Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 718

"I've scored the first point!"

Andrea gracefully lifted her long hair to shake off the snowflakes, turned toward Ashes and said, "It's now your turn to transport it."

"Wait... Why me?" Ashes stared at Andrea.

"Because you're strong," she said flatly, "this is a team competition, and naturally we'll need to work together. Don't forget that we represent the honor of Sleeping Island. If we lose the match because you were too slow in moving the beasts, I'll report you to Princess Tilly."

"Overwhelming victory! Nightingale, did you see that?" Andrea looked proudly toward Ashes and felt an immense satisfaction. Ashes looked displeased yet had no choice but to bend over and carry the unconscious demonic boar.

After all, Andrea would not be able to move such a heavy thing.

"Stay here and don't move. I'll be right back," said the Extraordinary to Andrea, as she placed the sturdy demonic boar rack on her shoulder.

"I know. Hurry up."

After Ashes left, Andrea looked up to the forest and asked, "Leaf, could you please tell me where the next demonic beast is?"

"It's on your right about 450 meters away. It's a snowwolf." The branches swayed. "But aren't you going to wait for Ashes?"

"Of course not. That'd be way too slow." Andrea thought for a moment and said, "Hmm... that's about 900 paces away. I'm going to head off. Could you please let Ashes know my new location?"

Leaf was silent for a moment before replying, "I understand."

"Don't worry. It's only a stupid wolf. With you around to remind me, it can't touch me."

Even the gigantic demonic hybrid she met last time was defenseless in front of her new abilities—the original magic arrows were incredibly powerful but only had a range of 10 paces. Now as long as she had enough power, she could shoot to a distance of more than 100 meters. She even had a derivative skill that allowed her to hit accurately without fail. Even if the demonic beast had two pairs of wings, it would not be able to escape her attack.

This time, she was confident about winning!


"I'm sorry. I didn't think he'd get you involved in such a trifle." Phyllis looked at Agatha who was walking in front of her and said, "I only casually agreed to it at that time."

When Phyllis first heard about the proposal, she did not think too much about it because she had lost her palate and the Chaos Drinks were no longer appealing. What made her agree to it was simple curiosity—anyway it was better than being idle and she could take the opportunity to observe the Witch Union's fighting ability. She did not expect that this hunting game was actually a competition and that her teammate would be Agatha, once the youngest Senior Witch.

"It doesn't matter. This is much better than staying cooped up in the lab and researching the Magic Stone. It's good to go out and get some exercise," said Agatha, shrugging her shoulders. "If I didn't have time to spare, I wouldn't have promised His Majesty in the first place."

"Is that so? Then... shall we just grab a few demonic beasts to make up the figures?"

"How could we do that? This is a competition."

"But I thought the king of the common people said that friendship was first and that competition came second? The others also agreed to it."

"I don't think that's what they really feel. You could tell from their expressions what they were thinking. Even without the Chaos Drinks as prizes, Lightning and Andrea would still be unwilling to lose." Agatha paused and said, "If it's just a normal game, then that doesn't matter. But now we're a team that represents Taquila, right?"

"Yes..." Phyllis suddenly felt that Andrea was full of fighting spirit.

"In that case, if it's a competition then we need to win." Agatha paused in her footsteps and some crystals condensed in her hand.

Leaf's voice could be heard almost simultaneously. "A wolf-eagle demonic hybrid is 200 meters behind you and approaching quickly!"

Phyllis retreated two steps and looked behind toward the snow-white forest. A slender white-haired monster appeared in the snow with a howl. Its wings glided as if it were sliding on the ground, and the beast made almost no sound. It was no wonder Phyllis did not notice the enemy approaching from behind.

As the temperature near Agatha plummeted, the snow suddenly became hard ice. As the enemy approached, she threw the sharp ice crystals in her hand to force the hybrid to dodge and then caused it to lose its balance on the smooth ice.

The Senior Witch remained stable on the ground. She effortlessly glided to the side of the monster, placed her hands on its fur and instantly turned it into half an ice sculpture.

Phyllis admired Agatha's flowy uninhibited way of fighting and could see why she was a part of Taquila. Although Agatha was a member of the Quest Society and had never experienced a real battle, she could still see that Agatha had put in a lot of hard work in combat training. In particular, when she combined both pace and ability, she was in an advantageous position to take the initiative—any enemy fighting with her on the ice would certainly fall under her control.

"How did you manage to find it?" Phyllis asked curiously.

"I summoned a thin piece of ice at my feet that could help me to detect the enemy as soon as it entered the snow."

"I see..." She looked at the mixed species whose body had been covered with ice crystals, except for its head that was hanging out. "Should I drag it now to the city wall?"

"Just leave it here. Since it won't freeze to death that quickly, we can wait until we catch a few more." Agatha waved her hand and said, "We have to find the next demonic beast as soon as possible."

Phyllis realized that she was serious. This young Senior Witch did want to win the competition.

Is it because she represents Taquila? So in the future negotiations, will her loyalty lie with Neverwinter or the Taquila survivors?

This question left Phyllis feeling uneasy.

She only took a few steps before she could not resist saying, "Lady Agatha..."

"Don't address me like that. Just call me Agatha," she said as she turned her head. "Didn't you say that the Taquila witches were no longer ranked in terms of ability, but that everyone was equal?"

"Yes... there has been a gradual consensus since Lady Eleanor sacrificed herself and fewer and fewer companions have survived... Neither the higher ascendants at the Union nor the most common Original Witches should ever be separated by rank. It was Pasha who suggested 'Every witch is equally important'."

"And I'm no exception." Agatha nodded her head and said, "The people in the Witch Union call each other sisters, and sometimes I think they'll be the heirs of the new era."

"I see," Phyllis hesitated and said, "Can I ask you a question... What exactly do you think of the Taquila Witches and Neverwinter?"

"I guess you wish to find out which side I'm loyal to?" Agatha said as she stopped in her tracks.

Phyllis did not avoid looking at Agatha and this was very important for them.

"I'm loyal to my own belief," Agatha replied.


"That's right, so I hope you'll be able to move to the Western Region of Graycastle and join hands with Neverwinter in the fight against the demons under the leadership of Roland Wimbledon."


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