Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 963

At that time, she did not understand the question. It was only after she was exiled from the City of Glow and experienced those days without shelter and food during the escape that she began to realize the heavy burden of "life".

However, Andrea did not expect to hear this question again from a Taquila survivor.

"Why shouldn't I know about it?" Carol asked, winking and smiling at her.

"No, I didn't mean that..." Andrea was a bit embarrassed and answered, "I thought you ancient witches never had to pay any attention to these matters."

"Because the common people took care of everything?" Carol asked, leaning on the railing, "In fact, I was never very different from those common people."

Andrea was a little surprised and asked, "How could that be true?"

"Although there is a fundamental difference between a witch and a common person, how could the Union spare too much energy for a weak non-combat witch? Unlike Phyllis, my ability and magic power were of the lowest rank after awakening, so I was almost forgotten by the Union during the latter part of the war." She looked at the waves as if she was recalling the past days. "During the days when I lost the allowance, I lived with a group of common people. After the city was invaded, I also relied on them to persist right up till the very last moment."

"But in the battle in the Kingdom of Dawn, your abilities were completely unlike those of a non-combat witch..."

Even Ashes the Extraordinary would not have been able to defeat her.

"Training for hundreds of years is enough to change everything," said Carol, opening her hand and clenching it slowly. "In fact, when compared to those previous companions, I even feel a little fortunate that I've become a God's Punishment Witch. At least I've become stronger now. I'm no longer ignored, and I'm able to do something for everyone. Since we met His Majesty, it's also been a new kind of reward."

Andrea suddenly realized that she might not have started talking to her for no reason. She asked, "Why... do you tell me these things?"

Carol looked up and answered, "Because I envy you."

Andrea was stunned and stared blankly at her.

"With your ability, even in the days of the Union, you would have been an excellent combat witch. Since you were able to have a High Awakening at such a young age, you could have become one of Taquila's superiors.", The God's Punishment Witch said lightly, "Did you know? At that time, my greatest wish was to join the Blessed Army and get a blessing from Lady Natalia before a battle. You could achieve it easily. Now I've lost the possibility to become stronger. On the contrary, you're still far from your limits."

Carol paused and said, "The stronger you are, the more challenges you'll meet and the more setbacks you'll encounter. But don't forget, no matter how much hardship you experience, you're already enviable."

Hearing that, Andrea suddenly understood.

She was comforting her.

After her father's belated apology and the farewell to her childhood playmates, she had been feeling down for quite some time. It was only as she was getting closer and closer to Her Royal Highness that her mood gradually improved. Apparently, the God's Punishment Witch had noticed this and chose to share her past experiences with her at this time.

That was right. These kinds of twists and turns were nothing to a Taquila survivor. As a witch, what she blessings she still had were far more than what she had lost.

"Thanks," whispered Andrea, after being silent for a moment.

Carol shook her head and replied, "I just told the truth." Then she stood up and walked back toward the cabin.

"By the way, about what you just asked," Andrea said loudly towards her back, "They bury the straw as fertilizer. After all, they don't need it for a fire in Neverwinter now."

The God's Punishment Witch did not look back, but made a gesture of "I understand".

Andrea also could not help raising her lips. She turned back to face the direction of Neverwinter, her heart full of expectation.

I wonder what Her Highness is doing right now? Ashes must make sure she stays next to her.

Needless to say, Shavi must be missing me. When I go back, I'll absolutely play cards overnight with her.

And when I traveled with Lorgar last time, Maggie helped to inform us of our journey in advance. At this moment she must be in the wastelands with Lightning, watching the demons' every move.


A chirp came in the sky.

"Uh... Is this an illusion?" She seemed to have heard Maggie's cry.

As soon as Andrea looked up, she saw a fat pigeon descend from the sky and head straight for her face.

It's her indeed!

She could not find another pigeon heavier than Maggie.

"Ahem, you've become heavier!" Andrea pulled the pigeon down and spat the feather out of her mouth, "What about the demons in the northwest? Don't tell me that you're slacking off again!"

"Definitely not, coo!" Maggie argued, "It was His Majesty that told me to pick you up, coo!"

"But I'm coming soon..."

"I don't know either, but I'm absolutely not in the middle of nowhere, coo," said Maggie as she landed on the deck and turned into a Devilbeast. The ship immediately sank by a meter. "Hurry up. They're waiting for you, coo!"

For fear that the ship would soon turn upside down, Andrea immediately climbed onto her back and asked, "Wait... who... are 'they'?"

"Countess Spear and Miss Camilla, coo!" Maggie spread her wings and carried her toward Neverwinter.


They were not waiting for her in the Witch Building or Roland's castle.

An hour later, Andrea was directly brought to the outside of the boundary wall by Maggie. Besides Spear Passi and Camilla Dary, Anna, Sylvie, Lightning, Summer, and some other witches were also waiting for her on the grassland.

Roland was naturally there, as well.

"So you let her pick me up just to test a new weapon?" Andrea could not help holding her forehead after listening to the explanation. "Even if she hadn't come, I would have arrived at the inland river pier by tonight."

"But we can't afford to be delayed for a day," said Roland, simply telling her the news about the demons' strange move. "The First Army will start off tomorrow. Before it arrives at the entrance to the tunnel, the weapon specially made for you must be adjusted to a usable state."

"Is that so..." Andrea slightly frowned. The demons' actions always gave her a feeling of unease. There was still a while before the appearance of the Bloody Moon, so the demons seemed to be far too active right now. Anyway, they would have to attach great importance to any movement of the demons. The overnight card playing plans had to be temporarily postponed. She replied, "Got it."

She turned to look at a peculiar "gun" among the crowd. It was strange to describe it as a gun, as it was far too large. The barrel was as long as an adult. It did not seem to be the type of weapon which could be carried by an individual while marching and fighting.

It was only possible for Ashes to move around with it.

"What kind of weapon is this?"

"Anti-armor... No, you can call it an anti-Devilbeast sniper rifle," Roland replied.


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