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Spending My Retirement In A Game Chapter 387 - Leaving the Golem's Island

With a curious smile, Eisen turned toward Xenia, "I'm pretty sure we can't remove any of it?" The old man asked, and Xenia shook her head with a sigh. "Sadly not, I did try it out as well." She replied, before Eisen chuckled in response and nodded.

"I see, too bad. Well, it's a divine material, so it was to be expected. I'm glad we can somewhat control it in the first place. Now, I'm guessing the others are already near the beach?" The old man asked, somewhat disappointed that he wouldn't be able to make a completely automatic Golem-Generator, and the other four swiftly nodded their heads.

"Mhm, they're just waiting there, we knew you'd be waking up sometime around this time." As the Heavenly Artist told this to the old man, Eisen just slightly smiled and followed the four others to the beach, while Xenia commanded the Town-Golem to sit back down and 'go to sleep'.

"So, leaving the town completely to Judah is a good idea?" Eisen asked, and Xenia nodded her head immediately.

"Oh, yeah, it's fine. I can open the town-menu from anywhere, apparently, so I can see if anything's wrong. And because Judah is technically a golem connected to me, I can command him from anywhere." The High-Elf answered, so Eisen slowly nodded his head in response.

"I see, makes sense." The old man admitted, and soon, he saw the others of the group sitting and talking together on the beach in the sunlight, just relaxing a little bit for now. There were some Golems walking around in the area, but as they were under control of the town , they didn't attack any of them. This was an incredibly useful thing in the old man's opinion, especially considering that this would usually make it insanely easy to level up up to a certain point.

As soon as Eisen saw the others, or rather as soon as they saw him, Eisen's monsters as well as Bree, Sky and Kiron, jumped up and made their way over toward the old man, "Eisen!" Caria exclaimed and quite literally jumped on top of the old man, while Melissa, who was riding on Sal's back, just waved at Eisen a little, because she seemingly felt a little unstable on top of the Arachnid.

And while Xenia swiftly continued walking to get away from Sal for now, Eisen paid attention to something else. Caria and Melissa both... Evolved!

He didn't know what exactly happened to make them evolve in the past day, but Eisen was more than just happy to see that two of his tamed monsters were now Rank 4.

It seemed like Caria had evolved to a 'Myconid Druid', getting rid of the 'Lesser' prefix in front of her race-name. She had grown in size a little bit, and the dress she was wearing was now far too short for anything that Eisen wanted to allow in any possible way, even if Caria was an adult, but it seemed like the others already noticed this as well and tried to put some cloth around her hips. The Dress hadn't hit the growth-limit yet, but because Caria grew more in height than in width, the Dress didn't 'Scale Up' properly and had become too short for her current body.

Before, Caria looked like she was in maybe late Kindergarten or early elementary school, but now, she was a fair bit taller and looked as if she was in late elementary school!

On the other hand, Melissa had moved on from being an 'Empress Bee' to being a 'Great Empress Bee'. And although there wasn't really anything all that 'Great' about her physically, she had grown a little as well and became a cute, early elementary school child. The wings on her back had become more prominent, but she seemed to be able to 'fold' them away pretty easily so that they wouldn't be an issue. Her dress seemed to have a bit of an issue with 'scaling up' as well, so Eisen figured he should try and make her something new as well.

And while he was at it, he could just make something like a jacket for Sal, so that the little guy wouldn't feel left out.

"How amazing you two are! How did you manage to rank up?" Eisen asked the two of them with a smile, and Caria pressed her fists against her hips with a smug smile.

"Hehe, I... Don't know! But it happened, so I'm happy!" She replied, and Melissa similarly didn't seem to be entirely sure what happened, "I don't know either..." The young 'Great Empress Bee' said shily, but Eisen just smiled at the two of them and rubbed the top of their heads, simply happy that the two of them Ranked up again, and then took the chance to check on Sal's status as well.

It seemed like in the past day, his mana-manipulation was leveled up surprisingly much, and he was close to Ranking the skill up to 2, something which he might manage by the end of the day if he really tried, and Sal's general level increased a fair bit as well. His other magic skills were also leveled up pretty nicely, and he gained a few more mana-based skills. And he was already aware of how he got them, even if it was pretty surprising.

"So you showed Sal a few Magic skills, huh?" Eisen asked with a smile on his face as he turned toward the High-Elf standing a little bit further along at a safe distance from the spider-monster, before Xenia slowly nodded her head.

"It was really hard, so you better be grateful... Although, I did only really show him the basics..." Xenia added as she scratched her cheek, before Eisen chuckled in response and picked his three monsters up a little, just to pamper them for another while. "Well, thank you, I appreciate it." Eisen told her, and soon enough, Jyuuk turned toward all of them, pointing at the water.

"My Skeletons are moving the ship closer already, should be here in a few minutes. Do any of you want to do something else here, or should we just move right on to the next Island?" Jyuuk asked them, but everyone just swiftly looked at each other before then choosing to go to the next island right away. Especially Kiron and the Paladin seemed extremely excited about this.

"Alright then." Jyuuk said with a smirk and then quickly turned toward the ship which started getting closer and closer to them, and while this was happening, Eisen turned toward the person that was standing next to everyone to send them off properly.

"Fluke." Eisen said with a smile on his face, and the Warforged turned toward the old man as well. "Think about that offer I made you?" As Eisen said this, he began to chuckle slightly, and Fluke scratched the back of his neck.

"Well, for now, I can't come with you, I'm planning on staying here a little longer. It should be able to help my research out, especially considering that the Golems seem to act a little different now. I'm heading to the continent you came from in a few weeks, though, so it would be great to see you again then." Fluke pointed out with a slight smile, and Eisen nodded his head in reply, "You should head to a town in the dwarven country to the west of the continent. It's called 'Melroe', they have a few incredible craftsmen there, and I will head there myself again soon." Eisen suggested, before the Warforged just smiled and extended his hand forward for a handshake.

"Alright, I'll try and see if I can find it when I'm there." Fluke replied, and Eisen shook his hand with a nod. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Fluke." Eisen told him, and the Warforged nodded his head in reply, "Likewise."

Fluke then slowly sent the group of, who chose to make use of different spells to easily create a simple bridge over toward the ship so that they could just casually walk on there.

After that, the group immediately started making sure they really had everything, before Jyuuk commanded his skeletons to start moving the ship toward the next island with the help of Sky and Bree, the only ones that had the Cartography skill, before Eisen swiftly turned toward the Paladin to speak to him about something that he had mentioned before.

"So, you said there was some kind of Dragon that's supposed to protect the island from unwanted intruders?" Eisen asked him, and without hesitation, the bronze-scaled Half-Dragon nodded his head.

"Yes, exactly. He makes sure that everyone is an ally of the Dragons, any dragons at that, and only lets those inside that are. Your ship has a Dragon's Figurehead, so it the Guard should be pretty happy with that already. On top of that, while he may not be a true dragon, but he still is one... You should have no qualms in getting through... And if the Guard can see who you truly are, he may as well bring us to the Island even faster than we usually would have been there." The Paladin pointed out, and Eisen nodded his head.

"I doubt there's going to be an issue if you say it like that. But we'll see about that when we get there." Eisen replied, and then quickly looked at the time, before moving his fingers through his beard. "Alright, Bree, Sky, you said it should take about five to six hours, right?"

"Yup, that's the fastest and safest route, at the very least." Sky pointed out, and Eisen nodded his head with a slight sigh. "Then let's get there and rest on the ship for the night after that. And in the morning, we'll go on a straight path to the Village." Eisen suggested, but the Paladin shook his head in response.

"It's not going to be that easy, probably. There's a few rather dangerous monsters on the island, most of them being at a low Rank 5, so we'll have to make sure we get around their territories to avoid issues. I know a few shortcuts, though, so it still won't take too long." The Paladin reassured, so Eisen just nodded his head in response.

"I see, then I hope we can count on you for that tomorrow. But for now, I think you'll have to excuse me, I have a little bit of a project to work on." Eisen told the others with a smile on his face, before he turned toward Fafnir.

"Could you summon the Gate?" The old man asked, and Fafnir slowly stretched his body and then jumped into the air, making the stone-brick door and gate appear as he did so.

"Thank you." Eisen said and swiftly shrunk down, now wearing an oversized apron and pants, and then stepped into the dungeon, with his three monsters swiftly following him inside, while Eisen saw a fair bit of progress inside of the Dungeon itself.

The first noticable thing was that instead of stepping into the open field, Eisen was now inside of a building, with stone-brick walls and wooden floorboards, as well as something like a, so far, rough counter on the other side of the room manned by three Goblins. There wasn't much else inside of there right now but a few seats, said counter, and what seemed to be a basic teleportation-circle meant for returning Dungeon-Dwellers.

"Well then, interesting." Eisen said with a smirk on his face, before Sigurd appeared in a cloud of mist right next to him and nodded its head with a smug expression. "Yup! I've been having the monsters build it for a little while now. Pretty nice, huh? In the back room there's supposed to be some space for documents and such. The others told me that most towns try and document who enters and exits a dungon the best that they can, and I figured this would be a good way to do so, so that I can concentrate on managing the actual Dungeon-Diving parts."


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