The CEO Who Hates Me

Other name: No other name

Genre: Drama, Mature, Romance

Date released: Unknown
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Author: EUSTOMA_reyna

Status: Completed

Translator: Webnovel

She had made a reckless decision because of a desperate situation. She had to disappear from his sight in order to save her loved ones. In return, she vowed to repay the debt she owed him if they were destined to meet again.




He had given his heart to a woman.

But that woman chose to leave, breaking his heart and hurting him in return. So, he vowed to find her, despite how long it will take and when that time comes, he will make sure to give her the punishment she deserved.




Love and hate are separated with just a thin line. The meanest person to you can also be the one who loves you the most. A real love interest in your life. You can neither hate nor accept that you are in love.


You'll hate but still can’t stop yourself from falling in love.


Can love win against hatred?





She was about to walk at the door when she heard a man's voice from her back.


"Leaving already?" he asked confidently, "You seem to be in such a rush to talk to me. Why don't you spill it out now?"


She was stunned; his voice sounded familiar and began to wonder if she was hallucinating. Suddenly the cool air inside the room made the hairs of her skin all up.


Her mind was spinning; she thought he sounded like Ryu. It occurred to her that the anger she was feeling was possibly affecting her judgment.


She abruptly shook her head and declared, "It's okay, I can wait outside. Dress first and let's talk after that. Call the reception once you are ready."


She heard the man chuckle as if amused, a familiar sound that made her turned around.


She gasped when she almost bumped into a man's wet chest.


"Um sorry, you sound familiar." She said slightly bowing her head to hide her flushed face.


She felt the man's arm encircled her waist while she was abruptly pulled towards him.


He then leaned forward and scornfully whispered into her ear, "Aren't you here to negotiate? I was hoping you had a better offer."


Arya frowned and abruptly pushed the man attempting to get away from him. Instead, she was pushed back until she could feel her back pinned against the wall.


She tilted her head to look up at the rude man and was left with open-mouthed looking at a familiar face.


She was shocked but managed to mumble, "Ryu?"


Ryu smirked and stared at Arya's slightly opened lips and said, "Did you miss me? How about this?"


Before Arya can utter another word, Ryu captured her lips abruptly and kissed her roughly.


Arya felt the familiar lips that were probing hers deeply. It was the familiar conquering lips that, for six months, she had missed terribly.


The kiss that made her legs weak, they trembled slightly. Butterflies fluttered from her throat down to her stomach sending a shiver through her core.


This was the kiss she had been longing for her entire life.


Unconsciously, she wrapped her arms on his neck and matched his passion.

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