The Dragon's Pet

Other name: 山寨少主偷心贼

Genre: Fantasy, Xianxia, Xuanhuan

Date released: Unknown
Views: 158

Author: Kitten Wang; 佳炎

Status: Ongoing

Translator: finalreads

Dragon spirits have always protected the land of Nanjiang. Chenxi, a quiet girl, accidentally becomes the reincarnated guardian of the dragon spirit Pixie, going from her current lifetime to Nanjiang, where Pixie, having lost its power, is now a piece of jade. A mystical saying leads to a massive brawl over the jade. Chenxi masquerades as the leader of a martial arts clan to protect jade, and meets a man who is a headhunter for jade. During the fighting, secrets are uncovered about Nanjiang. Thieves are not who they pretend to be, and the guardian job is much more complex. When human greed leads to the dragon’s anger, inevitable battles loom in Nanjiang.

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