Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 956

Although Lightning promised to go talk to the explorer, she did not have high hopes.

Roland also knew that she was seeking Thunder. If he had heard anything, he would have told her. Since he had not, it was most likely that the explorer knew nothing about it.

But anyway, she would do what Maggie and Lorgar had suggested so she could put their minds at ease.

Lightning walked up to the explorer but frowned immediately when she got a close look at the person. She was shocked by his florid fashion style.

The explorer from the Fjords named Sander Flyingbird appeared to be around 30. His right eye was masked. The eye mask was embroidered with a fresh rose. More than half of his face, however, was covered by the tattoo of rose twigs and leaves. Apparently, he had a horrible fashion taste.

Although an outstanding explorer should not judge a book by its cover, she was not impressed with his act of demeanor either.

It appeared that Sander Flyingbird was boasting about one of his thrilling adventures to other guests. It turned out he was just talking about Searing Flame Islands, but the words and expressions he used to describe his experience made people believe that he had reached the end of the ocean or the edge of Hell. It was true that Searing Flame Island was a perilous place, where lava constantly ejected from the bottom of the ocean and formed huge columns of steam that tended to block the view and burn crew members... Nevertheless, after generations of exploration, a full map of that area had been drafted. Adventurers simply needed to follow the correct route and enter the Island at a right time in order to avoid the dangers.

She had visited the main island of Searing Flame Islands, Flaming Mountain, with her father when she had not even reached the age of ten.

For the people of the Fjords, they only considered those who discovered new sailing routes, islands or relics as explorers. Since there were thousands of islands scattered around the Swirling Sea, a lot of people called themselves explorers, there were huge differences among them in terms of skills, experience, and abilities.

There were very few people who, in Lightning's opinion, could sit equal with her father, and Sander Flyingbird was obviously not one of them.

She instantly lost interest in him. While Lightning was hesitating, someone suddenly held her hand.

She looked up and found it was Aunt Margaret.

"Good timing, little girl." The female merchant beamed at Lightning. "Let me present Mr. Sander to you. He's an explorer from Twin Dragon Island and also the chairman of Dragonhead's Chamber of Commerce. He's also one of your father's admirers."

"I've already known his title." Lightning grumbled under her breath. However, since Aunt Margaret had already started the conversation, she had no choice but to manage a smile and say, "Hello, my name is Lightning. I am also from the Fjords, although I wasn't born on the Fjord Islands."

"Ah, so you're Sir Thunder's daughter?" Sander replied gleefully, "Ms. Margaret told me that the daughter of the greatest explorer is currently in Graycastle. We have finally met. Hmm... you do sort of look like Sir Thunder!"

"He's lying. Dad has never said I look like him. I look more like my mother whom I've never met." Lightning twitched her lips. "Thank you. Do you have any news about him?"

"I've only heard rumors. Some say he's ended up on an unknown island while others maintain that he's actually returned to Fjords. Because he encountered something unusual after the shipwreck, he keeps a low profile and is now recruiting new crew members for his next undertaking. I don't give a damn about other theories... especially those groundless rumors that harbor ill designs." Sander rambled on. "Of course, I'm personally inclined to the second theory. There're quite a few reefs around where the storm took place. Sir Thunder could definitely get himself out of trouble. In fact, many of his crew members survived the catastrophe."

This speculation was quite close to her own. Lightning felt the man was less distasteful.

She didn't really care if her father was looking for her or not.

As long as she stuck to her path as an explorer, she believed that they would meet again at some point in the future.

"By the way, can I ask which island you discovered?"

"Um..." There was a tinge of embarrassment in Sander's voice. "Well, I can't lie to His Majesty, but I became an explorer largely because of your father. The discovery of Shadow Islands has tempted many people, including the Chamber of Commerce, to further explore the area. We planned to deliver some supplies to a transfer island. Unfortunately, my fleet deviated from the original route due to an unexpected attack from a Sea Monster halfway, which later led us to the discovery of an island not yet marked on the map."

As Lightning had expected, Sander Flyingbird was that type of really lucky explorer who had just had a few expeditions.

"I see, but this is also the beauty of exploration, isn't it?" Lightning put on a serious look. "I'll let you and His Majesty talk." She then turned to Roland and performed a curtsy. "Your Majesty, please excuse me."

Roland seemed to be a little absent-minded because it took him a while to reply. "Ah... off you go," he said blankly.

Although she noticed that His Majesty looked a bit weird, Lightning did not take it seriously as she thought Roland was subject to Nightingale's protection. Instead of worrying about Roland, she should get prepared for the upcoming competition. It was literally the first contest after the foundation of the Exploration Group, so she must not allow a defeat!


Watching the little girl scuttle away, Roland was dumbstruck.

Thunder is a born actor!

His acting was so seamless that even his own daughter was not suspicious!

"No, that isn't technically right." If he had not known that the person in front of him was Thunder, he would have never associated with the "Sander Flyingbird" currently standing right next to him with the person who had gotten off the ship.

The primary reason to hold this particular feast was to give an appropriate explanation for Thunder's presence. Therefore, Roland had intended to arrange two separate reception halls, one big and the other small, where the small one would be used for receiving guests of honor. It was also a common practice among nobles. However, Thunder thought it was unnecessary for such formalities and insisted that one hall would do.

Roland had no issue with it either way. After all, Thunder was the person who did not want to meet his daughter. Yet to Roland's great dismay, Thunder had completely turned into a different person when he had shown up at the party with his fur coat off. Thunder told Roland that the change of his appearance was actually the joint effort of a gel substance and pearl powder. The dramatic tattoo and eye mask were also for the purpose of diverting people's attention to prevent them noticing the difference between the gel substance and his naked skin.

As for the change in his voice, it was a skill Thunder had developed over years of exploration.

But Roland did not buy his explanation.

He believed that everyone had his own distinctive character. Even if he could change his voice and appearance, it was still not that easy to escape the scrutiny of his own daughter who had lived with him for over 10 years.

Nonetheless, Thunder's acting made Roland believe that there were people who possessed this extraordinary talent. In an instant, the original 40-year-old explorer had been replaced by a dandy, boastful young leader of Dragonhead Chamber of Commerce.

Roland only knew one other person who had the same level of acting skills and that was May.


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