Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 775

The sky dome, the Bloody Moon, the Giant Paintings... They were all just as Pasha described.

All of them were extremely magnificent. No wonder they called it the Divine Land. Only when he was in here could he truly feel its vastness.

Was this a broadcast or perhaps a way of controlling the subconscious mind?

Roland squatted down to lightly stroke the floor. It seemed to be made of polished stones but it was as smooth as a mirror. He could feel both its coldness and toughness through his fingers. It appeared what he saw was real rather than fictional.

Due to having had similar experiences in the Dream World before, which was already extremely real, he would not freak out overseeing this.

Roland looked up at the dome. The huge Bloody Moon hanging above the Giant Painting was like a round pancake. With a careful observation, he could see the surging ripples on its surface. To be more exact, the moon was like a sea. It was not as bright and dazzling as the sun. Though it appeared to be scarlet, he could not feel its light or heat. The red ripples were waves or vortexes, densely covering the entire Bloody Moon.

The only problem was that this circle was a bit too perfect.

It looked like a flat circle rather than a sphere.

Perhaps the Bloody Moon was too close to him?

Roland stared at it for quite a while but failed to associate it with the Red Meteor observed by the astrologers. It was neither a planet nor a star. If the Battle of Divine Will was really caused by it, then how could it come to earth?

An idea suddenly popped into his mind.

If Astrologer of Dispersion Star, the Chief Astrologer, came to be summoned by the relic, could he figure out whether this stuff among the flickering stars was indeed the Bloody Moon?

Of course, he could not guarantee that the poor old man would not directly faint out of fear.

Roland shrugged, stood up, and looked at the four Giant Paintings around the Bloody Moon.

They showed a throne, a sea, a black screen, and himself.

Besides the underground dome in the Third Border City, he had already read the records of these paintings in the library of Pivotal Secret Temple. They were not that strange. A relic was like a recorder which constantly reflected the world around it. According to the description of Pasha, the Giant Painting that became a totally black screen was the eliminated underground civilization.

Roland greeted Wendy and himself in the painting, but they did not respond. They apparently could not hear him.

Seeing this, he wondered why Pasha said that the Divine Land would have an impact on reality.

He approached the painting of the throne and touched the painting scroll with his fingers. It felt like a soft and smooth cloth with a delicate texture. The image was just an image as he could not cross its border and walk into the painted world.

Roland walked around but made no further discoveries. He planned to walk outside the palace to find out whether the land was boundless when he suddenly heard some noises from the painting scroll behind him.

It was extremely loud in such a quiet place. It sounded like the rubbing of steel objects or the echo of a hard object hitting the ground.

He immediately felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up!

"What the hell! No one mentioned these giant paintings could also make a sound!"

He stopped and suddenly turned around.

In the first painting, a dark-armored warrior had suddenly appeared, sitting on the throne. His scarlet eyes looking down at him.

There was also some movement in one of the other paintings.

With many bubbles surging upwards with a soft gurgling sound, a huge eyeball emerged from the dark sea. It got closer and closer to the edge of the painting as if it intended to escape from the frame. There were three pupils in a triangular shape that stared at him at the same time. It was making him really uncomfortable at first glance.

Did you invite each other to come together?

Roland could not help feeling relieved. As long as they did not hide and play tricks on him, he was not afraid of these two monsters. They were not at all frightening in appearance.

They were just a Senior Demon and a guardian of the relic of an unknown civilization.

He walked to the center of four Giant Paintings and looked up to stare at the two alien creatures.

"Good afternoon. Did you also come to participate in the Battle of Divine Will?"

"Must we fight to the finish? Can't we just sit down and talk about it?"

"Can you understand me?"

"Say something even if you can't!"

"Hey, is this a winking game? If you wink, you'll lose?"

Roland tried to communicate with them some more but never received any response.

He did not know whether it was an illusion, but he felt that the demon was breathing more and more rapidly and the huge eyeball gradually trembled.

Was this the side effect of staring at each other? Were they just able to stare at him until their eyes felt sore? How could it be described as dangerous? It was not a problem for him to visit here alone.

He rolled his eyes and intended to end this boring staring contest by turning around, but noticed out of the corner of his eye that a group of black tentacles had suddenly appeared in the painting scrolls!

They stretched toward the demon and the eyeball, moving like a snake and wrapped around them very tightly.

"What... the hell?" Roland was stunned.

The demon finally moved. He tightly grasped the throne and screamed with a weird voice. Flames and transparent blades emerged around him to fight the tentacles; however, the tentacles outnumbered them. The soft and tiny hands at the end of tentacles could easily break the weapons summoned by the demon.

The demon seemed to be fighting a very powerful, invisible enemy and his screams became even fiercer. Roland could feel the tension in his tone. As an electric light burst out from the armor, the tentacles finally shrank and loosened their control. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the demon, with some difficulty, pushed himself out of the throne and ran out of the range of the Giant Painting without hesitation. He had even broken a piece of the throne's armrest in panic.

The Giant Eye was not doing any better as several tentacles had already pierced into the eyeball. Roland could even feel its pain when looking at it. Light blue liquid flew out from the holes like tears. Instead of screaming like the demon, the Giant Eye constantly gave off harsh lights from its three pupils to block most of the tentacles.

Suddenly, all the pupils of the Giant Eye simultaneously opened and a looming ripple dashed toward the Giant Painting. Roland immediately felt an overpowering stench blowing towards him and he could not help but take a step backward. At the same time, the tentacles let go the eyeball and the eyeball quickly retreated back in the direction where it came and disappeared into the darkness in a blink. The rippling blue water turned darker and darker as the eyeball sank and it became completely black after a while.

"Uh... What happened?"

Roland glanced at the painting of the throne, which was a mess, and observed the painting of the sea which had turned dark again, not knowing how to respond for a long time.


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