Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 624

"This is an absolute slaughter."

Nail thought sitting on the top of the tower, hands on his machine gun grip.

As long as the trigger was depressed, this steel weapon would keep spouting out the flames and shoot bullets toward the enemies. The position targeted by this weapon would be covered by the death of the network; where all lives would become fragmented like fallen bowls from the table.

Being able to dominate the battlefield from such a high position left him feeling passionate.

So did his omrades in his team.

"The 66th! Look, that poor guy has been disintegrated."

"What're you counting? That's obviously the 68th!"

"Look over there, a guy is still rolling on the ground. Just kill him."

"His intestines have already spilled out, save your ammunition and let him slowly struggle!"

With a click, the fabric tape slipped down and another box of bullets had come to its end.

"Cover the third trench. I'm going to reload!" Nail cried to a machine gun team in the tower.

"Don't worry, and just leave it to us."

His teammates quickly brought over a box full of bullets. He put on a single thick glove and gripped the smoking barrel of the machine gun with a special caliper. He held the pipe with one hand, disassembled it easily, and placed it lightly in the open space.

According to the requirements of training, soldiers could not fire continuously except under extraordinary conditions. So the barrel must be replaced after a box of bullets was shot to avoid barrel deformation with overheating. It was said that this kind of black steel pipe which could fit the thread of the gun chamber perfectly was made by the witch, Miss Anna. Every pipe cost about 50 gold royals, which made the team members treat their guns like their children.

After they installed the cooled barrels, the jarring percussive sound once again rang out from the tower.

"Look, there's a witch in the east of the first trench!"

Suddenly a cry rang out around him.

"That's not a witch, idiot! That's a pure witch, Miss Nana's enemies!"

Nail also saw the target his teammate pointed out.

The woman in a red robe might have been hit on the leg by a flying bullet. She was on the ground and slowly crawling forward. The robe behind her dragged a light blood stain.

He aimed the gun at the pure witch but a feeling left him feeling a little overwhelmed and he did not pull the trigger.

From her figure, she looked as though she may have not yet grown up.

"Shoot, what're you waiting for?"


A string of sand quickly swept over her body the moment he hesitated.

She stopped struggling and blood spread from her belly, like a small red flower.

"Hell, we just lost a result!"

"Stop saying that." Another one interrupted him while patting Nail on the shoulder. "You're tired, leave it to me."

He took a deep breath and said, "No, I'm fine."

Nail recomposed himself.

This was a war with the church. Regardless of age, the enemy was the enemy and they were still not strong enough. Nail secretly clenched his teeth and left his compassion behind him.

"Wait, what happened in the middle of the third trench?" The observer in another team suddenly exclaimed. "The ground collapsed?"

"My god, what's that?"

"Damn... pure witches! More than one, just kill them!"

Nail quickly turned the gun and saw a square pit suddenly appear in the middle of the third trench. Its walls were flat as though they had been cut by a knife. A woman in a black veil jumped out of the trench and stood straight with her hands behind her back.

When he fired, he faintly heard a sharp sound of wind.

The moment he turned his head, the butt of a rile hit him in the face.

Nail suddenly felt everything go black and fell to the ground. Before losing consciousness, the last scene he saw was that his teammate raised a rifle toward him.


Roland stood on the command platform with a telescope, watching the defense line where the situation gradually became clear.

Some of the enemies had crossed the first three trenches and were making their way to the fourth. However, soldiers retreating from the front line made the subsequent defensive firepower more and more concentrated. Under the continuous fire of two machine guns that were occupying the high spot on the towers, the God's Punishment Army's offensive momentum obviously showed a decline.

By such a trend, they were not likely to make it to the remaining five trenches and artillery positions. The fire on the ground was too fierce and many church corps had been bogged down into a trench. The First Army would inevitably set up a blocking point at each exit of all longitudinal grooves, the advancing speed of the enemy would be drastically reduced and the speed advantage of the God's Punishment Army would no longer be obvious.

At this moment, the Judgement Army gradually stepped onto the battlefield. This army suffered heavy losses under the attack of the Longsong Cannon, but had not yet been totally routed, which this was out of Roland's expectations. It was due to the pills of madness that made the soldiers berserk. But compared with that of the God's Punishment Army, their threat was clearly much lower. The pills of madness could not make people immune to fear. When the Judgement Army soldiers were subjected to the double attack of field artillery and machine guns, the will of Gods could not save them.

In fact, the greatest contributor to this battle was the bunkers on both sides and the eight Mark I type heavy machine guns in the tower. In order to ensure that they could fire continuously, not only did they need enough bullets but each team was equipped with nearly 10 barrels.

The only problem was that in order to employ this strategy, they had emptied their reserve of bullets. Of course, it was extremely economical to eliminate all the main forces of the church here.

During this time, Sylvie sometimes observed their magic reaction. But those pure witches had not played a significant role in the war. They followed the God's Punishment Army marching forward, but soon disappeared into smoke and artillery fire.

The outcome had been set!

Church of Hermes would soon become the dust of history.

Just as Roland thought that, suddenly there was an emergency!

"Pure witches ahead of us!" Sylvie, who also stood on the high platform, warned. "Four, no, five!"

The surface of the third trench suddenly rose, as if something was lifted up, and then it quickly fell down pulling the surrounding barbed wire and stakes together into the ground.

A woman in black veil appeared in the collapsed position. She did not take any action, she just looked straightforward.

A strange scene then occurred.

Numerous soldiers in the trenches turned their guns, aimed at their chin and then pulled the trigger.

A mass of mist burst from the trenches like a red fountain.

Four machine guns forts misfired at the same time.

Soldiers who were not affected shot her as if they just woke up.

Suddenly there were several shots in her body and she fell into the pit on her back.

Seizing this chance, the Judgement Army, under the effect of the pills of madness, rushed toward the defense line.


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