Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 692

"Nana!" Wendy said giving her a reproving look.

"I'm not kidding. Besides joining the amputated limbs, His Majesty also told me to do a lot of experiments, like exchanging the wings of roosters and grey eagles to see if the rooster could fly. And exchanging the limbs of frogs and mice, the bodies of cows and lambs..." the little girl said, counting on her fingers.

The four witches all gasped out upon these words.

No. 76 was full of interest in her words, however. "Fully studying the mysteries of an ability, rather than fearing and avoiding it. This was apparently the style of the Quest Society members. No wonder this king is willing to accept the witches. Judging from this point, at least he isn't stubborn and conservative." "What happened then?" She could not help asking.

"Most of the experiments failed at first, but since His Majesty told Lily to join the trial, the success rate has been raised a lot. It's a pity that the limbs basically lost their functions after I joined them, so I have to exchange them back again, " Nana paused for a moment and continued to say, "ah... I forgot to mention, these are Heterogeneous connections. If I exchange the limbs of the same species, there will be nearly no difference after treatment. So if you have two legs... em..."

"Ahem, please don't mind her," Wendy covered the little girl's mouth and said, "About the legs, we'll find a solution. It may take some time, but Hero will stand up one day. You can rest assured."

Everyone looked at each other, not knowing how to respond for a moment.

"Anyway, let's treat your friend's wound first," Wendy patted Nana's head embarrassed and said, "hurry up."

No. 76 pretended to be expectant and scared, looking at the girl coming to her and pressing her hands on her broken legs.

The ring on her chest became hot again.

She suddenly realized that she had a troublesome problem.

"What expression should I wear when I'm treated?"

No. 76 did not know how it felt when the crushed bones and joints were being healed by magic power. "Is it painful or soothing? Or should I feel nothing? Should I cry out aloud or bite my teeth to moan?"

She was still thinking of how to respond, when the little girl had already withdrawn her hands and said, "Your legs are fine now. Next, I'll heal your arms."

She tried to lift the broken legs and found that she was able to move them now.

In a moment, the twisted elbows also returned to normal state.

"Your mental condition is really good, " said Nana with a curious look at her. "Most people will fall asleep once they have been healed, and you're the first one even without a yawn."

The heart of No. 76 suddenly sank. She pretended to be terrified and replied, "I, I just..."

"However, sleeping is only a natural reaction of the body, and immediate waking up won't have any damage. Don't worry." The little girl interrupted, "If you haven't moved for a long time, you'll feel awkward in the first days. You'll soon get used to it."

"Is that... Is that true? Thank... thank you."

Fortunately, the blonde witch who had checked their identity was not present. No. 76 secretly glanced at Wendy and found that she was talking with Hero rather than paying attention to her. She was slightly relieved.

"Are you really healed?" Amy asked with concern.

No. 76 lifted her originally broken right hand and waved to her, "Ah, it has been cured. Miss Nana has a really incredible ability..."

Seeing that, the worries in the eyes of other witches gradually faded away. Amy bit her teeth and made up her mind. She walked to Wendy pulled her sleeve and said, "Please use my legs to cure Hero."

"What?" Wendy was obviously shocked.

"My ability is self-recovery, so my legs may grow back if I cut them."

"No, Amy, don't..." Hero hurriedly said. "You've only suffered minor injuries. What if they can't grow?"

"I'm willing to give it a try," She insisted.

"Annie, stop her!"

"Amy, don't say that. Even if you make Hero stand up, she'll feel sad for a long time."


"Well, stop arguing," Nana suddenly said. "There may be another way to cure her legs."

Everyone looked straight to her.

"I'm 16 years old now. In two years, I'll enter my adulthood and then my ability will be greatly enhanced. Maybe at that time, I'll be able to directly make the broken limbs regenerate," She pursed her lips and said, "another possibility is ability evolution. If I also possess an ability evolution like Sister Anna and Sister Leaf did, maybe I can even make you have two more legs."

"Ability evolution? What's it?" Amy asked, staring in shock.

"That means the magic power in your body will cohere and transform into a whole new look. Haven't you ever seen it?" said Nana proudly. "Anyway, it's very amazing. As long as you study hard, you also have the opportunity to evolve new abilities."

Listening to the excited narration of the little girl, No. 76 felt her heart became tumultuous.

If she was not mistaken, the evolution that Nana mentioned was the High Awakening.

But she also felt like listening to a fairy tale... "Are there actually several Senior Witches in the Witch Union, who appeared only in the last two years?"

"How could this be possible?"

Senior Witches were not like the wheat in the field, which you could harvest as long as you planted the seeds. Every promoted Awakened was a precious treasure of the Union, and it required talent, diligence and luck to be promoted. Even before she was transformed to be a God's Punishment Warrior, she was just an ordinary combat witch.

"Why did Nana think most witches will certainly evolve?"

"'As long as you study hard, you also have the opportunity to evolve new abilities.' What a nonsense! If you are more experienced and knowledgeable, you can indeed enhance your possibility of enlightenment, but just a tiny bit. If it were really so easy, the Union would not have experienced the problem where no witch had been promoted in nearly a hundred years and thus becoming short handed in the late period of the Battle of Divine Will."

"But... in front of a group of wild witches who have never heard of High Awakening, is it necessary for Nana to lie?"

If it was not for pretending to be a "common person", she would have asked the little girl more questions to find out the truth.

"What could be sure is there are indeed some Senior Witches in the Witch Union; otherwise, Nana could not clearly explain the High Awakening. But the number of Senior Witches should be exaggerated by her. Or maybe the high ranks of the union are very powerful and have little contact with the new witches. So this little girl who has just awakened mistook them as promoted persons."

With this in mind, No. 76 felt so heartened.

Maybe she really had the opportunity to find the Chosen One in Neverwinter?


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