Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 938

When dawn's light shed over the city walls and into the inner city of the king's city, it showed that everywhere in the city was crowded with curious people.

It had never been so busy and lively in the City of Glow.

This was different from the auction exhibitions which were only available for the rich tradesmen and nobles, this was a "carnival" for all the people in the city. They originally had no connection with the upper class. Even the knights, the lowest level of nobles, were superior in their eyes. However, they now had an opportunity to witness the changing of power at the highest levels. Especially when they followed Earl Quinn's team to move forward, they even had the illusion that they were also making the change.

Now, few people mentioned the word "treason"; instead, it was replaced by "fighting for the throne".

This battle would give a clear answer to who would be the ruler of the Kingdom of Dawn.

"It seems that in everyone's eyes, your reputation is extraordinary," said Hill Fawkes, who was riding a horse side by side with Earl Quinn. "I thought the public opinion won't change until you occupied the Castle District."

"That's probably because I have reorganized the patrol team and dealt with the domestic affairs of the country for half of my life," the old Earl said with a sigh, "Is this also what you gathered when you ran the circus?"

Although Hill Fawkes was just a civilian without any title and the status of an acrobatics troupe performer was even inferior to a freeman, Horford did not dare to despise him. According to what Andrea said, Hill was the real representative of the King of Graycastle, and he had a higher position than Yorko the Ambassador. After Yorko retreated, Hill did not leave; instead, he began to run several acrobatics troupes. This way, he hid his identity and scattered eyes and ears to every corner of the city. In the face of such a skilled man who was deeply trusted by Roland, he had to show his respect even though he was an Earl.

In addition, he also needed his help at the moment.

"The wishes of the civilians are very important, my lord." Hill nodded. "In the eyes of the great nobles, they may only be humble grains of sand or tax-offering lambs, but sometimes the sand will bury people and lambs can ruin the herdsman. If this occurs in Neverwinter, I think the result probably will be completely different."

"What will happen in your opinion?" Earl Tokat, who was riding on the other side of the Prime Minister, curiously asked.

"As long as there is such a sign, the people will already report the revolters to the City Hall before His Majesty does anything," Hill replied with a smile.

"Hill... Sir," Oro Tokat, Otto Luoxi's good friend, coughed and pointed to the team following them, "Did you summon the Rats following behind us?"

"I happen to have some connection with their chief," Hill frankly said, "so what do you think of it? This gathers much more momentum for us."

"That's right, " the old Earl thought, "After wearing the leather armors offered by Black Money, the team of over a thousand Rats looks quite plausible." Otherwise, his team would not be such a deterrence since there are only about 40 Extraordinary warriors, as well as the guards of Earl Tokat and his own. However, Rats were useless in other aspects. Moreover, as a great noble, he felt quite uncomfortable to march together with the Rats on Black Street.

In addition, the Rats were infamous for being double-crossers and asking for more than they should. Earl Quinn wondered what kind of deal Hill made with them.

"Don't you worry that they may rebel?" asked Oro, who apparently could not hide his feelings, "You know that they're not unfamiliar with betrayal."

"That also depends on what they can get," Hill turned to Earl Quinn, "I promised them the identity of freemen in your name. If you successfully become the King of Dawn, they'll be rid of the unstable life and become the citizens of the City of Glow under your protection."

Horford could not help frowning and said, "Although the Rats are indeed hated and despised by most people, the real reasons why they are degenerates are because of poverty and hunger, rather than the recognition of others. If this isn't changed, even though I can spare them of past crimes, the new identity is useless for them. They'll become Rats again sooner or later."

"Since these people are willing to take such a risk to get an identity, they're not stupid or lazy. Maybe they just lack an opportunity." Hill replied casually, "As for the cause of degeneration... Rest assured. When His Majesty's messengers come next time, you'll find that there are much more job opportunities than you expect, and you don't need to feed them... Because they'll feed themselves at that time."

The huge crowd walked through the market and entered Rising Sun Avenue. The wall of the Castle District was right before them.

Behind the stone wall was where the Moya family had lived for generations.

Looking at the palace and High Tower where the dawn shone, Horford suddenly became nervous. He had been the Prime Minister for over a decade and had experienced too many twists and turns. Except for the moments where he found that his daughter was a witch and Fenancy died of disease, he seldom felt so unease. Today, he stood at the threshold of a new field out of luck.

Even though the real ruler would be the King of Graycastle while he would be just a king in name, the Quinn family would reach the pinnacle of nobles, which was, to become the royal family of a country!

He had disobeyed the advice of his ancestors, but he also made it possible for his family to reach a new summit.

In such a complicated mood, the old Earl could not help asking, "Is it really okay.. to let my daughter participate in this battle?"

"Of course, you may not know, but Andrea is no longer the noble lady who couldn't leave without your protection. She's now an outstanding combat witch and she'll fire the first shot of the siege. "Hill smiled, "Please prepare your speech before the final attack. It's not to the Extraordinary warriors and Rats, but to the people who accompanied us here. Tell them that the new age of the Kingdom of Dawn is coming soon."


Andrea stood on the top floor of the belfry, observing the palace in the wind.

This was the only place in the inner city where she could overlook the stone wall of the royal palace, though it was about 600 meters away. From afar, it seemed that she could embrace the grand palace in a hug and the people in it were little ants.

For the Castle District, this was an absolute safe distance. Even a heavy catapult could not threaten the stone wall here.

From here, she would open a gap for the God's Punishment Witches in the battle.

Just then, she saw a red flame flying upwards over Rising Sun Avenue, which was a sign that indicated the start of the battle.

She took out the bolt rifle, which was specially made by Miss Anna, loaded the ten-bullet clip, opened the aiming lens, and raised the gun.

She saw a fully-armored knight.

Andrea took a deep breath and began to control the magic power in her body. It was a wonderful feeling. The magic power seemed to turn into a pair of gentle hands that lightly held her arms, elbows, and fingers. In such an embrace, she felt that she entered a mystical state, as tough as a rock and as light as a feather.

The former made the weapon in her hands undisturbed, while the latter made her become part of the wind, swaying gently with the breeze touching her cheeks. When the two combined into one, Andrea snapped the trigger—

With a great roar and heat, the high-speed revolving bullet flew out of the barrel and fell toward the stone wall!


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