Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 783

Her words shocked everyone.

"Sister, no... what are you talking about?" Rohan was the first one to recover from the shock. "You want to leave the oasis? What will our clan do without you? How will we deal with the holy duels in the future? Where do you plan to go?"

Lorgar gave no answer. Instead, she looked at her father quietly.

A rueful smile came over Guelz's face. He exhaled a long breath and waved to the others. "Leave us alone."

"Father..." Rohan opened his mouth, trying to say something, but swallowed the words.

The guards were as surprised as Rohan, but respecting the family's privacy, they obeyed the command and left in bewilderment.

Soon Lorgar and Guelz were alone in the room.

"You want to go to the north?" Guelz asked straightforwardly.

"Yes," Lorgar answered honestly without hiding anything. "I'll go to the Southern Territory of Graycastle to find Ashes, and then travel to Neverwinter with her."

"What about the Wildflame clan?"

"Go to the Southern Territory. You can find fresh oases there, without having to fight for food or water." She paused for a moment. "I'll bet that you had already made that decision long ago. That's why you didn't accept the challenge from the Wildwave clan."

Guelz raised his eyebrows, but denied nothing.

Lorgar continued. "It doesn't mean that you're afraid of them. Wildflame has been the strongest clan for decades, even before I turned into a Divine Lady. You would never spare them without making them pay an unforgettable price for their insolence, even if they did surpass us after taking Blackwater. It's this kind of spirit that we have always relied on to hold our ground in the biggest Stone Castles of Iron Sand City."

"The only reason that you wouldn't accept the challenge would be if the holy duel to determine the rank of the clans in Iron Sand City had already become meaningless. Our clansmen may fight and bleed to secure the future of the clan, but you would never let them fight a meaningless battle and die in vain. Am I right, Father?"

Guelz stared at her with a poker face for a long time before curling his lips into a smile. He shook his head and said, "I don't know whether you were born a genius or you have the nose of a wolf. Or maybe both? In fact, I kept putting off the discussion of this matter because I wanted to seek your counsel on our relocation after you woke up."

"I don't think I truly understand. Besides, I have neither the intelligence nor the wolf's nose you just mentioned. I just have trust in my fists." Lorgar shook her ears.


"Yeah, I can figure out what kind of a person someone is once we've had a fight. You taught me to fight from a young age, and I've tasted both your punches and your weapons. It's only natural that I can perceive your true intentions."

"I'm so glad to hear that." Guelz laughed. "What about Ashes? Can we trust her?"

"For me, she's as unapproachable as a mountain... but a mountain is always silent and doesn't care enough to lie. She also gave me a feeling of a strength and safety," Lorgar said slowly. "Those under her wings must feel very warm and comfortable."

"I'm relieved to hear you say that." Guelz seemed to have made up his mind. "Since we're all going to the Southern Territory anyway, why don't you wait a few more days and join us?"

"I don't want to wait anymore, Father... I feel my heart beat fiercely when facing the north," Lorgar said, pressing her chest with her hands. "It's urging me to set out as soon as possible. If I get there earlier, I can see whether they really intend to keep their word to offer every civilian of the Sand Nation an oasis just as they've promised."

"Didn't you just say that you believed in them with all your heart?" Guelz laughed.

"It's Ashes I trust, not the 'Chief' behind her. Ashes may not be lying, but it doesn't mean that she can't be cheated." Lorgar waved her fist. "If the King of Graycastle deceives us, I won't let him stay in peace."

"What if Drow Silvermoon's words are true? Will you swear fealty to him if he treats the Ironsand people of the Mojin clan as well as he does his own people, or even serve him in the same way your mother did?" Guelz asked with great interest. "If all you want to do is to challenge his men for your own entertainment, I'm afraid he won't welcome you."

"I... I won't! Who would be interested in a monster that's half man and half beast?" The short fur on Lorgar's tail bristled and her eyes turned away. "I've heard from Ashes that there are extremely powerful alien enemies there. That's what I'm going for, not to serve the king. I'll pay them myself if I need any cures or treatment from the witches."

The chief of Wildflame stopped teasing her and waved at her. "Come over here. Let me have a good look at you."

Lorgar walked up to her father and sat down, placing her head on her father's lap as she always did.

Guelz gently stroked her hair and fluffy ears, whispering, "You'll be back, won't you?"

"Yeah." Lorgar closed her eyes. "If the people of Graycastle people can come to Iron Sand City, then so can I. It'll also be easier for me to pay a visit after our people move to the Southern Territory, as it'll be closer. If you don't want to be the chief anymore in the future, hand the position over to my brother. He's far more suitable for the position of chief than me. He'll be an excellent leader for when we don't have to constantly fight for the oasis."

"Don't bother yourself with those things at this moment," Guelz said. "Remember to write me some letters even if you don't have time to come back. Since we are going to move to the north, it won't be bad for us learn their ways."

"You can put up with my ugly handwriting?"

"Silly," he grunted. "When our people leave home, they always leave something behind. If you don't want to leave a word, I don't mind keeping your hair."

"Uh... I'll leave a word," Lorgar said, wagging her tail.


After night had fallen, Lorgar left Iron Sand City carrying a bag that was much larger than herself.

No one saw her off. There was hardly anyone who knew that the Divine Lady of Wildflame was about to begin her own journey.

Having passed through the small outer oases, she entered the desolate desert, where she looked around to make sure that she was alone before taking off her clothes.

She folded every piece of her clothes neatly and packed them in her bag. After that, she stood up slowly in the cold wind, naked.

But she felt no cold. Instead, she felt an ineffable sensation running throughout through her body—as if a huge invisible hand was caressing her, and the things that bound her and held her down had vanished. She had been renewed in the cold wind.

Fine hair began to grow out of her skin, and her body was expanding. A few seconds later, a huge desert wolf stood in the vast desert.

She raised her head and howled without restraint.


Her howls echoed and lingered in the air above the desert. Lorgar believed that all of the Wildflame clan must have heard her howls.

The heavy bag now looked small and lightweight. She lowered her head to grab the strap of the bag with her teeth. After confirming the direction she was supposed to go, she began to run towards the Southern Territory of Graycastle.


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