Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 796

The worries and doubts of the Senior Witches lasted only a day or so, and were completely dispelled by the subsequent news.

Everything that Phyllis said was real.

The Third Border City began to seethe with excitement.

In this case, no matter how reluctant Alethea was, she could not stop the other witches who were looking forward to entering the Dream World. At this point, the choice of Taquila was obvious.

Through the phantom instrument, Pasha conducted a meeting with Roland about the covenant.

The God's Punishment Witches in the underground city walked passed the light curtain one by one, lifting the elbow and pressing on the chest to greet the lord of Neverwinter, King of Graycastle and acknowledge him as the only leader of the united front. The Senior Witches who were transformed into original carriers also bent down their main tentacles to show their allegiance. This was a type of salute which had only been received by the Three Chiefs of the Union, signifying that Taquila now had a ruler from the common people after more than 400 years.

Alethea was the last one to show up in front of the light curtain.

As a higher ascendant, Alethea joined the Blessed Army when she was 20 years old and had fought with the demons for more than a decade to defend the glory of Taquila. Pasha was worried that she would do something unexpected. But ultimately Alethea had chosen to put the Battle of Divine Will and the expectations of her companions in the first place and bent her main tentacle to Roland. Regardless of how reluctant she was at the moment, her decision still made Pasha feel relieved.

If it were still in the Taquila age, this would definitely be an incredible scene.

However, a long period of more than 400 years could change many things. The ambitions and convictions that "all mankind will surely defeat the devil under the leadership of witches" were gradually diminished. When a common person showed his amazing potential and grace toward the Taquila survivors, their resistance would seem pointless.

Pasha believed the unanimous view of the Three Chiefs of the Union, that the witches would eventually stand out from the human community. Common people like Roland were only a minority, and the witches would one day return to the position of the rulers. But by then, the relationship between the two sides was bound to be much more harmonious than that of the Taquila age. After all, if they could survive the third Battle of Divine Will, the idea of the witches and the common people working together to maximize their strength would undoubtedly gain in popularity.

She did not mind welcoming such a future.


It was already three days later when Roland actually implemented his looting plan.

To ensure that Zero would not suspect, he rented a warehouse near the tube-shaped apartment to serve as a temporary "landing point" for the witches to connect to the Dreamland. As long as the witches assembled here before he interrupted the dream, they would still appear in the warehouse when they entered the next time.

Of course, the first connection would inevitably be Room No. 0825 of the tube-shaped apartment. Roland was puzzled about this and found no explanation for it. Probably Zero was the reason why this room became the key point connecting the real world and the Dreamland. Therefore, he had to wait until Zero went to school every time when a new witch came to the Dreamland.

During these three days, Roland selected four God's Punishment Witches, including Phyllis, as the first pioneers. For the first two days, he bought some fast food and drinks to entertain them and satisfy their extremely strong desire for food and drink. On the third day, he could only afford some instant noodles and mineral water. But even then, they still enjoyed every bite and nearly licked the seasoning packets.

Actually, they had tried but were stopped by Roland.

That would be a discredit to the united front.

As his savings started becoming less, he had to carry out the plan now.

When the night fell, Roland told Zero that he had to work overtime and would go home late. Then he went with the four witches to the villa area outside the third ring of the city in two cabs.

The witches did not just stay in the warehouse to enjoy food and drinks these days. As a former member of the Quest Society, Faldi had a strong detective ability. She was able to create a Magic Bug Nest, link her consciousness with bugs such as moths and bees, and release them to spontaneously search for other Sources of Magic Power. This was very effective in preventing the attack of demons and could also be used to search for some areas inaccessible to ordinary people.

Although the bugs could not provide visions for Faldi, they helped her to feel the types and sizes of the magic power, including the Force of Nature.

After three days of searching, she found more than a dozen magic reaction sources, including Garcia living in 0827.

After excluding the same type, there were still six targets.

Among the six targets, the one living in the villa area was most worthwhile to loot.

That was Roland's plan—searching for the Fallen Evils through effective magic inspection and looting their Force of Nature and property. These mutated monsters did not easily leave their habitats, so even if they were destroyed, their neighbors would not notice. Moreover, even if their bodies were found by the police, the case would be transferred to the Martialist Association. By then, the Association would only believe that they were killed by another group of the Awakened. They would not suspect that another group of superpower bandits were in town.

After getting off the cabs, they came to a dark corner and stood around Dawnen. She then summoned the "matte curtains" to wrap everyone together.

This magical ability could make her companions within the reach of the curtain disappear, but it was far beyond being invisible, as the vision, smell, and magic breath would also be blocked. No one could sense the existence of the hidden people without direct touch. Undoubtedly, Dawnen would play a crucial role in a surprise attack.

With Faldi's guidance, the five people passed straight through the main entrance and walked all the way towards the foothill of the villa area.

Here was the residential area of the rich people in the city. Most villas were built by the hillside with wide yards. Hardly anyone walked around in the evening, which made it a perfect place for Roland's plan.

"Here we are. The target is in it." Faldi stopped and pointed to a vast, detached compound on the side of the road. Its parvis was almost as large as the tube-shaped apartment.

"Damn the enviable rich people..." Roland glanced at the flashing surveillance camera, turned around to look at Ling, the last member of the looting team—no, the pioneering team and said, "It's your turn to help us sneak into the house. Just do as you practiced before."

Ling nodded and slowly faded into the shadow as if she was sinking.

None of the Taquila survivors could directly walk through any obstacles like Nightingale or Margie, but Ling's ability was enough for this task. She could melt into any shadow and move freely like water. Especially in the night when the shadows spread around, the entire parvis became her domain, and she could easily walk through the gaps between the doors and windows.

"Crack!" The door of the house was open with a slit.


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