Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 740

As night fell, Wendy went to the door of Scroll's bedroom.

She held out her hand, hesitating whether she should knock or not. However, just at that moment, Scroll opened the door.

"I knew you would come find me." Scroll smiled. "I also wanted to talk to you, just like we used to."

Scroll had apparently taken an early shower as her long, wet hair was randomly hanging over her shoulders instead of being tied up. She had also placed a towel on her shoulders in order to avoid getting her night robe wet. At first glimpse, she appeared to be a little younger, with her flowing hair covering the wrinkles on her forehead. After leading an increasingly comfortable life in Neverwinter, she looked more mellow.

Only her wise and mature eyes remained unchanged.

Wendy could not help smiling and asked, "In your bedroom or mine?"

"Yours. Nightingale will come back much later than Leaf."


"You serve the Chaos Drinks."


"Of course you do, whoever initiates the conversation is also responsible for the drinks. That's our old rule and you know it."

"So that's why you waited for me behind the door?"

"That's right. Patience is the most important thing and also one of the lessons l draw from life. Now, have you learned your lesson?"


As they went back to Wendy's bedroom and cleared up the desk, Wendy took two glasses and a bottle of Chaos Drink out of a drawer and poured it into the glasses. The orange-red drinks reflected a flame-like light against the light from the Magic Stone.

"That's what you got?" Scroll took a sip of it. "You're lucky. In winter, it's as good as Fire Dragon Wine..."

"I'm jealous of you." Wendy stretched her hands.

"Don't put it like that. We can enjoy such a drink thanks to Miss Evelyn."

Roland figured out a very interesting way to distribute the Chaos Drinks of various tastes to each witch of the Witch Union. Each witch in each month had an opportunity to pick up a bottle of the Chaos Drinks created by Evelyn. No one knew what kind of flavor they would get as they would only see a number before the draw was revealed.

Therefore, on that day, the witches used to exchange their drinks or drink others'. Somehow, Maggie always got the most popular drink, making everyone wonder if Evelyn had revealed it to her.

As they took their time to enjoy the orange-red drink that warmed their hearts, they heard the sound of the cold wind outside the windows. They felt tipsy in the warm bedroom. They talked little as they could understand each other just by looking at one another.

In fact, Wendy had nothing specific to say and just felt very happy at the moment. When she closed her eyes, Roland Wimbledon's earlier declaration would appear in her mind.

"Only I can be the leader."

Before this, Roland, in her opinion, was very approachable. She was concerned that he would mess up or show weakness on some critical issues, which was unbecoming of a king. But now, he was much better than she had expected. Judging from his tone and expression in dealing with other people, he had become more mature and developed his compelling authority thanks to the last two years of experience.

To her surprise, Roland was much better at being a dominator. Even so, he treated the witches and common people the same as before. It seemed that it was his nature to be nice to witches, which was very odd, especially for a royal noble.

She knew that Scroll also had felt this change, so she had waited at the door for her.

It was a habit they had kept since they were in the Witch Cooperation Association. When they had some good news to share, Wendy, Scroll, and Cara would always get together to drink some cheap ale and talk about it overnight. However, they had to drink wild fruit-water instead of ale when their conditions became worse later on.

Sadly, they gradually talked about their concerns and problems instead of good news or plans because Cara had a different purpose from them, leaving Wendy and Scroll behind. As the eldest witches and the founders of the Witch Cooperation Association, Wendy and Scroll had to be strong because if they gave up, all witches would lose their faith in seeking for Holy Mountain. That was how they survived through all the suffering and tough times.

And now, those times became the past once more.

Wendy drank out of the drink, let out a deep sigh, and said, "Well, after the meeting, I handed the test results of the witches from the Kingdom of Wolfheart to His Majesty."

"Oh? What kind of abilities do they have?" Scroll leaned on the bench and replied casually.

Wendy gave a general description of each of their abilities but was deliberately vague when it came to Broken Sword. "Can you guess who he assigned Broken Sword to?"

"Uh, probably Nightingale or Ashes...only they can make full use of Broken Sword's power." After some more thought, Scroll said, "Anna and Leaf indeed have strong magic power, but they and other witches aren't able to fight against enemies face to face. Additionally, there are few combat witches in the Witch Union."

"Great minds think alike, but His Majesty didn't think so." Wendy revealed her gentle smile. "He didn't assign Broken Sword to anyone."

Scroll was stunned. "Why?"

"According to him, a weapon needs to be carried by the owner personally at all times, but in that case, Broken Sword would have limited freedom. Besides, the enemies won't always launch an attack at her working time and her sword's aura isn't as powerful as gunpowder. Hence, she can partner with each witch to test their overlapping effects rather than to be a weapon. Then, based on how interesting the combination is, His Majesty will assign her job."

"Assign her a job based on how interesting the combination is?"

"Yeah, those were His Majesty's words exactly."

He attached more importance to her feelings instead of giving her a role that limited her. Perhaps, that was the reason why Nightingale chose to support him with her wholeheartedly.

Now in hindsight, it was fortunate that they chose to believe Nightingale's judgment.

Thinking of this, Wendy could not help smiling. After filling her glass again, she held it before Scroll. "To us, for finding such a good king."

Scroll smiled, holding the glass to gently clink hers. "Yes, to our Holy Mountain."

"Ah... it's empty." Having drunk the last sip, she found that the bottle had been emptied out when she wanted to fill the glass again.

"Do you want me to return to my room to get mine?" Scroll also wanted to continue drinking.

"No, we must follow the old rule." She waved her hands and took a bottle from another drawer. "But next time, I'll wait for you to knock on my door."

"Wait a moment. Isn't that Nightingale's?"

"Yes, but she doesn't mind at all."

They cheered up again and continued to talk on this warm and wonderful night.


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