Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 691

Her words surprised No. 76 a little.

It seemed that they were examined checked by more than one person.

However, 400 years of training had taught her how to hide emotions, not to mention that her body could be separated from her consciousness as she wished. A sudden interrogation was not enough to make her panic.

No. 76 pretended to be astonished and then reluctantly took a ring out of her robe. She hesitated for a long time before saying, "It was... stolen from Black Money."

At the same time, she gave a higher rating of the Witch Union in her heart. Originally, she had thought that they were too casual in welcoming newcomers, but it did not seem to be the case. They had sent a witch to detect the lies and another one with the ability of Clairvoyance. They could not be more cautious.

"Black Money?" The witch with green and long hair picked up the ring in her hand and looked it over for a moment. "This ... seems to be a Magic Stone, but it's a little different."

No. 76 frowned at her words in her heart. "They actually know the existence of Magic Stone? Then it's troublesome now. Although it's activated in a different way from the ordinary Magic Stone, they'll figure it out sooner or later. I have to distract them from it. After all, I don't have a second stone."

"Black money is the underground exhibition where I've ever worked... There were often auctions of things from ancient ruins. The boss often said that those things had unbelievable power and the more exotic, the more popular. In addition, they occasionally had auction... auction..."

"What?" Wendy asked.

"Auction of witches," whispered No. 76.

Hearing these words, the four witches showed unmasked anger on their faces, and their concern over the ring became a bit less. Obviously selling witches as slaves was abhorrent to them, which also illustrated indirectly that the Witch Union in Graycastle would never agree with the idea of the Starfall City.

"No. 76 didn't lie. I was almost sold to the nobles by the Black Money," Amy echoed. "Fortunately, Mr. Ambassador saved me."

"They're bound to be punished sooner or later," said the blonde witch coldly.

"That ring..." No. 76 pretended to be timid.

"Although Miss Agatha will be very interested in this thing, let's wait until you are familiar with Neverwinter," the green-haired Witch said, shrugging. She did not keep the ring; instead, she put it back on her hand.

No. 76 was slightly surprised for a moment. "Agatha? The name sounds quite familiar. It seems that I have heard of it somewhere."

"I promise you'll no longer encounter such a thing," Wendy comforted them. "No one will dare to attack you in Neverwinter. His Majesty, King Roland, believes that the era where witches and mortals live together will soon come. By that time, not only in the Western Region of Graycastle but also in the whole kingdom, no one will regard us as the Devil's minions."

"Will there be such a day?" said Broken Sword rather in disbelief.

"Of course, that is why we built the Witch Union," Wendy laughed. "Anyway, let me take you to rest."

No. 76 was slowly moved onto a stretcher and carried out of the cabin by the sailors. The moment she left the sailing ship, she finally saw the whole picture of the pier. Heavy snow flying in the air did not stop people working busily at the pier. Dozens of people lined up along the pier sweeping the snow on the ground. Farther out were the weird freighters unloading goods. Just as Amy said, without towering masts and sails, yet they were able to navigate in the river.

"Those boats seem to have no puddles..."

"And are they made of stones?"

The witches lowered their voices and discussed with each other. She clearly saw on Wendy's face a proud smile, which still gave off warmth even in the heavy snow.

However, No. 76 was surprised by much more things.

As they entered the city, the sight of Neverwinter slowly appeared in front of her.

This new king's city bore little resemblance to the cities of common people she had ever seen or the Holy City of the Union. Its broad, solid streets stood straight like black vertical lines. The falling snowflakes had no effect on road access, as the snow was orderly piled on both sides of the road, which looked like small white hills.

The trees were neatly planted to beautify the scene, and their bald trunks were decorated with colorful ribbons. It was conceivable that there should be green trees in midsummer season, branches crisscrossing one another overhead to form a natural awning.

Blocks of square-framed brick houses stood side by side with almost the same size. Except that, No. 76 did not see any bungalows or shabby thatched cottages.

It was already the Months of Demons, yet many people still walked in the heavy snow. Quite a few of them that were passing by would stop and greet the dark-haired witch with a nodding. Their expressions were sincere and enthusiastic, so they were obviously not compelled to do so.

This was what she cared most about.

For the first time, she was witnessing witches and common people getting along harmoniously with each other. Although she heard of a non-interference period between the witches and common people during the first Battle of Divine Will, it was, after all, 800 or 900 years ago. And in this city, it seemed that they had taken a step further, as they were not separated but instead were living harmoniously together.

"His Majesty, King Roland, believes that the era when witches and mortals live together will soon come." She suddenly recalled Wendy's words.

It was not a joke. In Neverwinter, they were on the threshold of it.

During a-month-long voyage, she had had some knowledge of Prince Roland of Graycastle. He became a much-anticipated king from an obscure lord of Border Town. Besides the low-level battles with common people, he also defeated the church with numerous soldiers of the God's Punishment Army, which might prove his strength. Was it related to the view in front of her?

If it were not for pretending to be wounded, No. 76 would almost sit up to have a close look at the city.

According to Pasha, they were bound to deal with the common people sooner or later. To defeat the demons, they had to temporarily conceal the past of the Union. After all, the strong enemy was approaching while they could not easily leave the maze ruins, therefore it would be not easy to solve the tricky problems left by the Starfall City. As long as the witches could survive, they would be able to reproduce the glory of Taquila one day. At this point, both Lady Alice and Lady Natalyae hold the same view.

After arriving at the Foreign Affairs building, No. 76 and Hero were lifted back to bed and the other three witches, sitting by the fire, excitedly talked about what they saw and heard along the way. There was no doubt that in a short time, Neverwinter had left a deep impression on them.

Before long, Wendy walked into the room with a little girl.

"This is Nana. She's able to heal wounds, no matter new or old."

"Even broken legs?" Amy could not wait to go to the bed and opened the blanket which covered Hero.

The little girl reached out her hands for a try and slowly shook her head, "No. Unless you still have her broken legs. If the whole legs were lost, I can only join them with other legs, but I can't make her legs grow again."

"You mean, we have to find two new legs for her?"

"Well, it's best to be newly cut," Nana replied earnestly. Childish as her voice was, it made all the witches invariably shuddered.


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