Supreme Conquering System


Supreme Conquering System Chapter 1252

Chapter 1252 - Destroying the City, Destroying the Great Sect

"Elder Kong, we are not worthy of your blame. Heaven kills the earth and the heavens are on our side, don't blame us for this!"

An elder of Treading the Sky Sect sighed, and said indifferently.

After all, human nature was selfish to begin with. How could it be possible to hope for this group of practitioners to give up their lives for nothing?

If it was said that the Treading the Sky Sect was still powerful, no one would give up on him.

But at that moment, the sage realm had fallen, the Treading the Sky Sect was on the verge of destruction, how many people were willing to die together with them?

The group of Treading the Sky Sect disciples followed the many warriors and flew far away from Heaven Trampling City.

"Hahaha! Heaven's will! Heaven's will!"

Venerable Lord Kong's body trembled, he laughed in pain, and his voice was filled with despair.

"Make your move!"

Then, Venerable Lord Kong brought along a disciple who was willing to die with him, and said unwillingly.

"Heaven's will cannot be blamed for this, if you have to blame, blame yourself, and become enemies with my The Undescended Kingdom!"

Da Tongmuyuyi's gaze was cold as she waved her sleeve.

Since he had come to destroy Treading the Sky Sect with the Emperor's decree!

Then, it was naturally no longer necessary for Treading the Sky Sect to exist.

For example, letting go of these Treading the Sky Sect disciples was just a casual action on Da Tongmuyuyi's part.

A group of ants, exterminating or not exterminating, had no difference. However, this group of ants could spread the name of the The Undescended Kingdom!

To announce to the world the fate of those who were able to bully others, the Treading the Sky Sect was a former example!


In the next moment, a series of blood mist exploded, causing Venerable Lord Kong and the rest to perish on the spot.

Venerable Lord Kong and the rest were merely, how could they possibly withstand Da Tongmuyuyi's casual attack?

In Da Tongmuyuyi's eyes, the Venerable Yu Hua was no different from an ant!


Following that, the void began to tremble, and a large sparkling hand once again appeared.

However, this time, the palm was at least two hundred thousand meters large, covering the entire Heaven Trampling City!

One palm to cover the sky!

Shortly after, the giant sparkling hand that covered the entire city suddenly came crashing down.

In the blink of an eye, all things rumbled, and the sky lost its color!

With the Heaven Trampling City at the center, the entire Vast Expanse was enveloped in a suffocating pressure!


The world's spirit energy in the air exploded under the power of this giant sparkling hand. Endless energy swept out, covering thousands of miles!

Even the warriors who had escaped thousands of miles away from Heaven Trampling City were sent flying countless times!

Under the powerful, sparkling hands, all sorts of buildings, pavilions, and palaces began to collapse one after another in the Heaven Trampling City.

Soon after, it was twisted into dust by the astral winds!

Smoke and dust rose in all directions, blotting out the sky and blotting out the sun!

The entire Vast Expanse trembled three times. As for the aftermath, it seemed as if countless mountains and cities had been destroyed!


After the dust settled, many martial artists looked back.

Originally, the towering Heaven Trampling City had already disappeared, and replacing it was a gigantic hand print.

Destroying a city with a single palm, destroying a great sect with a single palm!

"There is no Treading the Sky Sect in this world, there is no Treading the Sky Sect in this world!"

Countless Central State martial artists that witnessed this scene all muttered.

"Central State is in chaos!"

Some more knowledgeable practitioners sighed softly.

With such a tyrannical power in the Tianguang Continent, it was destined to never be calm again.

Furthermore, this power possessed such formidable strength that it could even exterminate a great sect!

Everyone could already imagine the shock that would be felt in the Central Region and even the Tianguang Continent when this news was spread out!

As for those warriors who had just abandoned the Treading the Sky Sect, all of them had gloomy expressions and bowed their heads in silence.

The Undescended Kingdom, this was stepping on Treading the Sky Sect's corpse, achieving a fame that was unrivaled!


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