Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 997

"She, she woke up!"

Zooey heard a cry of astonishment and then saw several sharp swords held to her neck.

"Don't move!" Alethea's voice also appeared in her mind, "You'd better stay still until we confirm who you are."

"So that was why..." She noticed that her hands and feet were tied with iron locks, and she was lying on the stone bed where the demon originally was. Her partners were wielding swords, standing guard around her. She thought, "This is indeed a wise decision. It's quite necessary to confine me before they're clear whether it's me or the demon who occupies the shell of the God's Punishment soldier. They did not ask for my identity. Instead, they decided to make the judgment by themselves, which is a mature decision."

After all, since the demon has occupied my body, any answer might be a lie.

If Kabradhabi did not make it up, the dozens of days in the dark stream of consciousness was equivalent to only a few minutes in reality. It must have been Alethea who made the correct judgments and took countermeasures in such a short period of time.

With such partners, I really have nothing to worry about.

When Zooey was about to close her eyes and leave it to them, what she saw in the crowd made her frown.

What are they doing?

She saw another stone bed beneath the magic core. Though she could not see who was lying on it, the answer was almost self-evident as the witches were crowding beside it.

She soon came up with a possibility—

Do they plan to confirm my identity through King Roland's Dream World?

No, no one here can force Roland to do it. If it's real, then it can only have been prompted by himself.

But... this is too inappropriate! How can Alethea agree with this plan? Doesn't she know what the mortal king means to the God's Punishment Witches? What's more, according to the demon's words, their understanding of magic power is far better than ours. If the Dream World is also built by magic power, then it's a risky move to allow a Senior Demon into it.

I shouldn't have praised her!

Thinking of this, Zooey could no longer keep quiet. She cried,"Wait. Don't open the Dream World. I'm Zooey!"

Alethea took a look at her but didn't respond.

"Listen, Kabradhabi can revise the effect of magic power to a certain extent. If you let it enter the Dream World, we don't know what will happen. Wake His Majesty up. Quickly!"

"Oh? Really? To be honest, lying on that stone board is chilling. If I don't put a quilt on it, I really can't fall asleep. But if you were the demon, you could also say that."

Suddenly, a familiar voice echoed behind her.

Zooey tried to raise her neck and look backward. Then she saw a grey-haired man— It was Roland Wimbledon, the mortal king.

She immediately felt relieved.

It turns out that he has not yet lied on it.


For some reason, her senseless body felt a hint of warmth and satisfaction, as if it were no longer empty, though she did not know how to describe it. Compared with the pain which reminded her the suffering she'd been through, this completely different feeling made her feel calm and contented.

Zooey lightly sighed and said, "Indeed, if the demon occupied this body, it might see this information. So my method is very simple. Just let Ms. Camilla reconnect the demon and me."

"I... I did notice a soul movement just now, so I suspended the Mind Resonance." Noticing everyone staring at her, Camilla Dary hesitatingly replied, "But I can't tell which soul belongs to the demon."

"Are you sure that you want to enter the Mind Resonance state?" Roland asked.

"Yes, Your Majesty. There isn't a third soul here. Once it admits, you'll know the truth."

"Make the demon... admit?" The crowd did not know how to respond.

"No matter what happens, it won't get worse anyway," Pasha said. "It doesn't matter if you try. If Zooey is on the other side, I'll be able to tell."

"In that case," Roland looked around and quickly made a decision. "Connect them again."

The familiar sensation quickly enveloped her. Zooey directly transmitted her thoughts to Kabradhabi's mind, "I said before. I won't stop until I'm satisfied."

"Female—don't be too proud!" Almost at the same time, she heard the angry voice of the demon.

"If you don't want to talk about this, then I'll change a topic. You should know what I am thinking now?"

"Well, why should I admit? Use your own method to tell." The demon sneered, "I would like to see how you'll distinguish between different souls without knowledge of the stream of consciousness."

"If you don't say it, then I'll just go directly," Zooey said carelessly.

"Wait, wait... What does that mean?"

"Of course, going to your side. I can use the resonance channel to transfer my soul and enter the stream of consciousness. I suddenly realize I can also do that. Though you keep saying we're bugs, actually, the Extraordinaries are similarly sensitive to the flow of magic power. Even if I can't explain it, I can try to imitate it." She chuckled and said, "Do you remember what I said before? If you don't tell me, then it's the end of your rest."

The voice of Kabradhabi suddenly changed. "No... female, I mean... wait!"

"Even if you transfer again, it doesn't matter. I can still catch you easily. After all, there are just two shells." Zooey said carelessly, "Well, this time it'll be far more than a few dozen days. Are you ready?"

Mind Resonance did not mean you couldn't lie, especially when one side was in a weak situation. When the demon felt her overwhelming evil intent, it finally closed its mouth.

A moment later, it grinned—using the shell of the crippled God's Punishment soldier. Though it sounded a bit panicky, it still tried its best to bluff, "Enough! You bugs, how dare you to force lord Kabradhabi! But it can't be helped, this time, I'll concede that to you!"

"Keep quiet. Don't scare His Majesty," Zooey said unhappily through her consciousness.

"Ahem, female—" The demon was choked by her words, "You're trampling on the dignity of the senior race!"

"You've had enough rest?"

"You—" It glared at the Extraordinary hatefully and decided to swallow what it wanted to say. It lowered its voice and said bitterly, "Don't think that you can always win. Wars like this are just trivial setbacks for us! You low-grade bugs, you have no idea what's on the other side of the mainland. The army of Sky-sea Realm is engulfing the land little by little, trying to turn the whole world into an abyss. If it were not to stop them, you, with such poor power, would have been crushed into ashes by us 400 years ago!"


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