The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 13 Chapter 4

Weed’s Return

In Morata, on the Crimson Mercenary Guild's wall, the Bounty's board was pack tightly with wanted posters.

“What, what happened?”
“Where are the good requests?”

Departing and returning adventurers flocked to the board.

Wanted: Geomchi
Bounty: 550 Gold
Crime: Corruption, Murder, Evasion
Appearance: Aged fellow
Body style is similar to a Barbarian
Known for wearing a strong odorous armor
Strength: Enough to fight on equal standing with a Hell Lord Knight. Skill and Strength are excellent
Special note: Sided with the Vampires and massacred Humans
Location last spotted: Morata South Entrance

Wanted: Geom-2-chi
Bounty: 548 Gold
Crime: Corruption, Murder, Evasion
Appearance: Could not stop his incessant laughter
Great muscular body
Known for wearing a strong odorous armor
Strength: Can hold and win a fight against five Vikings
Special note: Sided with the Vampires and massacred Humans
Location last spotted: Morata South Entrance

From Geomchi, Geom-2-chi, Geom-3-chi, and so on and so forth until Geom-505-chi.
Despite the fact that the description did not match their characteristics to a tee, their names were still exposed due to the bestowed Murderer's mark.
To reiterate, in exchange for doing quests for the Vampires, they were deemed wicked.

“They appeared yesterday and rampaged off.”
“I heard they hastily departed southward.”

A considerable number of their tracks could be witnessed.
In fact, there was an attempt to apprehend the lot.
Besides the bounty assigned; Reputation, Public Value, as well as Mercenary rating could all be obtained along with the gold. In addition, if one was lucky enough, he could steal the equipment they donned. As a result, people promptly jumped on this.

“Ah, hells.”
“We aint like that.”
“AH! girls!”
“Keugg! Even women are trying to kill me.”

Alas, the Geomchis paid little mind to their immediate situation and quickly rushed off. Whatever urgency they were in, they looked so furious as they were rushing toward the south;so much so that those tried to pursue them didn't want to stand in their path.
There were many people whose level were higher than the Geomchis in Morata. If the Geomchis had been just one or two of them, then these people would have been surrounded them. But with many of them appearing and suddenly bolted off as if they were sails with wind pushes on them, people simply backed out of the way.
And now.
From Morata’s West Gate, one person with his name inscribed in the crimson Murderer's mark approaches.

“On the subject of killers, there’s one trying to enter the town fearlessly.”
“Is he crazy?”

There’s no army in Morata. Instead, Paladins of the Freya’s Church stationed and were standing guard at every gate.

“Damn, I wanted the kill. Miss the opportunity to raise my Reputation.”

Freya’s Paladins were known to be unforgiving.
Merchants and adventurers alike were watching the oncoming person whom was without a single measure against the Paladins.
In a few moment, he will be caught by the Paladins and he will be beaten mercilessly.
Everybody have expected this since they’ve witnessed how the Freya Paladins treated the rebelling monsters and sinners near their vicinity.
However, as the Murderer advances toward them, they hoist up their swords and performed salutations as if they were greeting an aristocrat.

“May all harmonizes according to the Goddess’ will.”

The visitor too, lightly saluted back.

“May all harmonizes according to the Goddess’ will.”

Then, without a single sign of resistance from the Paladins, he casually passes through the entrance to the village.


Weed was the person that came into Morata.
After journeying to the Vampire Kingdom and passing the Intermediate Training Center, he returned once again to the Versailles Continent.
Wherever Weed step, people just scampered off out of his path.

“What’s going on?”
“It’s a Murderer. A Murderer came into the town.”
“How? I know Morata has poor public security, but…aren’t there the Freya Paladins?”
“Dunno. It’s hard to believe, look there. The Paladins around the town doesn’t bother him at all.”

The crowd gathered and was pondering about the terrible fact, Weed continued his stride toward the center of the square from the entrance of the village while people continues to part.
The they all followed him immediately as he passes.
For one donning the wicked mark of a Murderer to be walking so unabashedly inside the town, they felt an intensive interest and curiosity towards Weed.

‘It has developed a lot since I left for Todoom.’

The large-scale investment of 260000 Gold!
The roads widened and were filled with decent pebbles, making it convenient for the carriages as they make their way through the streets without having to pay expensive tolls; unusual for a village.
Along the street: pubs, smithies, trading posts, textile shops have been completed. The Freya Church’s post could be seen from a distance as well. Mercenary Guild and Vigilante spot were also created, each crowded with people.
A spectacle that haven’t been seen in any other villages or provinces (in the North.)

‘The number of people have grown by a lot.’

Even before Weed left for Todoom, there was quite a lot of travelers who paid Morata a visit. But now, due to the rumors circulated by words of mouth regarding the Light Tower, a lot more people came and always set Morata as a Starting Point for their adventure in the North.
The number wasn’t as large as when Weed started in Rosenheim Kingdom, but people were filled with vigor just the same.
As for the reason, this was all due their adventurous spirit as well as their will to face challenges, along with the fact that this was the new frontier for exploration.
Splash splash splash.
A waterway was also made from the river. And in the center of the path, an artistic bridge have been made and was filled with sculptures and works of art.
All thanks to the Elder for his endless and aggressive investments into art and cultural activities; for he took the fact that Lord of Morata, Weed, was a Sculptor.
Weed was satisfied while looking at the artwork.

‘These are also nothing like cheap decorative artwork.’

But still, artwork were still dirt cheap!
Though, artists weren’t just some cheap laborers.
Sculptures, pictures, building, all are things to elevate sightseers’ satisfaction who stands before them.
The money they sprinkled on this in order to stimulate Morata's economey, in which it will eventually return back to Weed’s pocket.
There was no need for Weed to fret over this, because the travelers will in turn recompense them with money from on Morata's resident to the next.
He's like a delighted IRS agent watching the birth of a newborn!
Or the feeling the joy of a loan shark with its newly found first time customer.
Weed, who inadvertently attracted a crowd, sat down on a vacant spot in the square.

“Selling manufacturing goods. Sewing, smithing, sculpture; and although it's weak, I'll paint if am commissioned. Chaa! pick, pick! Whatever material you have in mind for custom-made work, I’ll do it.”

Weed wanted to produce items while donning Murderer mark!
Reasoning flew past the users head.

“What the, this guy.”
“I thought you can only take one, but a Tailor, Blacksmith, and a Sculptor?”
“I’d imagine he’s no good, there no prospective seen in the combination.”

The users were appalled.
While he marred with the Murderer’s mark, the users were being considerably conscious around him.

‘The Ranker i heard about.’

In the spacious Versailles Continent, it was difficult to even meet just one user with a ranking position.
They weren't viable to come across even in the Central continent’s largest provinces; for they were usually in the nearby villages or mining towns that were close to dungeons or hunting grounds.

‘He’ll be very strong.’
‘He won’t attack me all of the sudden, will he?’

They trembled in fear while following behind him, but in fact, there was no need to worry about the range in power.
The clue has been provided by the Paladins; for they politely make way as he passes and have not once made an attempt to attack.
Although, if the regular users attack Weed, they would overwhelm him and his situation would have been difficult.
As a matter of fact, there was no beginner among the Morata’s user base.
Surely, the level of those who were here wasn't as high as Weed, or are they as methodical as him; but they absolutely had the majority.
If someone made a simple pillory, things could spark into a huge event.
But as he subdue the initiative and showing no erratic behaviors, the attacking mood would simply diffuse itself.
In fact, Weed have had a lot of experiences being on this side.
Back in the days on the Continent of Magic, if the scattering of broken glass bothered him just a bit, Weed would kill all.
He would even kill the soliciting Merchants for nagging him. And there was no exception when it came to hunting grounds, as he wanted it all to himself.
There was no forgiveness even for a couple having discreet conversations in some corner of the dungeon either.
All the challengers who dared rise time and time again were crushed thoroughly.
The notoriety he had then wasn’t just there, for it had shifted in location.

‘This is why the fact that I’m 'that' Weed should not be known.’

The accumulated reputation Weed gained back in CoM was huge.
Due to the tremendous widespread of him name by the stations, he was revered by the adventurers and regular users alike on the Versailles Continent.
As a result, he was the target of many people.
The Jeonshin Weed’s killer.
A glorious title.
Along with the people with grudges back in the days of CoM, a huge number of them who are high-level users on the Versailles Continent haven been constantly grinding their axes contemplating the day.
He must not be recognized; for these people have scattered about, lying in waits to have the honor of intercepting Weed.
To make matter worse, Information Guild, Assassin Guild, Dark Gamer Guild, etc. made a lot of attempts to find his location as well as his (ingame) identity.
As long as they know who he was, hundreds of Rankers would swarm him and challenges him as soon as tomorrow.
Even large, prestigious Guilds would trample one another trying to get at him.
Assiduously with the logic of power in mind, a rather simple way to increase the guild's influence was to hold that title. While not on the same level as the famed adventures of chasing after the presence of myths or legends; but all in all, to maximize the guild’s strength, Weed was a good prey.
With the Invicible Gambler, the God of War and such titles following him, he was at risk as he walked on such thin ice.
On the subject of Royal Road, while the game poses as enjoyment for many others, this was Weed's livelihood.

‘Without this, warmth and a full belly isn't possible. All these weak guys wouldn’t mind ratting out a person like me for all the food to survive. There’s no such person who is sweet, na├»ve, and modest.’

Then, a girl raised her hand.

“I want to align new attire…a Robe that’s trendy and fit me perfectly. Also, if you could, I’d like to have high Magic Defense.”

Although a bit reluctant, the girl placed an order.
He sifted through his backpack to look for the mats.
He had already memorized the kind of mats he has as well as the amount of quantity, but he wanted to confirm it at least once more before doing anything.

“I have Strong Pegasus Leather, as well as Strong Unicorn Leather. And I also have Premium Vampire Leather. Note that if you decide to pick this type, I’d charge you a bit more for repair charges.”
“The premium leather?”
“Yes, the leather that the Vampire uses. I could dismantle the cape again and gain the mats to create the garment. A short enough skirt can lose out on Defense, would you like me to make a tight fit that runs along the curvatures of your body?”

The new skill he obtained upon reaching Intermediate level 2 of Sewing, Raw Material Extraction!
Recycling from clothing that have already been made, he could essentially create new items through this skill.
Making good items from older items was a high gamble though; but being able to make more diverse items as well being able to correct it with all the necessities, the skill's advantages was not a small matter.
Weed continued ahead without stopping.

“The prices are subjected to the materials. And I charge 10 Gold per hour for the labor fee.”

Weed’s proposed price of labor was sufficient enough to cause rejection from the users.
From the rear of the crowd, one person bluntly protested.

“If it’s 10 Gold then that's too expensive. Don’t you know that the Sewing prices from all over are cheaper in comparison, you complete crook.”

Though it had a tone of cynicism, it incurred the responses of other users.

“That right. He did that and became a Murderer.”
“I know right. Having no decency like a crooked taxi driver.”

For a skilled tailor, receiving 10 Gold per hour price wasn’t something so expensive.
Because comparing to the vocational profession, others could hunt for even more money during that same while.
However, due to the excessive competition of the blue-collar workers, as well as the decline of the delivery of goods, it was uncommon for a person to request that price.
The people who crowded around Weed began to lose interest and were starting to disband.
Weed then spoke.

“My Sewing Skill is Intermediate, Blacksmithing Skill's Intermediate, and my Handicraft Skill is on the Advanced level. Whatever item it is, I will make them to the best of their ability. Believe and please leave it to me.”

The reaction from those people changed at once.

“Intermediate Sewing, Intermediate Blackmithing, Advanced Handicraft? Did the Versailles Continent ever have a user like that?”
“That’s impossible, it’s a ridiculous combination.”
“Maybe he’s a person who sits all day in a cave just to increase his manufacturing skills?”
“If you look at the equipment he’s wearing, its level seems a bit low. I don’t think he’s a user of the blue-collar job who reached the Advanced stages of the Handicraft skill yet…”
“Then, the stature of his craftsmanship is unknown. He’s a scam artist, an impostor.”
“By the way, his name’s Weed. No way, could he be the Sculptor Weed?”

Weed’s name has been openly revealed in red. Murderers are unable to hide their names as it is a forced exposure.

“If he’s that Sculptor Weed, then he’s that famous user who is the Lord of Morata, similar to that of an Earl?”
“Weed was the said user who overstepped the Intermediate stages of the Sculpturing Skill long ago. That means he's just returned from his trip to the Kingdom of Vampires Todoom…”
“He must have returned just now!”
“Morata’s Lord is back!”

The Sculptor Weed’s name had significant recognition across the Versailles Continent.
At least, everybody in Morata knew he was its peculiar Lord.

“No wonder the Freya Paladins didn’t attack him…”
“And the residents too, were amicable even when seeing a Murderer.”

The space between Weed and Morata’s inhabitants was very small.
A result of the power of Reputation on the Versailles Continent!
The users with all their completely uncoiled doubts rushed together.

“Please make me the Robe!”

The girl from a while before, followed by the lot of denizens.

“Me too. Please make me a pair of Boots. Is it possible to grant it Options? Boots that is as light as possible.”
“I’d hope you can make a coat…for Warrior that is. Something that can be worn over the armor, please produce a good fit for me.”

It was still rare for a user to attain Intermediate Sewing, even with Morata’s expedition on Tailoring. Because of that, most of the items the users obtained were through hunting or were things they bartered for by trading necessary items.
Since a user with Intermediate level in Blacksmith and Sewing appeared, they swarmed together with their own Advanced materials.
Furthermore, the user’s Handicraft Skill attained the Advanced level, this was something they couldn't fathom.

“For me, a Sword.”
“I need a Shield that protects, could you make it?”

The users’ ordered goods were very diverse, the mats Weed saved up from Todoom ended up selling as manufactured goods.


“Excuses me…I understand you are a Sculptor.”

A male user approached.

“That’s right.”

Weed replied as he beats the hammer. It had just turned the evening, so he didn’t see to too many customers.
In contrast, during the morning and in the afternoon, he was manufacturing ordered goods without a single break.

“Could you carve me a bouquet of flowers for commemoration? For my girlfriend?”

It was a prime time for him to make money, so Weed wasn’t very enthused.

“I have orders backed up at the moment; I might finish with them some time tomorrow evening…”

Noticing a sign of discomfort coming from Weed, the user held out an item.

“This is Pure Iron. I’ll pay for the fee along with this here.”

Pure Iron!
Compare to the Common Iron, this has higher intensity of iron packed in.
Weed suddenly clasped the man’s hand.

“I’ll make it!”

The Sculptor class really isn’t one to rely on to make living.
Since the fee for the work is really cheap in comparison to anything else, any tip that come with an order is something they cannot refuse.

‘I'm used to using the Sculpturing skill anyway, this'll just a bit and I’m done.’

As usual, he took out a piece of wood and began to carving a flower.
Since he manufactured so many floral merchandise in the past; the output would still result to something desirable even if he had kept his eyes closed.
But soon after he had activated the Sculpturing Skill, whispers from unknown beings could be heard.

-Please sculpt me.
-Carve us!
-Human sculptor, I’m sure you’re able to do it.
-I say hurry and sculpt us!

Ever since attaining the level 5 in the Advanced stages of Sculpturing, he could hear the voices of these unknown presence without fail.
Not only can they be heard, they can impart themselves.

-If you do not free us…
-If you are not willing to give life to us…
-It would be better off for this fool of a Sculptor to die.

Weed’s body suddenly went ablaze.
His whole body caught on fire and roaring of the flames ensued.
This happened in the center of the square, at midnight in Morata.

Received the Curse of Fire.
Will sustain continuous Fire damage.
All Durability of worn good will deteriorate quickly.

While his body was burning, Weed’s Health was defusing out of him at a rate of 300HP per second.
The wood he was carving also caught on fire without a moment of delay.

“Stone Skin!”

Weed reflexively used his protection skill, and the decline of his HP decreased by 65%.

“Waah! Look at him.”
“That’s cool.”
“How’s he doing that?”

Morata’ square got nosier again.
Thanks to the spectacle that is Weed!

“He’s beautifully on fire.”

The number of users watching Weed as he burns was quite large. But of course, there were well meaning Clerics there too.
Noticing something bad had happened, the Clerics simultaneously casts treatment and curse removal Holy magic.

“Round Heal!”

Weed was being treated with several different types of divine magic used over and over again.

“Iron Protect.”
“Holy Shield.”

Along with the overlapping protection magic bestowed onto him, the fire covering Weed finally dispersed.
Weed was discouraged.

“Now it looks like I’m putting on a circus act.”

He became the eventful and suffering Sculptor on the move!
Who would have though the road of a Sculptor could be so colorful?
When he started carving again, he took on a Curse of Ice.
He slowly carved the bouquet in on piece while being frozen in the block of ice.

“Th, thank you.”

The one who ordered the item received it then hastily disappeared.
Now it was raining atop of Weed’s head. The large clouds just over his head without targeting anything else, and thunders within the clouds could be heard.
Kureureung, kwawang!
The other users in the square deviated from him.

“Strange things are happening around just that guy.”
“Look at the cursed character.”
“Shh. Don’t get close, you might get infected by the curse."

Still, Weed was released unharmed from the curses with help from the Clerics.
As a test, each time he tries to sculpt: either burning fire, infectious poison, falling rain, shaking earth occurs.

Sewing Skill proficiency increased by 0.1%.

Weed gave up working on sculpturing commissions for the foreseeable future and just focus on the received smithing and sewing orders.
Skill mastery and money, as well as building up reputation while manufacturing goods!
There was no less coming from the recognized Weed’s preaching either!
The essence of the products increased rose higher due to his great articulation.

“This may just be clothing, but I’m not selling you just some common dress. Sedona nim, was it? This is made tailored specifically to Sedona nim. This pleasingly fits over the base line of Sedona nim’s chest, waist, and buttocks with Defense and Durability fundamentally in mind. Thanks to the luxurious Unicorn Leather, the clothes appearance won’t fall short at any time. This thing can essentially save Sedona nim at least 10 times over the course.”
“What about the prices?”
“Price…it really doesn’t have a thing like a price tag attached; but if you trust in me and regard me to a status in mind, then please give me what you think is right by that standard.”

He looked toward the person while talking about the prices.
Any exhilarated and goodhearted man would willingly shell out money after watching the work that took place. Rather than presenting a specific price for the service, Weed got more revenue this way.
For those who were sensitive with money, they were not forced down to a predefined cost and in turn believed they received a bargain.
For the users who wanted to use Advanced material, Weed sold imported items obtained from Todoom without care for the money.
Unlike the fairly affluent goods in the Central continent, the prices for Leather and Iron in Morata were still more expensive. Here, while selling according to the prices set for each material, Weed’s pocket was growing and growing with more money accumulated.
Unlike doing sculpturing on the fly back then, he received more money and more skill proficiency thanks to the positive response from the people.
This was infinitely impressive!

‘Not as an artist, but I’m more befitting of a simple hard working technician, huh.’

While seriously thinking about his vocation, Weed’s hand was moving as he calculates money without a misstep.
In the midst of creating the armor piece, his mind ventured on next order: calculating the materials needed, pricing on the said mats, and the cap the customer payment for the item; the scale of workload he put on himself that could be considered as amazing.
Traveled by the words of mouth, the armor or clothing Weed made obtained greater responses due to their performance.

“Look at this, the Durability is no joke.”
“How vigilant is his work to get the Durability of a Robe to such an extent?”

Even from cheaper fabric, he was able to generate something out of it.
While the Lord of Morata Weed’s produces premium goods, people congregated.
Through this method of disposing the mats, Weed’s Tailoring and Blacksmithing skills were able to gain a level each.
The revenue obtained was a larger sum when he manufacturing goods out of these material items; and this method earned him a stagger profit of 340000 Gold.
If he had disposed them as individual item, this path wouldn’t make as much money as he did.
Receiving these materials in place of creating the armor set out of bones for the Geomchis, the payoff was huge!
This earned him more money comparing to when he sold the treasure of the Nippleheim Empire.
Additionally, Weed’s popularity varies.

“Hey, I came here from Rosenheim Kingdom to eat porridge!”
“Are you planning to build something like the Pyramid again? While making it, I got a lot of points for Public Value for the country…”
“Whether it’s grade B or C is fine with me. If you can accommodate the porridge during the work, I’ll make sure to work to the bone.”

There was a considerable amount of users from Rosenheim Kingdom that liked Weed.
Every time he sees them, Weed felt very satisfying.


It was when Weed finished with his business that the Freya’s Paladins together with Alberone approached him.

“Weed nim, you have sinned a lot in the time we have not met.”

Weed spoke matter-of-factly.

“Yeah. I was rescuing the Vampires and it became so.”

He didn’t hesitate to speak so informal towards the Pope candidate because they have gone through quests together, as well as once having treated Alberone through food; so naturally, Familiarity between the two was high.
Alberone had a look of pity.

“How could that had happ…ahh I understand. It’s all due to the fault of Weed nim’s compassionate heart, is it not?”
“Obviously, the Vampires pinpointed Weed nim’s goodness and used it to their own gain. You must have thought their preordained fate was too much, even for them; your mercy surely has no end.”

Weed figured it was best to let Alberone theory to run its course in order to keep Familiarity with the Freya Church.
The Church has a very high Public Value.
There are faith stalls built in Morata village for the villagers as well as the contribution made by the Church to the village.
Owing much to the close relationship between the two, they decided to put their trust in Weed, even if he was on this side.
Rather than right or wrong, sometime the influence of Familiarity is heavily relied on.

“I’m going to pray for you, Weed nim. By the mercy of Goddess Freya, I believe She will forgive you.”

But Weed coarsened.

‘Prayer!? I don’t have money to eat or to die and you want me to make a donation?’

The fastest way to get out of the Murderer state is to donate money to the Church.
For the sake of receiving more quests with the lessen notoriety as oppose to more. In this state, chances to have a dialogue with the residents is slimmer because they will choose to avoid you, additionally blowing one's chances to commence business transaction.
The more pressing matter beyond such consequences of Infamy is that under the status of a Murderer, it'll be more likely for users to initiate the attacking.
Weed made it looked as if he hadn’t eaten anything while being embarrassed.

“Alberone nim, I understand your intention. But I don’t have much money. I’m even worried about what I’m going have for food tonight…”
“By the blessing of Goddess Freya, She has filled those with hunger. The development in the Morata province has been many. Thanks to Weed nim’s excellent decision making in spreading the wealth, there are not many who are in need.”

Weed was driving at trying to compromise at getting a discount in making donations, but thanks to Alberone simply genuine trust in him, he just swerved for nothing.

‘Morata’s development…excellent decision making?’

During the time he was in Todoom, he was getting bits of information regarding the matter. Talks on the Versailles Continent and such, and also through the Dark Gamer Information Network; he read a few articles written how people significantly like Morata.

‘In order to get concrete information on how good it has been, I should to meet up with the Village Elder.’

The idea brushed past in Weed’s head as he walked toward Alberone and knelt down, with both of his eyes closed.
Weed was praying.
His surrounding filled with divine power.

“This being here fought against the Vampires on behalf of the Goddess. Although his actions have been deemed as something comparable what humanity's standard regards as atrocities; he believes that the Vampires are also your beloved beings and they too deserve the Goddess’s prosperity and richness…”

The candidate for the next Pope spoke with no less inferior in faith and divine power to anybody!

Due to the mercy of Goddess Freya, 45% of Your outrageous sins were saved.
Infamy have been reduced to 500.
The loss of Infamy also resulted in the decrease of Leadership by 10.

In many ways, Infamy isn’t completely useless.
Through means of threatening the NPC residents, you’ll be able to obtain quests they won’t give you otherwise; and you can also impose on the price set for items in stores. If and when you meet with fur trading NPCs at a secluded location, if your Infamy is high enough, even without the need to pose for a brawl, you’ll be able to get your goods intact.
Subsequently, also affects Leadership when dealing with your own subordinates.
But due to having received Freya’s blessing through praying, along with Infamy, his Leadership also decreased.
A side effect of the prayer for salvation.
After the prayer finishes, Alberone readily extended out his hand.

“Weed nim, let’s go out to dinner. Let me go instruct them to set supper at the dinning hall.”

Weed replied.

“Thanks, Alberone.”

Having received what he yearned for, his tone changed slightly.
In Freya’s Church, the meals aren't something light such as potato or sweet potatoes. There will be more than three or four main courses, as well as deserts, salads, and wine that will be served.
Lead by Alberone’s hand and disappeared, Weed was admired by the gawking users.

“Ahh! Come to think of it, there’s no need real need to question this…from the Light Tower to how he is Morata’s Lord, after all.”
“The relationship he has with the Freya Church is no joke.”
“Might also be about money, isn't it? As a Lord, he had heavily invested in Morata.”
“Maybe it’s because he’s heckla rich; he was able to be in a close knit relationship with the Church using the money.”
“I heard they were pretty tight ever since Rosenheim Kingdom.”


Weed was leisurely enjoying dinner at the Freya Church. There were fresh and plentiful foods all around.
Back in the cold and bleaker days of Morata, the residents wouldn’t even have the homemade food to hold a celebration.
During those days, they didn't even have a rotten potato to fill their bellies. A stark contrast to the present, where food are bountiful.
All thanks to the due diligent of the Village Elder with expansion of the irrigation of food.

‘Morata’s truly having an revolution.’

If comparing to the provinces in the Central continent, Morata was just a minuscule portion of them; nonetheless, this was very impressive.
A town of mixed residents and users were living happily together!
He couldn’t help but be pleased due to all the taxes coming in from all the commerce.
Weed chomped on and on till his Satiety became full, and the Alberone talked to him.

“Weed nim, the Freya Church have been looking for you for a long time.”
“What for?”
“Actually, it’s about of the eradication of Monsters…”

After the ice melted in the North, Monsters with atrophies to the cold were coming out gradually.
It was because of these Monsters who have seemingly risen from their slumber that the northern exploration was in a state of stagnation.
From the story coming from Alberone, it seemed other developing villages were blindsided and got looted, and there were cases where the villagers decided not to leave for greener pastures. Merchants, on a large scale, did not travel for their businesses.
Weed anxiously asked.

“Is Morata going to be ok?”

In his position as Lord of Morata, the invested money that he earned with his flesh was the reason for his fretting.

“With the trustworthy Paladins of Freya here, we’ll try to maintain.”

Fortunately, Alberone’s words assured him.
At Morata, aside from the Paladins, there were also quite a few of adventurers as well as mercenaries available.
As a matter of fact, Morata have quite a force due to the users’ tendency to consider the place as a strategic pioneering location. Quite frankly, if this place is to be overrun with Monsters, then the result would spell the fall of the whole northern region to the Monsters.

“Subsequently, there is something I need to ask of Weed nim. It would be greatly appreciated if we have your permission to gain reinforcements of Paladins and Priests of Freya Church from Somren Liberty City.”

Weed saw that there was nothing wrong with the proposal.

“If there are unrests because of Monsters here in the North, I would be thankful to have more to Paladins come and make certain of the excellent work of ensuring the public’s safety thus far.”

Alberone reticently slurred.

“In addition, there is one more thing that’s a bit difficult to ask. The High Priest nim necessarily asked of Weed nim to listen and work on this.”
“What is it?”

If the talk wasn’t about his money, then Weed would want to listen to any decent proposal.
The quests he received from the Freya Church, though a bit difficult, were all good ones. Such as the Jin-Hyeol Vampires, the war with the Legion of Immortals, all were quests that led to the second tier.
The question is how to avoid spending the substantial income he raised.
The commission coming from Freya Church was something he must accepts as he did not want to just abandon the pile of contribution that comes along with it.

“Morata is a place known for its culture and art. However, there is no statue to symbolize the Goddess Freya anywhere to be seen. This can lead to the disappointment of Priests whom dedicated themselves to the Goddess. Due to this reason, the High Priest nim chose Weed nim to erect a colossal statue of the Goddess Freya.”

The Statue of the Freya Church

On the northern part of the Versailles Continent, a statue that symbolizes the Goddess Freya is to be made.
The Freya Church want this to be a symbol to subtly state that it doesn't want competition from any other churches.
If successful in making the statue for the Church, the Sculptor's name will resound greatly throughout the Versailles Continent.
Workers can be coordinated with during the creation of the statue.
Diamond is given for the expenses of the operation.

Quest difficultyReligious Quest
compensationThe faith of the believers towards the subject will become three times more effective than usual.
For those involve, they can be compensated with skill proficiency as well as Reputation three times the norm with the successful completing of the statue.
If this fails, the Freya Church dependency on them will decline.
quest RestrictionBecause the Monsters will hate the object that represents the Freya Church, they will try to break it before completion.
The statue must never be destroyed.

End Chapter


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