay twice as much."

"During this time the sea is very dangerous. There are high waves and violent winds blowing around. The access route just north of the continent is blocked by storms as well."

There was also another route from the sea, but a lot of things were depending on the season the boats route to Morata from the Central Continent would be blocked.

If you met a skilled captain even sailing through storms wouldn’t be a problem.

The only problem was that, there weren’t that many good captains, and the chance of them sticking around drinking alcohol and taking a break on an island was low.

A player who was a sailor said that if they wait about a week, a luxury cruiser from the Kingdoms would come.

He also told them that they could go to Morata by passing by 3 kingdoms on the cruise.

More than 400 of the Geomchi found themselves stuck on the harbour.

In order to depart they sold all the small boats that they had.

Waiting for the cruiser would be faster than buying another ship and sailing.

Then one day, Geomchi 405 spoke.

“Though the waves are strong...I think it would be fun to swim, Sahyung!”

Geomchi 405 spoke thoughtlessly due to wanting to play around and swim in the sea on a stormy day.

However, the eyes of the instructors had changed.

“Indeed, sounds like fun.”

“It sure does Sahyung. Instead of talking here, let’s go swim.”

“The reason we came here was to ea…. no, to challenge ourselves against everything, wasn’t it?”

All the while, when fighting monsters in Royal Road the Geomchi had also further improved their sword skills.

Tension, which was hard to experience in real life, Life and death struggles and in spars, reminding of actual battle.

Although it was different from reality, it was possible to find the parts where you were lacking.

The Geomchi, rather than solving Quests requiring to solve mysteries, prefered simple battle so they had been fighting constantly.

In order to strengthen willpower, extreme conditions that were challenging were necessary.

Examining the gathered practitioners, Geomchi spoke.

“Let’s swim to Morata!”

If there was a sailor there, they would have tried to stop them at any costs, even by giving them free sushi.

If anyone had even the slightest information about the sea, they would haven’t done such a reckless act.

Even haenyeo (T/N: Korean traditional divers; generally women, and they are known for being able to dive for extended periods of time as well as being extremely proficient at swimming in general) wouldn’t do such a thing.

“Since the weather’s hot as well, should we do that?”

“Master, that’s a brilliant plan.”

“Let’s hurry over to Morata and have some beer and a roast boar.”

The trainees enthusiastically agreed and joined in.

And then without any other preparations, they jumped into the sea, even when it was pouring.

The people in the harbor could not help but to be awed.

“To do something that crazy, that doesn’t make any sense.”

“Wow, are they really going?”

They saw something which they would never forget.

The first night of the swim towards Morata was easy enough.

It was all due to Geomch i3 and the Priests, as well as the monstrous vitality that the trainees had.

“It’s nice and cool.”

“We should have done this earlier.”

However, the next night, the Priests could no longer keep up with the Geomchi’s Vitality and could no longer send out their support.

At least they got used to and a lot of sailing and swimming in the water of the High Seas.

While swimming, do not go against the flow of the wave and match your breathing with it.

The leading Geomchi had a contest, Geomchi 3 and Geomchi 5 were like fishes
and went together.

When you swim for a long time, your strength and concentration easily deteriorate.

The slightest slip in this deep ocean could turn to a disastrous mistake and lead to drinking seawater and  then drowning.

The Geomchis prevented themselves from dying by performing a group dog paddle.

Even the seagulls in the sky could not help but look over the Geomchis as Geomchi 2 ordered the 503 similarly named Humans doing a dog paddle!

‘Fresh fish? I gotta grab it and eat it, shouldn’t I?’

Monster birds hesitated attacking them time and again. Rain suddenly fell from the sky.

The Wind grew stronger and the birds became terrified of the huge waves.

-Vitality has decreased by 15%.

-Body movements are slower due to cold waters.

-You are under attacked by carnivorous fish.

-You are being swept away by waves.

The neverending stream of warnings were a given!

Even though they gained a lot of Vitality from passing extreme martial arts quests, crossing the sea was impossible.

The Geomchi were not exactly in decent condition when they were attacked, despite being tired and exhausted they had to deal with the attacks of the man-eating sharks.

From a distance, pointed shark fins were approaching atop the waves.

Ttudung…. ttudung... ttudung... ttudung.. ttudung. ttudung! (TN: jaws anyone)

It was a scene that could have been taken straight from a horror movie.

Geomchi 3 started to feel ecstatic watching the sharks approach.

“Hey guys, I’ve found something delicious!”

The best dishes could be made from shark fins.

They had heard of this through word of mouth, but never had a chance to taste it.

But were not the shark fins now coming to them?


“Let’s pick them clean!”

The extraordinary act of humans attacking sharks for food started and 15 practitioners died in the process.

If they were attacked on land it would have been easy to hunt the sharks but because of the rolling waves it was difficult to control your body in the sea so they took damage.

"You rascals, you'll be eaten for sure."

"I agree, the punishment is death."

They landed on a nearby island and made shark barbecue, and continued moving forward when the dead practitioners revived and rejoined.

Hunger was satiated by catching fish, and they gathered fresh water when it rained on the sea to relieve thirst.

Indeed, it was swimming under extreme hardship.

Various sea creatures came at them, pushing them to the brink.

Most of the Geomchi exceeded Level 300. Four to five times they came close to death, but still welcomed the challenge!

So far they were not even half way to the northern continent where Morata was situated.

At this point, it would have been normal to hear someone say to go to the nearest continent or island to ask for help, but they weren’t just anyone, they were the Geomchis.

With their strength, they would choose hard and dangerous quests to improve themselves.

“Isn’t it fun?”

“It’s fun!”

“This is how you should be risking your life.”

“Let’s go to our destination without stopping!”

While they were swimming along the vast open sea they came across something.

Far away, they could see a trading ship and approached it.

"Look! Its a shipwreck, let's go inside!"

The captain and his crew quickly threw a rope to save the victims.

Geomchi 317 yelled out loud.

“This place is… *gurgle gurgle*, don’t worry us go on ahead guys.”

“I think you are mistaken, we are not pirates. We will take you to land so get on board.”

The captain was actually a merchant. Trying to save what he thought were victims of the sea, the sea merchant acted out of the goodness of his heart!

“We are just… *blub blub* enjoying swimming”

“Just what are you saying. I don’t even see another boat around here.”

The place where the trade ship met the Geomchi was actually the heart of the ocean.

“Where is your destination that you are trying to swim to?”

“Mo… rata.”

Since Geomchi 417 was talking while continuously swimming, he ended up drinking quite a bit of sea water.

Though this was a  mistake that he wouldn’t have made in the past, it caused his Vitality to drop to the point where he couldn’t swim well anymore, all he could do was flail his arms and leg around.

“What, Morata? Isn’t that the northern part of the continent?

The captain had an expression like an Orc had just hit his forehead with a glaive.

“Are theywe really going to Morata?”

“Where exactly did you start swimming from? There was even a wild storm two days ago.”

“Yo, there are no harbors nearby, let alone a place to have started swimming from… not to mention there’s not even any harbors until you get to Morata from here.”

The sword practitioners were rambling amongst themselves.

Difficult to believe that the captain of the merchant who is leading the boat for a few hours saw them.

But they really were endlessly swimming towards the direction of Morata.

He was surprised by their enormous vitality and again when he noticed some of the practitioners were unable to endure it any longer and sunk into the sea.

‘If they have that much vitality then they should be very high leveled warriors....’

As a merchant, his insight on things were on another level.

Even though the Geomchii’s were quite a high level, despite wearing light armor and leather, some of them were capable to wear lvl 340 Equipment.

For these high level players to attempt to swim across the continent!

Warriors gain fame and stats from hunting difficult monsters.

But those stats could be lost if they died needlessly, this was truly a difficult adventure to take on.

It was common knowledge among the Royal Road Players, even if the person was uninterested they would still know that Stats and Skill proficiencies were important in the game.

The men in the High Seas were the same, even if the sea had large flesh eating monsters they still raised their proficiencies.

The captain was envious and breathed a heavy sigh.

“These are truly happy men.”

During the weekday, he would accumulate considerably large amount of stress when he was working the company.

But sailing in Royal Road and looking for fun and trading goods, and now seeing the Geomchis he felt himself humbled.

"I think I was too comfortable."

The Trader’s cabin which served as a warehouse had a lot of high priced glass and precious metals. Throughout the Versailles continent he was included in the top 300 merchants. Traders were more or less similar to the Warrior class but leveled up by Trading.

The logbook in the High Seas was an opportunity to look back at yourself in the future.

“After we finish this trade, let’s get a new boat and crew and depart to that place!”

He pulled out the ocean map he received before. The probability that they could swim out of the sea was paper-thin, but their determination was very high.

In addition they were headed towards the place where there were pirates, uninhabited islands, or other places that no one had ever returned from.

The Captain decided then that he would embark on his own heart-racing adventure.

If the Captain saw how the Geomchi would occasionally drown in the ocean or get eaten by sea monsters, he might have realized how extremely they were adventuring and how much they were risking to do so.

And if he only knew the truth that the Geomchi had started swimming from Bellona Island on the inner Neria Sea, passing the Ocean Gateway to get all the way here.

No, perhaps he didn’t even need to have heard their stories or realized how far they’ve come. If the Captain were only a little more manly and brave, he would have stripped on the spot and started swimming with the Geomchi.


Weed took a corner in the Square of Light and was focused.

The sculptures of Nature drew a lot of attention to the female players. Clouds, wind, and dirt turned into a magnificent landscape.

“Just because it’s big doesn’t mean it’s a Nature Sculpture.”

It was no surprise that the whole Versailles Continent was talking about the Nature Sculptures that Weed had been creating on top of mountain peaks all over the continent. Broadcasters were getting reports from witnesses, and there was still much debate about what actually happened on the High Seas.

Now, the Trade classes were breaking new grounds. It wasn’t only the Blacksmiths who were doing well in the bracket, there were Tailors and most especially Sculptors.

What people thought of these classes was quickly changing.

Weed’s Nature Sculptures were made to show the leaves that fall in autumn and go through all the extreme seasons until it sprouts again in spring.

That made their appearance grand. Even if artificially, but for true beauty, the sky's the limit.

"I'm going to continue making these small little things. This is what I get for the sake of Fame, stats, and skill proficiency. Because small things are where big things come from. "

Weed sat down and rationalized with himself. Something was off about this mission.
He got stuck in the mood.

"A saying about money goes, that even bullies are abused by bad people when they have loads of money... I just want to make something, but not too perfect that it’ll attract too much attention."

It was great working mainly on scenic places with his sister, whom he had not traveled with in a while. A younger sister was always a great company to her brother, he planned on giving Yurin some equipment that best fitted her.

“This is expensive. Give me more of a discount."

Weed used his high Fame to pressure the store owner.

“If I do that, I won’t be able to make a profit…”

“Selling isn’t something you do for money. It’s for the people! And it is done to gain virtue.”

“Hmm, since these are words from a very famous adventurer, I will do as you say.”

Hunting and Adventuring were simple, unlike purchasing clothing or armor at the store, things were not as direct.

His sister painted brighter pictures as they traveled around, she had the appearance of a relieved and smiling child.

‘She grew up  well, even if I have not been able to take care of her properly.’

Without parents, Weed had to take on their role.

Ever since she was younger she acted properly, but he was always suspicious of outsiders. Yurin had a good smile and had always been popular.

Weed recalled telling bedtime stories to Yurin.

Fairytales occupied a very important part in building emotional young children!

Today I will tell you the story of the “Three Little Pigs”.

The three little pigs who left their parents built houses for themselves.

The first pig built one out of straw, the second pig built one out of wood and the last pig built his house with sturdy bricks.

But then, a wolf invaded them.

The house made of straw was blown down by blowing through his nose, the wooden house was hit until it broke.

In the end, the three little pigs were able to chase the wolf away by living in the third pig’s house made of bricks.

Do you know the lesson of this story?

In Weed’s memories, his little sister said with bright eyes.

“That you have to make a sturdy house, brother?”

Weed firmly shook his head.

“This is just a children’s story. There is no lesson. The real estate is all about the location!”



“Tomorrow I will tell you about the story of “Hongbu and Nolbu”(Korean fairy tale). It’s a story about the hard-working Nolbu getting tricked by his brother, Hongbu.”

She was home schooled, thanks to Weed’s situation!

Weed was also concerned of all the people who were constantly watching Yurin and he couldn’t have any peace of mind.

"It’s time to make a Nature Sculpture in the city."

The original plan was to leave a masterpiece in the northern continent, outside of Morata.

There were many dangerous monsters haunting the untouched areas and no man dared to go beyond them.

While Weed explored areas like Debkart Mountain making Nature Sculptures, he tried to level up his Disaster Sculpting.

The worst natural disaster situation will emerge!

“To Do: Learn the skill quickly, sweep away the debris, cook a meal.”

“Gotta level up my skills quickly so I can blow everything up together.”

Forest fire, flood, lightning, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, storms of ice and snow.

There were many choices for the Disaster Sculpting to increase its experience.

“A mixture of all to make the best sculpture.”

But looking back on Morata his mind changed a little.

“Do I really have to go to a place without people to make a Nature Sculpture?”

There were a lot of trees on the streets of Morata. Weed had planted fruit trees.

But aside from such trees, between the flowers and a squared-off Stone Road, grass
were growing.

“People pass by them without noticing, but every single blade of grass can be considered a Nature Sculpture.”

Weed secured about 20 meters of space in the corner of Square of Light.

Since Square of Light was a newly created place, as well as the fact that there were many people working on construction of the cathedral, there were many Players that would come through this area.

But there were a lot of who set up shop traders because of the large crowd that gathered around the fountain. There was a corner seat with wide enough free space.

In fact, Players have been gathered in the square. There were several reasons for this.

For one thing, because players reorganized their items here and setting up a shop was easy, it provided a big advantage

Not only that, but, since back in their Newbie days of hunting around the castle. Everyone had a habit of filling the water from the fountain in the square.

No wonder people rushed around the fountain, and thanks to that commercial establishments have been formed.

Weed was working in his corner draped in black clothing creating flowers and grass from dirt.

Weed’s Undead Strength was slowly decreasing, when there were 3 days till the quest had to be fulfilled, the stat dropped below 140.

The sculptures Weed had been making till this point had gradually decreased his Undead stat steadily.

It was a refreshing feeling like going to the bathhouse on a holiday.

This was a feat he accomplished by making Nature Sculptures and sculptures related to nature for over 100 days.

“It is finally time to finish this sculpture.”

With only one day left for Balkan’s Quest, Weed put the finishing touches on the sculpture.

Even though Weed could’ve leisurely cancelled the quest, he was curious to see what kind of quest it would result in.

Since Weed was making every blade of grass and flower one by one, the sculpture wasn’t as large as other pieces he created.

If one were to come close and gander at the sculpture, they would be surprised by how realistic the sculpture looked, however he borrowed a carriage from Mapan and used it like a fence, preventing people from seeing.

It was thanks to the hustle and bustle from the construction and trading going on in the area that he was able to finish without being disturbed.

“With this, it is done.”

Weed made the last flower with dirt.

- Please set the Name of the made sculpture.

This sculpture was a compilation of all the flowers that Weed saw as he traveled all over Versailles Continent with his little sister.

Since it was a sculpture of wildly growing flowers and grass, it reminded him of when he was putting the eyes on the doll.

But since he had just completed a totally different sculpture, he didn’t want to leave any evidence of how much he had struggled to make it.

“A flower bed I made goofing around? No. For some reason, I feel like I’ll get flamed by people saying I named it poorly after having worked so hard on it. How about just, The Square’s Flower Bed? It doesn’t really stand out.”

After working so hard on it he gave it such a bad name, this was Weed’s specialty!

It was without a doubt that there would be tons of people looking at the sculpture since it was next to the cathedral being built in Light Square.

Though there was no way to know how the sculpture would turn out, Weed felt like it wouldn’t be bad.

Among the wildflowers and grass were butterflies and bees, there were even carvings of birds as well.

Butterflies fluttering in the flowerbed, bees gathering honey, birds building nests in bushes.

Someday, he’ll plant trees in the area and create and nice, peaceful forest.

“I’m definitely going to plant fruit trees but… anyways I’ll name this Nature Sculpture ‘A Simple Flowerbed’.

-Are you sure about A Simple Flowerbed?


Being Morata’s Lord, he wanted to show off to his citizens that this degree of work wasn’t even that hard.

Kind of like when a friend asks how much you make and you say ‘Oh it’s not much’ and then tell him the amount before taxes and social security is taken out.


Masterpiece! A Simple Flowerbed.

A garden where flowers are blooming.

This is a sculpture showing overgrown brush and wildflowers.

Even though it is disorderly, it is overflowing with life.

The books stated that there were little of this rare flowers left. It strengthen its population even if they are sculptures.

Each one expresses the beauty of flowers in full bloom at the hands of the Sculptor.

A work of flowers worthy of being recorded in history.

The strength of Nature Sculpting dwells in it.

Art Value: 3871

Option: Having viewed A Simple Flowerbed, Health and Mana regeneration increased by 23% for one day.

    Maximum Health is increased by 37%

    Having appreciated this sculpture, Herbalism skill gains proficiency faster.

    Farmers and gardeners skill level effectiveness increase by 3%.

    The growth also triggered Plant Monsters in the area. Plant Monsters are born.

    Mainly forests grow from them, and it is pretty likely to have high agro tendencies to human beings.

    This field will blossom with alpine tea.

    Seasonal festivals may occur, in accordance with the tourism and agricultural harvests.

    Other Sculpture effects do not stack.

    So far, the number of completed Masterpiece: 15

-Sculpting Skill proficiency has improved.

-Handicraft Skill proficiency has improved.

- Skill Level of Understanding Sculptures has increased by 1.

-Fame has risen by 625.

-Art has increased by 12.

-Vitality has increased by 4.

-Health has increased by 380.

-Perseverance has increased by 3.

-Endurance has increased by 3.

-For making a Masterpiece sculpture Sculpting Mastery has increased by 1.

-Nature Sculpting has increased to Intermediate Level 6

-You have learned the skill Disaster Sculpting.

-Sculpting the Last of Divination with a radiant beauty, a related Quest has been created.

Sculpting the glory of the earth, the Quest will begin to keep a dialogue with the people there.

The chain Quest gets exceedingly difficult as you go higher. In order not to fail, It is recommended to increase your Sculpting skills.

Sculpted the Last of Divination!

Sculpting Blade, Sculpture Life Bestowal, Sculpture Form Shapeshifting, Elemental Creation Sculpting, Disaster Sculpting!

"One by one, until eventually I’ll complete the whole set."

The Last Divination.

This felt similar to when he was younger and sold newspaper all through autumn, and saved up his money to have a full piggy bank!

Of course I'll get it in case you can not be free, and it will need a lot of preparation.

"Quest Received: but it will fail if not completed within a year..."

It was a similar situation when the shopping district received new shipments and he had to part with his piggy bank's content in Dongmeng(T/N: Korean shopping district).  

"Huck keoheok heoheo!"

Weed’s image was disturbing to watch.

In many ways his eccentric personality now was a reflection of his childhood days when only pure water was clear.

Back then it was difficult to eat Korean pork cutlet and even harder to find a peace of mind.

"Anyway, soon my skill will be Advance Sculpting Level 8."

Currently the skill was at Advance Sculpting Level 7 at 99.3% with only a 0.7%

Completed the sculpture with sprouts, flowers and grass. There were animation facets on stone, soil and water.

Gently swayed by the wind, the leaves turned green and the rich aroma scattered everywhere.

The sculptures of butterflies and bees attracted the real butterflies, bees and other flying insects that take the nectar and pollinate.

Weed’s creation changed the scenery from the old days when compared with different species of flowers and grass.

But the countless flowers and roots between the soil near the fence, spread some more, as soon they grew stems.

Charming and pretty flower buds burst.

The number of colorful places in Morata covered with flowers expanded!

Petals flew from the Square of Light and drifted away into the deserted cities.

The Library, Mercenary Guild, Market were near the frames of the unfinished Cathedral. There, the gathered Merchants and other Players saw the petals drifting in the wind.


Wildflower festival has started.

Wildflowers signaled that spring is here, for friend or foe.

The Fields and hills of the northern Versailles Continent are filled with blooming flowers, even near the river. Residents in love chose this place to confess.

During the festival, the residents’ happiness is increased.

Increase of Vitality restoration.

Increase of Fame in the area of Morata.

Increase visitors to promote the development of the tourism industry.

Honey production increased by 800 %.

It is a time where either friend or foe happily spend time in one place with their peers.

“This is good. The flowers are beautiful and they smell amazing too…”

Their courage was increased by the flowers. Regardless of how high the Player’s level was, they remained newbies in their heart.

They even used Charm accessories that had precious stones!

Weed’s Wildflower Festival was unintentional.

“Flowers are really useless. I really don’t understand the people who buy them and then just give them out. Be it for graduation, entrance ceremony, or any occasion where flowers are present. Later, everything comes in vain when they’re placed in the garbage bag. Their value is gone.”

Weed’s mind was more parched than a dessert where even a cactus cannot survive.

The festival was unexpected, but he thought that one time would be alright. He remembered the time from long ago when Yurin watched a flower garden. This would be even better as the flowers spread throughout the land.

"Well, not bad, the group will not. It spreads out naturally, and there is no cost to maintain the flowers in Morata. Because if it's not this it also will be fine if the residents are happy. "

The place where the sculptures of butterflies and bees were became a drop off point.

He knew that it was only a matter of time before the Players made something like this.

Weed found an open spot near the butterfly and bees sculpture, so he could greet the incoming Players.


The Quest of Balkan's Call was about to start.

Weed’s sculptures were left in Morata.

Exactly at midnight, pictures of the Immortal Legion and related images began to appear in his eyes

The cold fog blocked the damp valleys with running water.

Old trees have been grown spontaneously and broke the dark and damp places.

There was sparse sunlight and they barely heard any sound.

Deolgeuleog Deolgeuleog. (T/N: Rattling/clattering noise)

There were Burning Skeleton troops that came up from the valley below.

They cared for nothing and rapidly encroached over the valley, the wide fields, and went through the forest.

A staggering number of Burning Skeletons formed ranks and marched.

Unbelievably, their destination was a crevice in a big rock!

As the Burning Skeletons struggled to enter the crevice, it arrived. The Doom Knight from the days of old.

"These smelly things, get off me, go away!"

A short legged Dwarf came and wielded an axe.

Burning Skeletons were smashed, then scattered every time he swung the ax.

Barbarians, Elves and Fairy tribes, also build their defenses and fought with them just like in past.

“The Undead are here, Shoot!”

Beautiful Elven maidens waited for the right moment. When the Doom Knights were in sight, they placed their arrows of light into their bowstring and attacked the monsters.

The Immortal Legion made an example out of the several tribes that stood against them, the screen changed again to Balkan

Sitting crookedly on a throne made out of dragon bones was Balkan!

His chest demonstrated his divine power, thick black smoke rose and Balkan’s purge aura suppressed them.

Balkan spoke, which rattled his jawbone.

“Arise my Immortal Legion… soon you will obliterate everything.”


Dark Mage, Necromancer’s call Balkan Demoph.

He led the Immortal Legion, and challenged the several Righteous Orders of the continent. His men teemed with strength.

This was the fight between the Living and the Dead!

In the past, the defeated Balkan had his Health and Mana sealed because of a sword lodged in his flesh.

In order to survive, Balkan absorbed the lives of the beasts and monsters. They prepared themselves. Teney, the Fairy Queen and her patron Dwarves.

He challenged the Dwarves and Teney, the Queen of Fairies!

Fairies honed their talents on fun, with their free-spirited nature being to blame. They failed to raise any significant military forces.

In the land of the Fairies, Humans and other creatures stood no chance before them, and their numbers were greatly reduced.

There were hundreds of wounded Dwarves. The Fairy Queen, Teney and the other fairies were treating them, with their fluttering wings all over the place.

When the old Lich Balkan absorbed Teney’s life, he would be able to reclaim his old strength, with Teney serving as his new source of Mana.

Balkan continued on eating away the fairy Teney’s strength. Her strength compensated for the damage from the sword stuck in him.

Balkan was in need of his disciple, the Lich Shire.

-Acquired Quest of Balkan Demoph

-With his Black Magic, Balkan created a portal for his disciple Lich Shire.

Weed stood in front of the opened gate, with the Dark Lord in the room in front of him.

“If Balkan regains his original strength, he’ll be even more terrifying.”

All of Versailles Continent’s Holy Orders prepared themselves. Holy Knights and Priests, formed their armies against the Undead monsters!

Standing in front of the opened portal, Weed could feel Balkan’s intimidation through his skin.

"If a portal appears here, then  Balkan probably thinks that I’m his disciple. I guess that Teney and the Dwarves have been defeated. Even with these many tribes. "

In his legion, gaining the immortality spell will increase their forces.

With his Sculptural Shape-shift, he could only proceed with the Quest with the identity of Lich Shire.

"Balkan’s treasure, they're an awful lot put together."

Weed moved as he stepped into the portal.

The only thing in his head was ' money money money money money money, treasure treasure treasure '.

Suddenly, he stopped momentarily as he stepped in.

“But in the past, the treasure from the defeated side of the war is always looted.”

However the Undead have almost conquered the continent, as they only kept on trying.

In this case, it did not look completely hopeless!

Unicorn's public relations team members were gathered in the video room.

They watched scenes from certain Players to see their progress in Royal Road, in real time.

As a result, their Yoon Soo Jang's team and the other staffs of the Operations Department gathered for talks. 

In the screen  before them they could see, the appearance of Weed contemplating whether he should not go into the opened portal.

The Deputy asked how long it has been.

“What’s Weed’s decision?”

"I don't know yet. I can’t figure out what choices he’s thinking about. "

Yoon Soo Jang couldn’t predict his decision before as well.

If you based your analysis on Weed, his motivation was always largely about money,  and compensation.

Even one copper was a sensitive subject.

On the outside, it was difficult to determine his decision because this was his own Quest and no other player had this kind of adventure.

While watching Weed’s long awaited decision, the Unicorn’s staff sat on their chairs like statues. They had to endure their urges to go to the toilet.

There was little time difference between the real world and Royal Road.

There were also problems when Broadcasters went on live, but the people watching didn’t care.

The Video’s speed was increased four times, the volume was enhanced, and the unnecessary parts of video were deleted. Soon, they will hand over the video.

"Please hand this over to the next phase."

They returned to their seats after they handed over the video of Weed sculpting the flowers and they resumed watching his progress.

It's not quite just making the sculptures, centipedes and caterpillars were added to the sculpture. Perhaps to include in the flower bed,  not something you would expect to be a mediocre work!

"I'll take a while."

"Balkan's Quest is very important for the Undead Necromancers, but still I can’t decide on this rashly."

At the moment, Weed was probably the only Dark Magician who was an Undead Necromancer among the Dark Magicians in the Versailles Continent.

Balkan called all of those Dark Magicians and Necromancers. If he went to the place, Weed was the only who would fit Lich Shire’s profile. The central axis of power could have unpredictable changes.

The Quest was of a massive scale. Balkan’s Quest was exclusive to those of the Necromancers in the Versailles Continent.

The Unicorn employees liked Weed.

Sculpting the Last Divination and acquired the five pieces, this was a Sculptor’s adventure of the century!

The number of players from Bard Ray’s guild was always fluctuating. Word of mouth of the Players made them transfer from other prestigious guilds.

"The decision making takes a long time. Let’s look at the other screens."

The staff have launched the video of somewhere else on the monitor.

Land of Shadows.


For the first time in the Plains of Despair, there were on foot Adventurer parties from Rosenheim Kingdom.

In recent times, the iconic adventures of Weed had risen. Since then Players departed from Versailles Continent to search for Adventures of their own. With most of them gathering a large number of Adventurers and formed a party. For a while, people noticed that they have achieved a hidden Quest, and there were 13 steps as  degrees of difficulty for this S-class Quest. Now, they were nearing the final part of the Quest.

"Hmm, be careful and not come up here to the ruin."

“Cough! Why is there so much dust?”

After they battled with the Ghoul, a Thief from the Silver Ring Mercenaries found something, as he rummaged through the antiques and stacks of paper.

It would make anyone run, If they could have any clue about any Quests in Versailles Continent.

This strengthened their previous clues.

"I really didn't know that the level of difficulty would come up here to C-class Quest."

"Yeah, you said you progress in a year and now it’s been nearly two years."

On the other hand, receiving related accessories to chain Quests always helped solving the Quest.

This also meant that if the difficulty of the Quest increased then so did the goods involved.

In the profound history of the Versailles Continent they never met someone that wise.

Finding the end of the journey was what made an Adventure an Adventure.

They had to infiltrate the Embinyu Church's Aura, in order to regain an item that belonged to the Valhalla order. This was Shin Yejon’s Quest!

The Knights of the Embinyu Church which they currently fought were powerful enough to exceed the Levels of 420.

Of course, if you look over to the shadow party on the ground their levels were not inferior.

But the moment they were caught by the Embinyu Church, the Priest of the Order and the Magician, Mage, Dark Knight, they came flocking in large numbers.

As they searched for a path that couldn’t be bypassed, the Silver Ring Mercenaries faced the enemies. Shin Yejon was trapped. After he infiltrated inside and was searching for the item. He couldn’t handle the Priests and Knights that were coming closer. He hid into the archives as they came.

They remained faithful to their ancient God. The Knights and Priests were formidable enemies.

“Guys, I don’t know how soon you’ll arrive, but I hope you come as soon as possible.”

“Why is it only when it’s full of dust and ancient monsters that you come and ask me to do it?”

"I do not know, but find the enemies. We’re in deep trouble as far as I can see. There's a lot of dangerous enemies so be careful. "

The NPC’s intelligence felt funny and considered the situation to be bad. Also, their long-term explorations and excavations in the past gave him a hint that escape was not possible.

“We just have to make through Levels 2-3 and climb up. Our skills will considerably grow a lot.”

"By the way, was Shin Yejeon Quest's on finding Valhalla’s missing item a success?"

Full of antiques and Historic relics stacked haphazardly, the items crowded the floor and they

Silver Ring Mercenaries searched for the incomparable treasure, the precious relics and they  got it.

Not knowing if this was all associated with the Quest, it still paid to investigate the place and increase their Archeological skills significantly.

Adventurers often found this skill necessary in Quest and history investigation. They quietly lit their magic lanterns.

As they searched for the clues of this quest, they placed the golden candlestick holder and other golden items into their backpacks.

The joy of moments like this made them an  Adventurer’s rush!


Beni took the torch that was housed in a steel box.

Torch of Justice:
Durability: 23/102.
Attack: 49 ~ 91.

Defeating the torch in the dark. Valhalla stood at the forefront of the anti-Warrior Embinyu Church Order's heard a projection was held by Daratesuga.

Restrictions: Honor & Leadership must be over 600

+25 all stats.
+2 level to Projection Skill.

Enhanced skill of Disruptive Accuracy improved.

Recovery rate from injuries is increased by 40%.

It is possible to use the blessings of Valhalla.

Suppresses monsters with dark alignment.

Black Magic Defense effectively increased by 83%

Enchanting and deceptive, it created a mental manipulation which followed the will of Valhalla.

Daratesuga was the best fighter the Valhalla Order had to offer!

According to the literature Beni found, he died later in the fight against the Embinyu Church and his items vanished.

Suddenly, sounds of commotion came up from the storage.

“There’s a total of 27 Mercenaries who appears to be in need of treatment.”

"I was told it they only were able defend... up to 10 minutes otherwise they won’t survive."

"The Mercenaries are right. We need to save the stationed guys. I already found the stuff come on!"

Beni pulled out a scroll he had been saving. Scroll of Return! However, he couldn’t use it before because the magic of the Embinyu Church disabled it.

Shin Yejeone will be dropped to a point near the 500 meters, there is a circumstance to flee from the light into place on the soles of the feet.

"Let's go!"

Beni tore the scroll. Simultaneously, the doors of the Archive Department were opened and  incoming monsters squeezed in along with Embinyu’s servants and reinforcements. Then, the Knights kicked in anger, the three of them disappeared with the light.

"Don’t worry, I found it."


Unicorn's staff are on hand to take the sweat and watched the scene. Shin Yejeon road block drilling a narrow gap, and put them in hiding to find the Secret passages mercenary holding workmanship was excellent enough to want to give a compliment.

Whilst proceeding to Step 13 of prestigious chain of Quests, the Quest's pace exceeded far beyond their expectations.

“How about we call it Quest party of the shadows of the earth, are you okay with that?”

Yoon Soo Jang was asked to Il Kang Son. In the operating room before the other team does not know, except omit information about Quest, even though there was only invited guests.

"It is not over yet, but certainly difficult to be more careful in the future of a challenge by now I'm not sure I can go further into the future."

"What would result in the success of the Quest?"

"In the future, not only in the past disputes between the Player Embinyu Church emerged as a formal and will also be able to choose according to their own evil will."

“I must create a new ad.”

Unicorn launched an advertising company in the stations of the world in the past.

In fact, after Royal Road climbed to the top spot, they didn’t need any more publicity. So, the yield of capsule sales followed, and nothing else could be said about a corporate tactic to earn money.

So, they actually played the role that their ads are displayed. To the Players making changes to the various places in the continent. That would inform the game stations and regular Players vital information on the events of the Versailles continent in a timely manner.

Of course, the number of new Players growth will vary each month. Depending on how the ad had been accepted or ignored.

Advertising was like being in the Savannah! There were hyenas lurking everywhere, waiting to catch  
after the same prey.

An individual hyena is weak, but if they attacked in a group, even armed people would have a hard time dealing with them.

Even a strong and mighty lion would turn tail if it faced against a dozen hyenas. The ad world was built that way.

A title appeared on the screen: "The Strength of a Homeland in war."

The screen then displayed an environment a crystal clear lake before them.

A dreadful fog covered most reflections on the water, but trees were still seen on the surface of the lake at dawn!

The screen shifted to the next scene. Fairies and Elves riding the huge leaves around, and the soldiers appeared. All equipped with a sword, shield and armor.

This was the old never-ending Central Continent! It was built on conquests and ruthless breakthroughs!

Under the leadership of the heroes, they rallied the soldiers in the fort and castle to use their arrows and magic, and they will surely emerge victorious just like from long ago.

The view was like in the war movies. With hundreds and thousands of soldiers fighting like never before, and some where, an ominous figure of a Priest dressed in black robes tried to increase the numbers of battlers on the field.

They opened the crypt after beating the old monster. Here, Shin Yejoeon hid inside the body of the monster.

Then, the seventh Sheikh Saheurani of Embinyu Church declared something.

"Preparation is over. Foolish and feeble Humans, Elves, and Dwarves. We'll govern the law and spread destruction!"

Central Continent was in a dispute among the former Honorable classes, Embinyu Church will be exposed to view this formally. The face of evil forces has appeared once more! The frightening image was spread over the many destroyed areas.


On top of the Versailles Continent, there were many strategic hunting grounds or quiet peaceful areas. The mountains and the rivers and lakes, sea, castles, towns, were defended by fort Heulleugadeut.

If you also took a short walk to the northern parts of Morata, one could see black giant sculptures. There were also housing which showed less dirty shanty towns far away. Many Players have been here to gaze upon the magnificent view of the cathedral and some were even asked to join in building a library.

"I also better cancel."

Weed decided not to enter the black portal. The immortal Legion swallowed up too many land and created bad relationships. Having that sustainability will be hard.

He didn't suddenly sprouted a conscience, it was only so that his hard earn bread would survive. And the largest city in the northern part of the Versailles Continent is thriving in Morata!

He wondered if  this decision would lead the Undead legions to invade Morata.

"Balkan side better not end up here if I give up the Quest."

"I'll double check again."

'Do not want to accept the Call, ' Balkan's Quest?

Immortal Legion and has only one of Lich Shire, Balkan Demoph and associated Quest. Warning! If you reject a Quest Balkan relations deteriorated due to the hostilities, and also because of an increase in beneficial, may occur.

 A dreadful message that should have otherwise shaken up another did not affect Weed.

“I will not.”

-You have refused the quest.

Faith increased by 50.

Dignity, Courage, Willpower has increased by 10.

Fame has reduced by 2,439.

"Nevertheless, he has to live with the good work."

Weed thought the penalty of this quest was not in a magnitude that he can't handle! Beyond the possibility of a level reduction, he can afford to risk it and rather glad about it.

This video came online with Weed laughing. Kkwagwa gwangwang! tourgh!(T/N: Sound effects) The sky is covered in clouds all over, there was lightning striking down be stuck into the ground.

The old Trees in the field that withstood the time from a hundred years were torn apart. Even larger raindrops came. Balkan Demoph, the Undead monarch stood on top of a hill.

Each time the lightning hit, his sleazy bony skull was shone from under the robes he wore.

"Lich Shire, you dare run away from me? I will make you pay for your treachery. An Eon will be too short for your eternal suffering! "

The thunder sounded like a howling scream that slap to the ground shook as the Undead rose up.

The Quest was triggered by the Undead Monarch.

The  Undead were given the opportunity to live their old sinful lives as Balkan had commanded them.

“Kill me, so I can be free from this eternal torment!”

They were headed to the land of the Undead. The night Balkan meant from a year ago.

The Undead from different graveyards threatened to go to Morata as punishment.

Weed had just learned of the bad news!

His relationship with Balkan as Lich Shire created a fiasco, again he read the message window.

The Roots of deeply burrowed of depravity were not easily removed.

Undead Strength the power that belonged to the Undead!

The main boundary between life and death.

When the sun had left it signified the death of human beings. The Undead's strength grew exponentially.

The night was for the Undead.

Necromancers were also Humans, with the  Strength of the Undead. He  himself by looking at it a lot and sometimes summon undead off my foot on Taking the field.

It was a curse stat that naturally grew on its own, but you can also develop other relevant skills.

Now, daylight was over!

His body went stale and dried rapidly.

-The Undead were forced by the Undead Strength.

Weed's sculptural transformation of Lich Shire and other high ranking Monsters
walked around. There were also Burning Skeletons carrying a rusty swords from the common graves.

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