The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 21 Chapter 8 part2

These were decrepit, time-worn phantom ships but the scale of the gathering was massive. Furthermore, they were continuing to arrive.

Weed had brought the rain and clouds for these phantom ships. It’s important to gain even a small advantage when dealing with weather at sea.


The trio was surprised when Weed held up both hands. Written in Barkhan’s Magic Tome was the Advanced Undead Summoner Skills.

Now was the moment to use it.

Souls of evil spirits that were asleep, take this offering and arise from your wandering beneath the green sea.

Summon phantom ship the Maria.”

Weed’s mid-sized sailboat rapidly turned decrepit. Her mast, keel and hull distorts and ages. The white sails become dark and tattered, fluttering in the wind. From the bottom keel moss and mold grew climbing up the hull and into the rigging transforming into an aged phantom ship!

Ke Ke Ke. Long time no see, Cap’tain. It looks like ye’ve been doing well. Good ta see ye keeping yer bones looking so sharp and regal.”

A phantom ships captains true wealth is in the ship and the size of it’s ghost crew.

Back in Jigolaths the Haven Kingdom Fleet had sunk the Maria to the bottomless abyss but now with Weeds favor it has been called back.

The strategic point where the Unfreezing River intersected the sea was in chaos, there a close square formation of phantom ships had gathered.

Weed burst out with his advanced level 7 Lion’s Roar.

Prepare for battle!”

-Skill; ‘The Lion’s Roar’ has been used.

The Lion’s Roar has raised moral by 200% for all allies within range.

Any present state of confusion will be cleared.

An extra 285% increase in Leadership will be applied for five minutes


How much longer now?”

We should reach the Unfreezing River this morning, that means we’ll make it there with plenty of time.”

Pale and his companions were currently sailing towards Jigolaths.

It was a long way to sail but they had plenty of supplies and were able fish. They only had to follow the phantom ship so there was no worries about losing their way.

The raindrops were coming down harder as they got closer to Jigolaths.

Bell cupped her hands together to catch some rainwater.

Mapan gave a firm nod.

It falls into an empty sea yet it is still, somehow romantic.”

In the magic orb that the merchant Mapan owned they could see Weed watching the fleet of Drinfeld while fleeing.

They hoped their boat would arrive just in time.


Lookout, give precise and detailed reports in a calm manner.”

Take extra care to not allow the ship to be hung by those rocks.”

The Unfreezing River had risen.

It was confusing for anyone even on a clear sunny day to locate and avoid being caught by submerged rocks.

Drinfeld’s fleet and the pirates nautical skills were not up to the task at hand.

The 3 crazy-mad sharks of Becky-Nin steering the ship like their lives depended on it had been able to quickly pass through. They simply had too many ships, they got tangled trying to get passed the rocks that had been covered with water making it far more difficult.

Out of several boats one would hit a sunken rock, each of these vessels would take a while to move costing them a great deal of time.

Incompetent bastards. This is completely absurd!”

Drinfeld’s temper went through the roof, thus far Weed’s mid-sized ship had not been allowed the chance to run away. Drinfeld was in a tearing hurry.

In the open sea if we go full out with every sail crowded it’ll be really easy to get him.”

The Vice-commodore had some advice for Drinfeld, unfortunately it did not reach his ears.

In Jigolaths they played tricks and ate heartily.

Several ships sank in the Unfreezing River.

The fact the Weed is somewhere ahead of us hidden by mist in the sea is very disturbing.

Contact the high-speed ships. Have them pursue Weed without delay.”

“Yes Sir!”

On board the large warship Drinfeld had time to prepare for hand-to-hand combat, since they carried so many cannons the weight meant they were not as fast as the high-speed ships.

Built for speed and lightly armed like a dutch trader they had the speed of a clipper ship, these speed ships could bridge the current gap to Weed.

Drinfeld assigned this duty to 13 small to mid-sized speed ships. They had been following the fleet at half sails but now they spread them out fully.

The Admiral’s given the order! Crowd all sails, full speed ahead!”

The high-speed sailing ship’s Captain shouted out the orders.

Filling with their sails with wind the high-speed ship accelerates quickly down the Unfreezing River. The leading ship passes through the rocks with a display of exquisite sailing.

Moments later the first report from the high-speed ship was received.

-Our current location is near the river. The ship we’ve been chasing is here in the fog.

Drinfeld patience was wearing thin but Weed was not that far away. Even with their slower pace at this distance he can move the main fleet and catch up easily.

If your boat is faster than those of Drinfeld’s fleet you can outrun the range of his cannons and escape. The ship Weed stole won’t be able to do that since it is not a high-speed type.

-It will be within targeting range of the cannon soon.

The cannons mounted on the high-speed ship were small and lightweight but they had enough of them to overwhelm Weed’s ship with their attack.

Still, Drinfeld didn’t want to hand Weed over to others.

-Shoot him. Don’t sink him though, just damage him enough so he can’t escape me.

-Yes Admiral.

As the high-speed ships advanced the mist started to break up and lighten.

As the mid-sized sailing ship became clearly visible to the eye they could only gape in astonishment.

Not too long ago the mid-sized sailboat had been clean and bright, now it looked like it had been worn down by the sea for over a hundred years.

In place of the Haven Kingdom Flag flew the black flag of a one-eyed skull sitting on piles of coins.

It’s a phantom ship?”

*****end chapter 8 part 2 of 3*****


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