The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 12 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 : Wild and Hell training

Many students were hungry as they gathered on the sand when time called for it. The professors came first and waited for everyone to come.

"One lap around the beach and that'll end today's hell training."

The students felt at ease.

'We have until 5 to leisurely make it back.'
'It'd be like a tour around Silmido in this case.'

During this, the freshman Kim Hyeonjun hand went up.

"Professor, I have a question. Our group did not eat. If we still have time after then lap around the island, can we eat then?"

The professor readily agreed.

"Sure. If you have time at the end of hell's training, then it's free time until the next item on the schedule. So, everybody ready?"

The students wore comfortable running shoes; they did so in preparation for the running on the beach.

"Then, you run. GO!"

At the drop of the professor's command, more than 100 students rumbled forward.

"With the sea breeze being fine like this, it's good enough with a jog."
"For your health, I think it's good that we came to the MT. right, senior?"
"Yea, I'm thinking that as well."

The student ran as if it was a leisure walk or stroll.
Even with the scorching sand below their feet, it wasn't a hard terrain.
The fined grains of sands meshed as they trampled on.
But, some of the students led by their returning seniors were running with conviction.

"Faster, faster, let's go!"

The majority of the students did not understand their seniors' reasoning.

"Run a bit slower, please."
"Following that pace is too hard."

Minor complaints erupted.
But, the seniors looked back while smiling brightly.

"Oh, then you can go slowly."
"We won't wait and are going ahead."

The students eased off and asked.

"Is there some sort of reason?"

Then these returning students strongly shook their heads.

"It's nothing. I just want to run, yeah."
"Don't you think it's good to run in such a rare event to have such a nice sea breeze blowing into the island?"
"That's right, we just want to run."

With that, the seniors ran like fleeing arrows.
Lee Hyun too, didn't care too much about having to run.
He was thinking that it was just one comfortable lap around the island.
However, he was watching the odd behavior of the returnees and became suspicious.

'There's something.'

Lee Hyun did not believe in anybody.
Everything was for the sake of his family's well being!
He had long abandon trust in humanity and sympathetic compassion.
Once he learned of the harsh reality, he no longer had naivety.

He acted hard on himself as he lived while reciting 'money money money' in abundance.
But as if the world was truly trying to drag him to the bottom, his harsh life wasn't just that.

It gave him experienced a temporary feel of 30 billion Won in his grasp, only just to take it away moments later.

Reality hits!
Having truly fallen once into the pits, he will not easily put absolute faith in others.

'Be careful as to not get hit in the back of the head. There's no way I'll easily believe these guys.'

While Lee Hyun kept close eyes on these seniors, he raised his running speed.

This physical attribute didn't come from his time in the Dojang; it was already instilled in him by default before then, as he never once threw money to ride the bus for the good amount of distance.

With time to cherished, he raised his physical ability up a notch to turn walking into a running pace in this place.


His speed rose far beyond those of the students!
Pretty soon after, he caught up with the returning seniors.

However, he didn't care for the lead role while remained in their vicinity to find out the reason why.
He quickly found out the reason for the seniors course of actions.
No matter how much they ran, they couldn't see the end of Silmido's beach.

"Heokheok! I'm sure at this point we must have screwed up the direction somehow? Why are we going straight and seems to be going nowhere."
"I think it's already been way over 15 minutes."
"I'm hungry."
"Shit I'm hella hungry."

Several of the seniors knew.

With just a quick glance, most people are often not mistaken to think that the islands in Yellow Sea as small.

But, having to run from one end to another is not an easy task.
The circumference of Silmido's beach is more than six kilometers!
After having to run just one lap, you'll never want to do it again.

'I'm sorry. You young'uns'

For these knowing seniors, it was the first come first serve basis.
The effect took its toll as the other students also increased their running speed.
Their mind became impatient as they tread on continuously on the endless beach.
Physical limitations of hunger!

There were several students who were trying to catch up, but a while after, their overall speed quickly fell with shortness of breath.

For the students that neglected exercise, there was no other way to call the event but hellish.
From the once running speed they had, eventually they all came to a walking halt later.
As for Lee Hyun, the one lap was easily accomplished within the first set of 30 people.

Among this first come first server basis group, there were good amounts of returning students, seniors, and even freshmen still seemingly fresh.

Seoyoon was among them. This was easier comparing to the usual morning jog with Cha Eunhee that became a habit.

For those that didn't make it within this group, they had to do another lap around Silmido.
From the exhaustion to the hunger, it was a proliferation of endlessness!

"Man, shit."
"Somebody please help me, anybody."

The students sought a helping hand from within their group, but nobody tried to lend one out.
The distance of six kilometers!
Although it seemed to be short at first sight, it was a very long distance.

It goes without saying for those that had to do it twice.
Now they finally understood why the given time was three hours.

If you cannot run, then you'd be better walk profusely to finish!
But during this second bit, they had little power to even walk, and were on the verge of collapsing.

"I...please help me. I'm really sorry but please, can you take my place."

Hong Seonye was having a hard time and asked Lee Hyun.
She was at her physical limit and waned to rely on Lee Hyun as he seemed to be still fine.
Lee Hyun, of course, said.

"Well...I don..."

He was trying to find the right moment to reject!


Lee Hyun changed his mind and ran.
It was due to the fact he had finished the lap quickly and had no particular work to do.

He figured it was better off to do a bit more physical training.
For those who had to do the second wheel, almost all of the students walked.

To be forced to do 12 kilometers was very difficult for those that didn't exercise normally.
The only people who were running were those who returned from the service where they were forced to do so.


Among the students who were still running, strange moans and groans came about here and there.
Each was forcing their heavy footsteps as the tread.

They wanted to give up. But for the sake of their group members, they could not do so at all costs.
They had not have lunch, and they could very well forgo dinner for their entire group.

'This is why it's called training of hell.'
'Very fittingly put on the timetable.'

While contemplating again and again, they were forcing themselves to keep moving.
At this time, Min Sura sank to the floor in exhaustion. He sat there for a long time while panting.

"No, no more...I can't do it anymore."

At the sight of this, Lee Hyun who was far in front, came back.

"Piggyback. It didn't mention anything about this on the board so I think it's ok."
"Yes, but...I'm heavy."
"Don't worry, you're prolly not as much as before since you've spent a lot already."

Lee Hyun had experience in rice delivery.
Giving a person a piggyback ride was much easier than carry a bag of rice!

'In comparison to bringing up loads of brick up the stairs, this is much easier.'

Min Sura, with conflicted emotions, leaned on Lee Hyun's back carefully.

"If it gets heavy...please let me off."

It wasn't hard for Lee Hyun to carry.

He rested both hands on his thighs to push himself up and was moving slowly at first. This attracted the eyes of the students around them.
Some envied, some praised!

It was already a tough thing to carry a girl when one was already physically spent!
But what they saw after was the real surprise.


Lee Hyun was holding onto Min Sura as he ran.

"What th..."

They were already having a hard time walking!
If they had known Lee Hyun had to adjust his speed in consideration, they'd be in for a real surprise.

'If I try to get back as soon as possible, I'll have nothing to do but act appropriately with those people. I'll just roughly match the leading ones and that'll do.'

Lee Hyun ran within the leading group of the second lap.

"Aaa, so hard."
"I'm dying, dying. If it have ice cream to eat right now would be wonderful."
"Even if it's just some cold water..."

As soon as the other students arrived, they dropped to the ground and sounded sickly.
Min Sura's face also strained.

'He really gave me a piggyback and ran.'

He was filled with anxiety when he thought if he had gotten heavy again he'd be put down.
But they really arrived running steadfastly.

He knew he had lots of male friends, but he just realized that the sheet anchor he thought he had wasn't there.
That projected onto Lee Hyun; and Lee Hyun appeared much more favorable in his eyes.

Having returned after two laps around the island, before long it was already time for dinner.
Lee Hyun immediately started preparing food.

The foods he was making this time were grilled chops covered in rosemary sauce and Mediterranean shellfish soup.

Although he could have just made the grilled pork to eat, he but specifically opted out for the more labor intensive dishes because he thought about the amount of work their jaws would be doing otherwise.

"Hyeong, let me help you."

Park Sunjo came over with his hands ready.

The other group members, unless they weren't presented at the moment, were lying on the ground gasping for air intensively to be able to do anything else.

Fortunately for Park Sunjo as he made into the first group during the first lap at the 29th place.
Lee Hyun asked while trimming the ribs.

"Have you done or watched a lot of cooking at home?"
"No. I don't watch it. I don't go into the kitchen so I almost never see it."
"But there must be a dish you can do."
"Yes, I can make a bowl of ramen well."
"...Do you know how to peel fruits?"
"Peeling? I've never seen it done before. If you leave it to me then I'll try."
"Wash the dishes."

Lee Hyun rather chose to suffer alone.

In Royal Road, he can receive help from his party members as they have a basis for cooking to trim the materials and such.

But now in the real world, since there was no such thing as Cooking skill to keep things tolerable, he decided to directly work on them all.

But Seoyoon was exempt from cooking even with the skill.
The worse food!

Even comparing to fighting off a fever from the cold, a human with highest spirit would die if they were forced to eat something so tough.

If Seoyoon was somewhere within the vicinity of the dish, it would dried up somehow.

'Welp yeah. Anywhere in this world, there are people who are incompatible with this sort of stuff because they're not fated to suffer.'

The smoke billow from the fire was huge as Lee Hyun grilled the ribs.

"You need?"

Hong Seonye offered him a towel.
She came and brought him a clean towel.
Her hair and face were wet as if she had just gone to wash her face with water.

"Because of me that you had to do two laps when you're not supposed to. I'm so sorry. It must have been tough."

This time also, Lee Hyun answered candidly.

"It was not a big deal."
"The professors are really too much, If we come here for an MT then why the hell are we training!"

When women strongly criticize something, the point they're making usually lies contrary to what they're saying.

Essential, the right thing to do in this situation that could blossom into that of friendship is to agree and pass judgment on the said subject.

Rather than using one's logic or offer a solution, just use a few simple easy to understand words accordingly to increase points.

On the other hand, Lee Hyun took a good look at Hong Seonye like he had never done so before and roughly replied.

"The implied hell's training is too easy."
"It's easy?"
"It doesn't need to be called 'training of hell.'"

Generally, if something is named that, then it shouldn't be so easy.

If it was laid out like Lee Hyun's plan, then it wouldn't be so effortlessly doable. Upon arriving to the island, they would march orderly into the mountain for 20 kilometers.

At the end of the march, they would exercise for about three hours through the mean of having battles. After that, a meal that takes about five minutes to finish then onto the next course.

In which they throws themselves into the sea; with sea water fill about half of their body, and they would run in that state while carrying logs!

It's also good to drag a log through the mudflats. One can get a really good workout with heavy logs.
After which, they can get about two hours of sleep at night.
At this point it can't be called basic training!

He had learned this from watching the instructors from the Dojang.
This was not the breaking point of humans!
If it's something you crave then you can do it.

Even if you can't make it.
To reach the pinnacle of strength, this is nothing at all.
After seeing them, Lee Hyun suddenly matched his workout to align himself to their standards.

"Uh huh."

Hong Seonye had a totally different interpretation.
Although he showed he had a lot of strength running the lap for her, what she want in a man is the looks to show him off, and would not care for otherwise.

'Does he like me?'

She had no other option but to be mistaken.
They finished their meal.

They had a sumptuous dinner while the other groups could do nothing except eyed them with envy.

The other groups' food was simple: kimchi ramen, beef ramen, Neoguri Deung ramen, or some other types of food they couldn't recollect.

Some also had cold noodles with spices, but that level of food could not compare in term of quality to Lee Hyun's group.

Kkokkodaeg! (cockoldoo again)

It seemed as if every time the youngest of the chicken Half Sauce Half Fried cackled, the sounds of beating crackling flame torches and saliva swallowing could be heard.

"Did you hear? Over there have a chicken for food..."
"So jealous. That sounds really good."

The desperation level in the wilderness was way different.

Perhaps, at this time, when asked what one would bring with him the three things they deemed essential; most of whom will answer as such.

Lee Hyun.
A lighter.
Half Sauce Half Fried.
The meal time ended with the constant envious eyes, now it was time for the courage test.

"Hidden within that mountain over there are slips of paper for you to find. The group with the most will receive a special award of having their liquor paid for."

A courage test within the dark mountain!
Realistically, snakes or other animals had concealed themselves and attacked people.
This time too, Lee Hyun's group inadvertently ranked first.

"My legs are sore."
"Ahh, I'm sleepy. Hungry. Mommy."

Most were too tired to hike so there was no other group to join in.
Only Lee Hyun, Seoyoon, and Park Sunjo diligently walked around and were able to find as much as 10 sheets of paper.

Just as the night hits 11 o'clock, all easily fell asleep.
They rode the ship to come, set up their tents, made their food, and ran; because all of whom did things they normally never did before so they easily got tired.

From within the tents and from the temporary cursed beach, there were only the sounds of the wave and the sound of the snoring alternated between the two.


Kuuuuuul!(also snore...not sure...sounds like crying...)

* * *

Lee Hyun woke up in the morning as he usually does.

'I wonder of Hyeyeon is eating her meals properly. She should be bringing side dishes to grandma in the hospital too.'

There as nothing he could do on this island.
It was not possible to go to the homepage of the Dark Gamer website for information, nor could be go to an auction site to check up prices of items.
The only thing to do was to relax comfortably.

'Rarely have this kind of rest before.'

Feeling comfortable for the first time in a few years, Lee Hyun quietly slipped out of the temporary residence.
He could hear the exchanges between the sounds of the students from the tent and those of the waves.
It was so dark that he could barely tell the oncoming dawn by the moon and stars.


Lee Hyun walked on the white sand.
Like others, he too wanted to get to know them and hang out. But it was not possible.

'I can't stand out like the rest of them. I have to be concealed in the shadows, in order to earn money and make living easier.'

He had s strange relationship with the friends and seniors he knew.
The people he befriended back in primary school all believed he moved away.
Their parents had said so to Lee Hyun.

"Don't play with our children."

Since he was at a young age, Lee Hyun bluntly asked why; since he couldn't possibly have known.

"Your parents have both passed. And I heard you live in a very poor house. So do not come close to our kids anymore."

On the grounds that he didn't have parents and his living environment was difficult that he was unable to make friends.

Whenever stuff goes missing and money was gone, even the teachers prosecute Lee Hyun.
Due to these experiences that forced Lee Hyun down the path of a moneygrubber.
But he really could understand the mindset of those parents.

'My children are more important than others, huh. To interfere whenever they can to root out what they think are the bad influences.'

Lee Hyun no longer tried to recall the past.

He wanted to take time to rest comfortably here. Only here at the MT where he can do so, once he gets home he'd have to work hard again.

Lee Hyun took the 'to be enjoy' stroll in the morning.
But in the distant on a rock, someone had did so first and sat on it.
It was Seoyoon.

She was able to sleep a little at Lee Hyun's side, but it then somehow got uncomfortable and she quickly up and left.


Seoyoon also noticed Lee Hyun but she did not say anything. She simply glanced at the side next to her.

Lee Hyun took a seat beside her. Of course, he didn't forget to check again and again to verify that it was an ok thing to do.

'Sit down you mean? Can I sit down? Don't get angry when I sit. Maybe she'll take revenge on me in the future if I do...'

It was still dark.
Lee Hyun and Seoyoon were sitting on the rock watching the sea.
Under a myriad of stars under the sky, and the vast ocean stretched before them.
The little frustration melted away as they sat to relax.


Seoyoon didn't fully open her mouth but she wanted to say something.
It was due to the tension that she could not say anything.
In fact, so much so that she specifically did not know how to put anything into words.
To her, being friends was factual. So, she wanted to have a nice chat but she did not know how to clear the tension she felt in the air.

'I don't know what to say. So how does someone transmit their sincerity from just words?'

Seoyoon sometimes took deep looks into Lee Hyun's eyes for a long time.
In which, to Lee Hyun, the deep looks evoked his thoughts to go wild.

'You know I created the statues or what? I knew that sculpture of Morata's beauty would give me away sooner or later. No, on the plain of despairs you watched me make the statues, did you figure out since then? I don't know if you knew the Freya statue in Baran was based on you. Aah, these eyes are like those when I had that severe cold and you forced that poisonous food down my throat; they're the same exact eyes!'

Illusion and distrust, fear was budding along with the coming dawn.

* * *

The entrance to Morata.

"Hehe, thank you very much."
"We've been a lot of trouble to Da'in nim."
"Thanks to you that we were able to break this quest."

Before the gate, there was a party disbanding.
The place they explored at was the Spring of Oblivion within the Twilight Ruins!

"It's unbelievable. To think we could subjugate the Twilight Ruins like this."
"We got so many items, it was an interesting experience. It is all due to Da'in nim."
"Heh, don't mention it."

Among the party members, one amazing Shaman who was very memorable.
Shamans were usually deemed as the jack of all trade.

Ranging from treatment and magical spells, buffs, and curses, it was a struggle of a class to have.
There was no upside to be seen as is.

So when ones form parties, they usually do not designate a spot for Shamans to join.

They lacked the ability to deal treatments to the level of the Clerics, or were they specifically able to work at any certain area; so in most cases, whenever Shamans were invited, they usually only played a supporting role.

But the Shaman Da'in was in a different dimension in comparison to the others.

Her treatment magic exceeded the tolerable of a Cleric, and her damage output was near those of the Wizards in term of magic attacks.

Blockade magic.
Using vines of trees to bind and stop enemies' movements.
Invisible arrows.
Familiar summons.

While her variety of skills were correctly set to obtain the most advantage, her mastery of the skills were also very high.
No wonder the party members were smothered by Da'in.

"Hehehe, then do you all want to register as friends?"

At Dain's suggestion, the party welcomed it readily.

"Then we'll do more some other times!"

So Da'in bid a final farewell to the party; after which, she roamed Morata wanting a tour.
Entering the town, she saw many shops were still in construction that she had never seen before.

"Need people to go hunting in the hills in the south. Preferably Wizard."
"Need those beyond the level of 300. Need warriors that can take hits of those level 400 or more."
"Want Wizards. Necromancers and Summoners welcome. To do quest."

There were many people who were trying to recruit members to hunt or do quests.
While many blue collar workers in their rightful place began creating items, the other vendors set up their shops.

Tailors, faith, trading post opened!
From these small textile vendors, leather and cloths were woven.

Rather than going to other cities to buy the expensive leather, adventurers here paid money to have their customized equipments produced in exchange.

Since Morata was the leading in textile technology, pretty good items were produced from the given materials.

The faith vendors relieved curses and gave blessings, while they also played a role in training Paladins and Clerics.

The trading post was a popular place that was always crowded with Merchants.

At Morata, with the rise in traffic of people, the need for luxurious goods, food, weapons and armors were also on the rise.

While some others obtained goods sold in Morata, and earned profits by selling the materials at other regions.

The Mercenary Guild was finally completed.
Members of the Red Shield mercenary gathered after their tough lives of mercenaries.

After one having exchange drinks with the mercenaries, they share a conversation regarding the employment of these hired guns.
In some cases, someone who doesn't want to for a party for a quest chooses to hire mercenaries.

The dialogue between them is to figure out whether the soon to be hire merc has the basic qualification to be do the job.

After considering the reputation, level, and occupation, the chance of the employment corresponds to the level of familiarity.

Although their services were expensive and on a daily allowance, endless amount of people had been looking for mercenaries because their costs spoke for their effectiveness.

While Da'in took a lap around the town to purchase the necessary goods, she walked to a party seeking a Wizard.

"Class Shaman. If you don't mind it, my level is 227."
"It's a bit low, so...let me try to talk to the party members and I'll be happy to reply."
The leader was Paikeumaen(Pike-Man), with a pike polearm as a main weapon.
After having chatted with his party members via whispers, he nodded.

"It seemed you're quite famous and well known. Da'in nim is very welcome. Our commissioned quest is to punish the servitors of the Skull before the coming sunset. Would you like to join?"


Da'in joined the party even if it was just a simple quest.
The location for their quest was at the Green Lake near the town of Morata.
Da'in with her new party moved toward their destination.


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