The Inverted Dragon's Scale


The Inverted Dragon's Scale Chapter 141-143

Chapter 141: Xiaohu is like a tiger!

Lu Qiji was a weird one in the dragon slayer department.

Antisocial and icily arrogant, every word from her mouth was harsh and unfriendly. As if she's a debt collector demanding payment and that everyone owes her dozens of pieces of gold.

Even Chu Xun who follows her all the time had never received any special treatment, and her words to him remained cold. They never saw her speaking softly or even smiling at him.

Of course, this is also the reason that although everyone is mentally stable would still be willing to have her as their classmates—-she's not only prejudiced against one person instead looks at everyone with a scowl on her face, this is her personality and not because she thought everyone is a jerk.

You see, students who could enroll into Starry Sky have high tolerance and forgiveness.

Usually during class, Lu Qiji rarely spoke. Instead she concentrated on listening to the teacher’s explanation or other students' debate.

But today she showed her colours, jumped out against Li Muyang; in fact, everyone was not surprised at all.

Everyone knew her least favorite was Li Muyang, they have had many conflicts at school before.

The fact that she did not instantly fire criticism at him already made people very surprised, now that she finally expressed herself, everyone finally felt reassured—-Lu Qiji was indeed still Lu Qiji.

Questioned by his own student, Yang Xiaohu did not look too well.

He is a teacher of Starry Sky, everything he said has been checked against countless data and after countless hours of research. You guys contradicted him in public, is that not disrespectful to the teacher?

Although he was refuted countless number of times before in his life.

Kong Li and Xiahou Qianbai also both commonly refute him.

Seeing Lu Qiji standing up and refuting Li Muyang, no, supporting his point of view, he could not help but get excited.

There is a student willing to stand on my side. I am not alone.

He hurriedly walked in front of Lu Qiji and asked with a smile: "Student Lu Qiji, what did you mean?"

"Nothing." Lu Qiji said.

"——-" The smile on Yang Xiaoh's face reduced slightly, then said encouragingly: "Student Lu Qiji, if you have any thoughts on this subject, you can tell us frankly. The more the truth is debated the clearer it becomes. No matter whether it's questioning teacher's arguments or supporting teacher's point of view—-Teacher welcomes feedback. I am an open-minded teacher, I am happy to discuss with my students. "

"Dragons are divine beings, this is beyond doubt." Lu Qiji said in a cold voice: "Low-ranking dragons have half the power of immortals and high-ranking dragons are no different to divine beings. Some are even more powerful than divine beings."

Yang Xiaohu was even more excited, saying: "Student Lu Qiji do you have any basis for what you just said?"

"[The Dragon Chronicles] have recorded all sorts of supernatural powers and the destructive force of dragons, is it something that ordinary beasts could compete with? Could a powerful tiger swallow a town? Could the most powerful lion crush a towering mountain with its paw? Also wolves—-they are inferior animals, ants that could be pressed dead with a finger, can they be compared to dragons? "

Yang Xiaohu nodded repeatedly in response, saying: "Student Qiji is right—-then why did you say 'thief shouting 'catch the thief''?"

"Some people are deliberately trying to misrepresent the abilities of the dragon race, ignoring their dangerous and threatening nature—–just what motives does such a person have?" Lu Qiji shot a glare at Li Muyang.

Li Muyang completely ignored Lu Qiji, looked at Tie Muxin with a smile and said: "I believe that Tie Muxin classmate meant no harm. He was belittling the dragon, because he believes in the strength of humans. He believes that humans can triumph no matter what, the powerful human elites can slay dragons. Dragon slayer, this is the dream of millions of people, it's also my childhood dream—-we all hoped that our ambition does not die, our dreams never destroyed. We still have a chance to slay a dragon. Is this not the case, Tie Muxin classmate?"

"That's right." Tie Muxin said in a coarse voice. He is the representative of the theory that humans are superior; in his mind, humans are the most powerful, they are invincible. This point of view and the fact that he came from the desert, a very barren and harsh environment, are closely linked. In his opinion, there is nothing that human cannot do. Whether it's nature or dragons, they can all be overcame. If dragons are divine beings, then, tens of thousands of years ago, the dragon slayer heroes—-just who were they?

Therefore, just as Lu Qiji stood up and refuted Li Muyang, and also questioned the motive of those who belittled the danger and threat of dragons, his face also turned quite embarrassed.

Is she not intentionally taking a different view?

Fortunately, Li Muyang classmate was willing to stand up and speak for me; he really is a good person.

"I just think humans can achieve anything, humans who cultivate should be able to slay dragons. This is documented in the history books, Red Nujiang can also attest to this fact. I don't have any selfish motives, I'm just voicing my opinion—-"

Tie Muxin loudly beat his strong chest, growled at Lu Qiji: "what motive would I have? What can I plot? Do you think I'm a dragon—–Look, am I a dragon? Am I a dragon?"

"Retard." Lu Qiji swept a cold glance over Tie Muxin and said disdainfully.

Faced with such a mentally deficient opponent, she had no mind of even saying an extra word to him.

"What did you say?" Tie Muxin was fuming with rage, his long hair messily draped over his shoulder, the Starry Sky robe on his body making loud hissing sounds.

Earth-yellow air enveloped around his body, like something was being scorched. Both his hand clenched into a fist, both fists flashed with yellow light, as though they were ready and waiting for action, and extremely dangerous.

They could be killed,, but not be humiliated. Desert people attach great importance to their intelligence.

Who dare scold them 'idiot', is the same as spitting in their face in public——no, hundred and thousand times more serious than spitting.
Tie Muxin was about to fight with all his might.


With the lash of his sword, a rainbow flashed across, the sword radiating a biting cold and majestic aura.

Chu Xun drew his sword up and before everyone knew, he was already standing before Lu Qiji and said in an unfriendly tone: "Tie Muxin, you've been used by a vile person yet you still don't realised, you even dared to attack Lu Qiji, if you’re not an idiot, then what are you?——If you want to attack Qiji, then you have to deal with me first."

Also, no one knew where did Chu Xun found so many good sword, a short while ago he gifted Lin Canghai a top-graded sword but now he has another one.

"Then fight, do you think I'm afraid of you?"

"Then let me see you what skills you desert savages have."

A battle was about to erupt!

Yang Xiaohu glanced at Lin Canghai, only to find him watching everything happening with a slight smile on his face and without any intention of obstructing or dissuading like last time.

Lu Qiji sat expressionless in the same place, looking as though she has nothing to do with this at all.

While Li Muyang said to teacher Yang anxiously: "Teacher Yang, hurry do something, can't let him bully Tie Muxin classmate——he didn't do anything wrong."

"———-" Yang Xiaohu was on the verge of tears. Oh, my young master, can you say a few less words? Pouring oil onto the fire—–are you not afraid of burning yourself?

Just what did he do to be landed with such a group of students?

As Tie Muxin listened to Li Muyang’s words, he was deeply touched, he thought to himself: Li Muyang is such a good friend, good brother, even at this time he was still worried about me being bullied. Chu Xun and Lu Qiji have devious motives, saying that I'm being used by a vile person without knowing——who are the vile people, it's obvious.

Tie Muxin shouted: "Brother Muyang, you don't have to worry about me. This pretty boy wants to eat me, I'm afraid he does not have a good mouth——Looking high and mighty all day long, as if he's above everyone else. I never liked the sight of him, today let me teach him a lesson. Let him know that he has to be low-key."

"Since Muxin classmate said so, I don't know what else to say." Li Muyang said with a sigh.

Yang Xiaohu gently sighed: "All of you, stop it."

"Teacher Yang, you saw it too. Chu Xun went too far."

"Teacher Yang, ignore what happens today. After I cut off his arm off it will over——–"

"You want my arm, I’ll snap off your head——–"

"A toad yawning, you talk big——-"

"If you want to fight then fight, don't be garrulous like an old lady——-"

"You think I don’t dare to? Come on——"

Tie Muxin was tempted.

The earth-yellow smoke around his body began to fill the air around him, enveloping his body.

The yellow light in his fist turning increasingly bright like an earth-yellow jewel.

Before his body moved, the surrounding air already became tighter and the space began to distort.

Chu Xun also moved.

He lifted his sword horizontally, the white tip of the sword flickering like a serpent's tongue. The sharp tip striking towards the seventy-two acupuncture points of Tie Muxin's body, as though no matter from which direction it attacked from, it would quickly sever him into pieces.。

Yang Xiaohu disappeared from his spot.

Yang Xiaohu slapped Tie Muxin on the shoulder and in a flash the qi that Tie Muxin gathered dispersed before Tie Muxin toppled backwards to the ground, landing heavily on his buttocks.

Although his right hand only stretched out slightly, Chu Xun's sword fell right into his palm, and at the same time, he retrieved the scabbard in Chu Xun's left hand.

In a flash!

In the blink of an eye!

No, without even the time to blink, without feeling the passage of time.

He disappeared, then instantly reappeared at the same place.

In this process, he has done so many things already.

"I said———" Yang Xiaohu blinked his triangular eyes, his honest-looking face seemed quite helpless as he said: "You have to respect me."

The atmosphere froze.

Looking petrified.

Everyone was dumbstruck, watching Yang Xiaohu, silently unable to say a word for a long time.

Yang Xiaohu, was really too much like a tiger.

Chapter 142: Interpreting the language of dragons!

The tiger doesn't get angry, so you treat him as a little lamb.

All along, Yang Xiaohu always gave the impression of a bashful, reserved, quiet, and nice guy. A little shy, a little weak, he looks like a punching bag that anyone can step on and spit on.

At the first time of meeting, Yang Xiaohu was bullied by other two Starry Sky teachers Kong Li and Xiahou Qianbai.

When the three of them stood together, it looked as though two Starry Sky teachers were bringing along their idiot servant—-although the servant was also wearing the Starry Sky teacher's special robe.

After knowing him for a while, people would realise he's someone everyone wants to bully—-because he's so easy to bully.

During class, he's amiable and students could argue with him as they wished.

After class, he had no authority and students are not respectful to him.

Today, they were even more unreasonable, Tie Muxin and Chu Xun fought in class; as Yang Xiaohu tried to discourage them, they even told the teacher to go away—

He had reached the end of his patience; he could no longer endure anymore.

Yang Xiaohu decided to stamp his authority

He slapped Tie Muxin on the shoulder, causing the qi that Tie Muxin gathered to disperse immediately. Then, he stretched out his hand at Chu Xun and the sword tightly held in Chu Xun's hand fell right into his palm—–seeing him moving like a ghost, people stood in shocked silence.

To be admitted into Starry Sky Academy, Tie Muxin and Chu Xun obviously are both quite strong.

However, Yang Xiaohu so easily settled these two guys—-what what realm was Yang Xiaohu in?

"Teacher Yang, you—–" Tie Muxin toppled to the ground, looking at Yang Xiaohu with his face filled with surprise. With his focus entirely on Chu Xun all this time, he did not realise what was going on, the 'sandstorm power' he accumulated suddenly disappeared out of thin air.

"Teacher Yang—-" Chu Xun flinched and stumbled back. Although he did not fall, his sword fell into the hands of Teacher Yang. This was the second time he lost his sword.

As an outstanding swordsman, not being able to control his own sword was the biggest shame in his life.

Chu Xun's face was burning with embarrassment, even worse than the fallen Tie Muxin.

Qiandu pensively gazed at Yang Xiaohu, as if the scene that happened just now was not surprising at all.

Lu Qiji was still displaying a frosty appearance, as though she completely did not care what was going on around her.

Cai Pa's eyes lit up, greedily surveyed Yang Xiaohu. To have such a master as teacher is one of the greatest blessings to a student.

With a smiling face, Lin Canghai watched Yang Xiaohu, saying: "Teacher Yang is in the Withering Glory realm, right? Starry Sky Academy really lives up to its name."

Lin Canghai’s exclamation was not made without thinking.

The divine continent is vast, all the nine nations strive to be the best, along with the countless ethnic minorities in the desert and grasslands. There are billions of people altogether, but only a very small number of them could cultivate to the Withering Glory stage.

Just like brother and sister Li Muyang and Li Shinian. If an old Taoist master did not give Li Shinian a copy of the 'Art of the Breaking Body' to assist her in establishing her foundation, her life would most likely be like an ordinary person, unable to even take half a step into the mysterious door.

Not to mention Li Muyang, if his body did not suddenly start to change, he would remain a sick person, a trash—–And not even be as good as the thousands of ordinary people around him.

There's the royal family, outstanding talents of the noble families, top elites of the nine nations, the dark horse of the desert and the grasslands, the geniuses of various top sects—-

Adding them all together, cultivationists are not a minority.

But cultivationists who could reach the Withering Glory state are extremely few, they can all be said to be illustrious individuals of the generation.

For example the best of West Wind Kingdom's military Lu Xingkong, he is a war hero and with outstanding military achievement, his cultivation has reached the Withering Glory realm. He is one of the strongest in the entire West Wind Kingdom. He is someone who countless people admire and look up to, and also someone who countless elites want to surpass.

If a Withering Glory realm master like him appears in any of the nine nations, they would either be invited into the palace and live like a prince and be worshiped, or would be dispatched to important cities or frontier stockade to lead troops or perhaps become a provincial governor.

However, in Starry Sky Academy, even an ordinary teacher is at the Withering Glory realm——at least according to Lin Canghai.

Is this not astounding?

Li Muyang widened his eyes, becoming dumbstruck for a long time before he said in the most surprised tone: "Teacher Yang, your abilities are remarkable, you are the strongest skilled master I have ever seen in my life. A powerful person really does not expose his true self. Teacher Yang has this sort of power but is still low-profile, you really are the example us students should learn from.!

Li Muyang thought of 'latching onto thick thighs', at that time he felt Yang Xiaohu's thighs are not thick enough and he won't be able to help him protect his family. So, instead he grabbed onto Kong Li and Xiahou Qianbai in front of Yang Xiaohu—–But now he was worried that Yang Xiaohu would hold a grudge, write his name down in the small notebook he carried about with him.

"One must not provoke scholars." Li Muyang had always remembered this phrase. Who was it that said this?

Yang Xiaohu's face flushed with embarrassment, waving sheepishly as he said: "Don't say that, don’t say that—-I'm just an ordinary person. A brick of Starry Sky Academy, where I am needed, that's where I will be."

"Teacher Yang is humble, open-minded and radiates the aura of a very able person——" Li Muyang said flatteringly. He wanted to eliminate Teacher Yang's prejudice against him as soon as possible. He is someone without power, without any support but carried the burden of people wanting to kill him for vengeance – no that's not right, he was the unlucky person who was being chased and kill. He had kept fatty Gongshu Yuan's words firmly in mind: 'Grab onto thick thighs'.

For his family, Li Muyang was willing to endure all the suffering and humiliation.

Even if someone accused him of being shameless, he did not mind.

"It's still class time now, you can't fight." Yang Xiaohu came in front of Chu Xun, handed back the sword and said sternly: "you're fighting in every class, that's a lack of respect for me the teacher."

With a rush of complicated emotions, Chu Xun received the sword.

The diamond sword he extremely liked before, felt as if it was scalding his hand.

Yang Xiaohu then walked over and supported Tie Muxin back up, saying: "student Tie Muxin are you alright?"

"I'm fine." Tie Muxin exclaimed with his face filled with excitement. Men from the desert tended to like powerful people. The stronger they are, the more they respect and are fond of. "Teacher Yang, I didn't know you are so amazing. Normally you look weak, I thought you were a——-"

"You though I'm a pedagogue that can't even tie up a chicken?" Yang Xiaohu asked with a smile.

"Hehe——–" Tie Muxin laughed awkwardly.

Yang Xiaohu patted him on the shoulder, saying: "Classmates are friends, you can entrust them with your life. You don’t always need to draw your sword for small matters, there's no need to suddenly fight to the bitter end. If you really wanted to compare and practice, there are plenty of opportunities later——-There's the martial arts practice building, it's the place for a fair battle. After the battle, you can put winning and losing aside and become good friends in the future."

"There's also the Starry Sky battlefield, of course, I wouldn't advise everyone to go there, that's where people fight to death——-although students have their own freedom, and the school would not stand against it."

"Starry Sky Academy is a micro-society, the emotions that you experience outside, you will also experience them in Starry Sky Academy. Love, hate and affection are also experienced in Starry Sky Academy. Do what you want freely. That has always been the motto of Starry Sky Academy."

Yang Xiaohu pulled out a book, his gaze panning across everyone as he said: "well, too much digression. Now I can finally start the class——Everyone take out the book I prepared for you."

A book was laid out in front of each student, on the cover of each book, in simple ancient writing were the characters: [Language of the Dragon].

The handwriting in each book are the same, Li Muyang recognised it was Yang Xiaohu's writing. He specially copied out the content for each student.
"I copied the [Language of the dragon] for everyone." Yang Xiaohu said with a smile. He raised his hand, waving a yellow colour scroll around in the air, saying: "The original is in my hands. There's only one copy, I can't let everyone see."

"In my many years of research, dragon language is the language that's most obscure, difficult to learn and to imitate." Yang Xiaohu said seriously. He resumed the look of a nerdy teacher as before. However, no student dared to look down or underestimate him anymore. Every student sat up straight, looking full of energy, and did not dare to whisper to each other.

"The pitch is simple and sometimes it's just a single word. But the monosyllabic word changes according to its seriousness, tone, pronunciation and the length, all these may lead to different interpretations and meanings."

'I'll give you an example." Yang Xiaohu said. He pinched his nose and made an extremely eerie tone, then asked: "Do you know what that means?"

"I don't know." The students answered together.

"Joy." Li Muyang blurted out unconsciously. As if the word did not come from his mouth.

"I knew you guys——-" Yang Xiaohu said with a smile. It was his usual procedure because it's impossible for the students who just arrived at Starry Sky to know the meaning of dragon speech.

Before asking the question, he had already prepared what to say next.

Then, he came to an abrupt halt, staring at Li Muyang in astonishment: "student Li Muyang—-what did you just say?"

He heard a different voice, a different answer to those 'I do not know'.

He heard someone say 'joy'; it was Li Muyang's voice.

Although he only uttered the one word for a very brief moment but he could hear it very clearly.

Because it was different, it stood out.

"I didn't say anything." Li Muyang, trying to maintain his composure, squeezed out a smile.

His heart pounded like crazy, he knew that he was about to face a huge crisis.

Chapter 143: Common person becomes king!

When someone asks a question, the brain's first reaction is to think. This is the body's natural response.

If an answer could not be reached after a long deliberation, the mouth would naturally say 'I don't know'.

At the same time that Li Muyang heard Yang Xiaohu's question, his brain began to ponder.

Even he himself didn't know that in the depths of his memory was a sound very similar to this. And, adding to this, he felt that this tone of voice was extremely simple to pronounce: joy.

This sound represented a dragon's joy.

As he pondered, he blurted the answer out loud.

"Joy?" This was his guess.

Even though he was not sure whether this answer was correct himself.

"Joy." This was him being sure.

Even when he answered aloud, he was still not entirely certain the word came from his own mouth.

However, he spoke out subconsciously.

And as it happened, teacher Yang heard it clearly.

A student who just arrived at Starry Sky, how could he has an understanding of an obscure and difficult to learn language that he was never taught before?

Li Muyang really wanted to slap his own face; you could do anything but why must you expose yourself like this? Why must you look for trouble?

"No, I heard you. You said joy—–" Yang Xiaohu walked to the front of Li Muyang in big strides, looking full of excitement as he said: "Li Muyang, you understand the language of dragons?"

"I don't understand." Li Muyang said, shaking his head in quick succession. "I really didn't say anything."

"Didn't say anything?" Yang Xiaohu's gaze shifted over to the other students, asking: "did you hear it?"

"I heard brother Muyang said 'joy'." Tie Muxin is a simple and honest good student. What he heard, he'd truthfully report it to the teacher.

"I also heard it." Lin Canghai said with a smile. He threw a sideways glance at Li Muyang, saying: "Brother Muyang is so secretive, he never told us that he understands Dragon speech?"

"Exactly. I heard it as well." Qiandu said, smiling as she looked over at Li Muyang. "Muyang classmate, is that not something to be proud of? Why hide the truth?"

Lu Qiji, with a sarcastic and mocking smile on her face, said aloud: "Some things can't be hidden. A fox will eventually reveal its tail."

Listening to Qiandu and the others, Li Muyang felt the urge to not be friends with them anymore.

We're classmates, why torment each other so cruelly!

Is it the time to be in the limelight?

I am a dragon!

I'm a damn dragon!

Now that you know I understood dragon speech, next time you will suspect that I'm a dragon——Then when the moment comes, all of you would want to kill me, will I be able to live then?

Li Muyang looked at Yang Xiaohu seriously, saying: "Teacher Yang, you really heard me say 'joy'?"

"Yes." Yang Xiaohu nodded firmly. "Other people said 'I don’t know', you were the only one who said 'joy'. So I heard it very clearly."

Li Muyang blinked his big innocent eyes, asking aloud: "did I answer right?"

"The answer is correct." Yang Xiaohu said cheerfully. "The sound I made just now, was indeed the sound that dragons make to express joy——-"

Li Muyang excitedly jumped to his feet and tightly squeezed Yang Xiaohu's arm, exclaiming: "Teacher Yang, according to what you said, that means I can already understand dragon language? I learnt the language of dragons without any teaching? Why am I so amazing? Do you think——I might be a genius? Am I a peerless genius left behind in the world?"

Yang Xiaohu tried to calm Li Muyang down. "Student Li Muyang, calm down——- calm down a little. You did answer a question right but the language of dragons is difficult to understand, obscure and complex. On average, without devoting at least ten years of study one would not completely understand it——There are no limits to what there is still to learn, it's a long road, you have much more to learn. Remember to not be arrogant and complacent, that will ruin your prospects."

"Could it be that Teacher Yang don't think I'm a genius?"

"You're not a genius——well I can't say you're not. In the subject 'dragon language', your performance is very good. As long as you work hard, then perhaps later you would become an expert in this field. At least have a better understanding than the other students. However, you've only answered one question right, your road has just begun. Therefore, continue to put in effort and develop your strengths——–"

Li Muyang looked visibly disappointed, his voice sounding deeply disheartened, saying: "I thought I can communicate directly with dragons, I thought I can understand their entire language. Teacher Yang, why don't you test me again, make a dragon's noise for me to listen again——–"

Yang Xiaohu pondered for a brief moment, before he pinched his mouth again, making an even more bizarre tone.

Li Muyang looked blank watching Yang Xiaohu. "Teacher Yang, this is dragon speech?"

"Of course it's dragon language." Yang Xiaohu said pleasingly. "You only got it right by chance just now or maybe I misheard you——but it doesn't matter. I’ll teach you everything I know without reservation. As long as you're willing to learn."

Li Muyang bowed deeply to Yang Xiaohu, saying. "Thank you teacher Yang."

Yang Xiaohu pressed his hands firmly down on the table and said: "Sit down please. We will continue our lesson."

"Yes." Li Muyang sat back down onto his chair.

Now that the 'miracle' has been solved and a hero was not present, everybody's focus and attention shifted away.

Only Lu Qiji's eyes were fixed on Li Muyang with a piercing stare, regarding him as an extremely dangerous person.

"So I'm not a genius." Li Muyang said to Chu Xun who was sitting next to him.

Chu Xun coldly snorted: "you're not a genius, you’re just trash."

"How can you say that?" Li Muyang felt indignant at the remark, but was inwardly extremely happy.

He had to remain low profile and become 'trash' in others' eyes. This was the safest path for him.

"Right." Tie Muxin wanted to repay Li Muyang by chiming in and defending him: "Before attacking others, it's best to look at yourself first."

"Students——-" Yang Xiaohu sighed, lightly drumming his finger on the table. "Please respect me."

And so, all the students settled into silence.

As the lesson draws to an end, Yang Xiaohu closed the textbook in his hand, looked at his students and said: "students, you can take the textbooks back to read and study, you can also take it back to look over today's lesson and practice the correct pronunciation of dragon language—–also, there's a very long text at the back of the book, which was copied from the original copy of [Language of Dragons]. I'm also currently in the research phase; the meaning is also unclear to me. If you are interested you can take a look at it. Though there is no need to be aggressive, learning is a gradual process."

After bathing, Li Muyang took out the book [Language of Dragons] and carefully studied.

Inside were mostly monosyllabic words that he could recognise but also some rather complicated hieroglyphs that he could not understand too well.

He suddenly remembered that teacher Yang mentioned there's a piece of text at the back of the book that even he does not understand, and so he turned to the last page.

Just like when people see characters they would read them out loud, the instant Li Muyang saw the tadpole-like characters, he also automatically read them out loud.

He recognised those tadpoles.

If anybody sees it, they would be as amazed as seeing immortals.

Because the weird noise that Li Muyang used to read out, is precisely the pure and noble language of dragons.

"The sky is black and the earth yellow, and the universe is chaotic. The sun and moon can be high or low, with stars arranged in patterns. Clouds soar up to deliver rain and dew forms into morning frost. Gold is born in the River Li while jade comes from Kunlun Mountain. Sea is salty while streams are light, scales sink and feathers glide——-"

Li Muyang froze for a moment, thinking to himself: Why does these writing feel so familiar? As though it's deeply imprinted in my mind.

His eyes were fixed on the words on the paper once again as he continued to read them out loud: "Dragon master, fire Emperor; bird official, and the emperor of men. Only dragons can have the same age as the sky. Only my dragon clan can share the land with the earth.

Li Muyang suddenly became excited, after reading these words he felt as if he had consumed some elixir.

Dragons, what powerful creatures.

He is actually a part of them, although currently he was not fully acknowledged by them—–but at least he obtained acknowledgement in parts.


Behind Li Muyang, in a place Li Muyang had not noticed, as he read out the text, the red river water was bubbling up, as though it's a gigantic pot of water being simmered.

Just like water that had just started to boil, it's gently rippling. As Li Muyang's voice rose steadily in pitch, the water became out of control.

Nujiang is originally not peaceful, the thundering river looks like a red dragon charging forth.

But today Nujiang was particularly ferocious and extremely frantic.



Raging waves beat against the shore, red waves rolled as high as one thousand feet.

Reflected in the magic mirror of Water Moon cave was the scene of raging Nujiang.
Kong Li carefully watched the scene, saying gravely: "Nujiang is angry. What is going on?"

Xiahou Qianbai stretched out his fingers, swiftly performing one hand seal after another.

Waving his long flowing sleeves and with his face looking as pretty as jade, he said aloud: "I have used the [five chief demons searching technique] to investigate and did not sense any strong presence above Nujiang——"

At the top of Starry Sky Academy's observatory tower stood a man dressed in a Starry Sky robe who has been standing there for some time.

Staring unblinkingly into the roaring red Nujiang, he said with a sigh: "More than ten thousand years of continual resentment, you still won't let it go? Do you still vainly hope that someone can summon your souls back for you?"

Li Muyang's voice grew louder and louder, pouring out his deepest feelings: "Born as a dragon, good fortune comes from all sides. Become an immortal being after death and be virtuous forever."

"Born a dragon, destroying riotous countries. After becoming an immortal being after death, the divine continent would prosper forever."

"Born as a dragon, must not disappoint the millions of citizens. After becoming an immortal being after death, the common becomes King."