The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 13 Chapter 5

A Symbol of Prosperity that is Morata

Needless to say, Weed was going to accept the quest.
The current state of his body was not normal, but he cannot deny a request made by the Freya Church. Above all, there was nobody else in which he could forcibly impose the request onto.
He could not turn a blind eye to the compensation either.
A quest that can't be dissimilar to that of a Grade A difficulty where he can gain Reputation and rewards through creating the best of sculptures.
An opportune for the Advanced level 5 Sculpturing and Handicraft skills to rise!
In particular, if the piece is a large religious symbol, one can ask for assistance from the Subject with every changing season through prayers. In the Goddess's case, they can ask for an increase in grain yield, even if it's just a small amount; and even ask for the reduction of raiding Monsters.
In order for Morata that was trailing behind to progress further, the sacred statue was a necessity.
All in all, he did not miss the chance to able to take the credit for it.

“The difficulty of the labor is all the same regardless, but if it's Alberone asking for the favor, I cannot refuse.”

Have accepted the quest.
The Murderer state disappeared with the acceptance of the referral from the Freya Church.
Infamy has decreased by 30 with the successful acquiescent.

“I’m sorry, Weed nim. There is nothing else our Church can offer outside of providing this for the difficult task.”

While being apologetic, Alberone offered up the Diamond.
The size of the Diamond was larger than that of any coin.
As he gratefully accepts the money-pot that the Freya Church put up for the commission, the trembled Weed pondered.

‘If I hand this over to the Jewelers, I can get over 130000 Gold. The most expensive of jewelry to make a living out of is the Diamond, after all. I’m going to finish the statue with care.’

It can take one week at the very least to create a large sculpture, and can span as long as three months. However, if you have a lot of people helping out during the process, it can be much shorter a time period.

‘All the Sahyeongs went to the Orc village.’

The Geomchis who ran off to the Orc village were busy. He sent them messages but none had replied.

“I’ve gotta ask for help from Fail nim.”

Weed decided to send a whisper to Fail.

-Fail nim.
-Yes, Weed nim!
-Where are you now?
We're still at Todoom.

Fail and the others were still doing some remaining quests there.
As a result of not being able to qualify to climb the Tower of Heroes, they were performing commissions from the Vampires until experiencing death.

-When are you returning to Morata?
-I don’t know really. If Weed nim call for us, we can go anytime. But what do you need us to do?

Secretly, Weed hesitantly reconsiders.
If he tell them that he was just commanding them to create the statue, they can chose not to come immediately. This was due to the fact they have already suffered a similar experience during the creation of the Pyramid.

-I have an ok quest, you know? Like the quests I once took up from the Freya Church led to the Jin-Hyeol Vampires and the Legion of Immortals.
-Gulp! Is that so?
-I received a quest from that same division of the Freya Church this time too. If you like to do it, then please come.
-Please wait there. We’ll go now.

Weed smiled.

“Got a group liaisons.”

Still, to create the statue, he needed more help.

“It is essential to get help from workers with vigorous vitality in order to finish the sculpture in a short amount of time.”

He didn’t know the magnitude of how many Monster will come to attack; but assuming there will be a significant amount of them in the raid, he can’t afford to be lacking of people.
In order to create it as quickly as possible; from this standpoint, Weed was filled with motivation.
Who do you think he is?!
He’s a Korean!
Driving taxis at the speed of bullets, not to mention buses too.
The buses that closes their doors even before passengers can get on; or have already zoomed off before they could even get off.
The culturally excellent transport that rushed its unfortunate passengers to their destinations while its gears settled at a single place.
On the construction industry side. Once they passes regulation, the building of however million of apartments will pretty soon be constructed.
Even though collapsed department store and broken leg of bridge had happened as a side effect, the pace is unmatched.
Nothing like them beside the nations of the economic beasts that are the Jewish and Japanese!
The Korean that care about a relaxed and easy-going labor hour is not going to happen here either.

“Gonna go to the South Entrance of Morata. That’s where I’m gonna see oncoming visitors from the Central continent first!”


Weed once again returned to the square to obtain more workers.

“Pick pick! Cheap pindaetteog!”
“Armor for sale. A piece of work by Warlord Olsen! Who is Olsen? Just me. A Blacksmith that fully understands steel.”
“Looking for a person that knows where Rubelin is! Is there a guide to go with to catch the Blue Beetle? I’ll even compensate.”

The square was in turmoil with people trying to deal at the stalls, obtaining colleagues, asking questions regarding information on the terrain or things for quests.
Busily moving feet and face filled with energy. Comparing to the Central continent, there was a lack of goods; but the spirit of adventure and vitality of life was nothing short of.
The blue collar jobs were festive as well.
The Monsters in Morata’s vicinity never dries out.
Monster’s head that is covered with green fish-like scales.
Crocodile monster that walks on two legs.
As the day warms up and the coming rain, new Monsters will spawn.

“Kui. Kuii!”

Emerging weapons and armors using Monsters’ materials made by the craftsmen sold like hot cakes.

“By making these, I gain money and skills proficiency too.”
“Here, this place is heaven.”

The artisans were ingenuity without any distraught.


Mishya bought a rod from them for Staff Techniques.

“Ah, feels really good.”

She twirled it to her heart content. There was no hiding her excitement.
Recalling the first time when she bought the latest rod and was in the mood for her first hunt!
She received praises from her colleagues as she overpowers the Monsters.
Rods were longer than swords, and were useful for defense. Along with sharing about 80% of Lancing Skills, of which were widely diverse with a huge range of weapons.
When she tried to leave the center square, Mishya met Weed.


It was like a school girl screaming when meeting with a pervert!

“Morata Lord!”

Mishya’s words were able to pull the attention of the people who were absorbed in their own affairs.

“Sculptor Weed.”
“Morata’s Lord has returned.”
“Wait, he doesn’t have the Murderer mark. It’s gone. His name no longer shows.”

Momentarily, the crowd all noticed that the noticeably crimson mark has disappeared.

“Ya ya. Watch your words. You’re talking about the Lord of Morata here.”
“Morata’s Lord! Ack, you’re right, I forgot.”
“A wrong word toward a Noble or a guild Master spells death, you know.”
“Lower your voice. Be careful.”

Creator of the Pyramid and the Light Tower, the Lord of Morata Weed!
In Morata, whether they’re of the trading or of the hunt, people can’t help but be wary of Weed. If they somehow seemed to be opposing in the Lord’s eyes, he can mobilize the province's entire army just for the sake of punishment. Of course, these were the cases of those who weren’t residents of Morata.
Weed looked at the square filled with people.
Because of the developments in Morata, a lot of people coming to visit meant that the town was a nice place to live.
Weed wasn’t just its loving Lord, he was just as much a user and its resident.

‘My lovely tax piggies.’

Whether they were users or the residents, he saw them as money.
Due to it being the middle of the day, a dramatic influx of users could be seen.
These people concerning about their commerce made the market an uproar.

“The method of a good ruler is to only to reveal himself during the tough times. I’m the Lord of Morata, Weed, who have made all the governing decisions. I welcome all those who have gathered.”

The reaction of the users gathered in the square wasn’t all that welcoming.

“Che, what kind decisions have you make? Every decision was done by the grandpa Elder alone. You were just playing somewhere else and just returned.”
“Earlier you were ripping people off selling the stuff.”
“I thought you were selling at the listed price but it seems to be a stretch. 'Cause comparing to the friend who knows of the right price, it wasn’t even off by a few. So why didn’t you offer the information to those who didn’t know?”

The users were getting more agitated with the increase in murmuring.
In a short period of time, he became the subject of their distrust, their Lord!
Weed can understand the suffering of politicians during those 10 minutes.

'Here, I have to be a bit more vulgar and cunning. I thought it was going to be easy tricking them by feeding them a bit. Here as well, only those that want an honest living life loses out.'

He broke out a Yell in order to quell the increasing disturbance.

“Keu..ha.heu..heuu heump! Uhh, I have a Religious Quest in Morata. I need helpers to create a colossal statue for the Freya Church. Unlimited number of people, providing free room and board! Accepting those who would work for the whole duration.”

Gathering as much workers as he can was a good thing for Weed.
But he would only take those that could shoulder the responsibility.
For the people who were busying trading, manufacturing, hunting, it wasn’t for them. Because then, the production of the statue would just be leisure work!
In aspect, those who have never participated didn’t know how much compensation there were for the sculpture quest.

“Me! I’ll do it!”

Then from behind, there was a number of beginners!
Supposedly, they were tourists, but they were those from Rosenheim Kingdom who had a hand in making the Pyramid.
Or users who heard from these guy came running together.

“If you have Porridge then I’ll join!”
“What are you going to create this time?”
“Do you remember me? I’m Lemon!”

The cute girl seemed to still be in her mid teens.
Weed navigated within himself to remember and showed her his rotten smile.

“Ahh, of course I remember. You’re the Lemon nim that moved stones 39 times to build the Pyramid. I will offer my porridge as well as Gopaegi too.”
“Yes! That’s right!”

Weed made greetings with those who returned.


Morata’s large-scale construction!
Ever since the first dig of the shovel, it went very smoothly.
There were 20 people who participated in the production of Rosenheim Kingdom’s Pyramid.
These Mana lacking personnel were rather lacking in comparing to the necessary number, but they wind up shoveling at a good pace.

“Do it quickly and we can eat porridge.”
“Hurray! We’re also creating something this time around.”

They were rejoicing while humming and singing along; at the same time, the more dubious participants numbering in 300s who wanted to try experiencing in sculpture creation were rather embarrassed.

“What’s so good about this to be in an uproar?”
“This isn’t even Rosenheim Kingdom ffs.”

Rosenheim Kingdom was still classified as a new kingdom.
Because a good proportion of the user base were still novices, thus it was obvious that quest sharing made them very enthusiastic.
The further lagging behind of development in the north did not have the beginner starting point option for the users. Although it was renowned for tourism following the influx of adventurers, the number was still modest.
Nevertheless, more than 300 people joined up to take on the new experience together through Weed's quest in collaboration with the Freya Church as the Lord of Morata.
Ever since the initial dig of the workers have gather, the composition of Morata's South Entrance change dramatically from then on.


“Well, I'll die if I go too far from the gate. Hence, that's why I'm working here.”
“I came to Morata to adjust my equipment, but between here and there, my money is meh; so receiving another hunting quest right now is too big of a risk…I figured I might as well dig, whatever this is?”
“Yulha, wanna do it together? I think it’ll be a good monument.”
“Yea, lets.”

These kinds of conversation were shared with the participating workers that uncover their intentions.
Those who came from Rosenheim Kingdom also shared their source of pride.

“The Pyramid in Rosenheim Kingdom! Any of you who directly worked on it? I moved the stones 56 times horizontally AND 19 times vertically.”

Rumors of the piece becoming a wonder of the Versailles Continent circulated among the diggers.
A tavern where men and women eat and drink in!

“Hwaryeong nim, have you heard?”
“Hm? What is it?”
“Before Sculptor Weed sculpts something, he usually doesn't have a clue of what to do.”
“So the sculpture is still a mystery? I hope this statue would be just as wonderful as the ones before it.”
“It’s the work of the Sculptor Weed after all, it’ll certainly come to that.”
“But Jaffe nim.”
“Actually, this is kind of a secret.”
“What is it? It’ll be just between us…”
“It’s something that's absolutely must not be publicized.”

The woman spoke in a very low tone.

“It’s ok. I will not tell anybody, so let me know.”

A rather crowded pub that was once boisterous with shouts; now, the volume had dim down as people were listening to the man and woman's conversation. Even the drinking drinkers stopped doing so as they were interested in listening of the content.
Inside the tavern, it quickly became still.

“The item he has to create, it was commissioned by the Freya Church.”
“That I know.”
“Typically, the Church doesn't give out commission to anybody to make anything. Because then, the Church has to grant credits to those who do. Now what do you think will happen if you join up in making the statue?”
“Gulp! So this is what Hwaryeong nim means…”
“That’s right. First of all, isn't the contribution made to the Freya Church is greatly boosted? It’s three times the norm. And, in exchange for participating in creation of the most iconic symbol of the Freya Church, you’ll get free blessing and treatment; and even able to arrange a way to get to the Clergymen that you don’t know before, in anywhere there is the Freya Church. For a lifetime.”
“That’s like, befriending with the Freya Church. Being friends.”
“It’s not even fair, you know. If there is the contribution, then it could even be beneficial to the possibility of receive a quest from the Freya Church.”
“Yea, to think of it, the reward is too much…”
“It’s the Church, you know. To the Clergymen, what could be more important than piety? Taking a few Monster’s head? No. If the person that creates the statue know of this, then he wouldn't have spread the commission quest to a lot of other people, you know. And above all, it’s a rare chance. If it’s something like hunting, then you can go anytime. Dungeon? It’s not like it's going to collapse if you don't show up! But do you think it’s a common thing to have an opportunity to participate in the creation of a statue?”

Mhmm mhmm.
It was coherent enough for the users in the tavern to agreed.

‘So that’s it. Although it’s a bit hard and cumbersome, if it’s for the sake of the contribution, wouldn’t it be nice to take the quest on the side?’
‘I don’t know if there’s a lot of contribution to the Church…but it’s three times the usual. Even if it’s just a sculpturing quest, there’s not much reward out there that as decent as this.’
‘It’ll become a monument, huh. I’d feel proud of it for sure. I can hold Monsters no matter how high their levels are, but it’s an unlikely event that any opportunity of creating a sculpture will happen again. It’s something I’ve never experienced before even up till now.’
‘Hwaryeong in it too? She’s really pretty. Like beautiful women on them sculptures. Making this statue, it’s an important experience!’

People at the pubs were messaging their friends, families, and guild members in privates ; men and women were disappearing quietly.
During this while, a similar conversation were shared when they went to the weapon shop.
Groups consisted of Fail and Meiron, Romyuna and Sureuka, and Mapan and Irien were doing similar activity.
Manipulation of information!
Forming public opinions, spreading fuzzy logic, thus forming a consensus among the crowd; towards this end, suckers will fall.
Pretty soon, the attention of Morata turned to the creation of the statue at the South Entrance.
Workers flocked to volunteer due to the Royal Road forums, the Hall of Fame movies, as well as coverage by stations.
Even though Weed charges 10 Gold per person; nontheless, there was a growing number of registering workers.
Participating users who were high-level had the highest working efficiency.
A gesture of the hand from a Wizard beckon the earth to dig, while Warriors can move five or more bags all at once.
Weed was selling warmed porridge.

“Some porridge to eat.”
“Kyaa! Good.”
“Delicious food to eat. Could I have another please?”
“I don’t know how many times I have had this now.”

The workers did not forget to give their thanks.
The tasty porridge was gulp down quickly in their times of hunger, and it quickly recovers their Stamina!
Weed was a working bee going at a tremendous speed.
This first step was where the entire vast area of soil was now hollowed out.

“Soil is essential as material for any type of construction. It’s going to be biggg money selling this to a guild for construction.”

Working on his plan for self-interest!
He’d grab the chance the change the large-scale public work and put it into his back pocket.
Creating a vast lake, then a road in the center of the lake, imposing tolls on the five lanes street on carriages that would have to come through.

“Harmony with nature is important for the sculpture. Therefore, the statue needs to be where there is a large body of water for it to be most effective.”

He was the most outstanding Sculptor on the Versailles Continent, so nobody can really question his point-of-view.
The majority of people remained silence because they were the usual type that had no interest in sculpting.

“Well, his words do have a point.”
“He’s the person in the Advanced stages of the Sculpturing Skill after all…I guess he’s right.”

They had their doubts, but he seemed to be a Sculptor passionate enough to take care of the details to make his work a good piece; so they let him to his own accord.
In fact, the higher the level of the sculpture, the higher the reward they’ll be compensated with.
The number of those who assembled, those who considered him as most outstanding Sculptor on the Versailles Continent, who wishes to do his best, wasn't just a few.
Reacting on their conversation, Weed formed a smile.

“Smart people are much easy to fool, huh.”

Having a good head on their shoulder meant they did not ask questions!
While being pampered, they generously dug out the road. From there, the composition was given the same effect as installed moat and canals.
In order for Morata to be attack now, aside from the narrow transit, enemies would have to swim across a lake.
Not only can it narrow down their perimeter, but during their swim, they were left defenseless against arrows and magic attacks!
Also, normally, canals are used by houseboats for tourism, a resource that was available to be developed.
Jaffe had already drawn plans for the moonlighting business.

“Ima catch fishes and set them here. If you create some sort of a fishing spot, then it’ll be really good.”

If they create a fishing hole next to Morata, it wouldn't be so bad.
Even if they weren't truly interested in it, it can still lead to a positive image with the involvement of the general public.
Having moved more than a whooping 10 Kilometers area of land; but after only four minutes of digging work, Weed suddenly stopped.
There was no limit to his laborious self. The number of workers was sufficient, but he determined that the losses were too large.

“It’s becoming too severe for people doing this kind of work. They have to stop now for the sake Morata’s other economic activities.”

At this point, he stopped the work on the lake at its current size, because it seemed to have disrupted the smooth tax income from the people going to the hunt.
Now, in the center of the authentic Lake Park, it was the right time to create the statue!
He didn’t have to worry about the bricking materials due to all the help stacking it up.
Weed confidently held onto the carving knife, however, a more worrisome problem started from here on out.

-Carve me.
-For God’s sake.
-Make a representation of me. Unless you’re as stupid as before, I’ll exert my talent on you again. Keuhahahahaha!
-What reason do you have to ignore us? If you ignore us, then we’ll forever remain away from the world.
-Why are you sculpting Freya, but us…

The whispering in his ears of those with unknown circumstances was giving him an epilepsy.

“Why don’t you talk about what you want me to carve you into?!!!”

Weed, who could not repress himself struck a Yell, but then turned to the nearby users.

“What was that all about?”
“His true nature is no good huh.”
“Leave it be. All artists are like that.”
“It must be the anguish of a Sculptor to think of something to sculpt.”

Fortunately, the users showed understandings and moved on.
Still, Weed was almost sick with the party going on inside him.

-Make me a piece, me!
-You’re not going to carve me? It’s would be a great honor to you…
-Ignorant Sculptor, free us.

While not telling Weed what they wanted to be carved as, they constantly bugged him to use his skill to create them.
Although he took on as many as hundreds of curses, his life was by no mean in danger with the help of protection skills.
Later on he was able to be released from the curses with the help of the Clergymen; but due to the great amount of suffering, he could not carry out the normal pace he could have had regarding sculpting.
Others may have not been able to withstand the complaint; but to Weed, the sounds weren’t just some random noise.

‘I feel like, since it’s not some obvious sculpture, it must be a quest of some sort.’

Weed noticed that it was something unusual, but it was difficult to relate the subject to something specific.
Ever since Todoom, after his Sculpturing Skill reached Advanced level 5 that he began hearing these voices; so he figured that there must be some sort of correlation.
But he did not know of what to do.
Back then, during breaks in between creating and repairing statues, he took his time and calmly sculpt statues of both men and women.

-No. this is not it.
-How does any of us look as shamelessly shabby as these shits…
-You’re not a very talented Sculptor.

The unidentifiable voices revealed their disappointment and anger as soon as they saw.
Weed felt that the mystery must be solved soon.

‘If whenever I start to sculpt and the curses break out, this will make it hard for me to concentrate in the long run.’

He would carve little sculptures during the time he takes breaks in between the hunt.
Even if one’s profession is a Sculptor, it is still rather hard to sculpt; as each sculpture that he'd make can take a long time to reach completion.
Even though Weed did create Masterpieces, Classics, and even Magnums, it was all due to the foundation he accumulated by making so many statues.

-Kuekeokeokeokeo. Foolish guy.
-This Sculptor that doesn’t even know of our gloriousness, he’s overworked to make us.

Weed's anguish, as he takes on more and more damnation, deepened day by day.
He was struggling with the progression of making the Statue of Freya.
Weed was forced into using the Stone Skin skill as he worked stiffly through the ordeal.
His body was heavier by the thousands.
Eventually, due to the curses taxing on his Stamina, he scratched the statue he was carving with his chisel.

‘This is a huge deal.’

Sweats were falling down Weed’s spine.
If the statue fails, he will ruin the quest.
There will be a decline of his reputation as a Sculptor, as well as Familiarity with the Freya Church; not to mention the grievances that will be brought up by the many users who participated.
Weed reassured himself that the scratch wasn’t that big of a deal, but it was a mistake as he continued.
The agony!
With the poor health his body was in and the curses causing him to stiffen, causing minor mishaps to happened in rapid successions.

‘I can tell that this is far from being a Magnum. But please, don’t let this fail.’

Weed was force to pour even more concentration as he sculpt.


Near Morata, black shrouds were forming.
The sun have not risen as night continue to dominate the land; the ominous looking darkness looms as it intensify the Monsters’ power.

“What is that thing?”
“Dunno. I think something big will happen.”
“I can feel an unusual aura coming from those shrewd users. They're making a commotion for something.”
“This region is ours.”
“This is not a place for the Human to invade.”

Beast-type monsters covered with fur from head to tail, magically inclined Goblins, Werewolves that transform with the appearance of the moon, groups of Thieves living and hiding in caves along with other predators like a cloud descended on Morata.
Monsters in the north have increase by a huge number; and as if to prove this point, while numbering in the hundreds of thousands, they foray towards Morata.

“A Monster Legion.”
“They’re targeting our village.”

For everybody who was on the outer walls, sweats were running down their spines.
This was something similar to the few sieges they've watched before. And for the lot of them, the sieges they've seen on television was already enough excitement.
However, for them to be directly confronting the horde of oncoming Monsters, they were completely appalled.

“Could Morata army defend against this?”
“Nah. Morata doesn’t have an armed force…”

There were Paladins and Clergymen of the Freya Church, but they alone could not prevail against a force of this magnitude.

“Why the hell are Monsters suddenly attacking like this? There a must be reason why even races who had bad affinity amongst themselves come together like this…”
“The statue! Do you think the statue have anything to do with this?”

The users who once accepted the referral without a single worry finally grasp the risk pertaining to this production of the statue.

“This is a really dangerous quest.”

The situation increased to something even scarier than mounting on a tiger. At the same time, it was a waste of effort if they have given it up in the middle of the quest, nor was there a place where they could hide from this invasion.
Fail and the other Archers clustered on the wall.

“You have to survive.”

Meiron, Fail’s lover, was holding onto his hand.

“Yes, Fail nim too.”

Romyuna went on the offensive while staying close to the Archers. Irien was busying doing a thorough blessing of all the users who were taking part in the battle.
Which included Surka, who was near the gate to intercept them.
The users who were fighting for the Freya Church as well as protecting Morata rallied!

“We cannot back down in the face of these Monsters. Fight! Fight for victory!”
“This is the pioneering town of the North! If we lose this place to them Monsters, then we essentially loses the North; afterward, they will push toward the the Central too.”

Knights who were on horseback bellowed for encouragement.
Similarly, the legion of Monsters charges. However, as oppose to the vulnerable spots in Morata's walls, they hurdled themselves toward the statue.
Plop. Plop.
They plunged into the lake in their attempt to crush the statue.
The vast lake which was dug for its soil; the soil that will be sold at a later time for landscaping.

“Eopu, eopu!”

Though, the Monsters needed a considerable amount of time in order to cross the lake as their bodies were much heavier than that of the average Human.
After making a third of the way to the statue, the Monsters were subjected to the Archers arrow flying freely at them.

“They’re slow targets. And in water.”

Densely packed arrow attack.
The magic troops also moved vigorously.
In comparison to the weapon wielding Warriors, damages coming from the Magicians are stronger than physical attacks by 5~6 times. Additionally, if Magician uses even stronger magic, the differences in damage can get up to as much as 30 times.
Of course, they were subjected to the disadvantage of having to take up a lot of time preparing those stronger grade magic for usage.

“The incessant blazing flames of pain at the bottom of hell. Flame of Hell!”

The flame enveloped the head of the Monsters that were trying to keep afloat.
Still, even in water, there were Monsters who made an attempt to attack the residents that were in their striking distance; though the attacks could easily be avoided as the residents spread themselves out.
In between the time the Magicians have to recuperate and to wreak havoc.
There were those who didn’t have anything to do.

“Wanna jump into the lake?”

The battleground deep within the lake!
Among the Monsters, there were those who knew how to fight underwater, such as the Lizard-type.
The heavy clad Knights and Warriors flocked out.

“Let’s shoot them. Hopefully we can hit somebody.”

To that end, arrows flew into the lake.
The oncoming Monsters faced near annihilation; insurmountable number of arrow and magic blast flew into the lake, added the effect of great splendor.

“This is new.”
“It’s interesting.”

There weren’t many opportunity for these guy to experience something new.
Some Monsters came close the vicinity of the statue, but facing the fiercely impenetrable resistance of the Knights and the likes, they were defeated in an instant.
The Monsters army had to withdraw, leaving many casualties; but repeatedly, they kept on invading night and day.
In the meantime, Weed was facing an increase in difficulty with the increasing ascension; having completed the hips and the waist, now he was going to create the chest and the shoulders.
From the roughly constructed form, he was going to give the regions the finer details.

“Moonlight Chisel!”

Gentle light trailed the path of his carving.
Ever since attaining Advanced level 5 of the Sculpturing Skill, he was able to use the skill to carve by weakening the output.
Strike by strike, the shape of the statue mellowed out with soft curves and flown with more refinement.
Since the statue have a direct effect on when the invasion of Monsters will come to an end, Weed continued on ceaselessly as he carved in the middle of the night.
He clung onto the rope as he work, the vicinity of the to be completed statue was filled with crowding shimmers.
A dreamlike spectacle was given to the statue as it collect the moonlight and stars to the ground.

“Sculpturing is beautiful.”
“It’s really romantic.”

Single men, women, and couples among the user base picked out good locations to sit while watching Weed’s sculpture to unfold.
The left hand of the statue was holding a money bag, while its right held up high in the sky.
The statue was holding a torch!
The Freya Statue of Liberty.

“Waaa! Awesome.”

As they watches the form of the statue becoming more defined, their gaping mouths were falling all at the same while.
Mere moment before its completion, the statue towered at a height of 160 meters.
The statue’s head donned a huge jewel embedded in the carved crown, its figure seemed to be covered in fur.
It was decorated with a luxurious watches, jewel rings, necklaces, and of course, not to be without earrings.
It was truly a symbol of wealth, and Weed branded each of its adornment.

The Music Box Plaza Merchants Association.
Supply and Demand Association.
Merchant Mapan.

He received advertisement fees from active merchant associations from Morata, as well as the entire Versailles Continent, to inscribed what they wish.
Here, the received advertisement fees came out to be more than the Diamond the Freya Church paid for the expenses.
No matter how painful the never ending curses continued, he persisted on in order to get at this.
Weed once again found another way to make money from sculpting!
He would even tenaciously pocket money from other sources if they choose to put socks and shoes on the statue.
Lastly, the finished face of the statue was a direct depiction of Hwaryong’s face.
The face of a westernized person fitted well to the luxurious feel of the statue, and he only proceeded after asking her for permission in advance.
When Weed told her that he wanted to sculpt her face, Hwaryong’s face lit up like a ripe apple.

“It’s Weed nim…so……”

She have consider Weed to be a rather insensitive being. He was too busy making a living to ever consider luxurious things, such as love. His worries and inner thoughts weren’t very forthcoming, which made it difficult to generate a deep conversations with him. He was a man in which things such as Event or romance were something impossible to expect from.

‘I was wrong about everything.’

Hwaryong could not sleep that day.
Morata giant statue. Massive waves of people seeking answers from the Sculptor as to why he sculpted her face!

‘This is the greatest Event on earth.’

Even though it seems that the phases of their relationship have skipped a few steps; but to Hwaryong, this was a very auspicious moment.
And now, the Freya Church’s statue reached finalization.

The Freya Statue have been completed

The goddess of beauty, Goddess Freya.
At the request of the Freya Church, the statue was erected in Morata; and will poses as the exemplification of thickened Faith, and make this region more fertile than ever before.
To commemorate the Statue commissioned by the Freya Chuch, annual pilgrimage to the Church will be made.

The effect of the Statue
  1. Crop yield in the surrounding area will increase by 45%.
  2. The rate of commercial development will accelerate by 3%.
  3. The rate of industrial development will increase by 2%.
  4. Will be alleviated from drought, flood, and storms damages.
  5. The residents' rate of increasing Faith will be doubled.
  6. Residents happiness increases.
  7. Willingness of residents to pay taxes increase by 12%.
  8. Freya Church’s Paladins and Clergymen’s Divine power increased by 30% in Morata’s Province.

END Chapter


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