The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 13 Chapter 3

The Historic Battle

That night, Lee Hyun’s evening started as usual.
Homemade spicy sweet-and-sour pork.
At other times, due to it taking a good amount of time to cook, it was difficult to prepare.

“It takes in too much oil so I can't cook this often.”

Frying dishes annoyingly uses a lot of oil. At home, they wastefully consume the oil, making it harder for him to make.
Even to the miser Lee Hyun, it was already barely tolerable that he had to use it; he too, did not recycle it.

“If it’s deficient to my sister, then it’s no good.”

Although it was just something as simple as boiling food to eat, he tried to make his best sweet-and-sour pork for the sake of his younger sibling.
Then after dinner, Lee Hyun accessed the homepage of the Dark Gamer Union website.

-Buying Jackal Sword.
-Buying Golden Candle Stick. Need it immediately for the ‘Rural Wolf’ quest; please email me.
-Looking for group to hunt with. Still nubby but better than the rest. Level 312. Occupation hand combat series.

Today too, many articles were posted.
Lee Hyun looked at the item pricing.

“Have plenty of time now to properly spend them.”

Anyway, he was not able to log in during the next 24 hours.
Lee Hyun couldn’t hang on and also lost the second life he was given.


Palrangka Conflict was literally the gateway to death.
Endless ranks of enemies.
While battling the Drake and its ever climbing heights, he was able to catch a glimpse of the entire field of enemies.
The Orcs he encountered in the past were led by leader so they have never gone to war; but the number here surpasses the current number and was waging war with the others.
The matter in the sky was also similar, with giant Monsters that resembles dragonflies flew in.
He was about to have control of the Drake, but it was not possible to escape the area. It was due to the fact that even the aerial Monsters were waging war amongst themselves.
Monsters’ relationship was often no good in the first place; from things such as being one another's natural predator, or be it over territories; they fought.
Weed was aboard the Drake so he was locked into such a fight. And unfortunately, he did not last long within the battle due to the wounds.
He fell out of the sky, and the bones of the Skeleton Knight got smashed and scattered due to the huge impact of the fall.
It was a large loss of vitality and combat ability.
His aim was to hunt the Drake, but other vengeful Drakes kept harassing him with their fire breaths.
Looking toward the sky, his sword wielding actions moments ago seemed meaningless.
It seems as though with just one hit, the Drakes became wary and never even descended near the ground again.
Weed changed his objective and blew a whistle loudly.
If it was a trained steed, it would return from anywhere once having heard the whistle.


He waited for the figure of the white horse to breakthrough the hoard of Monsters for him to hop on.
But over time, there was no response.
The Princess had died, and the white horse was also already dead.
There was no way out for about 10 Kilometer radius.

“The skull rider that escorted Princess Remy.”
“The ugly culprit incited the Princess with his insidious words and tried to escape! By the honor of the Templar of Bromba Kingdom, cut him!”
“Charge him. Charge!”

The powers of the Templar Knights rose to an outrageous degree.
Whether it was Monsters or magic, they just went on and slashed away at them.
Once recuperated from his loss of words, Weed was unable to escape, and all the paths converged to a single passageway: to fight and win.
His bones were badly cracked and broken because of the fall from the air, and although his vitality somewhat lingers, it was dissipitating as time passes. Weed calmly stood in one place, and he roughly estimated the number of the Knights belonging to Bromba Kingdom.
Weed’s skull ophthalmic optics flashed.

‘Sword. The Knights, has to be the sword, huh. At least levels of 270 or more. While providing defense against arrows and throwing weapons, I think it can restore wounds using divine powers too.’

It was just a feeling, he couldn’t have truly know.
He was observing the scene of the Knights fighting against other Monsters, and he identified the information of the weapon via that method.
He contemplated with his broad perspective over the entire battlefield.
In this massive Palrangka Conflict, he had to learn of the exact location of good swords and armors in order to seize them.

‘But for now, it’s too much of a fight to face them head on.’

Even if he had a great and tough body, the weapons with Holy powers caused the Undead him to be uneasy.
He had been revived thanks to the Power to Deny Death, but along with the advantages of being an Undead, he was at risk with several weaknesses.
Weed picked up a stone in his immediate vicinity and threw it in between the Cyclops.


They treated the stone as an annoying insect and yelled loudly, they picked up a collection of rocks and hurled them as hard as they could.
Few feet away from Weed’s location, he could feel the earth trembled whenever each of them landed.

“Knights of Bromba Kingdom do not know the meaning of defeat!”

The Templar rushed off at the forefront, while Weed rushed off to catch up to the Cyclops.

“H, hu, humans.”
“Bad tasting humans!”
“Cheeky bastards.”

The Cyclops changed their positioning, and threw rocks towards the Templar.
Clearly in Weed’s eyes, the Templar who were struck by the rocks suffered enormous damage.
The charging Templar, regular infantry troops, or even the Knights trying to defend their position, the rocks weren’t something they could stop. But unlike those of arrow, the thrown weapons had relatively weak range.
And arrows could even pierce through the cracks in the helmet; speaking bluntly, it will kill.
In contrast, the huge stones thrown by the Cyclops toward the Knights not only hit; but when they lands, it shattered and dispersed, causing tremendous damages in the immediate vicinity to occur all at the same time.
However, the flags of the Bromba Kingdom continued to rise to further heights within the Templar grasp.

“Wipe them all out!”
“For the glory of the Kingdom!”

Like moths drawn to the flames, to protect their honor as well as their pride, they bravely jumped onto the giants who were 10 times their size.
Making use of the number one assault of the Knights; ridden on their galloping horses, they charged furiously with their lances tightly within their grasps.


The Cyclops fell from their wounded feet.
The Knights with their plunging lances and their cutting sword attacked the Cyclops.
The remaining Cyclops brandished their wielded rocks as if they were clubs in resistance. Horses got struck and collapsed at once…there wasn’t a melee battle like this one.

‘Now, opportunity.’

Weed hopped on the Cyclops back and dealt with any charging Knight.
Surprisingly it was too easy for him to avoid the Cyclops’ rocks.
Not only did having just one eye lowering their accuracy, there also were plenty of blind spots.
For throwing, they simply lift a rock over their heads. Then looked to their predetermined trajectory to throw; the forewarning makes it not impossible to dodge.
Because of the risks of being crushed coming from the dropping airborne stones, his hamstrings were prohibited from yielding!

“I’m Bromba Kingdom Silver Knight…”
“Me, Skeleton Knight Weed.”

Weed made a short greeting, then he and the Knight clashed for the victory.
Only very short time gaps in between the Cyclops rock throwing that they had the time to duel.
The moment he subdued the Knight, the others came over to help out; but by throwing his body in the apertures of the pouring rocks, he escaped.
He rushed deeply toward where there were healthy Cyclops had attracted many Knights.
Even if the place was lacking of disasters, he could formulate much confusion within the area; and in the midst of it, he will fight.
In the location of the Cyclops, Knights of the Mapon Kingdom jumped in.

“Beat up the Bromba Kingdom’s henchmen!”
“Cut up the one-eyed monster’s throat!”

A large confusing fight was going on.
While the two kingdoms at war, Bromba and Mapon, were going at it; Humans of other countries also intervened.
This naturally attracted the attention of other Monsters who head toward the commotion. The Cyclops stomped their feet and crushes with picked up column like boulders. The once tossed up into the sky stones fell and the feeling of shattering Human bodies could be felt; aside from that, the Cyclops also simply threw the stones straight downward.
In the massive confusion that took place, Weed snuck to the front and clashed one-on-one with the Knights and came out winning.
He killed as many as 17 Knights before kneeling on the ground.
His HP was only at a mere 30 points; there was nothing left.


Even though they had easy access to the readily-given Weed’s life, soldiers of Bromba Kingdom and soldiers of Mapon Kingdom were busily backing off.
They looked to the sky and continued to recede.
Weed too looked up at the sky.
Then he saw a small dot that was growing rapidly.
It was a rock of more than 10 meters in diameter falling toward where he was located.

‘Ain’t it great for the final moment of a jackal to be soooo colorful.’

Weed waited with the sword dug into the earth grasp in hand.

  1. You will leave a distinctive mark in one of the fiercest battle in history, the Palrangka Conflict.

History Book of the Versailles Continent. Original Palrangka Conflict.

It was a time where greed and jealousy were at their peak.
The Humans, in order to hoard wheat and iron for themselves, held expansion wars that did not stop.
The other Species joined forces with the Humans in order to avoid disputes; but their similar intentions deteriorated.
Having received the Humans’ influence of pursuing what they desire, the other Species gathered up their own members and fought for self interest.
As if corresponding to the Humans territorial wars which undermined their powers, the highly fertile Monsters spread across the continent like a poisonous mushroom.

Newly restored content.
Palrangka Conflict Secret History.
Can only be deciphered by adventurers who reached Mastery in Linguistics and Archeology.

Even at the time, Monsters’ Intelligence was pretty exceptional, so coarse language was possible; and with that, they formed larger groupings for activities.
And on the plains of Jaksen, they fought a decisive battle over who will dominate the continent.
The eventual winners were the non-Human Monsters.
But the few remnants that came out alive from the fray of the dangerous battle spread tales of a Skeleton Knight’s role on the battlefield.
Having received the favor of the Princess of Kingdom of Isran, Remy, he tried to rescue her.
He was very brave; and had amazing horseback combat skills. But having been distracted in between the lot of winged Monsters, the white horse and the Princess lost their lives.
The angry Knight fought on the very spot in order to fill the sadness of losing the Princess; and eventually lost.
Geographically, the Bromba Kingdom location was on the Jaksen Plains.
It was a vast fertile plains; the most extensive canary of the Versailles Continent.
But along with the downfall of Bromba, its territories were torn apart; and became that of the Kingdom of Breman.
At the time, it was said that more than a million of corpses of Humans, other Species, and Monsters were collected separately and stored in a massive underground tomb.
Then, over the course of three decades, along with the continual fighting over the wheat, ownership of the kingdom undergo constant changes.
The plains of Jaksen also disappeared; its terrains all changed due to the Humans incessant effort to build barrier and forts.
Now, in unison, the name of the Palrangka Conflict is more widely known among the Monster groups.

《History Book of the Versailles Continent.》

From the Records of the Palrangka Conflict.


Lee Hyun continued to complain.

“If I had not been revived as a Skeleton Knight…”

He was still regretting over the fact he was revived as a Skeleton Knight.
Due to the fact that the being didn’t really demonstrate the level of an Undead.
The first revived skeleton was nearing that of a Boss type level.
Aside from having great physical abilities, its magic ability was excellent above all else.
Powerful Black Magic!
With being able to utilize the Necromancer’s skills, he could fight more pleasantly.
With fallen bodies, he could conjured up Dullahans and Death Knights, he could even summon the skeletons of the long deceased to make the fight more exciting!
In contrast, the Skeleton Knight was a skull head who was ignorance with magic.
It had even weakened out in the sun, and severely vulnerable to Holy magic.
It was an Undead who was vulnerable to being hunted in broad daylight.
He felt slightly weakened during the fight in the Palrangka Conflict in the broad daylight.
If it was back on Continent of Magic, he would have welcomed the Knight. Relying on their mighty force, he would have wrecked all the enemies in his way; there was nothing wrong with the Knight.
But then again, there was no destructive Necromancer fighting in the battlefield of the continent either.

“If I could have used the Necromancer’s magic…”

Lee Hyun did not conceal his contemplation.
If he was reborn as an Undead with Necromancy, the results of the Palrangka Conflict would have been brilliantly flipped upside down. The spacious battlefield was something good for the Necromancer, something along the line of being in his own front yard.
Reviving Cyclops, producing Zombies and Ghouls. Skeleton Soldiers and Knights weren’t impossible to raise either.
By using the Ender Saint’s Cane along with the Necromancer’s magic; it was like icing on the cake.

“Come to think of it, I don’t really have control over the kinds of Undead I can revive with necromancy, huh. It’s entirely possible for me to revive things such as ghosts or winged beasts. The risk that comes along with this skill is too great.”

Since it wasn’t something that goes according to his will, it was rather disturbing to use the skill based on luck.
Lee Hyun now emptied his mind and searched for pricing of items.
He intended to sell the weapons and armors that he doesn’t use after resurrecting on the Versailles Continent.

“It’d be better if I put these on the auction side of the site.”

Lee Hyun then got a price quote, went onto the item trading site and registered the items for auctions.

-Bromba Kingdom Knight’s Sword. Starting auction price: 1000 Won.
-Mapon Kingdom Knight’s Sword. Starting auction price: 1000 Won.
-Honorable Knight Armor. Starting auction price: 1000 Won.
-Gloves of Blessing. Starting auction price: 1000 Won.
-Armor of War. Starting auction price: 1000 Won.
-Cyclops’ Helmet. Starting auction price: 1000 Won.

He went ahead and registered the items obtained from the Palrangka Conflict.
Most of the items he got in Todoom were ingredient items or the lot of japtem.
From the Pegasus or the Unicorns. Things he happened to obtain almost inevitably during the battle with these divine creatures.
In Morata, he can directly manufacture these and can sell for a fair market price, or even tagged them with a high price.
But things such as complete items like weapon or armor, it was easier for these items to find a buyer by putting them on the auction site.
The weapon he acquired from the Vampire treasury was limited to level 440 players, Koldrim Demon Sword. He suspected that it wouldn’t sell for a high price if he had putting up to sell.
With the competition between the players making prices rise heartily; it was better for him to use it in the meantime and sell it for a reasonable price after a wait for these competitive individuals.

“Of course I can just sell it right now…oh that reminds me, the Paskran Lance.”

The lance he identified but did not take from the Vampire’s treasury!
Clearly, he recalled that somebody had posted an article on the Dark Gamer Union asking to get it.
Lee Hyun failed to best a fight against his curiosity, found the author of the post and sent a message.

In the past, you’re the guy that wanted to get the Paskran Lance, right? How much were you willing to pay for it?

Lee Hyun had things to do so he ended it with that.
It has been quite some time that he was able to rest comfortably for a day, then the feeling sunk into him.

“It’s been almost 100 days since i last posted huh.”

For Dark Gamers, their working hours wasn’t something belonging to the five days a week category. They must play well with others, have to be eager to hunt or lose out, and must raise their skills.
Before turning off the computer, Lee Hyun went to the information page and posts an article.
Information on Monsters in the North.
Together with Seoyun, they found the Valley of Death when crossing into the northern borders.
From things such as procuring food, routes, and information on habitats of Monsters.
For the Dark Gamers who primarily hunts alone in order to get more money; needless to say, these were valuable information.
Give as much as you receive.
At the expense of gaining information from the Dark Gamers, Lee Hyun too had to give a bit of something back.
As for the current information given, grade ‘C.’
Lee Hyun published the self-written article, then got up and headed toward the kitchen.

“On a rest day like this, I gotta soak a bit of kimchi.

Thinking it was a bit too early, he quickly immersed the kimchi.

“The common salt is just as good as any. Pricier salt isn't even a good thing.”


Today as well, millions of people have accessed the Royal Road webpage. The lot of them were watching the live feed on the Hall of Fame page.

-The Tower of Light Guild went into the Cruel Urolba cave.
-In just a bit, Urolba will appear.

The Tower of Light was a guild with a towering number of 30000 members.
It wasn’t a guild filled with high-leveled personnel, but the number was something of a huge force.
They occupied a territory that contains the Urolba Lair.
Cruel Urolba.
A typical Boss Monster, an evil spirit whom revives itself once every month on the Versailles Continent.
The power of the Electric Whip it wields was not something comparable to that of a Dragon’s breath; but if having been struck, one's body will be Paralyzed as well as being depleted of Stamina. Preceding its emerging familiars, the Evil Spirits, which does so in an extremely quick manner, their resistance made the hunt much more difficult.
The Tower of Light Guild mobilized a massive scale of personnel to raid this Urolba.

“We are in a position to establish justice on the Versailles Continent. The cowardly monster Urolba, it hides itself instead of coming out. It is in my position to punish this wicked being for the sake of all!”

The Guild Master Hertz proudly exclaimed in the huge cave. Then, Urolba emerged.
And the appropriate battle began!
The focus of the battle for the Guild was to obtain a new item; the Blessing of Enormous Wealth from the God of Battle, Tyr.

‘This is an opportunity to elevate the guild’s honor that we can’t afford to miss.’

Until now, the number of guilds that have hunted Urolba didn’t even reach six. Among all these prestigious guilds, only the Hermes Guild’s hunt came out successful.
The Tower of Light Guild didn’t hold back on investing their all on this gamble.

“Take Urolba treasure. Let's get his whip too.”

The warriors too, craved for the stats.
The person who bears the occupation of a Sculptor, Weed, his stats rise when he is able to create Masterpieces, Classics, or Magnums. This method was only available to the Sculptors and not to any other occupation.
In cases with the melee's lot, if it was a successful hunt after risking it all with Boss Monsters, Reputation and sometimes, stats, could be obtained.
Though this was something easier said than done.
Their targets were often something terrible; most times, they would risk their lives and fight with their all.
The Cruel Urolba fits the category.
As for the non-melee type adventurers: in this case Grave Robbers, there were rumors that their stats would rise if they identify locations that haven’t been discovered, a grave belonging to someone who once was a celebrity, or when they investigate dungeons.
While the clergymen can gain Piety stat points by treating someone in deadly condition, and gain Faith through deliverance of monks from the grasp of evil.
Art occupations such as professional Painters, can simply gain stats by drawing qualifying pictures. Architects gains stats by creating architectural marvels. Of course, Blacksmiths that produces luxurious weapons and armors can gain stats.
The advantage of being a Sculptor and other blue collar occupations is that they didn’t need to risk their lives in order to gain stats.
At the very least, constructions and creating a huge artwork poses a bit of risk; but it was nothing really dangerous to one’s vitality.
Nevertheless, the warriors that has to face higher risks by hunting dangerous Bosses obtain a lot more stats, more spoils, more Reputation; while are continually able to fight stronger and stronger Monsters.

“Watch his hand.”
“Melee, spread out to prevent getting hit by the whip!”
“Going head to head is our only way!”

The warriors rushed Urolba.
Meanwhile, the Evil Spirits within the cave made their appearances.
Out of the rocks, Cave Worms appeared and overtook the Clerics and Wizards.

“Save me!”
“Help us here!”

They cried out insanely, but the melees who were locked in the battle with Urolba did not heed their calls.
Though the size of the guild was big, due to the lack in ability to lead its members, as many as 2000 of the Tower of Light Guild members lost their lives outright.
The people who were watching the stream on the Hall of Fame page had already determined their debacle before Urolba and its familiars.

-Waste of time.
-In my eyes, seems like they already gave up.
-Although it’s their first time hunting this Boss Monster, I think the Tower of Light Guild fell too easily.

They did not conceal their disappointment.
Then on the forum, someone posted on the bulletin board after checking out the auction site.

-Weed! Weed came back. Check on his auction site!

The fact that Weed was selling off Bromba and Mapon kingdoms’ Knights’ weapons and Cyclops’ helmets was widespread.

-What the hell happened?!
-I wonder what Weed went through again.

When it came to Weed, raving fans flocked like the clouds.
There was no news regarding Weed after he had bested against the Dragon, so the mysterious disappearance as well as his activities were bound to stimulate people’s curiosity.
Again, they checked on the goods he registered on the auction site.

-The performance on the weapons is quite excellent.
-The auction price had already surpassed 500000 Won.
-Weed huh. Oh my, he hunted Cyclops…! Alone, I wonder? I think he musta have colleagues.
-As I understand it, Weed is almost always alone. Even with strong Monsters like the Cyclops, even Dragons, for Weed, abnormal opponents are normal to him.
-Keuu! There ought to be a movie of the hunt. Weed’s combat capabilities and the Single Point Attack skill just swept by like a storm; I can’t get it out of my head.
-But does anybody know where the Bromba Kingdom is?
-I have no idea on Mapon either.
-Maybe they’re new kingdoms in the North?

People plunged into questioning the location of Bromba and Mapon on the central of the continent. The number those that deduced that they were small countries in the north wasn’t small either.
But, those that were in the north refuted the possibility of the kingdoms being there.
Then someone on the forum found the answer.

-Bromba Kingdom, Mapon Kingdom. They’re ancient kingdoms that existed centuries in the past.
-Really? I don’t believe it.
-It’s an irrefutable fact. You can find them on the Versailles Continent History Book.

Some other user then posted by quoting the whole history of the continent. Then and there, they found out about the war waged between the Bromba Kingdom and Mapon Kingdom.
Most of the people, unlike Weed, did not go and memorize the whole history of the continent.

-How’d he get ancient kingdom’s weapons…?
-What kind of adventure was it? Like, did he unearthed the remains of the ancient kingdoms? Or like, he explored an ancient dungeon?
-Grrr. I want to see. I want to see.

The people’s curiosity reached their peak.
Nobody can really escape the ponderosity weighing down on their body.
So with the craziness, they herded themselves toward the homepage of KMC Media.

-Is there any truth that Weed went on an adventure, or anything at all relating to the matter?
-Did he cross into the ancient kingdoms?
-Do you plan to broadcast Weed’s adventure? If yes, please do it tomorrow.
-I believe in the ability of KMC Media. My channel is fixed and I’ll wait; even if it’s just a special, please show it.

In writing tantrum, the viewers commented page after page!


KMC Media staff members' feet were on fire.

“Overtime, working overtime!”
“Order boxed dinner. We can’t go home before editing all the material.”

The staffs’ tears faded as they must indulged in their work.
Due to the nature of Weed’s adventure, even with the short section of the Palrangka Conflict up to his termination, it could come out to be at least a few hours.
Meeting with Princess Remy, assault on horseback, battling in the air, the fight against the Cyclops and Knights!
There were many prominent scenes that were indispensable.
In addition, this was the historic Palrangka Conflict.
Not only are they broadcasting the adventure of Weed, they are to provide information on skills, items, and monsters on the spot.
Due to this, all hands at the station were on deck.
Prior to the final edits, the MCs were also preparing.
The writers had to write the script while watching the video playback in real-time at the station, the hosts had to stay up all night busy memorizing the established information on the battle.
They tried to shorten the time to the broadcast in consideration to the viewers’ degrading attention span as well as to live up to their collective expectation.
Shin Hye Min reads the confirmed script on air.

“This is the battle of the Jeonshin Weed, the being who is unique in virtue and the embodiment of adventure himself! We will introduce the viewers to the breathless passion and chest pounding jubilation of a romance with the Princess within the Palrangka Conflict.”


Bwakk bwakk!
Half Seasoned Half Fried!
The chicken that betrayed Lee Hyun and went to Seoyun haven't eaten anything.
The hospital nurses gave it rice, millet, sesame seed, as well as other different types of chicken feed they've obtained, but all were in vain.

“Why don’t you eat?”
“He’s going to starve to death.”

The nurses in Seoyun hospital room watched the rooster with anxious eyes.
To be precise, they were worried about Seoyun.
The tenderhearted and kind Seoyun, for if the chicken that was kept by her dies, she would be greatly damaged.
Half Seasoned Half Fried just lay there weakly.


Seoyun sadly stroke the chicken.
She lamented that there was nothing else she could give to the chicken outside of this.

‘Do you want to go back to your owner?’

Seoyun’s eyes filled with fret.
It may have been a mistake for her to take Half Seasoned Half Fried.
She believes that she could not have the love of anyone!
More so, she couldn't even gain trust and love from a chicken.

‘Lee Hyun. I have to take it to him.’

Having decided, Seoyun tried to lift Half Seasoned Half Fried.
But the chicken strongly resisted as she attempted to lift it from its roost.
The gesture of never wanting to go!
The nurse who were observing the situation were quite impressed.

“Chickens are also more intelligent than most creatures. They're able feel and think more than what people believes.”
“It's a really good chicken; it like the heart of its new owner while it also misses its old home. It would be nice if it could take just a bit of food…”

While filled with wrenching sympathy, Seoyun and the nurses tried to be quiet so Half Seasoned Half Fried could go to sleep.
Then, in the middle of this, another nurse opened the door and came in.
She brought Seoyun’s meal on a platter.
Vitamin rich vegetable and pork dishes.
At that moment, Half Seasoned Half Fried flapped its feathered wings and flew straight toward the tray. It then began pecking up the pork to eat.
It was just going at it on the tray.


After eating a huge amount of food, the chicken peacefully fell asleep.

‘I have heard stories of chicken eating pork, but…’
‘This wasn’t about separation anxiety. That chicken is just a pig.’

The nurses have realized it.
Seoyun was also in deep thought.

‘I just wanted to receive love; but I have never tried reaching out first.’

The only person whom she felt comfortable with was Lee Hyun.
In Royal Road, he was the one who made the food for her to eat. During the MT too, she also ate the food he cooked. But she did not offer a word of gratitude.

‘There’s nothing I can do for him.’

Seoyun then nodded her head.
From now on, she wanted change, even if it just a little.

‘Next time…I’ll give him my food.’

She knew where he would go to eat during lunch.

‘On my own…not some cheap already-made lunch. I want to make the food to give to him.’

Seoyun fell into deep thoughts, for she was busy determining what to prepare.


“Guys, come here.”

Lee Hyeyeon came into the yard.
She had prepared the portion of food for the chicken that Lee Hyun have started raising from long ago. She wanted to directly and tidily give the chickens their meal; and as a brother, Lee Hyun could not reject.
Lee Hyeyeon happily gave them the feed she worked on.

“Today’s meal is kalbi.

The first, Boiled Egg, pecked at the little strings of kalbi as he eats.
Afterward, Sunny Side Up, Mother Hen, Soup, Fried, Seasoned, and even the newly replaced Half Seasoned Half Fried went at the remaining kalbi.
The chicks that were recently hatched!
The growing chicks had already eaten the worms that Mother Hen gave them, but they’ve smartened up and hovered towards the kalbi.

“A very harmonious scene.”

Lee Hyeyeon felt happy.
The chickens and the chicks were gathering along side the kalbi. It was a very cute sight.
A considerable amount of leftover of meat on the bones after the chicken had finish eating.
Not one to abandon food, Lee Hyeyeon called forth for one more animal who was sitting in wait from a distance.

“Boshin, come here.”

Woof woof!
It went at the leftover portion of the kalbi.
The dog’s name was Mohm Boshin!
She brought in a young stray pup in the neighborhood to eat, but did not do so because she had grown attached to him.

“You must have been hungry.”

Lee Hyeyeon stroked Mohm Boshin’s head.
It’s a known fact to not touch a dog while it is eating; but Mohm Boshin was fine with it.
Arf arf!
As if asking to be petted some more, after finishing up the kalbi, it rolled over and assumed the belly up position with its limbs held high.
Usually not that clever of a dog, it can still chases birds and even knew where to take care of its business.
Whenever he does this, Lee Hyeyeon lets out a brilliant smile.

“Our Boshin is very sweet.”

A girl and a dog.
A very peaceful scene.
But, Mohm Boshin have not forgotten.
During the days when he was younger, she personally named him as such with her wickedly staring gaze.

END Chapter


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