Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 689

Using this colorful magic stone ring, No. 76 could observe the "dialogue" a witch had with God as she performed magic.

This dialogue appeared as a pale orange light which connected the witch with the vast sky.

According to the documented records, demons and some hybrid demonic beasts could produce the same type of orange light.

God did not show tender care for the world.

Every time she thought about this, she became worried.

When compared to the innumerable demons, the witches were not as powerful a nation. Their powers could not be inherited and also could not be cultivated. The only way of awakening a witch's power was luck. Moreover, their magic powers were weaker than that of the enemies.

Fortunately, the Key was not a predestined thing.

They could change the Key through a High Awakening. By doing this, they could receive a more powerful force through God.

Since leaving the Kingdom of Dawn, No.76 had observed the orange lights of Amy, Annie, and Hero. Hero was the strongest of them, while Annie was the weakest. However, in general, the differences between the three was negligible. They were all about the same size, the width of a finger, and they were all far away from the request of starting the Instrument of Divine Retribution.

She had reasons to believe that a Senior Witch was the Chosen One.

The cabin door opened suddenly and Yorko, the Ambassador of Graycastle, entered. He arched his eyebrows, went to the bedside and said, "The smell of this herb is more nauseating than the latrine. Why would someone use such a malodorous thing in medicine?"

"Maybe the sailors thought that the demonic plague could be cured by its pungent smell," No.76 said as she smiled smugly. "Regardless, my body feels better and my wound is just a scar now."

Of course, this had nothing to do with the medicine, rather, it depended on the individual bodies of the wonderful God's Punishment Army.

"If it's useless, I"m going to absolutely put their heads into the latrine. So they can become familiar with the smell of this medicine." Yorko chose a bench and sat down.

"Those poor sailors," she whispered. "Amy told me that you asked them if they had any special prescriptions."

"Ahem. Lying to a noble is a grave crime and they can only blame themselves," the ambassador said. "If you can't get a real answer, just tell them to drink it with hot water and honey. Even if it doesn't cure their wound, they will still leave smiling and satisfied. Oh... I'm not referring to you!"

No.76 smiled with abandon. During the long boat trip, Yoko visited her at least once a day. The visits were short, but they always had a nice talk. She thought that perhaps Yorko was an average person, but when he spent time with a woman, he was more humorous than many of the other nobles. Even if they were in Taquila, he would have become famous. After she lost most of her senses, verbal communication had become one of the most pleasant ways to pass the time.

After chatting for a while, the ambassador unusually became quiet.

No.76 thought for a moment before she propped up her body with one hand and tentatively asked, "Sir, do you need me to serve you? Although my body is inflexible…"

"I've said it many times before, you aren't my maid. Don't use the word 'serve' every time you meet with others. You're a free person in Graycastle now, understand?" He held his forehead and said, "You're still wounded and I'm not one of those upper nobles who have a morbid addiction."

"So, you just want to talk with me?"

After hearing that, Yorko's facial expression changed a little. He cleared his throat and said, "Er… Actually, I have a question to ask you. After you arrive at King's City, what do you plan to do?"

"Er… Go to a tavern and become a maid? Maybe work at the gambling house, that would also be OK." No.76 tilted her head as she said, "That is if the witch can finally cure my body."

If she could stay in Neverwinter, she would be able to do anything. She had gained the trust of the witches of the Kingdom of Dawn, so she would finally get a chance to become familiar with other members of the Witch Union.

"You should do something else," Yorko dissuaded her, "since you are free, you should try something new."

"How? The 'Black Money' only taught me how to serve men. Although I wanted to become a guard, my repaired limb won't be as flexible as before."

"The people from Neverwinter will teach you. I heard from His Majesty that his kingdom provides everyone with formal work." Yorko said, before pausing... "If you meet with any difficulties in the future, you can come to me at any time, as long as I haven't left."

"Did he hesitate for so long time, only to say these words to me" No.76 couldn't help feeling a little emotional. When she was in the Kingdom of Dawn, she clearly saw how troubled a person he is. Perhaps making a promise like this was difficult for him.

"Um… I'll try." She lowered her head before saying, "Thank you!"


After four days had passed, the sailors brought good news. They had finally reached the new city in the western region of Graycastle— Neverwinter.

The witches all gathered in No.76's room, they were anxious and waiting for their next order. Among them all, Annie was the most anxious. She opened the window and glanced at the dock every now and then. If she found something worrisome, she would get everyone to jump into the cold river without thinking.

But, No.76 felt it was too noisy, the loud bugle was incessant and the river continually lashed the side of the ship and there were like a thousand other boats floating around them.

"It's the Months of Demons now. Even though it is summer, how is the dock so busy?"

However, she couldn't move, so she couldn't see the scene outside her window.

"Where are the sails on these boats, Sister Annie?" Amy was asked in astonishment.

"Maybe the sailors are rowing under the deck." Annie suddenly stopped and leaned against the window, "Be quiet! Someone is coming!"

Broken Sword felt anxious and asked, "How many people are out there?"

"Only four people, I don't think they noticed us." Annie knitted her brow, "And… they're all women."

"They're all witches?" Amy stood up suddenly, "I knew that Mr. Ambassador hadn't lied to us!"

"The members of the Bloodfang Association are all witches, but they aren't the same as us," she said in a low voice, "essentially, just follow my non-verbal orders like before."

"OK!" Everyone nodded.

Soon someone knocked on the door and the four girls entered the room. The leader was a red-haired lady. "Welcome to Neverwinter, sisters!" she said with a smile.

Annie was astonished, she hadn't thought they would be so friendly. Even No.76 looked surprised. Although in Taquila the witches were abundant, they were not friendly enough to welcome a newly awakened witch… "Do they even differentiate the witches abilities?"

The fact a combat witch could be compared to a non-combat witch was an unrespectable thing.

At that moment, No.76 suddenly found a blonde-haired girl looking directly at her. Her beautiful smile confirmed her identity and her sharp eyes seemed to see through them all.


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