Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 898

Everything happened in the blink of an eye.

??With a flash of white, the bone spear directly pierced the demonic bear's chest. It had happened so quickly that it could not be captured by the naked eye. If it were Logar that was the target, with that kind of distance, she could not have avoided it.

??It seemed that the demon was aware of the giant wolf that leaped out of the bush, but it was unable to block or avoid the attack as its right hand was still struggling with the demonic bear's paw. It only managed to raise its other arm to protect its head by instinct.

??This action protected its throat but left its left arm exposed to Princess Lorgar.

??Without the slightest hesitation, she bit into the demon's arm and tore it apart. The heavy taste of blood immediately spread into her mouth.

??Compared to the enormous demonic bear, which had near-impenetrable skin, the Mad Demon's skin was similar to a human's in softness. Even though they had bulging muscles, their flesh was still as soft as a piece of cloth between Lorgar's fangs.

??The effortlessness with which Lorgar's fangs tore apart the demon's arm gave her an immediate confidence boost!

??Lorgar then moved past the demon and created a distance between them.

??She remained unhurt while one of her enemies had lost the means needed to continue the fight.

??That was undoubtedly an extremely successful attack.

??The badly hurt Mad Demon did not move until the hybrid demonic beast fell. It then stumbled back a few steps and roared at her angrily. However, it had lost its left arm and its right arm had now shrunk. It was barely able to keep itself up, let alone be a threat to her.

??But at this moment, the other demon's actions surprised Lorgar.

??She saw it take out a horn from its pocket and began blowing into it.


??Its deep sound broke the silence of the forest and scared off a group of birds.

??What does this mean?

??Are there other demons nearby?

??But she had already scouted out the area. With the exception of beehives and bird nests, which Lightning had asked her to mark, she did not find anything else worthwhile around here.

??Lorgar decided not to think about it and would first kill the one-armed demon.

??Even if they had reinforcements, there would only be corpses waiting for them by the time they arrived.

??She rushed forward and pounced towards the demon. The demon dropped its horn, pulled out a stone ax that was hanging on its waist, and slashed towards the Wolf Girl!

??If this had happened six months ago, Lorgar would have chosen to avoid its edge, stepped back, and looked for another opportunity; however, after the battle with the Extraordinary, the Four-winged Eagle, and many kinds of hybrid demonic beasts, she had made many improvements in terms of her combat skill.

??Lorgar lowered her body and extended her hand and leg to one side, and sprung from this seemingly awkward angle with her body nearly flying out sideways!

??The ax missed its target.

??However, this move by Lorgar wasn't merely just a dodge. When the demon's attention was distracted by her movements and fixated on her mouth and claws, she launched her real attack. Lorgar curled her huge tail and swept it towards the back of the demon's head. This blow took full advantage of her body's momentum and was just like an invisible hook.


??With a muffled sound, the surprised demon flew away and hit a nearby tree. Its stone ax was flung to the ground.


??Just as Lorgar was ready to seize the opportunity to deal the finishing blow with her claws, she suddenly heard a shrill roar from behind.

??Her instincts warned her of immediate danger. She turned around and swept her paws sideways to block the one-armed Mad Demon which had rushed towards her. Her claw struck hard and cracked the ribs of the demon, even piercing through the leather armor on its body.

??This was a suicidal attack. It seemed that the demon had deliberately embraced her giant paw with its body.


??Lorgar immediately knew the answer to her question before the thought had barely left her mind.

??The shrunken right arm of the one-armed Mad Demon began to swell up again!

??Wasn't it only supposed to recover after seven minutes?

??Lorgar was shocked and tried to get away from the enemy. However, her claw was tightly clong onto by the demon as if pinched by an iron plier.

??Why? Does it...

??She quickly turned to the other demon that was struck by her tail, and her heart sank.

??The demon's arm also swelled up, and a few veins even burst out of its dry skin.

??Wait a second... She suddenly remembered what Lightning had said. When they encountered the demons on the hot air balloon in the Great Snow Mountain of the Western Region, the Mad Demon did show the ability to throw spears twice within a short period of time. However, the strength of the second throw had decreased dramatically, and the demon's arm, which was embedded with magic stone, was rendered useless. It could be described as a suicidal technique, and not very threatening. She was stupid to believe what Lightning had said.

??She couldn't believe this. Lorgar had almost got herself killed by the words of a foolish girl!

??Although this desperate struggle by the demons would cause them severe backlash, it could also cause huge trouble for their opponent, especially in a life-and-death situation such as this one. There was a common saying in the Sand Nation which could explain this current situation: "Beware a cornered fighter." Since they had already put their life aside, their last blows would naturally be deadly.

??The demonthat was holding Lorgar's arm was not able to completely restrain her actions. This would only be possible for an Extraordinary. However, Lorgar understood that her opponent's purpose was to slow down her movement. Even if she tried to turn around or dodge, she would not be able to escape the other demon's fatal blow.

??In just a few seconds, the Mad Demon's arm had swelled to its maximum size, and blue blood spurted out from the cracked skin as if the whole arm was going to explode at any moment.

??It held its last bone spear and aimed it at the Wolf Girl.

??At this moment, Lorgar could only take a gamble!

??Lorgar opened her eyes wide and focused on every movement made by the enemy. For a moment, the world seemed to have turned silent. The only sound she could hear was her own heart beat.

??As soon as the Mad Demon threw the spear, she cut off the surging magic power in her body.

??Her body began to quickly shrink in size, creating a huge gap in the initially tight grasp of the Mad Demon. To the spear throwing demon, it basically had its target swapped out at the last moment.

??The bone spear, which flew through the air like a streak of lighting towards the head of the huge desert wolf, pierced the broken-arm demon instead. At this point, she had already finished transforming back to her human form.

??She won the gamble.

??The spear thrower did not expect her to do this. Stunned, it held its now withered arm and uttered out two syllables when Princess Lorgar walked in front of it.


??Lorgar then transformed one hand into a wolf's claw and crushed the demon's helmet.

??As the Red Mist dispersed, the demon collapsed to the ground with a soft thud

??Only then did Lorgar dare to relax and let out a long breath.

??She had won!

??One versus two!

??The demons were not that strong after all.

??Even though the demons were amazingly powerful after strengthening their arms, they had no combat skills at all. They mainly fought by instinct, which was a waste of their physique and talent. In terms of the warrior's path, the demons had not reached very far at all. She believed that hunting would become easier for her if she had a few more encounters with these demons.

??The vast Barbarian Land that spread out around her would become the best place for training.

??Then Lorgar heard the sound of tremors. It was as if the earth itself was shaking. It felt as if an immense force started to roll over the lands like a tsunami.

??"Shó shó "

??How is this possible?

??She frowned a little and raised her ears towards the source. She was in the land close to Graycastle. This was not like the Southernmost Region, which was close to the sea. She was not supposed to hear waves here. Was it a flood? But there was no mountains or rivers here, so a flood wouldn't be possible.

??Lorgar looked around and climbed up the highest tree she could find.

??The tremor came from the direction of the Taquila ruins.

??The next moment startled the Wolf Girl as she stood at the end of one of the tree's branches.

??She saw countless demons appear on the horizon, moving forward like a dark tide. Above the tide were hundreds of Devilbeasts, flying back and forth in formation. Most inconceivable of all was the group of colossal monsters stomping their way toward the ruins. They were as tall as ten-story buildings, and the four twisted legs could almost climb over Taquila's city walls directly. Anyone standing in front of them would look insignificant. That's not even considering how hard it would be to launch an attack against it. Even just standing in front of it would make a person lose their will to fight.

??Lorgar looked up at the sky, which was particularly blue after the rain. A soft breeze would blow past every once in a while and the white clouds floated in the sky. Everything was as it should be and it seemed so quiet and peaceful.

??Lorgar neither saw the Bloody Moon that symbolized the doomsday described by Lightning nor did she see the gloomy and depressing Red Mist.

??But she knew that disaster had come knocking.


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