The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 11 Chapter 10

Chapter 10 : First M.T (Membership Training)

The psychiatrist, Dr. Cha Eunhee, was consulting her patients.

"Doctor, I don't know if I want to get married. My boyfriend is all good but he's too poor."
"He doesn't work?"
"He's an office worker. But because there is a mortgage on the house that there's no money left over. And in fact...not long ago I met a man on a blind date, he's much older and I don't like him much, but he is a professional. This seem swell to me."

At this moment, she was having a session with a woman at a marriageable age.

"So you broke up with your boyfriend, and chose the professional?"
"I don't know. I can't really decide. This makes me hateful of how much of a vulgar person I am. Because of this, I can't sleep well at night, and it even gives me headaches."

The common symptom of depression.
Cha Eunhee did not blame the woman.

'In reality, that will eventually hit home to everyone.'

Cha Eunhee was a doctor who treats disease of the mind, to ease the suffering.
And she was determined to help.


Cha Eunhee glanced at the charts.

"You're 30 years old now."
"The average lifespan of a person can hit up to 90 years old, which means a third of your life have passed."
"So I've used that much..."
"Wouldn't you hit 40 in 10 years? And 50 in 20 years..."

"Life is like a crab, it scurries along, and when you take a second glimpse, you'll realize it had long moved. You'll only get one chance to choose a man to love you during your lifetime, or you could get the house and a nice car that you wanted; it all depends on what you will ultimately decide to ease your mind."

Cha Eunhee spoke softly as she finishes with the session with the patient.

In the case of mild depression, she just needed to have conversations several times and the symptoms will be relieved within a few days.

"Whew, with this, did it roughly finish with the morning appointments?"

The nurses from the side who were listening in were very impressed.

"Amazing, Doctor!"

It is easy to talk about life. However, it is difficult to change the psychological state of the patients with just a few ordinary words.
Cha Eunhee pouted her mouth.

"It's not something to be admired. Actually prior to this, I had a talk with a patient about the same subject."
"What about that patient?"
"A novelist."
"Yes? They have troubles?"

"Of course, the writer is also a human. He was an old bachelor and anguished over it when he almost got killed, but if you're going to eat ramen at home then at least peel off the utensil's coating instead of choking on it and writhing on the floor!"


She'd know, since her equipments were hard to get and she was incompatible with the human sets of armors and equipments. Since Orcs wouldn't be able to produce good products as a Blacksmiths due to their low Dexterity, so there weren't that many out there. But since the Orc's population was growing at a terrifying rate, overtime, the problem could be solved.

'I ought to connect to Royal Road at lunch.'

Lately, Cha Eunhee has been fidgeting every time she thought about Royal Road.
Healthy and dependable guy. Geomchi2!

Through her appearance as the Orc Seechwi, he was the most familiar person that stayed by her.

They didn't have many conversations as of yet, but from his cautious words and attitude, she could feel the care and attention. Occasionally, his embarrassing actions also attracted her.

At times, to her, his sincere efforts to protect her impressed her.


A soft smile rose from Cha Eunhee's lips.

Often times when she chat with Geomchi2, through the low proficiency cooking skill, the burnt fish tasted good when it shouldn't.

Still, Cha Eunhee was cautious as she could not accept to be happy alone.

"Seoyoon needs to speak again soon."

Progresses have been made with Seoyoon's treatment.
She has been in Royal Road to be detached from reality to break the ice!
She did not talk for long and pretty soon returned to being speechless.

"It's fine. She may have long forgotten how to speak but it'll return like before."

There was no need to specifically rush things by force.
Cha Eunhee didn't urge Seoyoon to talk.

If they try to draw her out through coercion, she would most likely hide herself even further. For more than a decade they've patiently waited for her to naturally feel like herself. Cha Eunhee witnessed it when Seoyoon took the opportunity to do so.

"By the way, are her lessons going well?"

Cha Eunhee was a little worried.
Seoyoon was also attending school.

If you only let them live in the hospital ever since they're young, then they'll fail to fit into society when they leave in the future. So she had a tutor throughout middle school, and attended a formal high school from there.

Of course it was a place mainly dedicated to educate special children.
And last year, she was admitted into the University.

Circumstances didn't allow her to go every day, and sometimes she just wanders around the school. This was the first time she went to class this year.

"I hope she's ok. I don't want her to be caught in an accident. And since I don't know what will be going on at the school, how will she know what they're talking about?"

Cha Eunhee was thinking of plenty of false scenarios. Most of which were highly unlikely.

* * *

Lee Hyun had already paid the expensive tuition, so he did not want to miss attending the classes.
But only a few know of this.

While others had extracurricular activities, social activities, school wide broadcast activities, he only showed up for the classes.

"The average needs to be a C. So I don't have to retake the class."

If the academic grades you receive have a warning or a failure as an undergrad, then that will restrict you from graduating. And because of so, since he didn't want to repay the expensive tuition to re-attend, he was somehow faithful to going to school.

Fortunately, it was a promising fact that the steady attendance can guarantee a C grade most of the time in college.

Lee Hyun usually sat in the front and steadily took notes of the professor's lectures.

"Have you heard the words going around about Professor Jeong Dongmin?"
"Yeah, he does a really good job with his lectures."
"You should add him next semester."

The students' conversations during the break were basically knocking on his ear.

Half of the students were incline to talk about the class, while the other half broke up into groups and chatted about Royal Road.

"So let's go hunting at Medium today?"
"I have to fix my equipments."
"...defensive against Lighting property Sebon set."
"How'd cha got money for it?"
"Been saving since a month back. Today ima try to buy the full Sebon set. I'm so excited."
"Whew. When can I wear the set...I'm really jealous."

Lee Hyun's mouth permeated into a creepy smile.

'These group of students as well.'

The price to purchase the Sebon set was 420,000 Won cash.
It was a flawless set for those at mid-range lvl200.

'Now that I think about it, they've just gotten out of high school so a large amount of them are still at the lower levels.'

Comparing to a dark gamer like himself, these students seemed as if they were truly innocent.
Lee Hyun smiled gratifyingly.
But then he heard the low whispers of the students.

"That returning Oppa is laughing at us again!"
"That's a really sinister smile."
"He's full of it."

Lee Hyun's reputation within the department was already set in stone.

At the end of the class he would clear up and head off home. He didn't participate in the department activities, nor did he get along with anybody; thus they labeled him as a charlatan.

'What choice can I have.'

During break, Lee Hyun also engrossed himself in the textbooks. But the reactions from those around him were far different than imagined.

"Look at him pretending to study..."
"If he was truly studious them he wouldn't have yawned during class nor slept during break."

Lee Hyun figured he shouldn't rebuke the accusations. Since they have already set a prejudice against him, it was to do more harm than good.

And though, some of their misconceptions were a bit appropriate.
Lee Hyun's target was just a 2.0!

'Don't want a warning as an undergrad. Nor any F is tolerable.'

The extent of his studies was only to avoid expulsion or failing.
Even with the perfect attendance record, he did not want a bad evaluation from the professor on his weekly reports.

'My days are always like this.'

Lee Hyun resigned as he continued going to school. He had already given up making friends.
But today was a bit special. The students were excited about something.

"Where is it going to be this year?"
"I don't know. It never said."
"Last year we had a really good time!"

Lee Hyun could not understand their conversations.

'Are you planning a weekend trip?'

But Lee Hyun thought it was unrelated to him, he didn't give it a second thought.
At the end of lecture on that day, the professor suddenly said.

"Lecture is over, but we got a little time. Shall we talk about MT just a bit?"

The University initial MT!
For many, they've heard it from friends or their superiors, and only Lee Hyun was completely unaware.

'This is completely irrelevant to me!'

Of course Lee Hyun wasn't going to go. If you have time to do that, then you should take the time to beat up monsters and make more sculptures!
But it seemed as if the professor had read Lee Hyun's mind and continued on with his story with such additions.

"Don't you think that having a real life adventure is important to get a better understanding of Virtual Reality? You have to fully commit to the MT and do not play hooky to eat. You will be evaluated by your peers along with the teacher that will have a major effect on your grades. Of course for the students that will be absent, I will not give you your academic credits."

The students cheered.
MT will have a major effect on the grade!
For Lee Hyun also, the atmosphere spelt that it was unavoidable to not attend.

"Professor, what is the goal of this trip?"
"Is there some concept about the MT we should know about?"

The MT events of the VR department were quite unique. It wasn't the drink or the culture sharing, it was truly a novel experience.
Each MT event had its own particular concept, and it changes every year.
Of course, the professor never said anything regarding it.

"It'll be known once you form your groups. So you'll meet in the afternoon in the auditorium. Oh, the person you all know very well, Seoyoon, have also come to school. Although unlikely, she might be attending the MT. But you shouldn't raise your expectations, okay, guys?"

At that moment, the boys' eyes changed.

After having finishes his other classes, Lee Hyun slowly turned to the auditorium.

'This is really weird.'

The library did not have a single person. Normally, the students were idling on the lawn or stayed at the language lab. It was also hard to find people at school cafeteria or the food kiosks.

'I guess they must have finishes with their lessons early.'

Lee Hyun moved leisurely.
He was basically ordered to attend the MT, so he was going through the motions since he didn't have the heart to go.

'My credits will be screwed if I don't participate.'

Lee Hyun finally arrived at the auditorium in his slow pace.
He was a bit late. But there was already a sea of men clamoring about.

"Don't push!"
"Where, where is she?"
"Beyond them!"

Many people were eager to see something.

"I came from the Engineering department. We're miserable. Please just let us have a look."
"Please refrain the Engineering department students!"
"Yes. If I see her then my will to live definitely increase, y'know."
"Keuheuk! This is by all means wrongful since we have girlfriends...but still..."

All the guys located in the back voices echoed with sincerity.
Lee Hyun barely got to the entrance of the hall by swimming through that sea of people. At the door, there were the VR department seniors who stayed guard and identify the people they were letting in.

"I'm sorry, but students of other departments are not allowed to enter."

These seniors also restrained Lee Hyun.

"I'm also a VR department student."

Lee Hyun replied coolly. The two guarding seniors looked at each other and smirked.

"Who is the freshman?"
"Who knows?"

They figured Lee Hyun was also a senior student.
It happened very often in the school.
It was the perplexing power of that female seonbae that led to these things.

"Excuse me, but do you think you can show your student ID card?"
"Sure, here you go."

Lee Hyun took out the ID card.

"This is right. Then you can go."

After having shown his ID card, Lee Hyun safely made it past and entered the auditorium.
There were plenty of VR department freshmen already presented.
Most of the guys and girls' eyes were particularly leading toward one side.

"Really pretty."
"She's a goddess. Goddess."
"What could be more beautiful than her?"
"If I could hear her voice, and even if she'd call my name just once, it'd be heavenly."
"I'd enlist for the army twice for that."

Like the men who were stunned and resulted to muttering, the women were also the same.

There were those who likes pretty woman too. But there were many of those who eyed with envy, knowing that they will eternally doomed themselves to jealousy when the opponent transcended to that level.

Lee Hyun also directed his gaze to match theirs.

'What the hell are they looking at?'

And then Lee Hyun quickly discovered the reason.

Her skin was sooth and clear like that of a child, and her eyes were fine like those of a deer. The human eyes could not be that pretty.
Her well groomed eyebrows harmonized with her forehead. Her nose was also wonderful.

If one was to stare at her face for just a while, they wouldn't be escape from the gripping radiance.
Even her hands, feet, and body exuded beauty.

The clothes she was wearing were also exquisite, as if they were born for her sake's.
Her whole body was covered with brilliance.
Lee Hyun was badly surprised.


That Seoyoon really do exist in the real world!

'I assumed she maxed out the appeal settings ingame.'

Compared to the real world, her beauty in Royal Road was rather lacking.

'Come to think of it, she usually has on those clunky armors in Royal Road.'

Lee Hyun silently looked at Seoyoon.
But as if she felt his attention, she suddenly fluffed to the side and looked back at Lee Hyun.


Lee Hyun quickly averted eye contact by hiding behind a girl.
Virtually instinctive reaction for survival!
In Royal Road, he sinned a lot toward Seoyoon.
He secretly made several sculptures of her!

And because of the time he took to avoid her in game, it had become so habitual that he even did so in real life.

Seoyoon also looked briefly where Lee Hyun hid himself before resuming her earlier line of sight.

Lee Hyun mixed himself amongst the girls, and slowly turned his direction away from Seoyoon.

The girls whispered behind him.

"Did you see that? He's avoiding eye contacts."
"Wow, so creepy!"
"So stupid."

He was again, misunderstood.
The deeply seeded misunderstood distrust took roots and budded.
There was no way to undo this.

The MT was led by faculties and senior members.

"This year, the MT event will take place on an island. We're going to stay near the shoreline and mimic the Neolithic Age..."

The seniors were describing the purpose of the trip, but the freshmen's only interest was aimed at Seoyoon. They watched her clear eyes and waited on her lips to move for the description.

Of course, there were those at Seoyoon's vicinity.
Yet among the freshmen, chatters about her were carefully spoken.

"That Seoyoon seonbae. I thought the rumors were exaggerated since there's no way a beauty like that is possible."
"I think she's more beautiful than celebrities."
"But why doesn't she have any friend?"

"Didn't you know? Seoyoon seonbaenim was mentally shocked when she was a child, and she lost her words." (seonbae's senior, seonbaenim's more honorific, ill use senior from now on.)

"Really? No wonder she seemed so expressionless."
"She also doesn't come to school often, this is like the first time she came this year."
"She's really a noble and a pure person."

Lee Hyun wanted to scream.

'You all been lied to!'

How can Seoyoon be ladylike and a pure person!
Lee Hyun knew more about Seoyoon's nature than anybody else.

IF you had seen the slaughtering of monsters that Lee Hyun watched for 4 days and 3 nights, you would not be able deem her ladylike.

She did not care for the users' level and cut them down like flies, such the way of the Berserker! (misunderstanding since volume 1, where she had the murderous ign.)

When she wields her blade, even Lee Hyun was terrified.

'Such a strong woman in such a small frame.'

Plus, there was another deception people were led to believe.
She could speak.

Lee Hyun also knew a second reason why he thought they were duped.
Right before she was slain by the dragon, she clearly spoke the word, friend.

'She feared for the loss of her items and registered me on her friend's list with that word.'

That was not the end of her devious way.
Lee Hyun immediately tried to return her items when she reconnected. But there was no response.

'Pork, leather, and clothes. She ignored me because she had no need for them. She must have obtained a good quest or busy hunting that she saw no need to reply or come back.'

Seoyoon's cruel nature!
Lee Hyun pitied those who were deluded by her.
The senior continued talking.

"Therefore, today's top priority is the formation of groups. Note that this is very different from the usual MT. This year concept is the wild."
"The wild?"

Some of the freshman asked.
Because they didn't know what that singular word truly means.

"Yep. It literally is the wild. No fixed accommodations, nothing outside of the prepared things are allowed."
"So what are the necessities?"
"You will decide that on your own."

"Each group will prepare your own necessities. However, the budget limit is 50,000 Won per person! The goods and tools need to be bought according to the budget in order for you to participate in the MT."

The freshmen wre appalled after the senior finished.

"OMG! Only 50,000 Won!"
"What can I do with 50,000 won?"

Not caring for the freshmen's dismay, the senior spoke.

"Of course, I do think the 50,000 Won budget limit is a bit lacking considering you are to spend 3 days and 2 nights there. However, if you plan well among your group members and form a tighter bond through the ordeal, don't you think that'll good? Also, the professor will be grading you based on how well you adapt to the wild; so please work hard everybody."

A good meal at a decent restaurant was around 10,000 Won. So the restricted budget of 50,000 Won per person was quite tight.
Lee Hyun thought differently.

'The MT trip is pretty luxurious. What kind of wilderness trip that allows 50,000 Won to sleep for two days?'

It seemed to him that the given expenses can cover for an entire week.

Even with the cold weather nowadays at night, if one could get their hands on plenty of newspapers then that'd be able to cover for the night portion.

The most Lee Hyun need was about 5~6 sheets of newspaper! He wouldn't even mind going without them if he had to.

If he had to, he could even use a rock to dig the earth for a place to sleep, yank up the trees to eat the roots; because it's survival for two days!

"Each group has to have 8 people. In this MT, the senior does not need to be in a separate group. Please get together to determine your group correctly. But in any case, the group needs to include at least 3 males and females respectively. Please specify the groups now."

The freshmen were buzzing trying to find their friends.

"Seona, come this way."
"Jaejina, come here!"

Each person looked for the senior whom they were familiar with to get together!
Since they needed to be a close knitted group through the trials, they've searched for those whom they've already made contacts with.
Lee Hyun was just standing around.

'I don't know anybody anyway, so I'll just wait until they're finish and join a group with vacancies.'

Since the only thing he wanted was the credits, it didn't matter which group he'd join.

"Donghyeon, this way!"
"Senior Sangho, come join us."

Lee Hyun thought to himself as people were forming groups.
More and more singular people were reduced until there was only a third left.

Among them were three acquaintances Park Sunjo, Lee Yuu-Chong, and Min Sura who remained undecided. The freshmen uptakes on their senior were too fast and made it far difficult for them to form a group.

There were only 20 people remaining.
Park Sunjo saw Lee Hyun.

"Lee Hyun Hyeongnim, come this way! There are two spots open here!"

In this situation, Lee Hyun figured it'd be better for them to assumed(he was a senior) otherwise.
Lee Hyun scratched his head in embarrassment.

"You don't need to bother. I don't think I could attend the MT."
"Come on! Let's go together Hyeongnim!"
"I see. Well, if you want."

Lee Hyun replied with a bit of courtesy and joined Bak Sunjo's group.
He had already met these guys in a brief instant so it was best for him to join them. Not long after, the group increased with the addition of two girls.

"Hello. I'm Hong Seonye."
"I've heard so much about you (just a greeting). I'm Ju Eunhee."
"Lee Hyun. Pleased to meet you."

The two women were a bit reluctant toward Lee Hyun, due to the horrid reputation he had within the Department.
Even so, they did not plainly hate him.

'Anyway, at least in this way I can go to the MT.'

Lee Hyun felt at ease.
The fact was that he had a little expectation with his first ever college MT!
Then, someone came and stood behind Lee Hyun.
The attention of the auditorium turned to her. It was Seoyoon who approached Lee Hyun.

* * *

The Seoyoon who have never participated in an MT.

'Everybody else will not like me.'

She was afraid of meeting people. She was afraid of getting hurt so she bounded herself in a frozen state.
Then, she found Lee Hyun.

'It's him.'

If it weren't for the fact that he looked exactly like how he did in Royal Road, then she would never be able to recognize him.

While she had the chance to meet him and accompanied him, he cooked and created a sculpture.

'The heartwarming sculpture of a pair of lovers, that man.'

Seoyoon unwittingly reached her hand toward Lee Hyun.
Lee Hyun reacted and turned around, only to find Seoyoon.
His eyes dilated; the instinctive attribute when one perceives a crisis.

"No want to come with...?"

Seoyoon's head nodded in silence.

She thought it'd be fine if she could tag along with Lee Hyun on the MT trip. Surely in his case, he would not abandon her, because they were friends.

To Seoyoon, the moment they registered themselves as friends, she had already regarded Lee Hyun as a real friend.


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