The Inverted Dragon's Scale


The Inverted Dragon's Scale Chapter 1

The Inverted Dragon’s Scale: Chapter One

Chapter one – Youngster MuYang

There are some who say that LiMuYang is trash. That made LiMuYang enraged, originally this was a family secret, how did it get leaked outside and became an open secret?

Dark wind splashing into faces, the grass is green and flowers are red. Youths in twos and threes can be seen running and jumping in the underbrushes. Some were singing and dancing and others were playing wrestling. The atmosphere was joyful and carefree. The examinations are getting closer, every student has tightened their nerves and began to work extra hard to be accepted into prestigious schools of their dreams. The examinations were just one month and seven days away and the school organized this lake tour event. Its purpose was to calm the students‘ minds, and then in peak mental conditions strike towards the golden list of names.

At the corner of Sunset Lake, a youth with pitch black skin was sleeping soundly within the underbrushes. Even when sleeping, the expression of his face was full of happiness and liveliness. First it was happiness, then it was shyness, then it was hesitant indecisive entanglement and shame.
A month ago he was with class nine’s long legged beauty XuShiRui at the Royal Park’s decorated second floor eating Eight Treasure Wild Duck while conversing. Half a month ago he was invited by the temperamental goddess ZhangXinQi to go revise examination material at the Beast Aspect Pavilion after school, which he accepted with pleasure. Even class one’s all-rounder in all subject’s CuiXiaoXing clinged onto him wanting to take him out at night to watch LiYuan Family’s <<Empire of Extensive Love>>. He told her that he would think about it but deep down was not prepared to reject her.

LiMuYang wants to take in one lamb, not a whole mob. As such, too many debts with peaches will make him worry on how to deal with them. He doesn’t want to become a playboy.


A loud sound of gold and iron striking together reverberated. An old steel bin was kicked into the river by someone, after creating ripples on the surface of the river; it sank down making ‘Gu-du-gu-du’ sounds. LiMuYang suddenly opened his eyes, face at a loss while looking at the few students standing in front of him.

“LiMuYang, I think you shouldn’t be called LiMuYang, you should be called Li Dead Pig. You sleep in lessons and out of class, even on this trip you’re sleeping. Are you better than pigs at sleeping?” A handsome youth said with ridicule, he intentionally increased his volume, as to attract the attention of the other students.

“ZhangChen, can you not shame pigs? Although pigs are gluttonous and lazy, sleeping all day, at least it can grow a fat head, long ears and snow white skin, looking fat and dumb. But look at LiMuYang, skinny and pitch black, just like used charcoal. How does he compare with a pig?” A strong built YangJun said enigmatically, attracting everyone’s ridiculing laughter.

“LiMuYang, are you not fishing?” A short fatty lifted the simple bamboo crafted fishing pole leaning against the riverbed, smiled and said “looks like you didn’t succeed much, the bucket is empty, and you didn’t even catch one fish? Such a shame, just then someone even said that LiMuYang, who fished for the whole afternoon, must’ve caught a lot. We can even fill our stomachs up and have a fish feast. Are you not disappointing people too much?”

LiMuYang rubbed his eyes and secretly wiped the drool off his mouth. This action attracted more of spectating student’s laughter.

“what?” LiMuYang said with a face full of confusion. “What do you want?”

“LiMuYang, we just want to have a look at you, look at just how well you’ve slept.” ZhangChen used his fingers to poke his bangs and looked down on LiMuYang sitting down in the under-brushes and said” Slept well today?”

“Quite well.” LiMuYang said truthfully. The nap he took was indeed comfortable, but he still could not find an answer to the question and was getting anxious, should I go with CuiXiaoXing or not to watch the play?

“What did you dream about?”

LiMuYang’s black face turned red, drooped his head and said shyly “I can’t say.”

“Say it.” ZhangChen revealed an expression akin to a cat chasing a mouse. This is a game they often played, they were the cat and LiMuYang was the small mouse. “Don’t worry, we won’t laugh at you”.
“I can’t say.” LiMuYang once again shook his head.

“Did you dream about our big beauty Cui?”

Behind the crowd of people, a girl with long haired body wearing a white dress’s eyebrows twitched slightly, obviously not pleased that the discussion had involved her.

LiMuYang thoughtfully looked at ZhangChen and said “You’re not of age.”

“What?” ZhangChen’s eyes bulged out, seemingly unable to believe the reality in front of him. “What did you say?”

Did this guy eat the wrong medicine? LiMuYang was the freak of the class because of his pitch black skin. It looked like a piece of charcoal, which was why everyone liked to call him ‘black charcoal’ or ‘black man’. It was also because LiMuYang was addicted to sleeping as if his life depended on it, sleeping in class, sleeping outside of class, even sleeping when going out to play. Everyone eventually gave him the nickname “Sleeping God”. Because of his black skin and his everlasting sleeping patterns, LiMuYang became infamous within the school. Whenever someone saw him they would say “Hey look, that’s our school’s black charcoal, he sure can sleep, from the morning’s first lesson to fourth lesson, even the teacher broke his ruler trying to wake him up.”

LiMuYang was the class’ treasure, also the class mascot. When you’re in a good mood you would tease him, when you’re in a bad mood you would bully him. Today ZhangChen’s mood was very bad, because he secretly confessed to CuiXiaoXing, but was rejected. There was still one more month till the exams, during this time the students of the same year would all try to settle their own business. If he could not set up a normal boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with CuiXiaoXing now, he would only be able to open his eyes and watch the tender flower flowing with the wind, slowly leaving from his life.
The more he thought about it, the more he felt sad and at a loss for. ZhangChen wanted to vent his anger and coincidentally caught sight of LiMuYang sleeping soundly in the corner. However, even this small mouse dares to retaliate and ridicule him back? This has never happened before.

“You’re not of age.” LiMuYang repeated the words he said before, although it was only simply four words, the damage it dealt was tremendous. The colour of ZhangChen’s face grew darker and looked at LiMuYang aggressively and said word by word:” You want to die?”

LiMuYang rubbed his hair that became ruffled due to sleeping and said:” Saying these kinds of threats so loosely. I, in turn, have a question for you. The bridge of regrets has people walking over every day, how many of them were sent over by you personally?

“Beat him!”

ZhanChen shouted angrily and lead the charge at LiMuYang. ZhenChan was long bodied, straight as jade, eyes like bright stars. ZhangChen would frequently play Polo(1) and it enhanced his body even further. When he ran he was cold and imposing, almost like a tiger. It seemed as if a direct hit would be enough to send the shriveled, black and skinny LiMuYang flying. That was what everyone had thought. At this moment, LiMuYang was like a small boat in the middle of a huge ocean, a shivering little lamb in front of a tiger. Just one wave or one swoop, was enough to completely and utterly annihilate him. LiMuYang stood comepletely still, looking like he was scared silly. The white part of his ink stone eyes slowly became bloodshot, spreading. In the beginning it was thin and subtle, hard to see. However the veins soon connected together to form a film, making it seem more clear and terrifying. From just a glance, it seemed as if both eyes were covered by red ink. The deep and black pupils were the black hole of the sun above the heavens; the surrounding bloodshot film began to ascend upwards. On the back of LiMuYang’s hand that he held up emerged a thin scale. Just like a transparent fish scale. The surface of the fish scale shined with purple light and illuminated the black skin on the back of his hand, forming a purple-red colour. LiMuYang’s heart was filled with a ruthlessness and tyranny, it was as if there were pent up emotions that needed venting. Emotions that were overbearing, but also a feeling of being wronged that was hard to describe surfaced. ZhangChen ran close and threw a fist at LiMuYang’s face.


LiMuYang raised his hand to block.


There were people who cried out in shock, there were also people who closed their eyes due to fear. How can LiMuYang’s skinny stature defend against ZhangChen’s iron fist? ZhangChen’s face revealed a pleased smile, looking at LiMuYang who was one foot’s distance away, that hateful black face, was full of disdain.

“This pitiful small mouse, how dare he make a fool out of the cat?”

The moment the fist made contact, ZhangChen’s smile froze. He then felt an overbearing strength coming from his fist, pouring over him. He was overwhelmed and could put up no resistance to the overbearing strength.


ZhangChen’s body flew high up into the air and landed heavily into the under brushes some distance away. The whole place was silent where even a drop of a pin would be heard. There was no sound except for the swaying of the willow tree and the indissoluble insect noises.

LiMuYang actually used one move to strike ZhangChen away?