Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 598

The following day, Roland told the news to Tilly and the other witches.

"How dare she use witches as a reward to those filthy nobles?" Failing to restrain her anger, Ashes broke off before Princess Tilly could speak. If Andrea had not stopped her, she probably had already rushed to the dungeon straightaway.

"Has Miss Nightingale checked the credibility of her testimony?" Tilly asked placidly.

"She spilled everything after a few preliminary questions," Roland said and told them what had happened in the cell in detail. "I thought it'd take a while for us to get her to surrender, but she's weaker than we expected." He had not expected to obtain a full confession from the prisoner yesterday, for the questioning was simply a sort of intimidation commonly practiced before the official interrogation. Because of this, he did not take the God's Locket of Retribution off Heidi, and Heidi did not know that Nightingale actually detected lies through magic power rather than voices either.

"I see." Tilly nodded. "Thank you for doing this for me."

"Don't be silly. I'm your brother." Roland immediately grabbed this opportunity, trying to sound somewhat intimate. "Plus, Heidi Morgan is also, so to speak, a witch on Sleeping Island. She should be handed over to you."

"Fair enough..." Tilly was silent for quite a while. "What would you do if this happened in the city of Neverwinter?"

Roland gazed at her gemlike eyes and noticed more silent rages than poignancies in her gray pupils.

She had already made her decision.

"I'll do the same thing." Roland comforted her.

At this remark, Heidi Morgan was sentenced to death.

Tilly no longer hesitated. She whispered something in Ashes' ear. The latter nodded and left the office.

"I'll now excuse myself, brother."

Roland could tell that Tilly was greatly depressed by the incident, but he did not know what to say in this scenario. When he was about to escort her to the Witch Building, an exhilarated scream pierced the silence. It was from the Listening Magic Stone in Nightingale's chest.

"It's Lightning, copy. It's Lightning. Summer has found out when the incident occurred."

The little girl's report stunned everybody.

"Um, what did she see?" Roland asked.

"Two monsters, big mouth, and tentacles. I don't know how to describe them." From her voice, Roland knew she was extremely hyper. "This is something we've never seen. Good Heavens... Your Majesty, you'd better come see it yourself!"

"What's it..." Tilly was bewildered.

"They're exploring the Devil's Town behind the snowcapped mountains. The Red Mist there completely disappeared a week ago," Roland explained, "and I wanted to tell you about it today, but..."

"I almost forgot about demons." Tilly took a deep breath. "You can fill me in with the details on the way."

"On the way?" Roland was slightly surprised.

"Can't I go with you?" She winked.

Princess Tilly had indeed been strong since her childhood. She knew how to adjust herself and manage to be impersonal when facing something of great importance. Roland was secretly amazed at how quickly she could restore the tranquility of her mind upon a crisis, an essential quality for a ruler, which he, unfortunately, still had a lot to work on.

If he took Tilly with him, Ashes and Andrea would certainly tag along. The trip would be, therefore, much safer. He had no reason to reject her.

"Yes, of course you can." Roland agreed with a nod.


Heidi was leaning against the bars, waiting for Roland to get her out.

The Bloodfang Association was over. Tilly would definitely not allow her to return to Sleeping Island. However, as a member of the Morgan royal family, she had found a new path for her resurrection to the throne.

That was to rely on the imperial power of Graycastle and regain her throne.

Heidi had higher hopes for the reward she was going to propose than Roland's own promise. Roland did not directly make any promises probably just because he was Tilly's brother. He owed an explanation to Sleeping Island as to the whereabouts of these missing witches.

Heidi firmly believed that no noble could possibly resist such a great temptation. Half of the territory of Wolfheart would certainly bring Roland enormous fame and fortunes, and his name would also be passing down the history and become immortal.

As for herself? Her notoriety would be remembered by nobles in later generations. Nevertheless, she did not care about it. As long as she could successfully become the king of Wolfheart, she could abandon everything else.

Only in this way could she officially start her revenge.

She must avenge her father and herself on those nobles for their betrayal.

She swore she would hang those traitors one by one and hung their heads above the city gate, showing the public the fate of those who had framed Archduke Morgan.

The iron gate of the dungeon was suddenly flung open. Its squeaking sound appeared to be especially loud in the deadly silent dungeon.

Heidi immediately got to her feet and looked toward the end of the hallway by the bars.

The person who entered her sight, however, was not Roland Wimbledon, but sullen Ashes.

A chill went down her spine at that very moment.

"Wh-what're you doing here? Where's His Majesty?"

"You know exactly why I came here." Ashes slowly approached the cell. Heidi retreated as each step Ashes thrust forward, but she soon realized there was nowhere for her to take refuge. "You should have anticipated this when you handed those innocent witches to nobles."

"No!" Heidi shrieked. "His Majesty promised me he would let the matter go. He's already pardoned me. You can't disobey the king's order! Where's he? I request to see him!"

Ashes grabbed the iron bars and pulled them apart by force. She went into the cell while bending over. "Those witches came to the Bloodfang Association for your help, in hopes of having a good rest and being fed. Yet you failed them and sent them to hell with your own hands. The witches escaped the church's search but were betrayed by their own kind. Even if Roland has forgiven you, I can't just let it go like nothing has ever happened."

"Did Ashes... overhear the conversation between Roland and me? Or did Roland tell the secret to Tilly and the other witches?" Heidi thought. She snatched the God's Locket of Retribution on her neck in horror, but the locket was embedded in an iron ring. It was impossible for her to take it off barehanded.

"Let me help you." Ashes drew close to Heidi. She reached out her hand and lifted Heidi off the floor by her neck.

The iron ring started to tighten up and Heidi soon felt suffocated. She twisted and wriggled like a fish out of water, attempting to gain a foothold on the floor but in vain. Gradually, as her vision blurred, Ashes' figure started to become distant.

Why did I end up like this?

I don't want to die here. I'm the only successor to the throne, the future king of Wolfheart.

The Throne of Tusk seemed to be drifting away from her. She could once again hear the mockeries of nobles ringing in her ears.

At a "crack" sound, the iron ring sank into her neck and stopped all her struggles.


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