Starlight Has No Past


Starlight Has No Past Chapter 44 part1

Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 44 Part 1

This year’s Chinese New Year came somewhat late.
At the end of January, when it was close to the New Year, Ye Qiao turned down all work and given herself about a half month break. There were no award ceremonies or red carpets, no screaming fans or flashing lights. In those peaceful days, she fell in love taking pictures of Ophelia and Desa. She would then post those pictures on the site Zhou Tingsheng had created earlier, with some quirky captions. The site suddenly became active after being inactive for so long, but the change of style led to a lot of speculation from the viewers.

Ye Qiao’s own apartment was practically empty since she now stayed with Zhou Tingsheng. She only returned to her own place when she needed something. One day she went back to fetch an old contract.
As she opened her own apartment door, the elevator stopped at the 23rd floor. Since there were only two units on this floor, the visitor was either visiting her or Zhou Tingsheng.

Zhou Tingsheng heard someone coming to his apartment and figured it was Ye Qiao. When he went to the door, he discovered someone else.
He hadn’t seen Ruan Feiyan for a few months. She was dressing rather maturely, her legs bare despite it being a freezing winter day. Zhou Tingsheng looked beyond her bright smile to see  2301’s door had just closed. The corner of Ye Qaio’s clothes just disappearing into the the other apartment. He couldn’t tell what kind of expression Ye Qiao had on her face. Ruan Feiyan waved her hand in front of Zhou Tingsheng: “Tingsheng Gege, what are you looking at?”

Zhou Tingsheng took his eyes off the other door and let Ruan Feiyan into his apartment: “Why did you come without letting me know ahead of time?”
Ruan Feiyan put a large shopping bag on the coffee table: “The pet toys I told you about last time. You haven't come over to pick them up and I don’t have much space to put them. Besides, I don’t want them to go to waste so I came to deliver them to you.”

Zhou Tingsheng certainly knew that was just an excuse. He poured two glasses of water and sat down ready to have a chat with her: “Before winter break, you homeroom teacher gave me a call. He told me your grades have gone down a lot.”
“Didn’t she say she wasn’t going to tell you……” Ruan Feiyan indignantly threw a toy bone. “I’m telling you she’s a spinster, she must like you and found an excuse to call you.”
Zhou Tingsheng wasn’t good at giving lectures, but gave her a displeased look for being disrespectful to her teacher.

Ruan Feiyan went over placing her arms over his: “Alright, alright…...Tingsheng Gege, I’ll do better next semester, all right?”
Ye Qiao happened to open the door just when as Ruan Feiyan clung to him.
Ye Qiao stood still at the doorway, silently exchanged a look with Zhou Tingsheng, then backed out and closed the door before Zhou Tingsheng could get a read on the layers of emotions in her eyes. As her frosty face disappeared behind the door, Zhou Tingsheng hurriedly freed his arm from Ruan Feiyan and said in an unusually harsh tone: “Don’t come to my place if you don’t have anything to do here.”

“What do you mean? !” The Ruan Feiyan’s face immediately changed. She demanded with a darkened face: “Who was that. Wu Zi said your recent girlfriend is a movie star, Ye Qiao, right? Is that her?”
Ruan Feiyan had already recognized her with just one look. She had seen her face in her nightmares numerous times. She just didn’t expect to see her here and because of her, Zhou Tingsheng’s attitude had changed so drastically.

Zhou Tingsheng didn’t know when the naive little girl had turned into an irritable and hysterical teenager.
He had always been particularly patient with her, but her temperament seems to have worsened. Zhou Tingsheng realized he had to be strict with her: “Sit down.” He commanded with a frown, his face looking particularly ominous.
Ruan Feiyan raised her voice: “What right do you have to order me?”
“I told you to sit down.” Zhou Tingsheng tried hard not to let his irritation get the better of him.
“I won’t.” Ruan Feiyan backed away a step. Realizing that there was no point pretending anymore she spoke, her voice choking: “You think I don’t know who she is? Just because she doesn’t use his father’s last name, I wouldn’t know who she is? I know, she’s the daughter of that killer! Her heart is my mom’s …...Who does she think she is?!”


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