Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 782

Along the way, she witnessed her clansmen coming and going with bags on their backs, their sad faces displayed an obvious reluctance to leave their homes.

Since their ranks had dropped down to third, they would be distributed to the much smaller houses of Stone Castle. It would be even worse for the people who were no longer be eligible to live in the castle. They were going to be moved to the campsite in the outer street. Even though it belonged to the Iron Sand City, it would be inconvenient when compared to the central area.

After all, the big clans Stone Castles controlled the limited pieces of land around the lakes and oases.

Lorgar etched their expressions in her mind and stored it in her heart.

As the guard stationed outside her father's bedroom saw Lorgar coming, he couldn't help but smile. "Princess, you... are healed!"

"Yeah, as good as I was," Lorgar joked. "Is my father in his room?"

"Lord Chief is always in there, however..." The guard hesitated. "He is not alone."

She had an idea who they might be so she didn't bother asking.

That's when she heard the sounds of an argument coming from behind the closed door.

"I thought we settled this already. Your clan would vacate the main castle within three days. So, why are you still here?" someone inquired loudly. "Are you defying the vow of the Three Gods?"

"Mind your attitude, Kabucha!" a voice chastised. If she had correctly identified it, the voice belonged to her oldest brother Rohan. "Now that you've absorbed the Black River clan, you should make them vacate, so we can move in. We can't share a space with them while they are still mourning their loss, they still have white linens hanging on the walls."

"You can send your men in to tear down the linen. Our Lord Chief wants results, not your excuses."


"Ha, since your clan conceded during the holy duel, you shouldn't bother trying to be arrogant. Your chief still hasn't spoken and yet you dare to criticize us? Stay out of the way and be quiet."

Others started to join in, "Exactly, accept the results or we can defeat you again!"


Subsequently, the sound of swords being unsheathed rang out.

Just as the guard outside the room drew his weapon to join the fight, Lorgar stopped him.

"Leave it to me."

"But..." The guard murmured as he attempted to argue. However, his next words were quelled by Lorgar's peremptory gaze, he lowered his head as he replied, "I understand, My Princess."

Lorgar pushed open the door and walked in, her face sullen.

The warriors of the Wildwave clan stood with their arms crossed, defiant, as they ignored the sharp blades near their throats, betting that the Wildflame clan wouldn't dare to swing them.

The warriors had guessed right. Both, her brother and the guards, only dared to threaten harm, making the Wildflame look weaker.

Guelz Burnflame was seated behind a square table and his eyes reflected the rooms unsettled flames. Momentarily, the room was silenced.

"Stow your weapons."

Lorgar's voice broke the tension.

Guelz smiled, "Finally, you're awake."

"Sister, you... are... no, I mean... this is great!" Rohan sputtered in disbelief as she approached them. At first, Lorgar wasn't able to read her brother expression. She couldn't tell if he was shocked or surprised.

Lorgar suddenly realized that her father hadn't told anyone about the Divine Lady of the North. Only her father and those who had cared for her knew, the rest still remained ignorant.

Even her brother was surprised, not to mention the Wildwave warriors.

"Lo-Lorgar? Weren't you... badly wounded during the holy duel?"

"It's impossible! I saw clearly with my own eyes that her legs had been crushed and bloodied, as she was carried off the platform!"

"What's that I see... a wolf's ears and tail?"

"She's a monster!"

Lorgar, unmoved, walked over to the Wildwave warriors, who had clearly lost their cool as they continued to argue, "Anyway, Wildflame yielded during the duel on the Burning Stage, which was witnessed by the Three Gods! You have to wait six months before your next challenge."

This rule about participants who yield not being allowed to challenge the winner before six months had passed was a safeguard against planned surrender for the preservation of power and it was well known and accepted throughout the Sand Nation.

"We accepted the results, just like we believe in the Three Gods." Lorgar gave the answer which relieved the tension in warriors chest, unfortunately, it wouldn't last long. What she said next tensed the room up again, "So... who's Kabucha?"

"I am!" the head of the Wildwave warriors had no choice but to step forward. "Now that you have promised to respect the results, move out immediately. You are no longer the strongest clan. Do you really still want to cling to this castle?"

The reply was a right hook to the face.

Kabucha was indeed a good fighter, even so, he wouldn't be able to defeat a wolf claw that had instantly emerged in front of him. He had been blown away, breaking the door, before he landed outside in a crumpled heap.

"You—" The other warriors glared at her, and yet, none of them dared to charge at her.

"Even though Wildflame dropped to the third clan, the dignity of the chief can't be ignored, especially by someone standing in the middle of our land. How dare you be so insolent?" Lorgar accused. "Take that punch as a lesson and get out, all of you!"

The moment Lorgar entered the room, the table had turned. Annexing Blackwater had contributed to a great part of Wildwave's force, so they hadn't feared the holy duel or the possible private challenge, they were confident they would transcend Wildflame. But, when Princess Lorgar of the Wildflame clan appeared before them, in the flesh, their confidence vacated them. They had to admit, even if Wildflame had decided not to duel with them in six month, they still wouldn't be able to afford losses to the giant Desert Wolf, who could sneak up and assault them, from time to time, in the future.

Their day of reckoning would come, for they challenged them in the first place.

For the Sand Nation People, revenge was as sacred as the holy duel.

Wildwave warriors carried the bloody-faced Kabucha and left without a word.

"Father, now that my sister has healed, can we move back to this Stone Castle in six months?" Rohan asked excitedly, his fists clenched. "Or perhaps you could negotiate with the chief of Wildwave and save us from the trouble of moving—since they wouldn't stand a chance in winning the next duel, he should allow you the favor."

"Yes, our Prince is right," the guards echoed in excitement.

"Let me go and stop everyone who is packing."

"Also, don't forget to throw out the Wildwave clansmen who have been lingering in our castle."

"Don't forget to tell them to take their belongings with them."

They prattled on delightedly.

Guelz Burnflame softly coughed and looked at his daughter, "What'd you have in mind?"

That brought silence to the room. Everyone turned their eyes towards Lorgar and waited for her answer. Rohan was among them, slightly biting his lips, his eyes shadowed.

Lorgar barely noticed. She took a deep breath and said clearly, "Father, I want to leave and I'm here to say goodbye."


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