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Release that Witch Chapter 586

After two days of sailing, blocks of villages and farmland began to appear on the desolate green field, and the city wall of Redwater City gradually came into sight.

As the biggest city in Redwater River, its population and resources could compare favorably with the old king's city. If it was not for the advantage brought by the minerals in Silver City, ancestors in the Wimbledon family would have made Redwater City the king's city instead of the current City of Dawn.

Brian observed through a telescope for a while and asked, "What will we do when we arrive at the wharf? How about shocking them first with the naval artillery?"

"It may provoke their lord's hostility." Iron Axe shook his head. "Our main target is the church. Other things can be put aside. According to diplomatic process, we present the documents first."

When the fleet arrived at the suburban wharf, great turmoil began at once. The gate closed quickly, and the drawbridge of the moat was pulled up while the soldiers concentrated in line outside the wharf.

Brian sent out the documents and received a prompt reply.

"He said His Majesty's army is welcomed by the lord, but we are required to send an envoy into the city to explain the conditions. He will not open the gate and let us enter until he verifies the cause of the matter," the soldier reported.

"What conditions? We've already explained very clearly in the documents," Brian said crossly, "We are only against the church. Does he want to help those church scoundrels escape?"

"Is this also your rule?" Iron Axe turned back and looked at the accompanying members in the Adviser Group.

"Um... yes, it should be if they're nobles," Petrov's Chief bodyguard Trevor answered, "and it's normal for them to be skeptical, after all, His Majesty, Roland himself hasn’t come and Redwater City is not in his jurisdiction. We only need to send an envoy with suitable status to explain clearly."

"Suitable status?"

"Someone from a large family who can earn the lord's trust," Trevor explained further, "like the Honeysuckle family in the Western Region."

Iron Axe, Brian, and Van'er looked at each other with embarrassment. Before they’d become the commanders of the First Army, one was of the Sand Nation, the other two were civilians. They didn’t know how to properly converse with the nobles, nor did they have a suitable status which could help them to talk to the castellan equally.

"Why not blast the gate directly with cannons," Brian got angry and said, "Once they feel our attack they’ll know what the right way is."

"Allow me," Edith said, "The Kant family is an aristocratic family in the north and my father is also a duke. I'm qualified."

"What if it's a trick?" Van'er hesitated and said, "If the Lord of Redwater City colluded with the church long ago, they might arrest you when you enter and force us to withdraw."

"It's not good for him and you won't compromise, will you?" Edith smiled and said, "As long as he is in his right mind, he won't plan such a move on the envoys or he would arouse other noble's antipathy. And it can't affect the overall situation. On the contrary, if he had colluded with the church, the city would have been blocked in the state of battle. There hasn't been any hot oil or bonfire set up in the top of the city yet."

"I'll go with her," Sir Eltek said, "I was once a knight and I can take care of her if there's a danger."

"I appreciate your concern, but the Pearl of the Northern Region doesn't need any care," Edith said with confidence.

"Bring a team of soldiers with you." Iron Axe made the final decision. "If we hear a shot, we'll start an attack."


An hour later, the gate was opened slowly, and the drawbridge was lowered.

They were stunned when Miss Edith and a chubby middle-aged man came out under the escort of a small group from the First Army and a group from the Silver Armored Knights. The man was well-dressed but courted Edith like a henchman from his obvious expression and behavior.

"This is the Lord of Redwater City, Earl Delta," Edith introduced the lord to them and added, "I also asked him to send the patrol to surround the church in case the priest and believers escape." Then she shifted her head and said, "These are the commanders of His Highness's First Army, Lord Iron Axe, Mr. Brian and Mr. Van'er."

"Iron Axe... and what?" The earl was stunned for a while to hear such kind of introduction for the first time.

"Never mind." She laughed. "This is His Highness’s terminology."

"Ahem, I see." Delta cleared his throat and said, "I have heard that Prince Roland... no, His Majesty acts in a different style, really not common. So... welcome to Redwater City. Excuse me, His Majesty indeed just wants to wipe out the insurgents of the church?"

This was the Lord of the Redwater City? Brian wondered in amazement. He was quite different from what Brian had imagined.

"Yes," Iron Axe answered in earnest, nodding, "I think it's clear in the documents of His Majesty that the church is trying to occupy the Four Kingdoms and their rebellion has become a fact. You should have heard the calamity that happened in the Kingdoms of Everwinter and Wolfheart. We'll leave once we clear out the church’s people."

"Well, it is not necessary to be in such hurry," Delta rubbed his hands and said, "and tonight I'll hold a grand feast in the castle. I hope all of you can attend."

Although he was inviting everyone, his eyes focused on the Pearl of the Northern Region.

Brian was going to refuse but Edith accepted without hesitation. "Thank you for your invitation. It will be an honor but we have to complete His Majesty's task first."

"Sure." The earl smiled with slanted eyes.


The First Army entered the city in order under the guidance of the knights. Avoiding the earl's attention, Brian walked close to Edith and chided her in a low voice. "Why did you accept his invitation? He definitely has other, indecent intentions!"

"This is the normal communication between the nobles. It would be too rude if we refused," she replied in a dismissive tone. "I don't know why His Majesty excludes the nobility from his army, but you represent His Majesty, Roland so you can't refuse these things entirely. And it'll be much easier to recover Redwater City on the basis of a good relationship with him. As for his indecent intention..." She twitched her mouth, "Is there any other facial expression a male noble can show?"

"Err..." Brian swallowed with difficulty and sighed after a moment. "So, you're used to this kind of life?"

"It’s not bad, just a tad boring." Edith said with a little satire. "Well, haven't you ever admired the life of a noble?"

"I..." He opened his mouth but could find no words.

Suddenly, there was turmoil up ahead. It seemed that someone was shouting, and they could hear something fall to the ground.

"What happened?" the Earl called out.

Iron Axe clenched his right hand into a fist and shouted, "All soldiers, stand by! On the alert!"

The troops stopped marching immediately. The soldiers took their rifles from their backsides expertly and changed quickly from columns to rows.

At this moment, Sylvie warned from the middle of the team with a loud voice. "Watch out! There's magic reaction in front!"


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