The Inverted Dragon's Scale


The Inverted Dragon's Scale Chapter 169-172

Chapter 169: Cut off musical notes

With his body fluttering in the air and clasping a leaf with both hands, Li Muyang played without stopping.
The rainstorm bucketed, coming down stronger every minute, like a scene from hell. However, this rivulet of rain unexpectedly could not extinguish the purple fire clouds floating in the air.

The violent winds blew and they drifted with the wind.

Thunderstorm broke overhead, the flames began to slow, leaping flames turning into embers. But then, they instantly fought back, blooming into a more dazzling, fierce colour.

The purple fire clouds fluttered across the dark rain like a terrifying scene of flickering will-o’-wisps.

In the moment of raindrops pelting down, an invisible body of air enveloped Lin Canghai, repelling the rain.

Qiandu did not show any changes, but looked like she's situated in a transparent glass vessel. The gale did not dishevel her long hair and the rain did not soak her clothes.

Lin Canghai lightly leapt into the air, dashing towards the direction of Qiandu.

He used his body to shield in front of Qiandu, as he anxiously asked: "Royal sister, Li Muyang is possessed by the devil, right? Recently, it was rumored that he was possessed by the devil, it seems it is true–"

"Don't talk nonsense." Qiandu threw a sharp, sideways glance at him as she shouted, before she pensively stared at Li Muyang scurrying in mid-air.

"Royal—" Lin Canghai realised he had a slip of the tongue, immediately corrected himself: "Li Muyang is not listening to our advice, what should we do now?"

"Demonic sounds have entered into his body." Qiandu said. "He has lost his mind, he can't hear us."

"Then we—"

"Cut off the musical notes." Qiandu said.

"Cut off the musical notes? Would that be useful?"
"The reason why demonic sounds can befog the minds of people is because they can hypnotise. Those endless and interrupted musical notes are the source of the hypnotism. So, as long as we cut off the musical notes, Li Muyang's condition would naturally be solved."

Lin Canghai nodded, gripping the hilt of his sword.

He soared into the sky, circled several laps around Li Muyang, who was currently in a frantic state, before he finally found the opportunity to make his move.

"Chop off millions demons at once with qi. Cut."

With his deep, clear roar, a white, silver sickle appeared in the sky.

The sickle's sharp point aligned with the drifting long queue of purple fire, before it ruthlessly lashed across.


A loud boom resonated across the air.

As though a huge ball of light has exploded, it was dazzling to the point that it’s hard to open one's eyes.

The earth was a vast expanse of snowy-white that soon plunged into darkness——

Li Muyang sprung opened his eyes only to see the endless night sky with myriad of stars dotted over the darkness.

The number of stars was abundant, bright and shimmering, like yellow gems sprinkled across a boundless river.

Songbirds chattered; mountain spring murmured.

Someone's breath, resembling the familiar, sweet smell of orchid, greeted his nostrils.

Li Muyang jerked awake, gazing at the two sets of eyes staring intently back at him.

Black-robe young girl Qiandu and beautiful youngster Lin Canghai were standing right in front of him, narrowing their eyes at him suspiciously. As though he was a corpse lying on the ground——or he was a ghost or demon.

"You're awake?" Qiandu smiled and asked.

"Yes." Li Muyang glanced around, discovering that he was situated on a raised boulder, and without a single tree in sight, he could see the stars without any obstruction. "Where am I?"

"We're at the peak of Broken Mountain." Qiandu surveyed around, before she added: "it's also my first time here, I don't know whether it has other names or not."

"Why are we–" Li Muyang's brows furrowed again and his gaze drifted off in thought, a puzzled look crossing his face as he asked: "Why are we here?"

Qiandu's lips curved into a smile, saying: "You don't remember anything, right?"

Li Muyang nodded. "I remember you playing 'Phoenix looking for a Phoenix' with a piccolo and I was in a cheerful mood listening to it, and then I picked a leaf and followed playing the song——I remember we were very happy performing together and enjoying ourselves. Later, my mood got worse, as if there was a big grievance that I wanted to tell. I don't know what happened after that."

Qiandu smiled, saying: "Nothing. You were feeling a little uncomfortable——you should be fine after a good rest."

Lin Canghai finally couldn't help but interject. "Li Muyang, you really don't know what happened after?"
"I don't know." Pulling an innocent smile onto his face, Li Muyang shook his head and patted his forehead with the palm of his hand. "I don't remember anything. When I woke up, I was already lying here with you two staring at me with that look, I still feel quite weird. Did I——I do something crazy?"

"It's not that crazy." Lin Canghai replied, brushing his fingers against his handsome face, thinking of the scene of the scalding heat pouncing at him, then corrected himself: "just a little—not like before. Li Muyang, you did a lot of things that I think you shouldn't do. Of course, I don't believe that there's a demon hiding in your body. If you really have a demon in your body, would the teachers in Starry Sky Academy not expel you already? How would they allow a demon student to come to this place? If they can't solve a problem like that, Starry Sky Academy would not have such a huge reputation."

Li Muyang breathed a long sigh. "I must have had a qi disturbance again.."

"Qi disturbance?" Qiandu and Lin Canghai asked with a curious look on their face."

"Yes. Last time during Teacher Xiahou's class, it happened once already, Teacher Xiahou took me to his medicine hut and carefully treated me for some time. He fed me some tonic that he especially prepared and cooked Mt Gong's colourful chicken for me a few times to repair my body. It's only because of him that I quickly recovered and can stand here with you guys again——"

"What?" Lin Canghai's exclaimed, his eyes wide with disbelief: "You say Teacher Xiahou made you soup?"

"Yes. Mt Gong's colourful chickens——I think that's what they're called? I haven't eaten this type of chicken before anyway. The soup tasted a little bland, but the chicken meat was delicious." Li Muyang said calmly. "He said I was too impatient to succeed, causing the qi in my body to be in disorder and my mood and body out of control, which led to that incident. He said that as long as I train hard, my foundation will be more stable and it will not happen again in the future."

Li Muyang cautiously glanced around, then lowering his voice, he said: "There is another thing that I'm only going to tell you guys, don't tell anyone else——Teacher Xiahou personally helped me build my foundation——and also accepted me as his disciple. Also, his one and only disciple. On the outside, I'm his student, but in private, our relationship is master and disciple. I'm a low-key person and do not want this to be known to the outside world, since it would make people think I relied on my background and relationship to enter into the Starry Sky Academy."

In order to conceal his strangeness, but also to cover Qiandu's and Lin Canghai's mouth, Li Muyang would not scruple to push Xiahou Qianbai, this great God, out and draw their focus.

Surely, they must know that, even if they told others the weird things he has done, as long as Xiahou Qianbai is willing to stand up for him——he will be safe and sound, and have nothing to worry about.

Of course, Li Muyang believed they would not do such a thing.

Chapter 170: Talk alone!

The wind stopped almost abruptly and rain began to subside.

The sky was still dark like a pond of ink, speckled with stars, which are the pearls and jadeite deposited by the starry river.

The distant giant tree branches soared skyward and the nearby land transformed into a lush green colour.

A shallow breeze rustled the trees now and then, bringing a refreshing, yet intoxicating aroma.

Sitting on a large, brown rock and with a serious look on his face, Li Muyang earnestly explained to his two classmates standing in front of him in astonishment after witnessing the bizarre scene.

Li Muyang was actually conscious.

From the moment he possessed the ability to play the tune 'Phoenix looking for Phoenix', he knew something's not right.

He could use a piece of leaf as a musical instrument because back then, when he was bullied and humiliated, and sat by Sunset Lake licking his wounds, he often gently played a sad or cheerful tune with a leaf.

When he played a cheerful tune, his mood turned sad. Other people's world is so beautiful, why is his life so lonely?

When he played a sad tune, his mood became even more gloomy. The world is full of despair, if even the music is so sorrowful, where is the future? Where is the warmth?

Later, he seldom played music again.

However, he had never played the tune 'Phoenix looking for Phoenix', or listened to it before.

The tune has been lost for hundred years, how would a common teenager from Jiangnan city heard of 'Phoenix looking for Phoenix'?

However, it turns out that he could play this tune, and also achieved the cheerful and light-hearted melody followed by a sorrowful melody before it finally changed into a heart-wrenching tune.

That girl in white who approached him, he desperately wanted to see her face——

Those sparks of purple flames were his burning fury, struggle and suffering——

He knew that something is wrong.

That thing came out again.

He could not control it at all.

The most deadly thing was that Qiandu and Lin Canghai witnessed it all.

Li Muyang needed to give them an explanation. Whether or not they believe him is not important; whether or not they accept is the most important.

"Teacher Xiahou is your master?" Lin Canghai asked, looking at him with shocked astonishment. The difference between teacher and master is immense; a teacher teaches all students, as long as they're willing to listen to Xiahou Qianbai's lecture, they can call him 'teacher'. But 'Master' is different, only people like Li Muyang who is accepted as his disciple can call him 'Master'.

If Li Muyang did not tell any lies, then it means he will inherit Xiahou Qianbai's techniques and is the successor of his status.

People would think highly of Li Muyang and value him because he's Xiahou Qianbai's disciple. And it's also because of the fact that he's his disciple that they have a certain respect and——fear towards him.

"Of course." Li Muyang nodded firmly. "How would I lie about something like that? If you don't believe me—we'll ask teacher Xiahou when we get back. However, Teacher Xiaohou is a low-profile person, he would not want this to be known to the outside world."

"So——" The corner of Lin Canghai's mouth quirked slightly upwards, revealing a cute and charming smile, before he continued: "Are you using Teacher Xiahou to threaten us to help you keep this a secret?"

Li Muyang's eyes turned cold.

It seems, the situation was a little bit troublesome.

With his hand clasping the hilt of his sword, Lin Canghai's taunting smile became increasingly obvious: "What? You think what I said is wrong?"

"I have said it before, everyone has secrets." Li Muyang looked serious. "Those secrets are harmless, as long as they're tightly locked in the innermost corners of the heart. However, if someone scattered it around, it would lead to death. Many people will die as a result."

The smile on Lin Canghai's face did not fade when he said: "So, who do you think is the person who will die?"

"Lin Canghai——" Li Muyang roared in a deep voice. His eyes gloomy like the sky overhead, the vicious tendency in his heart rapidly rising to his face, as if he might erupt at any time. "Do you have to make things so absolutely difficult?"

"Li Muyang." The smile on Lin Canghai's face finally vanished. That handsome, cute and flawless face unexpectedly has an ill-tempered side. "You turned yourself into a monster and then threatened us with the name of a teacher to not tell anyone——Do you have to make things so difficult?"

"I'm not trying to threaten you, I'm just telling you the facts."

"What kind of facts? The fact that you're a monster? Or the fact that you threatened us with Xiahou Qianbai?"

"Do you want to kill me?"

"I'm more afraid of being killed by you——"

"Lin Canghai——"

"Li Muyang——"

One clenching the hilt of his sword, while the other clenching his fist.

The two no longer exchanged words, sending flashes and shadows of swords

across from their eyes.

The atmosphere was tense and heavy with hostility, as though a fight might break out at any time.


Qiandu giggled charmingly.

Her eyes curved like a crescent moon, and her voice was as clear and sharp as a skylark's cry.

Qiandu looked at Lin Canghai, then at Li Muyang, before she asked aloud: "Are you two going to fight?"


With her arms folded, Qiandu paced back and forth in front of Li Muyang and Lin Canghai: "A fight is good. Since we have nothing to do anyway. Lin Canghai, did you not always wanted to try your 'Chop off million demons at once' and see what stage it is at? Li Muyang——Right, I still don't know what realm Li Muyang is at. He said he just built his foundation, I don't believe it. How can someone who could blow out musical notes that transformed into strange fire only recently built his foundation? It's a good thing if you two have a fight, so that I can examine your ability. Let's see who will be the winner."

Qiandu waved her, saying: "Go ahead, fight, just pretend I'm not here."


Li Muyang shot a glance at Lin Canghai and loosened his fist.

In front of Qiandu, Lin Canghai has no temper at all. He also loosened the grip on the sword hilt.

"You're not going to fight?" Qiandu glanced at Li Muyang then back at Lin Canghai, before she said glumly: "I wanted to see a fight."

Lin Canghai's lips twisted into a wry smile. "I know you don't want us to fight."

Li Muyang looked Qiandu seriously in the face, bowed deeply at her and said: "This time, please."

"Li Muyang, what do you want me to do?"


Qiandu turned to Lin Canghai, saying: "Let me and Li Muyang talk alone."

Lin Canghai gave an apprehensive glance at Li Muyang. With that, Qiandu immediately understood his mind. "Don't worry, he's no match for me."


Chapter 171: Water monster!

Lin Canghai turned and walked away, but not far away.

He was still staring intently from a neither far nor close place, worried that Li Muyang would suddenly attack Qiandu. This is a common scene in a movie. In order to conceal a secret, some people will not hesitate to kill everyone who knew of their secret.

Because this is the best way of hiding a secret.

Unaware, Qiandu walked straight over to Li Muyang's side, step to the edge of the cliff, trying to peer into the endless abyss and the wisps of mist swirling underfoot, and leaving her lean back facing Li Muyang, as though she's not at all afraid of a fatal blow from him. Her voice was crisp and sweet, as she said in a slight rebuking tone: "Canghai is a very proud fellow."

"I know." Li Muyang nodded. Someone who could easily block the Chu Xun's sword attack, how would he not have a little temper?

"So it's hard for him to accept the way you speak." Qiandu turned round take a glimpse at Li Muyang and gave a charming smile. "Li Muyang, you don't trust anyone, right?"

Li Muyang remained silent.

Not that he's not willing to believe in anybody, but he does not dare to believe anybody.

He was a dragon. He was the target that everyone in the entire divine continent wants to slaughter——Because of some inexplicable hatred, but more because they wish to become a dragon hero.

Whatever the reason, as long as his identity is leaked, he instantly would become the target of countless hunters.

With his current level of cultivation, he had no power to protect himself at all.

He can choose to believe in Qiandu and Lin Canghai, but what if they betrayed his trust?

"You're very dangerous. This, do you admit it?" Qiandu turned around again to take another glimpse at Li Muyang, but this time she didn't turned back around. Her eyes, as bright as the stars overhead, stared unblinkingly into Li Muyang's eyes and paid particular attention to the changes in his facial expression. "Although I don't know who you are, but you underwent some very frightening changes. Most importantly, these changes were not under your control. You couldn't control your body, you couldn't control your thoughts."

"I'm still Li Muyang." Li Muyang voice was deep, filled with distress. "No matter what happens, I am still Li Muyang. I don't have any intention to hurt you two, I think of both of you as my friend."

"Since you take us as your friend, yet you did not hesitate to use Teacher Xiahou to threaten us——it seems the secret that you want to hide must be very painful, right?"

"——" Li Muyang knew that Qiandu is an intelligent girl and won't be deceived so easily.

"You're not really a demon, right?" Qiandu asked aloud.

"I'm not." Li Muyang anxiously replied, looking seriously at Qiandu. "I'm not a demon. How would I be a demon? If I was a demon, I wouldn't have been able to study here at Starry Sky Academy—— "

"Then, what's the situation? Don't deceive me with such an idiot excuse like being possessed by a demon when practicing——" Qiandu said sternly. "The fact that you attacked Teacher Xiahou during his lecture, has aroused the attention of all the teachers and students of the school. But Teacher Xiahou personally stood out to explain for you, told everyone that you were practicing a high-level technique, which led you to do such a thing. Given the reputation and respect a famous teacher of Starry Sky, some students believed him——but I don't believe it."

"Indeed the truth is not like that." Li Muyang said severely. "The reason I acted like that in class was not because I was practicing some techniques or possessed by a demon. But for other reasons——I'm sorry, I can't tell you what it is. However, even Teacher Xiahou was willing to forgive me and took the initiative to stand out to help me explain, that's enough to prove I'm not a bad person. I'm still a student of Starry Sky Academy, I will never tarnish Starry Sky Academy's name."

"What to do?" Qiandu's lips curved into a shallow, slow smile, saying: "I clearly know that you're very dangerous and there's a possibility that a demon is hiding inside your body, but I still can't help but want to forgive you."


"Li Muyang." The smile on Qiandu's face faded, she stretched out her hand to Li Muyang, "Do you want to try and believe in others?"


"Believe me, and also believe Canghai. Like you just said, treat us as your friends, real friends, friends that can keep your secrets." Qiandu's hand was still waving in mid-air, her eyes earnest and resolute. "To carry a secret like that by yourself, life must be very difficult and painful. If you like, you can tell us the secret. We can help you carry your burden with you. If you don't want to, then choose to believe, believe that we will never tell anyone this secret, unless with your consent——"


"Because we also treat you as a friend. A trustworthy friend."

"Thank you." Li Muyang was overwhelmed by the intensity of emotion rushing through him, there's a feeling of exhilaration, an overflowing of happiness.

No one has said something like that to him for a long time. Once there was a girl who also treated him like that. She told him to put down his burden, work hard and not abandon himself.

Sadly, she ultimately left.

Qiandu narrowed her eyes in a quizzical smile, saying: "At this time, shouldn't you shake hands with me? It's a rude thing to leave a young lady's hand hanging in mid-air."

"Oh. Sorry——" Li Muyang hurriedly reached out to shake Qiandu's slender, soft hand.

Qiandu beckoned Lin Canghai to come over. Lin Canghai slowly walked over, glaring with burning hostility.

Qiandu pointed at Li Muyang, saying: "He is still our friend, isn't that right?"

"We may think so, but I'm afraid other people don't think like that?" Lin Canghai said irritably, fixing Li Muyang with a petulant glare.

"I don't want to force you." Qiandu's lips curved upwards into a smile, saying: "Time reveals a person's heart."

"I hope so." Lin Canghai's eyes were still as cold as before.

Just as the three of them were preparing to return to school, they heard noises similar to someone fighting.

"Someone is fighting." Lin Canghai exclaimed.

"On top of Broken Mountain, there are many students and teachers of Starry Sky——Let's go have a look." Qiandu said.

Just as the three of them were still talking, they dashed right towards where the noise came from.
Lin Canghai, refusing to associate with Li Muyang, vanished in one swift movement.

Qiandu trod with rapid, light steps as if she barely touched the ground, moving across the ground in silent like she was gliding.

The most exhausted was Li Muyang. Not only does he not know any leaping techniques, his cultivation level is also not high——or it can be said that he's just started. He could only rely on the little strength within his body to climb the mountain and cut through the forests.

There is a waterfall, and beneath the waterfall is an unfathomable cold pond. The pond water is dark like ink, with only water ripples spreading and moving across the surface of the water.

By the time Qiandu and Li Muyang rushed over, Lin Canghai was already standing on a huge rock, his gleaming eyes fixed intently on the deep water.

Seeing Qiandu coming over, he whispered: "There's a monster in the water."

As he spoke, a dark figure soared out of the deep water.

His body leapt into the air, his hand clasping a long sword that slashed in one quick, sharp movement in the direction of the pond.


A silver ball of light smashed against the surface of the water, and then abruptly the deep water turned stormy, rolling up a giant wave. A huge shadow evident from below the water surface was struck by the silver ball, and with a howl, dived deep into the pond.

"Chu Xun." Lin Canghai has sharp eyes; with one glance he could see who flashed out their sword in mid-air. Anxiously, he said: "It's Chu Xun."

Chapter 172: Three-eyed ice toad!

Broken Mountain is tall and broad, apart from the area that Starry Sky Academy occupied, the other areas remain undevelop or utilized. Some places are deserted, inaccessible and no one can find it.

Although there's a legend that a dragon slayer immortal slashed off the top of Broken Mountain, but that tale happened tens of thousands of years ago.

Whether or not the story is true or fake, in these tens of thousands of years, time flies and years have passed, yet Broken Mountain peak still maintains its flat shape and form. But what had happened on the mountain, what great changes it underwent or what kind of strange neighbours it had, only this great mountain knows.

Starry Sky Academy is located on an isolated peak, providing a scenic spot and place of interest for students. Therefore, students spontaneously like to go out for 'adventure'.

Just like Li Muyang, Qiandu and Lin Canghai. On one hand, they were here to appreciate the beautiful scenery of Broken Mountain and get familiar with the terrain of Broken Mountain, but also hoped to encounter some rare birds, beasts, Lingzhi, or strange treasures.

Li Muyang also hoped to catch a Mt Gong colourful chicken or a short-legged rabbit to give to master Xiahou to make soup. After all, teacher Xiahou gifted him Taoist secret scroll 'Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery'. Master's kindness surpasses the sea; also, the soup he makes smells very fragrant——the meat in the soup was also really delicious.

Some rare treasures can be nourishing to the body and even improve one's cultivation level.

In the divine continent, tragic scenes and bloody fights of mass of cultivators trying to snatch a rare treasure were often seen.

Talents and treasure, can only be acquired by fated people. What if they are those fated people?

While Li Muyang, Qiandu and Lin Canghai were in high spirits, exploring the mountains and woods, and with 'Phoenix looking for Phoenix' playing in the background, they unexpectedly walked onto some unknown land.

What was even more unexpected is that, there's someone who ventured further than them. Moreover, it was one of their classmates.

"Why did Chu Xun come here?" Qiandu furrowed her beautiful brows, her gaze fixed on the deep pool under the waterfall. "What monster is in the pond?"

"I couldn't see clearly. The monster only revealed its back, but did not show its true face. However, Chu Xun is not weak, even with his ability, he still looked so troubled, it seems that thing is extremely powerful——"

"It really does look tough, it's so big." Li Muyang exclaimed. He also saw the huge shadow in the pool. With his lack of knowledge and limited experience, he thought that the bigger something is, the more powerful it is. That dark figure was very big, so the monster must be very strong.

Just like the turtle drake he rode before, although he was injured and ultimately ended in a tragic death because of him, when he plunged down into the sea, his body caused a series of water waves——

With one slashing sword stroke, Chu Xun frightened the monster, and while he was still hovering in mid-air, he noticed Li Muyang and others were also here.

His face was still as arrogant and cold like always. He merely threw a sidelong glance at them. He did not greet them, nor request support, instead clasping his sword, dived into the cold, bottomless pond once again.

"Should we help?" Lin Canghai asked aloud.

"Even though we met by chance, we can't just sit and watch. Besides, our classmates are in danger, how could we not help?" Qiandu firmly said. "Canghai, you watch over at the side, I'll go in and see."

Lin Canghai did not want Qiandu to take any risk. He immediately said: "Or you stand watch, I'll take care of it."

Before Qiandu's agreed, he already darted towards the waterfall.


Lin Canghai plunged into the pond, without the slightest splashing of water.

Qiandu swept her glance over at Li Muyang, saying: "You stay here, I'll also go and see. This cold pond looks strange, I'm afraid they're in danger."

Li Muyang pulled back Qiandu by the arm. "Don't worry. The monster will not show itself for now, and both Chu Xun and Lin Canghai are skilled swordsmen, they will not lose."

"Moreover, Chu Xun and that Lu Qiji are inseparable. Chu Xun clearly had the opportunity to escape, but he still dived into the deep pond. It means that Lu Qiji is also in the pond——With their combined strength and skill, they can slaughter a dragon."

Qiandu turned round to look Li Muyang in the eye, her line of sight slowly shifted to his hand grasping her arm tightly as she said: "You're afraid?"

"How would I be?" Li Muyang desperately denied. "As a student of Starry Sky Academy, I'm prepared to sacrifice all, even my life. Besides, I'm Teacher Xiahou's disciple, if I get cold feet, would that not bring shame to my master?"

"Then why are you holding onto me so tightly?"

"Am I?" Li Muyang immediately loosened his grip and removed his hand, his face flushing with embarrassment: "I just think, we should first monitor from the outside. If you know your enemy and know yourself, then you can fight a hundred battles without defeat. Now, you don't know what the situation down there is like or what kind of monster it is, jumping down rashly——is a very stupid behavior."

"What advice do you have?"

"We stay here and watch, wait until they lure the monster out, then we shall immediately attack, targeting the monster's weakness and trying to strike a deadly blow."

"If the monster doesn't come out?"

"If the monster does not come out, Lin Canghai and Chu Xun will definitely come out." Li Muyang said. "At that time, whether to fight or flee, they should have a clear decision in their mind. Let's listen to their judgement."

"If Lin Canghai and Chu Xun do not come out?"

"Then we have no reason to go in" Li Muyang said. "So many people have went in already but still hasn't come out, if we both go in as well then would we not be killed by that monster too?"


"Do you think I'm too cruel? For a gentleman to take revenge, ten years is not too long. As long as we remember this place, remember what monster ate our friends——no matter what, we must kill it to avenge our friends."

"You're scared." Qiandu said bluntly. "You're scared that if I was gone as well, you would be in danger——but I'm in favor of your suggestion, let's first see what kind of monster is hiding in the pond."

Qiandu's eyes turned cold, staring intently at the deep pond, until suddenly the green flute that she used to play the tune 'Phoenix looking for Phoenix' appeared in her hand. "Then, kill immediately."

Before the sound of her voice faded away, a dark shadow soared out of the deep pond. Li Muyang saw it clearly, it was Lin Canghai.

Then, following closely behind, another person propelled out of the deep pond. Li Muyang also clearly saw, it was Chu Xun.

Then, the water began to vibrate violently, before a giant ugly head jets out of the deep pond.

That head is really ugly, hundred times uglier than the ugliest creature Li Muyang has ever seen and ten thousand times uglier than Li Muyang before he became whiter——

A flat, gigantic head with a slender, tapered mouth and sharp cheekbones. It has three eyes, with the two eyes on the left and right sides bulging up, as though they might explode at any time.

The third eye is on a raised area on the skin right in the middle of the head. The eye is blood-red, like it is wrapped in red clouds.

Its cheeks puffed up on both sides, as if they were stuffed with something.

Its skin is a green-brown colour and its head is full of warts of varying sizes growing all over.

Let alone touch, even the sight of them were disgusting and nauseating.


Its bloody mouth sprung wide open, gushing out a burst of white gas in the direction of Lin Canghai and Chu Xun hovering in the air.


Within a radius of hundreds of meters, temperatures plummeted, even where Li Muyang was, he felt an unpleasant, piercing chillness in the atmosphere.


The moist air began to solidify, the water droplets dripping down from Lin Canghai's and Chu Xun's body became frozen solid.

What was even more frightening is that the huge waterfall that constantly poured water into the lake was completely frozen over. Those sphere droplets of ice hit against the icy surface, causing the air to be filled with pa-pa-pa, sounds.

Across the cold pond, besides the ugly head, which was still struggling and twisting, pouring out cold air from its mouth towards Chu Xun and Lin Canghai, the entire surface was frozen.

The waterfall was frozen all over, water droplets solidified, as if time has stopped.

"Three-eyed ice toad." Qiandu said aloud. "I did not expect to find a three-eyed ice toad up on Broken Mountain——In front of Broken Mountain is Flower Language Plain and behind is Nujiang, it's a place where strange flowers and bizarre creatures live. This toad actually grew a third eye; moreover, its third eye is completely open and not in a closed state, it's most likely over a thousands years old."

"What monster is that?" Li Muyang exclaimed. "Thousand years?"

For a teenager, the two words 'thousand years' are too distant—too shocking.

"The situation is not good." Qiandu said. "Lin Canghai has came out, and Chu Xun has also came out. You just said that Chu Xun and Lu Qiji are inseparable——Chu Xun had a chance to escape but he did not leave, instead, without regards to his life, rushed into the cold pond. It means Lu Qiji hasn't come out yet——"

"Lu Qiji——" Li Muyang stood aghast, muttering: "hasn't come out?"

In that instant, Li Muyang could not describe his feelings.

For some reason, the first time he met Lu Qiji, she already disliked him.

After they enrolled into the same course, Lu Qiji often picked a quarrel, provoked and made accusations against him time and time again.

Li Muyang could sense it, when she looked at him, her eyes were filled with an indescribable hatred.

She hates him, although the reason for this hatred baffled Li Muyang.

But now, knowing that she still hasn't come out. There was a possibility of her being buried in the bottom of the cold pond——

Li Muyang's eyes turned red.