Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 563

The Swirling Sea, the Fjords Islands.

A mist began to rise over the sea, making them feel like they were sailing through the clouds. Shortly after they left Snowwave Island, it was out of sight, except for a vast expanse of whiteness. It looked as if the island had never existed. Only the splash of the water hitting on the bottom part of the ship let Margaret, who now found it hard to tell their location in the mist, know they were still moving forward.

Sailors considered sailing in misty weather a taboo.

Usually, if a captain asked them to do so, they would tie him up and throw him into the sea.

They would always, however, follow Thunder's orders since he was not only the captain of the Chase but also the most famous explorer of the Fjords.

No matter where Thunder wanted to go, be it a bottomless pit or a stream of lava deep inside a volcano, he would always be able to recruit some people willing to follow him.

"Captain, the Dark Reef Area is just in front of us!" shouted a sailor, who was familiar with the underwater terrain here.

"Lower the sails and slow down," said Thunder while clapping his hands. "Attention, everybody. That's our destination! Prick your ears up and keep your eyes open to watch the water around us."

"Yes!" they chorused.

Since Thunder secretly met His Majesty in the king's city of Graycastle and got Roland's support, he had not wasted a single day to prepare for his third travel to the Shadow Islands. In order to explore the secret Sealine and tides, he needed a suitable ship, outstanding explorers, and more importantly, a witch who could observe the tides below the sea.

The witch he wanted was Joan, a childhood friend of Margaret.

"Are we really going to find her here?" Molly stood on the Magic Servant's head and looked around and added, "I see nothing at all."

"Joan only appears when we're in trouble. She won't just turn a blind eye to a ship that's going into a dangerous area," Margaret said in a low voice.

"She had transformed into a fish now?"

"The last time I saw her, only her legs had changed into a fishtail, but it was over 10 years ago. I'm not sure how she looks like now," Margaret answered while shaking her head.

"It's a type of summoning magic ability. She can transform into any animal in the sea. If she's lived in the sea for all those years as you said, she must have passed the Day of Awakening smoothly. But as so many years have passed, is it true that she's still in this sea?" Camilla Dary, Chief Chamberlain of the Sleeping Island said after a thought.

"My lady, please trust us. Since I knew she was a witch, I've kept a close eye on this sea. Her singing voice is the symbol of Snowwave Island and I've heard that some merchants attracted by it even desired to capture and keep her," Thunder said with a smile.

"Did you stop them?" Camilla asked, raising her eyebrow.

"A shipwreck stopped them, and no one dares to do that again. I promise," Thunder answered and blinked at her.

"I see... Thank you for helping the witches," she said with her hand on her chest.

"Thanks, Uncle!" added Molly.

"Hah-hah, I look that old to you?" Thunder touched his beard, and said, "It's not very long."

Seeing this, Margaret who stayed by his side, shook her head at the fact that he was still popular among girls. She knew on any island of Fjords, he was the most popular man and that was why he won her affection.

She thought it was a pity since he had his daughter Lightning, he had given up the idea of starting another marriage.

"Boss, I seem to hear a singing voice! In the northwest!" shouted someone suddenly, in the stern of the ship.

"Be quiet, everybody!" Thunder and the witches simultaneously run to the stern of the sailing ship, followed by Margaret.

Everyone held their breath and listened attentively. The tenuous, vacant singing voice gradually became clearer. It came from a certain direction instead of reverberating all around, acting like a beam of light coming through the thick mist to guide the Chase to a safe route.

"Reef the sails and drop the anchor! Put the landing shuttle down in the sea." Thunder ordered.

Ever since Joan awakened and became a witch, she always remained hidden to avoid being caught by anybody. As she guided the ships in distress with only her voice, very few people had seen her before. Given that, Thunder planned to let the Chase lay at anchor to attract Joan. Meanwhile, he took the witches and Margaret on a small boat to trace her by following her voice.

The Magic Servant dove into the water to carry the landing shuttle forward, saving the trouble of paddling.

They traveled in the thick mist for less than 10 minutes, and then Margaret suddenly saw a green figure in the sea.

"Joan!" she could not help but shout loudly.

The singing voice promptly stopped,

They saw a girl floating in the water while revealing only her upper body above the surface. She stared at the people in the boat and seemed at a loss. Her eyes widened in surprise, and her skin was pale white as if she hardly exposed herself to the sunlight. Her hair was like fluffy seaweed, hanging down to cover half of her face, but they could still see some markings like scales on her cheek and neck.

"It's me, Margaret! Do you remember me?"

"Yih-yih-yeh." The girl made some intermittent sounds.

"It's no use. She hasn't talked to people for too long. She can't speak now." Thunder interrupted decisively. "Now, let's leave this communication problem to you, Lady Camilla."

Camilla nodded and then put her hand on Margaret's shoulder.

Instantly, Margaret heard what Joan said in her head.

[Are you... bringing them here to catch me?]

[No, I come here to...]

"Say it in your heart. She can hear you that way and it's more sincere to communicate with your heart." Camilla interrupted.

Margaret swallowed to calm down, thinking about what she should say.

[You once saved my life. Joan, do you remember? I come here to ask for your help.]

After a long while, Margaret heard Joan once again.

[I remember you, Margaret. We often played together in the past.]

Amazed by what was happening, Margaret was lost in thought. [This is the ability of the witch. It's incredible... Luckily, Thunder predicted the language problem before we set off and invited Camilla Dary from the Sleeping Spell to join this travel. She can enable people to communicate with their hearts.]

[Who is Camilla Dary?]

[Oops, I forget all my thoughts can be heard by her now,] Margaret thought and quickly concentrated again. She "explained" in her heart. [Camilla Dary is the lady who is helping us to communicate with our hearts. She's a witch just like you.]

[The sailors don't catch witches?]

[Of course, the church has been completely destroyed. Now witches have settled down on the Fjords and the Sleeping Island is a town built by witches. If you want to go there, I'll show you the way.]

[Oh?] Joan sounded excited and asked further, [What has happened recently? Someone intended to spear me with a harpoon. I thought they must come here for the church's reward.]

[Nothing like that will happen again. Lord Thunder has solved the problem.]

[Thunder? You mean the most distinguished explorer!]

[Yes, he's right behind me. You don't know, but I joined his exploration platoon shortly after I left the fishing village.]

[Really? Tell me more about it.]


After a long time, Joan said, "Yeah!" and she dove back into the sea, leaving only ripples on the water surface.

"How's it going?" Thunder asked.

Margaret turned around and smiled, saying, "She's accepted our request."


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