Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 653

Damn it!

Yorko was not sure what had happened outside but it definitely would not be good.

"Is 'Black Money' not supposed to be a regular auction, organized by the powerful local businessmen except for the goods being illegal?" He cursed Otto for 10,000 times in his heart. "The auction price was first wrongly estimated and now someone is coming for me. I wouldn't have agreed with him if I knew it would turn out like this."

Yorko looked around and tried to find something to defend himself, but there were no weapons in the room except for some tools to torture the slave.

At this moment, someone pushed open the door and nipped in.

Yorko knelt on the ground without any hesitation and said, "Please spare my life! I'll give you anything you want..."

However, the person did not stop but pounced towards him.

After he finished saying, he subconsciously held his head down and leaned to one side, hoping to dodge the attack.

"No, Annie!"

Amy shouted at the same time.

The cold wind that swept by his cheeks suddenly stopped along with Amy's voice, Yorko tilted his head and noticed that it was a wooden stick, which looked like it was broken off from the chair.

He would probably immediately pass out if he was really beaten.

Then, he was pressed onto the bed from the back after he was grabbed by his shoulder and held up high by a big hand.

"Did he hurt you?" The voice sounded a bit hoarse and it was difficult to distinguish between men's and women's.

"He said... he's here to help me get out of here."

"You've been cheated again, Amy," she said while shaking her head. Then, she twisted Yorko's arms to his back and expertly tied them. "Saving a strange witch with 4,000 gold royals? It's not a small amount of money. It's a lifetime of savings even for your father."

"Aye... Is, is that so?"

She was really the one who was bidding with Yorko as she knew the auction price so clearly. However, how could she recognize Yorko and follow them all the way to the room No. 76 when everywhere else was dark other than the bright displaying booth in the limestone cave?

Yorko knew that it was about his life and his persuasion this time would be for himself instead of his old friends or damn Otto.

"I didn't lie to her! I'm the Ambassador of Graycastle, and saving the witch is the king's order!"

"Ambassador of... Graycastle?"

Yorko knew that this approach worked when the hand that was holding him down from the back slightly shook.

"Yes, have you heard of Roland Wimbledon? The fourth son of King Wimbledon III, King of Graycastle who's especially kind to the witches! He firmly believes that there are no differences between the witches and ordinary people, and he even fought against the church in order to allow the witches to freely live in his domain! These're all true, I swear!"

Annie might not know who was Roland, but the news that the church was defeated by the Kingdom of Graycastle in Coldwind Ridge was indeed well-known among the people in the city of Glow. He even knew that the news was spread by Hill Fawkes and his assistants. The church had always been the greatest enemy of witches, it was likely that whoever defeated the church would win the witch's kindness and respect for whatever reasons.

The hand that was holding him down on his back was a lot more relaxed as expected. And then, he had been turned over and pulled up from the bed. Yorko could only see the attacker's appearance now.

Annie... was probably a woman but she looked extremely handsome and her body was exceptionally burly even when it was covered by a cope. Both her dashing eyebrows were slightly pointing upwards and her narrow eyes looked energetic. Her hair was tied up into a high-ponytail and her forehead was clearly shown. Yorko would believe that she was a man if her voice was deeper; however, her look made him a little jealous.

"In this case, why didn't you unlock Amy's lock latch?"

"It's the same question again..." Yorko had to repeat the previous statement again. "It's for the sake of her safety. It'll be even more dangerous if she doesn't believe me and sneaks out."

"Where are you going to take her?" Annie, who was obviously not as easily persuaded as Amy, was doubting Yorko's statement. "Giving her to the King of the Kingdom of Graycastle?"

"Of course... not." He quickly changed his words after saying half-way. "My old friend doesn't treat witches as slaves. There were a lot of witches living in his domain like the normal people and they even formed an organization to specialize in protecting the witches' right."

"Enough!" Annie angrily interrupted.

Yorko quickly shut his mouth. He heard all these from Hill when they were talking. He heard that His Majesty curbed the disease spread by the church with the witches' help during the outbreak of demonic plague in the king's city. It was obviously a good thing, but Yorko was not sure why Annie did not look so happy about it.

"It sounds just like the Bloodfang Association," Annie coldly said, "They used to promote themselves in this way as well."

"Blood... what?" Yorko startled but his heart sensed something wrong.

"Witches can only believe is themselves, not the noble's promises." She scanned the room and quickly found the key hanging on the wall.

"Wait, are you bringing her with you?" It's underground here. Don't you see the guards outside the cave when you came in? How're you going to get out?"

You don't have to worry about it. I have my way." Annie unlocked and released Amy. After that, she grabbed Yorko and locked one of his foot on the vervel.

"You really don't want to think about it?" Yorko got bolder when he realized that Annie was not trying to kill him. He was trying to convince her for the last time while he obediently let Annie locked him up. "It's more appropriate for me to bring her out and I'll give her to you when we leave the courtyard. It'll neither easily raise any suspicion nor causing any problem in this case."

"It does sound great, but it's also possible that I'll be welcomed by swords and God's Stone instead," Annie remained unmoved and said, "I had made a big mistake because of my credulity before and it won't happen again."

After Yorko was firmly locked, Annie dragged No. 76 in. She tied both her hands to her back and locked one of her foot as well.

"Why didn't you kill her?"

He could see the blood stained on No. 76's head, who was apparently badly beaten up and still currently unconscious. However, she was still alive judging from the slight movements of her chest.

"It'll not be too late for me to kill both of you after I rescue Amy." Annie's words made Yorko shivered. "But I'll not kill you now as we perhaps owed the King of the Kingdom of Graycastle a thank for defeating the church. However, it doesn't mean that I'll believe him unconditionally."

"I'll bring your words to His Majesty. Besides, you can come to the embassy to look for me if you need any assistance." "Of course, it's best not to as we can also save a lot of effort," Yorko quietly thought to himself, "and it may be for the better as I've tried my best. Even my old friend can't blame me as I can't force them if they're not willing to go to the Kingdom of Graycastle."

Annie turned around and stared at him for a long while before she carried Amy and left the room.


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