Super System Plundering the Heaven


Super System Plundering the Heaven Chapter 762

Qin Er had been promoted to the fifth stage

Xiao Zhantian stood behind Qin Er.

When the pellet in Qin Er's stomach truly started to erupt, he only had one thought in his mind.

This pill was way too domineering!

Under the impact of the Qi and Blood Pill's immense medicinal power, the vitality on Qin Er's body went berserk, and he turned into a bloody person.

Along with it, even the seventh level Deity Realm warrior had become uncontrollably restless for a moment!


At this critical moment, Xiao Zhantian let out a low shout, and the veins on his forehead popped out.

"Let me suppress it!"


In the pill refining room, everyone fell into a trance.

Suddenly, Xiao Zhantian transformed into a three thousand meter tall mountain, pressing down towards everyone's heads!

So it turned out that Xiao Zhantian had already unleashed the true power of his seventh level Deity Realm warrior!

Xiao Zhantian's mind started to move, his mind became one with the heaven and earth, bringing along the power of the heaven and earth, as though he was going to suppress everything!

All the onlookers in the pill refining room were in trouble.

The medicinal power of the Qi and Blood Pill that Xiao Zhantian had focused his mind on helping Qin Er to refine was naturally a little too much for him to care about.

Under the true eruption of the seventh level Deity Realm warrior, everyone's body swayed.

They were all pale and sweating profusely!

In the pill refining room, Ye Yu felt that everyone was acting strangely, and raised his eyebrows as he spoke.

"Wake up!"

Ye Yu's soft shout was like a sweet rain falling down, resounding in everyone's ears.

Whoosh …

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief, and finally woke up under the pressure of Xiao Zhantian's Qi.

"Hu … Alliance Master's power is too terrifying!"

"As expected of seventh level Deity Realm warrior! But because of that oppressive aura, I dare to breathe! "

"That's right!" I almost suffocated to death just now! "

The powerful one is Clan Elder Ye Yu! Not only is he unaffected, he even managed to wake me up with a light shout! "

"Sigh … Elder Ye Yu's strength is truly mysterious!"

Everyone present looked at Ye Yu with eyes full of admiration and worship.

Xiao Zhantian's might was indeed frightening.

However, Ye Yu was able to withstand the pressure of the seventh level Deity Realm warrior and was not affected in the slightest.

His words even woke everyone up from their stupor.

This kind of performance made everyone feel even more terrifying!

At this moment, Qin Er was finally able to start refining the berserk medicinal power of the Qi and Blood Pill with the help of Xiao Zhantian's full strength.

The blood energy that was surging like waves unceasingly fused into Qin Er's body.

This refined blood energy, continued to rush towards Qin Er's bones.


The muffled sound of thunder rang out one after another.

The bone marrow within the skeleton finally began to transform.

Drip! Drip!

A drop of ruby like blood condensed from the bone marrow and flowed into the blood of Qin Er's body.

This was just the beginning. Following after, the ruby-like blood continuously condensed and finally converged into Qin Er's body, causing the blood in his entire body to transform!

As time passed, the dull sound of thunder in the alchemy room slowly dissipated.

Inside Qin Er's body, the Qi and Blood Pill's medicinal effect was also gradually dissipating.

In exchange, his bone marrow became mercury and his blood became pulp!

This signified that Qin Er had finally become a Grade V Purification warrior!

Whoosh …

Behind Qin Er, Xiao Zhantian withdrew the palm that he had placed on Qin Er's shoulder.

Xiao Zhantian heaved a long sigh. He had never felt so tired before.

Even when he was chasing after the Japanese ninja, Xiao Zhantian had never been so worried like this.

Raising his head to look at Ye Yu, Xiao Zhantian's face revealed a wry smile.

"Junior Master Ye Yu, no wonder you didn't personally take action.

Joy flashed past Xiao Zhantian's eyes, and he continued, "But luckily, my mission was fulfilled, Qin Er's advancement has ended!"


With that said, Qin Er who was seated cross legged on the ground shivered.


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