Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 631

After hearing the description of the Soul Battlefield from Isabella, Nightingale began getting depressed. "Do you mean that you also don't know how to make His Majesty wake up from the coma?"

She shook her head. "This is unprecedented, and I have no idea how to deal with it... But Zero was absentminded for a while when she was devouring Garcia. At that time, she explained that she had found some interesting things in Garcia's memory and so it took her a long time. Zero has had a more complicated life than anyone else, so if Roland wants to accept these parts of Zero's memories, it may take some more time. But as long as he's alive, he'll wake up naturally."

Nightingale could not be sure whether this was true or not, but she could tell that Isabella did not lie. At least these conjectures were heartfelt thoughts from Isabella.

But Nightingale also knew that the situation was not at all optimistic.

Would the 200 years of memories from the church or His Majesty's memories dominate Roland? Or would Roland get lost in these complicated memories and never wake up?

Even if Roland accepted all of Zero's memories, would he be that Roland Wimbledon, the fourth Prince of Graycastle that he used to be when he woke up... The one I look forward to seeing?

The many thoughts made were almost impossible for Nightingale to control her mind.

Then Nightingale also understood why Wendy had asked Agatha to come with her.

"Let's talk about the church," Agatha said after hesitating for a while, "How much do you know about the Union, the predecessor of the church?"

"I know almost all that Zero has learned." Isabella responded frankly. "Are you still doubtful about the words in the letter? Since Zero took over the pope's role, all of the pure witches that have been approved for the Pivotal Secret Authority can enter the library and read the history of 400 years ago. The records about the Witch Empire and the demons in the letter are true."

"The limited information in the letter isn't valuable to us." Agatha smiled. "The Witch Empire is just history for you, but for me, it's part of my life. I'm a witch in the Union."

Isabella was surprised at this turn and asked, "What, what did you say?"

"I came from Holy City of Taquila more than 400 years ago and witnessed the destruction of it. The demons aren't rare and still occupy most of the lands of Dawn Ridge. There are demon battalions at the end of Misty Forest and Redwater River to the west of the Kingdom of Graycastle. Roland has encountered them before."

Isabella was stunned in place, speechlessly.

"We'll fight with the demons eventually. We all know that the Battle of Divine Will is coming soon. Roland chose to fight this battle now in order to relieve the oppression of the church." Agatha paused and continued to say, "What I want to know is, how did the Union transform into the church?"

"This is..." It was a long time before Isabella became calm again. "As mentioned in the history book, during the escape, a civil war broke out in the Union in the northwest of the Impassable Mountain Range. There were no detailed reasons. We just know that the Union was separated into two groups since that time. One group, the Taquila witches, got into the maze remains of the mountains. The other group, led by the witches of Starfall City, inherited Lady Alice's will to move northward and settled down on Hermes Plateau, which finally became the church."

"A civil war during the escape?" Agatha frowned and said, "This is undoubtedly suicide."

"The writer of that history book also thought so. The Union suffered heavy losses in the civil war. Two Transcendents were lost and totally separated from the migration team of the common people. When the group going north arrived at their destination, most of those common people fled." Isabella sighed. "As for the war of faith later, it was to kill those non-combat witches who didn't belong to Starfall City. Only in this way could the church completely bury the history of the past."

"Is burying the past a reason to hunt witches wantonly? Even to go so far as to create the unconscious God's Punishment Army?" Nightingale said in a cold tone, "You are all crazy."

"Without this civil war, the four kingdoms would have been controlled by the Union from the beginning. The size of the God's Punishment Army would have been far larger," Isabella said peacefully, "Of course, since Roland Wimbledon now has a better way, Holy City of Hermes isn't necessary any longer."

"You have no nostalgia for the church!" said the Nightingale sarcastically.

"As long as the demons can be defeated, I don't care who'll take charge of the continent. That was also the Union's original intention," Isabella closed her eyes and said, "Although Zero was crazy, she had greater faith in fighting against the demons than most people, and that's why I chose to help her."

Hearing this, Nightingale could not help pulling out a dagger.

"If killing her can wake Roland up, I won't stop you." Agatha whispered.

After a long while, Nightingale indignantly put the dagger back into the sheath.

"By the way, one more thing," as soon as the two were ready to leave, Isabella suddenly spoke, "although Zero allowed pure witches to enter the Temple to read the books in the library, she prohibited anyone from visiting the prayer room. Even moving close to it. She told me that it was only by standing there that she could meet God directly."

Nightingale smashed the wall vigorously when going out of the captivity room and said, "Damn it! We still can't find a way to awaken His Majesty!"

"We've done what we can, all we can do is to continue to wait," Agatha said with comfort, "anyway, let's report what we've got to everyone first."

"I promise that she'll pay the price!"

"As long as she's alive, she's important for us to tackle Holy City and explore the secrets of the God stone."

Soon, the witches gathered outside the bedroom and began to listen to the intelligence about the pure witches from Agatha. But Nightingale's mind had already drifted away.

She quietly stepped back to the corner, cast the ability of the Mist, and went into Roland's bedroom.

Except for her, there was only Anna left in the quiet room.

Nightingale slowly walked to the bed and saw Anna holding Roland's right hand, whispering something.

Only by holding her breath could Nightingale hear the whispers of Anna.

"Do you remember what I said to you?"

"If you're dead, I'll go to Sleeping Island with those who're willing to follow you and fight against the church to the end."

"But you're still alive."

"You're just sleeping."

"So I'll wait forever."

"As long as you still can breathe, I'll always be there for you. For one day, one year or even my whole life."

"You can sleep soundly."

"I'll take care of you."

Nightingale felt her heart fiercely tightening up. The feeling of heartbroken was even more unbearable than that of being badly hurt. Somehow, she bent over uncontrollably and covered her chest tightly.

A warm river blurred her eyes.


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