Supreme Conquering System

Other name: No other name

Genre: Fantasy

Date released: Unknown
Views: 80606

Author: Yi Jiang Chang Ge

Status: Ongoing

Translator: Babel Realm

Yo, I transmigrated. It's fine, I have the system.


Yo, the first prince wants to harm me, no problem, I have the system.


Yo, the enemy is invading, it's okay, I have the system.


Yo, my beloved concubine is waiting for me in my bedroom. Cough cough … I'll do this myself.


You said that your generals and advisers are as numerous as the clouds? It's fine, I only have countless servants recruited by the System.


You said you have a killer under you? No problem, go on, for free, cut him up!


You said you have an invincible general under you? No problem, go on, get sick, fuck him!


You said that you have an illusion master under you? No problem, go, weasel, eat him!


You said that you are the unrivalled Emperor of an entire ten thousand worlds! Great Sage, come!


You say that you are an Empyrean that can become a cultivator of the Heaven and Earth with just a thought. Old Lord, come.


You say that you are a True Immortal from the Nine Heavens Immortal World, Sect Leader Tong Tian, come, take out your Immortal Slaying Sword Formation and chop him to death!


Right now, Qin Yi was considering a very important matter.


When the enchantress herself, the big-chested girl, our king Saber, was placed in front of him.


Would he summon them all, or would he summon them all?


This is a story of Qin Yi's rebirth into the Profound Sky Continent, conquest of the heavens, conquest of the earth, conquest of the sea and the air, and finally conquest of everything.

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